Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet. I can count all my bones; people stare and gloat over me. They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing. Psalms 22:16-18


To see the dogs who are tearing Jesus apart today, we must take off the diaper that for two thousand years has hidden the nudity of the Lord Jesus Christ as he hung on the cross. Instead of creating an image of Jesus Christ that is designed to conform to the preconceptions and prejudices of fourth grade school marms and the other lowest common denominators among the Christians of history, we must show Jesus as He actually was on the day He died, and as He actually is today. Isn't it about time we saw Jesus as He is? Jesus of Nazareth is the source of vastly differing interpretations today. Every Christian teacher has a duty to clarify this confusion about Jesus. Did Jesus of Nazareth hang naked on the cross when he was crucified? If so, that is an image of the Body of Christ that Mel Gibson and Michaelangelo and the Popes and John Calvin and Billy Graham and myriad other Christian artists and teachers across the centuries failed to show you. Answer the question for yourself: don't let yourself be enslaved to a social consensus that panders to effeminate sensibilities and false teachers while it hides the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ. Did the Romans try to protect the sensibilities of the people they crucified and of the people who viewed such crucifixions, or did they want to utterly humiliate those being crucified so the crucifixion would have the maximum deterrent effect on the viewers? In spite of the myriad images to the contrary that have been foisted on a gullible Christian public throughout history, it was a naked body that caused some at the foot of the cross to cry out in self-satisfied mockery, it was a naked body that caused the mother of the Lord Jesus Christ to weep, a naked body that caused John the Beloved to cringe in shame, a naked body like the one above. Are you willing to go beyond being a babe in Christ? If not, and you call yourself a Christian, then you are the dog dismembering the Body of Christ today and you will soon quit reading because you've gotten everything you were meant to get out of this article. If you are not that dog but instead a serious follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, then you must help us stop the dogs tearing the Body of Christ apart today.


The dogs tearing Jesus apart today are exactly the same dogs who murdered him long ago on Golgotha. The KJV version of Psalms 22 calls them "the assembly of the wicked." And they are tearing the body of Jesus Christ apart today. But whereas there was the possibility of a world being saved by the murder of the body of Jesus back then, there is nothing to be gained and everything to be lost--a world to be destroyed; our world today--unless the dogs that dismember his body today back away. It's easy to see the dogs if you will open your eyes and look.

Reread the passage in Psalms 22 quoted above. At first glance, it might seem that the Roman soldiers were the dogs. After all, they were the ones who "pierced [his] hands and feet," they were the ones who "cast lots" for his clothes. Further weight is added to that idea when it is understood that "dogs" was a term Jews commonly applied to the gentile world who rejected the law of Moses. Therefore many today teach that the dogs referred to in Psalms 22 do not include the jews who made up the nation of Israel. But a quick study of the Bible proves that everyone who collaborated in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was considered to be responsible for his crucifixion--the dogs who surrounded him, the assembly of the wicked who crucified Him. And Jews were certainly included in that group. All you have to do to see this for yourself is examine the sermon the Apostle Peter delivered on the day of Pentacost in the immediate aftermath of the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus Christ. In Acts 22:36, Peter said, "Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified , both Lord and Christ."

With that evidence in view, it is impossible for a reasonable person to deny that the dogs who circled around Jesus of Nazareth on Golgotha, the dogs who watched his life blood seep out of the terrible wounds ripped into his body, included both the Romans who carried out his death penalty and the people in the nation of Israel who had collaborated in having him who knew no sin unjustly murdered like the most reviled criminal. Since it is impossible to overemphasize this point, let me repeat: both the Jews and the Gentiles shared fully in the crucifixion of Him who was "both Lord and Christ." Those people were the "dogs" who ripped holes in his hands and feet. Those dogs stripped him naked and stared at his naked body in ridicule and triumphant disdain. Those dogs made his humiliation a joke by playing dice for his clothes at the foot of the cross. Those dogs mocked Him as He died on the cross.

