Read what follows and you will see that his own words prove Flip Benham to be a confused, double-minded leader who thinks he is the functional equivalent of the Protestant Pope whose interpretation of Holy Scripture is the Word of God.

(Christian Gallery News Service, August 26, 2003.)  On August 24, 2003, only slightly more than a week before Paul Hill is scheduled to be put to sleep like a mangy dog, the Pensacola News Journal trumpeted these words , "The head of a national group against abortion has volunteered to "pull the switch" and send Hill to his death..."

The newspaper referred to Flip Benham, described as the "national director of Operation Rescue.''  Benham was quoted as saying, "Killing Paul Hill is not murder," Benham said. "It`s justice. I`d pull the switch myself and have no problem with it."

Since Flip Benham is one of the leaders of the Ten Commandments Monument fiasco presently being held in Montgomery, Alabama, we determined to return to Montgomery to interview Flip Benham to verify whether he had actually said he wanted to be Paul Hill's executioner.

Alabama Supreme Court Building Housing The Ten Commandments Monument

Christian Gallery News Service Begins To Cover Story


Benham Spotted


Benham Approached With Video Camera Rolling



Horsley:  I've got a...question I'd like to ask you.

Benham:  Sure.

Horsley:  The, uh, Pensacola paper said that you said that you would be willin to pull the...

Benham:  Oh yeah. 

Horsley:  ...switch on Paul Hill...

Benham:  Oh yeah. 

Horsley:  ...because you felt like it would be justice and not murder.

Benham:  Absolutely.

Horsley:  And so then, apparently you believe that...

Benham:  Ab...

Horsley:  ...certain homicides are justifiable. 

Benham:  Alright now let me, let me see.  Of course they are. 

Horsley:  Right.  So it's just a question of, of who and why a person is being killed.

Benham:  See if one kills another person with malice aforethought...takes the life of another with malice aforethought...just goes ahead and does it, takes a life...he must necessarily forfeit his own. That's, that's where...that's my stand.  Paul Hill, unloaded his shotgun on, uh, th...three unarmed people, kill...killing two of them...and uh, and he stood there and then he dropped the shotgun and uh, walked out with his hands sorta upward like this, you know so nobody would shoot him. 

Horsley:  Right. 

Benham:  And uh, and uh and that was a supreme act of cowardice, and uh, and so the death penalty is, is, is expected of him...capital punishment.   And so it's, it's based primarily on the fact that, of the sanctity of life.  That the capital, that capital pun...That life is so sacred that if one goes ahead and just takes somebody else's life, he's gonna forfeit his own.

Horsley:  So the, the reason that a life is taken, is a factor that has to be...

Benham:  Of course...

Horsley:  ...uh, put in there. 

Benham:  Of course.

Horsley:  So the fact that Paul Hill believed that he was, was stopping an individual from killing an innocent baby, is a, from your point of view, is that a lie or uh, or how, how do you factor that in?

Benham:  It's, it's not valid...It's not valid for a couple of reasons.  And uh, and the first one is who's most culpable?  Who's gonna kill that baby? 

Horsley:  Ah.

Benham:  Who? 

Horsley:  Well, from Paul Hill's point of view the abortionist was. 

Benham:  Yeah but that abortionist was simply the gun that Paul Hill was, or the, the gun that was going to be used to kill the baby.  You see, it's the mother that is most culpable in killing the baby.  The mother is culpable.  So if you wanna, if you wanna operate on justifiable homicide, which is utter foolishness and sin, then what you, what you, what you've got, is you've got to, kill the mother, C section the baby and save the baby.  That's what you do. 

(To see just how confused Flip Benham is, consider what the police would have to do if the "logic" in Benham's analysis was applied when a mafia don hired a hitman to kill someone. According to Benham, the hitman--"the gun" in Benham's construct--would be allowed to go about his business of killing people and only the mafia don--the "mother" in Benham's construct--could be the legitimate focus of law enforcement.

Any school child who thinks this matter through would conclude that responsible law enforcement, by all means available, would deter the hitman from committing the murder, then both the hitman and the person who hired him would be prosecuted for attempted murder.

Benham also ignores the fact that if the mother has no access to an abortionist, the baby will not die. Only a very small number of expectant mothers would risk death by attempting a self-induced abortion. Simply by removing the abortionist, the baby would be saved and the mother as well.

Somehow, Flip Benham, the leader of "Operation Rescue" cannot get these facts in focus and, instead, lends his influence to the world where the abortionist is protected from law enforcement and those who use lethal force to protect innocent babies should be killed by Benham's own hand. With leaders like Flip Benham, is there any wonder that the "pro-life movement," measured by resources expended versus change accomplished, stands as the most futile exercise in social change in the history of the United States of America.)


Horsley:  Hmmmm...

Benham:  And that's utter foolishness.  That's...

Horsley:  Mmmhmm...

Benham:  ...again, that's a foolish argument, but sometimes we're drawn into that. 

