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(Christian Gallery News Service, January 9, 2003)  The following message was received today:


Forces are being deployed with the power to stop any child of God from being legally slaughtered in Buffalo, NY on January 22, 2003. 


Commander In Chief, Army of God, USA


The arrival of the message coincided with the news that several people publicly identified with the Army of God are going to attend a rally in Buffalo, NY for the thirtieth Anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing the slaughter of unborn babies in the United States of America. 


No more details are available at this moment, but updates will be provided as they come in.



National publicity and hundreds of email responses to the article above prove the American people are sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next catastrophe to happen to a nation in rebellion against the God of Abraham.


A few examples prove the point:


The Buffalo, NY News ran this article:


Authorities wary of plans for rally by Army of God
Washington Bureau



 WASHINGTON - From the U.S. Department of Justice to the Buffalo Police Department, authorities are vowing to prevent violence when radical anti-abortion protesters travel to the city later this month in support of confessed killer James C. Kopp.

"The U.S. attorney from the Western District of New York is fully aware of the situation and is working with federal and local law enforcement to make sure that day passes peacefully," said Mark Corallo, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney General John D. Ashcroft.

Law enforcement's concerns escalated Friday after receipt of a message that purports to be from the Army of God, a shadowy, leaderless group that has been connected with abortion clinic bombings in the past.

"Forces are being deployed with the power to stop any child of God from being legally slaughtered in Buffalo, N.Y., on Jan. 22, 2003," said the missive, which was signed by the "Commander in Chief, Army of God, USA."

The Internet message featured an Army of God logo that showed a cross with a military helmet perched on top of it, along with a bomb.

The message is unrelated to a Jan. 22 rally in support of Kopp, said Jonathan O'Toole, the rally's organizer.

But O'Toole, who was profiled in an HBO documentary on the Army of God, defined the army as "an amorphous, autonomous eruption of rage on the part of individuals pushed to the point by legalized abortion that they're not willing to take it anymore, and will use what's at their disposal to stop it, which tends to be bombs and rifles."

The message originally appeared on a Web site operated by Neal Horsley, who advocates putting abortion doctors on trial for murder. Horsley said he didn't know the meaning of the message, and refused to say who sent it to him.

The message was widely circulated to the media and abortion rights advocates late Thursday. But even before that, Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, D-Buffalo, sent a letter to Ashcroft asking for federal law enforcement to investigate the Jan. 22 rally.

Hoyt was just one of several political figures to express outrage at the rally and the message about the Jan. 22 activities.

"I don't like this one bit," said Mayor Anthony M. Masiello. "The last thing we need is this kind of negative, destructive activity in Buffalo."

Buffalo Police Commissioner Rocco J. Diina said investigators are already looking into plans for the rally. Local, state and federal law enforcement will all work to prevent violence at Buffalo's Womenservices clinic, he said. Law enforcement will remain on alert once Kopp - who killed Amherst abortion provider Dr. Barnett A. Slepian in October 1998 goes on trial in February.

Abortion rights advocates interpreted the Army of God message as a form of intimidation rather than as a promise of violence.

"This declaration is a clear-cut terroristic threat intended to intimidate abortion providers," said Glenn E. Murray, a pro-choice attorney. "This is home-grown terrorism of the worst kind."


Hundreds of email responses poured into the Christian Gallery News Service. 


*      “Dear Neal, feel free to forward this response to anyone you like.  I read the "urgent AOG communique"  and came to the obvious conclusion: it is absolutely not genuine.  Therefore, it was put out by someone on the other side trying to stir up trouble.  It could be the FBI, someone in the media, or someone directly involved in the torture and slaughter of preborn American babies.  I say this to whoever sent the message: It wasn't even a good try, you stupid idiot. You need to learn more about the Army of God before you try to set us up in such a bungling manner.  You don't even know what we believe.  We insist that there is no such thing as  "legal slaughter".  Abortion always has been and always will be absolutely illegal.  The real  giveaway was in claiming to be the "Commander-In-Chief of the Army of God".  None of the mortals among us have appointed himself as the commander-in-chief, nor have we, as a group  elected anyone from among ourselves! to be a commander-in-chief.  Someday we may have such a leader, but for now we only recognize the God of the Bible as our Commander-In-Chief.  Neal, since you have been in contact with the media in Buffalo, do you think you should contact them and let them know that this goofy communique did not originate from anyone of our associates? By doing so you may defuse some future trouble. We don't need anyone starting trouble with us under any false pretexts.”


Your brother, John Brockhoeft

***** John Brockhoeft served time in federal prison for offenses against places where they butcher little babies for a living. (Editor)


*       “Well, now.  It is a good thing that we shall have signs showing which side we are on. I wouldn't want an AOG operative to confuse me with either a direct baby killer or one of his accomplices.”


     Justice, then peace,

  Michael Bray

*****Rev. Michael Bray also served time in prison for illegally interrupting scheduled abortions.


*       Neal, Since our LORD is the Commander in Chief and He doesn't use e-mail, I would think this is an impostor.


    Rev. Barak Smith


*       Dear Neal,  I just finished reading a book about Lech Walesa and how the solidarity movement in Poland freed them from Communis -- and they were non-violoent.  They also went on to overturn their laws on abortion, and are now the only counrty in the West to have done that.  We need Pro Life Solidarity here to end our war on abortion   Leaders like Neal and Steve, HLI, PFL, etc need to rally pro lifers, but not by implying any kind of force.  It must be peaceful and in union with the Church.  We need to get everyone to stop doing what they normally do on Jan. 22, and join together in prayer for the end of abortion-- a form of strike just the way they did theirs.  Why not look for ways that work instead of glamorizing violence which is a sin and does not solve the problem?


    A concerned sister,


*       Hi Neal:  I am praying that whatever may be up is not going to take more

lives.  One wrong doesn't make another right.  Our Lord clearly tells us

that Vengeance is His, He will repay.  Life is very precious as I know you

know, and in keeping with that thought our Lord says Blessed are the peace

makers, not the murderers of those who murder.  I hate Abortion, it is an

abomination but I do not and cannot condone those who think they have the

right to kill those who are doing something our land has named Legal. 

According to them, they are within the Law.  As mad as that Law is, it is

the Leaders of our Land that are guilty of making such Laws.  America's Law

on Abortion is insane but that is never an excuse to murder or maim those

killing with the sanction of our country. I pray for all the unsaved, I want

them to love Life, to love the Way, the Truth, the Light Jesus Christ. 

Unfortunately few do that's why I will continue to pray for every

Abortionist, every Nurse working in the Murder Mills, every woman who thinks

it's her right to murder her own children, and also for every child of God

who is convinced they have to stop the blood shed.  Our work, as true

believers, is to Preach the whole word of our Lord, He died to save sinners,

He rose again to give Life to sinners who will believe Him.  This is such

wonderful news that we should be shouting it from the roof tops, not

shooting and killing.  We've been called to give Life not take it.


Blessing, BJ.


*       I will keep this in my prayers. May God give them victory.


*       Dear Neal,
I pray it happens!! If it can happen there, the Army Of  God and liason's can make happen  EVERYWHERE! Maybe this so-called movement will one day MOOOOVE!
When and if it ever does, every prochoice mind will run or faint. For that is the way of cowards and that is what they are!!! Maranatha Lord Jesus King of kings and Lord of lords!
AMEN & AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

Earnie T. Millthorn



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