No wonder God called that wicked assembly of murderous collaborators dogs . They were the worst kind of ravenous canines. Wolflike in their ferocity, they crucified the Lord Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, the Seed of Life promised from of old, and lifted him up to be humiliated, naked in his shame.

Such dogs are with us today; the assembly of the wicked is in our midst. And today, as that day long ago, they rip the naked body of the Lord Jesus Christ anew. While the Lord Jesus Christ is no longer being crucified, His Body is being ripped and torn apart in the most horrible manner imaginable, literally dismembered in our midst.

If you will look, by the power of the Holy Spirit you can see this for yourself.


Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ?
As you did it unto the least of these, you did it unto me.

Every Christian teacher in history has understood the Bible enough to know and teach that the Lord Jesus Christ in some sense identified His body--His physical body of flesh and blood--with the physical bodies of those He called "His brothers." He that was the King of kings and the Lord of lords said, "And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40 Logically then, anything that is done to the bodies of the brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ is done to the Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.


The Babe Leapt

Recent images of babies smiling, laughing, and crying in the womb drive home to the modern mind the point that the Holy Ghost was communicating through St. Luke almost two thousand years before technological advances would allow us to glimpse with our eyes the reality he so poignantly described. In the very first chapter of Luke's gospel, after the Annunciation, we see the unborn John the Baptist leap with joy in the womb of his mother at the sound of the Virgin Mary’s voice, so that we are told his mother Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost and proclaimed, “Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. And whence is this to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?”

Here the Scripture paints for us a curious and wonderful picture indeed! An unborn Nazirite, and the greatest of the prophets, displaying with all the might of his six month old unborn body and soul the highest emotion of spiritual joy at the incarnation of his Lord. And his mother Elizabeth, that maidservant of the Lord, saluting her cousin with a holy joy that verily jumps out of the text, calling her the mother of her Lord God, even while Jesus lay unborn, shrouded in the womb of Mary!


Any way you slice the English language (unless of course you want to reverse the dictionary meaning of words) the unborn babies in danger of being ripped apart in abortion are the least among us who the Lord Jesus Christ consider to be his “brothers.”

And why wouldn’t they be His brothers? They are His children. He created them. John 1:3“All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

And the unborn babies are not just any creature: they are not dogs, or giraffes, or monkeys but they are people created in the image of God, people who bear the same flesh that the Lord Jesus Christ bore.

But the unborn babies are more than just fellow human beings:they are human beings who are obedient in all their ways to the Lord Jesus Christ. All they have ever done since the moment of conception is do their best to live in accordance with the decrees they receive from God. If God said, "Be Conceived," they were conceived; if God said, "Grow," they grew; if God said, "Die," they died. But unborn babies who are aborted based on a decision made by someone other than The Creator are not being killed because God said "Die", they are being killed because people said "Die." And the people who are being killed are not just any people, they are people who are moving in perfect obedience to the Will of The Creator, perfect obedience every move they make. If such people are not the “brothers” of the Lord Jesus Christ, then He has none.

Unborn babies not only qualify as "brothers" of the Lord Jesus Christ, they also qualify as the least among us. The unborn babies are the least among us because...come on now! Is it really necessary to EXPLAIN why people who are literally the smallest people on earth, people who are literally the most vulnerable people on earth, people who have been decreed by the government of the United States of America not be people at all, are in fact BEFORE GOD AND EVERYBODY, the least among us!?

If unborn babies are members of the Body of Christ, and if they are being slaughtered through no fault of their own, it stands to reason and evidence and demonstrable historical fact that anybody who tolerates, collaborates with or countenances such slaughter to the Body of Christ is a mirror image of what the Bible calls a dog, exactly equivalent to a member of the "assembly of the wicked" that the Lord Jesus Christ saw gathered at the foot of His cross.


Of course there is one way that the "logic" of Jesus words described in the preceding sentence might be altered so that people do not have to believe that what is done to the "least" of the brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus Christ is actually done to the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. This "other logic" can explain the words of the Lord Jesus Christ to be merely figures of speech, dramatic hyperbole perhaps, words that do not literally mean what Jesus said, but meant something else, something that a person can define to suit their own particular interpretation and needs.

