11th Circuit Court of Appeals Puts Gloria Feldt and Planned Parenthood

 At Risk in $107,000,000 Lawsuit


(Christian Gallery News Service, Sept 16, 2002) On Sept 5, 2002, the Federal 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a lower federal court decision and reinstated a $107,000,000 lawsuit brought by Neal Horsley against Gloria Feldt, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America.


According to Horsley, the lawsuit launched in October, 1999, not only could cost Planned Parenthood $107,000,000 but could shine much light on the super-heated Clinton-era political machinery set in motion by the assassination of Dr. Barnett Slepian in 1998.  Furthermore, Horsley contends, the lawsuit can provide documentary evidence that proves Planned Parenthood was willing not only to manipulate the mass media by using false statements to the press but to destroy the First Amendment freedom of speech in its campaign to silence public criticism of abortion.


The lawsuit resulted from allegedly defamatory statements Gloria Feldt made against Neal Horsley at a press conference in New York City the day after Dr. Barnett Slepian was killed in 1998.  CNN News broadcast portions of the press conference on October 28, 1998. 

The court’s ruling stated, “As alleged in [Horsley’s] complaint, CNN broadcast that Feldt made the following statements, among others, at the press conference:

“[Dr. Slepian's] name had been on a list - you can look it up on the web, christiangallery.com - a list of doctors who are subject to surveillance and murder. His name was already crossed out.

The court decision continued, “The statement that [Dr. Slepian's] name was already crossed out is ambiguous. On the one hand, it could mean that his name was ‘already crossed out’ at some unspecified time after his murder and before Feldt made her statements. If that is what it means, Horsley concedes it is accurate. On the other hand, the statement could mean that the name was ‘already crossed out’ before the time the murder occurred. The latter reading certainly implies that the person who crossed out the name, the person who was running the website, had knowledge that the murder was going to happen. As Feldt and Planned Parenthood conceded at oral argument, stating as a factual matter that someone had advance knowledge of a murder and did nothing to prevent it is defamatory. The ambiguity in the ‘already crossed out’ statement prevents us from granting judgment on the pleadings in favor of the defendants… Accordingly, the district court erred in granting judgment on the pleadings for Horsley's defamation claim based on Feldt's alleged statements as broadcast on CNN Live News.”

The broadcast referenced above can be viewed by clicking here.

The case now returns to federal district court where all the opportunities for Discovery previously refused to Horsley will be required.  This means Gloria Feldt and everyone associated with her statements at the press conference will be subject to deposition under oath. In addition, all phone records of conversations between Ms. Feldt and high government officials and other prominent abortion advocates during that period will be subject to subpoena during the discovery process if it can be shown they might have participated in Feldt's defamatory statements.

If this discovery process results in sufficient evidence proving that Feldt did in fact falsely accuse Neal Horsley of being a conspirator in Dr. Barnett Slepian’s death, Planned Parenthood Federation of America can be subject to as much as $107,000,000 in damages.

Conspiracy at Highest Level of Government


Horsley contends that his defamation suit involves more than his personal desire to vindicate his name and reputation.  He believes his lawsuit will reveal evidence of a conspiracy at the highest levels of the Clinton administration not only to defame him but to crush opposition to abortion by destroying the First Amendment right of abortion abolitionists to speak publicly against legalized abortion.


Horsley has consistently claimed that the statements made by Feldt at the press conference were designed to set the stage for another upcoming lawsuit scheduled to begin in November, 1998, Planned Parenthood of Willamette Co (PP) v. the American Coalition of Life Activists (ACLA).  Horsley claims that his present lawsuit is important because the information to be obtained from Ms. Feldt and others will prove that the false statements made by Ms. Feldt about Horsley immediately prior to the PP v. ACLA Oregon trial were calculated to create an atmosphere of public hysteria that could be used to silence the most vocal and most effective abortion abolitionists by causing them to be hit with financial judgments capable of bankrupting them.


That lawsuit, whose preliminary arguments began only two weeks after Feldt’s press conference, made Horsley’s Web site called the Nuremberg Files a primary focal point during the litigation.  Based at least in part on the idea that Horsley, acting as an agent for the ACLA, had made the Nuremberg Files a “hit list” responsible for the death of Dr. Slepian and other abortionists, Planned Parenthood was awarded a judgment of $107,000,000.  That judgment bankrupted all of the ACLA defendants, some of the best known and most effective abortion abolitionists in the USA. 


The PP v. ACLA case is now on appeal to the Supreme Court of the USA.  According to many legal scholars, that case, unless overturned on appeal, will alter the meaning of “true threat” in American jurisprudence and finalize Planned Parenthood's strategy of making it illegal to publicly criticize legalized abortion and the abortion industry.


Murder Trial of James Kopp Could Be Influenced


Horsley’s lawsuit can also have an effect on the murder trial of James Kopp that is scheduled to begin later this year in New York State.  Kopp is accused of murdering Dr. Barnett Slepian, the same person Ms. Feldt originally accused Neal Horsley of conspiring to murder.  According to Horsley, his lawsuit will demonstrate that Gloria Feldt and Planned Parenthood do not hesitate to use their influence over the national news media to plant false information and images in the minds of the American people if such false information will further the goals of the abortion industry in the USA.  According to Horsley, if he prevails in his lawsuit, the American people will be given an object lesson in how an organization like Planned Parenthood uses the American media to falsely accuse people of crimes against abortionists; and the lesson will easily be seen to apply to James Kopp’s case as well.  


Horsley Appeals For Financial Help


According to Horsley, at least $20,000 will be required to successfully accumulate all the evidence that can prove Gloria Feldt and Planned Parenthood are liable for the charges brought against them. Horsley is asking every person who wants to resist Planned Parenthood’s ongoing abortion business or who wants to see Planned Parenthood stopped from destroying the First Amendment to send financial contributions to his legal defense and ministry support fund.  “Anyone who claims to be opposed to Planned Parenthood but won’t support me now is lying about their opposition to Planned Parenthood.  Fact is, right now this is the best chance anybody has got to resist them and resist them hard, exposing years of hidden skullduggery and other evil actions,” Horsley said.


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