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Who We Are Today

This is the official handbook of The Creator's Rights party. As such it provides a comprehesive analysis of why The Creator's Rights party exists as well as the philosophy of government embodied by the party.

This book was written in 1987 and was published on the Internet in 1995. Since then it has been accessed by well over one half million people, many of whom have responded to me personally...and not always with letters that said they contained anthrax.

I am a Christian but I have written this book without relying on Holy Scripture proof texts to justify my position. That is because government is not just for Christians but for each of its citizens. Since those who refuse to believe in the God of Abraham deny that Holy Scripture is a basis for authority, the mandates of Holy Scripture will never suffice to govern such unbelievers except via brute force. By showing how government can be explained without having to rely on Holy Scripture proof texts, I hope to set an example that other “people of the book” will follow as we restore God’s plan for government to its rightful place of authority in the United States of America.

That said, discerning readers will see that everything said here is a logical and necessary extension of the correctly interpreted message about government found in the Holy Scripture that contains the Old and New Testaments.

Reading about government, as with other complicated entities, is almost inevitably a sleeping potion. It is the difference between studying about the anatomy of Tyrannosaurus Rex and stepping into his path. Today nobody crosses paths with T Rex, but sooner or later every person finds themselves in the presence of government. It is my prayer that this book will be used to equip its readers to know what to do when they realize that most dangerous time is at hand.

When this book was originally written in the mid 1980’s, it foretold the inevitability of the growth of terrorism if the solution advocated here was not applied. Each day of growing terrorism and social disintegration will make the contents of this book ever more relevant.




  • Introduction: The Politics of Terrorism

  • Chapter One. Who Are We?

  • Chapter Two. Our National Self-Image

  • Chapter Three. Battling Amnesia

  • Chapter Four. A Storm Is Coming

  • Chapter Five. The Law In The United States Of America

  • Chapter Six. Understanding The Authority Of The Government Of The United States Of America

  • Chapter Seven. Sanction From The Court Of Last Resort

  • Chapter Eight. A Brief Overview Of Government

  • Chapter Nine. Seeing The Law

  • Chapter Ten. Government And Peace Of Mind

  • Chapter Eleven. The Conspiracy To Destroy The Creator

  • Chapter Twelve. Getting Out Of This Mess

  • Chapter Thirteen. Government As The Beast

  • Chapter Fourteen. How Civil War Can Be Avoided

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