Horsley:  So, from your point of view, Paul Hill...

Benham:  No, from a Biblical...

Horsley:  ...In killing  him...

Benham:  From biblical point of view, Paul Hill is in sin, he's guilty of murder and he needs to confess that sin. 

Horsley:  Well, that's your interp, your interpretation...

Benham:  No, that's what the Bible says

Horsley:  Well, what you say the Bible says is really your interpretation, right?

Benham:  No, no, you're wrong. 

Horsley:  No?

Benham:  No.

Horsley:  So your interpretation is exactly equivalent to the Word of God?

Benham:  Absolutely.

Horsley:  Is that correct? 

Benham:  There is one...

Horsley:  Well, that's a very interesting point of view!

Benham:  ...there is one interpretation of the Bible. 

Horsley:  And that's your interpretation?

Benham:  No, that is what the Bible says. 

Horsley:  And, and what the Bible says, that you...

Benham:  Is true. 

Horsley:  ...that you interpreted...

Benham:  What the Bible says is true. 

Horsley:  ...is the Word of God.

Benham:  No, there aren't many interpretations of the Bible, my friend.  And your foolishness is revealed through your mouth.  And and out of, out of the...abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  You are a fool.  You don't understand exactly what I told, you didn't want to.  You had an agenda and you're settin...

Horsley:  I listened to what you said.

Benham:  ...you set it up.  You set it up. 

Horsley:  You said your interpretation...

Benham:  No, no, no...I said...

Horsley:  ...was equivalent to the Word of God

Benham:  ...the, the, there is one interpretation...

Horsley:  I heard...

Benham:  ...to the Bible. 

Horsley:  Hey (motions to videocamera) we've got it right here, my friend. 

Benham:  One interpretation of the Bible...

Horsley:  It's right here. 

Benham:  ...many applications. Yep.  

Horsley:  That's right and your interpretation of the Bible is equivalent to the Word of God.  That's what you said. 

Benham:  No no no. 

Horsley:  Oh.  Then it's not infalli....then you could be wrong?  Is that correct? 

Benham:  Let me...let me show you something.  What's your name? 

Horsley:  My name's Neal Horsley.

Benham:  Oh, get, get outta my face...Oh, is that what you, you are...I always wondered what kind of a guy you were like.  You're the man with the video cameras. 

Horsley:  That's right and I'm a man who got you on tape saying your interpretation of the Bible was equivalent to the Word of God.  And that makes you a liar straight from the bowels of hell. 

Benham:  Okay, okay.  If I'm a liar, if I'm a liar I want, I want I want you to show me something, friend.  I'm gonna ask you a little question.  Okay, just you and me......But since you wanted to confront me in front everybody, I'd be, I'd be happy to deal with it here, just a second I could find something, Neal.  Because, Neal you say that, that murdering abortionists is a good thing and you're a liar and a heretic. 

Horsley:  I've never said that.

Benham:  Yeah you have and you've said it over and over again and you've drawn lines...

Horsley:  You're lying right now. 

Benham:  ...through abortionists' names. 

Horsley:  Show me where I said that, liar. 

Benham:  You draw the lines...

Horsley:  Show me where I...Yes, I, I drew a line showing the man was dead.  I didn't say it was a good thing. 

Benham:  Yeah, yeah...yeah Neal. 

Horsley:  You're the one that says I said it was a good thing. You can't...

Benham:  ...are you lookin for some publicity?  You got your camera...

Horsley:  No, I'm not lookin for some publicity.  I'm lookin to make you out the liar you are, mister.  That's exac-...

Benham:  How am I lying?

Horsley: Because you just said...

Benham:  What am I lyin...

Horsley:  ...that I said it was a good thing to kill an abortionist.  That's what you said...

Benham:  Do you...

Horsley:  ...I got it right here (motions with videocamera). 

Benham:  ...do you believe that justifiable homicide is a good thing? 

Horsley:  I believe that there are people who deserve to be defended.  That's correct.

Benham:  Do you believe that justifiable homicide is a good thing? 

Horsley:  Defended even to the killing of another person, death.

Benham:  Do you believe that justifiable homicide is a good thing? 

Horsley:  Well you're the one who said you believe justifiable homicide...

Benham:  Do you...

Horsley:  ...is a good thing. 

Benham:  Do you believe?  Do you believe it?  Do you believe it? 

Horsley:  Certainly I believe justifiable homicide is a good thing, the same way you said you did!

Benham:  You are wrong, you are in sin, and you've been in sin. 

Horsley:  Well one of us is for sure...

Benham:  Absolutely.

Horsley:  ...in sin.  And I'm sayin it's you.  And your interpretation of the Bible is not equivalent to the Word of God. 

Benham:  No, the Word of God interprets itself.  Doesn't need your help or mine. 

Benham Flees

Horsley:  No, the Holy Spirit interprets the Word of God and He will demonstrate you. END

Photos and Transcription by Jonathan O'Toole


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