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The USA: An Occupied Nation

Homosexuals Kidnap Babies

Christian Hypocrites' March

"Riffing Religion" Lampoons Jesus Christ and Georgia

Christians Immune To Murder

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Did Billy Graham Steal Neal Horsley's song?

This is Billy Graham Version / Neal Horsley's Original

New Pro Life Strategy

New Uncle Sam

Why We All Have To Die

Book: Black Dog In A White World

The Hiding Place From Melancholia
Why Abortion Requires Rage
The War Against Women Goes Balls To The Wall
Why Personhood Failed
War Against Homosexuals?
Kortney Killed In Georgia

The American Mosquito Economy: The Bane of the World
How Eve Will Destroy The USA
Westminster Seminary Models Christian Idolatry

Children Terrorized by Anthony Verdict

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Archive Two

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Clay Waagner Articles Written During His Terror Campaign
Norway Massacre Spotlights Limits of Diversity
Country Strong Shows Country Bewitched
What We Learn From Kabul Hotel Attack
Question for Memorial Day
God's Message To Joplin And US
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Somewhere: Sofia Coppalla's Historic Film
Lord Holy Ghost Shows Me The Beaver
The Story of Three Particles of Plutonium 239
Neal Horsley: Professor of Terrorism 101 at Terrorism U.

Eunuchs for the Kingdom of God's Sake

Troy Newman: Model of Pro-life Christian Self-Deception

The Sociopathic State by Terence J. Hughes
New Manifest Destiny?
Secret Service Visits Me: Falsely Accused of Calling for Obama Assassination
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Reflections on Jim Pouillon's Murder
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FINALLY! Georgia LawMakers Make REAL Move To Outlaw Abortion

Why Parents Hate Dead Fetus Pictures
An Unborn Baby Responds to Latest Pro-Life Poll
Rev. Michael Bray Talks About Scott Roeder
How Pro-Life Leaders Incite Abortionist Assassins


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The Spirit of Samuel Adams is Neal Horsley

We are setting the truck up with real time Internet video streaming capacity that will be seen at this web site:

Please pray to see whether your Jesus wants you to support us in creating a model showing people how to arrest legalized abortion in the USA. Click this link to see a report about a death threat we recently received on Youtube. That is one of the specific things you can pray for.

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Legal Demurrer for Protestors Whose Signs Are Confiscated

Learn About the Hidden Sin of the Pro-Life Movement
New Southern Baptist President Confuses Everyone About Abortion
The Middle Finger of Murder
Boy Cried Before Mother Flushed Him Down Commode
"Teeth:" A Movie Metaphor For Our Time
Satan Is Pro-Life: Exclusive Interview Reveals the Truth
Why Parents Hate Dead Fetus Pictures
Why Reduction In Number of Abortions Is Nothing to Celebrate
FINALLY! Georgia LawMakers Make REAL Move To Outlaw Abortion
Why We the People of USA Are God's Mortal Enemies
Why I Am Running For Governor
The Sham Resistance of Georgia Human Life Amendment
Why Present Supreme Court Will Not Overturn Roe v. Wade
Disgusting Christian Pro-Life Pollyannas
When Christian Women Lie About Abortion
Gregg Cunningham, Head of CBR, Models Pro-Life Treason
How Babies Are Killed by CBR (Corpses of Babies Retailed)

How To Force the Federal Government To End Legalized Abortion


Who'll Stop the Confusion and Murder   If We Don't Love Our Neighbor
Candidate Horsley Sings About Babies Blood on Georgia   Father Abraham, Now We're Killing Babies
See the True Face of Today's Pro-Life Movement   How Pro-Life Leaders' Lies Kill Unborn Babies
Police Demand Horsley Leave City Square   Police Question Horsley About His Campaign
TCRP Christmas Public Service Announcement

Horsley for Governor Shows How To End Abortion In Your State

Three Candidates for Governor Model Strategy to Outlaw Abortion in Their States

Click Here to See Why Lapsi Christians Will Not Support the only Political Candidate in the USA
with a strategy that has the power to Abolish Legalized Abortion in our LIFETIME

The Christian Gallery
      We at Christian Gallery News Service have been getting a lot of feedback from people who don't like the way we present evidence.
      We have chosen our methods of communication because we believe that every man, woman and child in the USA is a member of a jury responsible not only for judging but for ruling this nation.
      This publication works as a prosecutor exposing evidence in this nation that we believe the Living God wants sent to the jury.  As prosecutors, it is our  job to show the jury the evidence that we believe most clearly proves the case we are prosecuting.
      The case we are prosecuting is a matter of temporal and eternal life and death.
      One central fact guides our work today: we have failed in our prosecution for over 32 years.   As a result we have had to experience the ongoing legalized butchering of millions of innocent, defenseless people that God conceived to be citizens of these presently united States of America.  In addition we have watched a crescendo of decades of further desecration grow around us causing the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be blasphemed in this generation.
      For years we tried to be polite and we tried to be calm and we tried to listen very closely to what the jury wanted to hear; and we tried to provide evidence that was acceptable to the jury.
      All that failed.  It failed because the evidence had to be so watered down to suit the jury that the evidence itself was corrupted and our work proved futile in every sense of the word.
      After much prayer and study and reflection we realized we failed as prosecutors because instead of showing the horror and evil of the real crime, we showed evidence the jury approved, evidence that showed only a vapid and inane counterfeit of the crime, evidence that had no power to move people to stop the crime.
      Now we're trying something else.  We are focusing exclusively on what we believe the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to show the jury, and we are doing that without any regard whatsoever to what the jury wants to hear.  Our single goal is to find and communicate the evidence that we believe, given the light we have received from the Lord Jesus Christ, most accurately and precisely proves the case we are trying to prosecute.
      You can beg the Judge to fire us, or you can beg the Judge to be released from the jury, or you can take matters in your own hands and attempt to effectively fire us as prosecutors by ignoring us as most Christians are attempting to do.  But as long as we are prosecuting this case, we will continue to try to find ever more graphic and meaningful evidence to bring to the jury until the jury finally is moved to judge this generation of Christians guilty, guilty of sin, sin that must be stopped in this nation.  In doing this, we will be successful, or we will die trying.  So help us God.

Since We Are the Original Publisher of the Nuremberg Files &, THE CHRISTIAN GALLERY NEWS SERVICE ONLINE Is the Most Visited Christian Web Site On Earth. This article explains why.

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