Who would make the Lord Jesus Christ look that way?

Many people who call themselves Christians demonstrate that they do not believe the body of the Lord Jesus Christ is literally being torn apart every time one of His brothers or sisters is unjustly killed. They do this when they treat the unjust destruction of the unborn as something other than a matter of most urgent emergency that demands all the ambulances start rolling, all the police start moving, all the soldiers start marching.

Do you hear the sirens of this emergency? You hear some people grumbling; you hear some people whine, but do you hear sirens of emergency flying to the defense of the Body of Christ being ripped asunder in our midst? Of course you don't.

The Christians in this generation go about their business and there are no sirens to be heard blasting away the business as usual atmosphere. In fact--a historical fact that will resonate across the annals of time--while the Body of Christ is being dismembered daily all around them, Christians in the United States of America literally enjoy the highest standard of living and the most protected environment of any people in the history of the world! As things now stand, Christians are teaching the people of the world that when the Body of Christ is being dismembered, Christians should go about their business as if such an event was not a sign of emergency.

Surely the Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ never acted that way.


We can look at Scripture and see how Christians are supposed to act when the Body of Christ is in danger of being destroyed.

When the Lord Jesus Christ was being killed all but one of the men who followed Him panicked. They either killed themselves like Judus, or they fled like Peter. The only exception was John, the one called the Beloved.

John was the disciple with the deepest emotional bond to the Lord Jesus Christ. More than once, John is referred to as the disciple who Jesus loved, and John was called the disciple who loved Jesus. The decisive proof of the love bond that existed between them is found in the fact that while the rest of the disciples fled, John decided to ignore the risk to himself and go to stand with Jesus at the end.

So there John stood at the foot of the cross. Scripture shows us the scene: "John 19:26 When Jesus therefore saw his mother, and the disciple standing by, whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! 27 Then saith he to the disciple, Behold thy mother! And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home."

It was the least he could do. The moment when he could have done more to help the Lord was past. The moment when the disciples could have risen up and fought to the death to defend the Lord Jesus Christ was past. Jesus Himself had stopped Peter when the sword of defense was raised; the Lord had repaired the ear Peter had severed in His defense. Then, in no uncertain terms, Jesus had made it clear the disciples were not to defend Him through force of arms; He had made it clear that for some reason that the disciples, John included, could not comprehend, He was supposed to die. Not only was He supposed to die, He was supposed to be crucified.

Totally disarmed by the Lord's words, and totally mystified by His determination to be killed, the disciples could not help fleeing...Except for John.

If you take time to read between the lines, John's determination to stand with Jesus speaks volumes about John. His decision to be there at the end is clear evidence that the Apostle John had accepted that he might die along with Jesus. He knew the city was looking for Jesus's disciples. After all, that was why the others had fled. But John decided he did not care whether he lived or died; what he cared about was standing with Jesus until the end.

There is a wealth of insight into the meaning of love available to those who meditate deeply on the Apostle John . Not only did his decision to stand with Jesus at the end prove himself the most loyal and the most courageous disciple, his decision tells us something about love. If you can imagine what John was feeling when he stood at the foot of the cross watching the Lord Jesus Christ die, you will experience feelings that few people have ever felt. The love that John had for Jesus, a love so great that he was willing to die rather than leave him to die alone, is a love hard for most of us to imagine.

But the eyes of the Spirit show that love is not all John would have been feeling. There is something else that John had to be feeling that, for those Christians raised in a generation intent on repressing every feeling that did not conform to the group's current definition of "luv", might be harder to imagine still.

To see what I am talking about, it is necessary to grasp the fact that none of the disciples expected the Lord to rise from the grave. In fact, they all believed they were at the end of the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. They all believed that his death would not only be the end of his life, but the end of everything the disciples had hoped for, had worked for.

You can see the depths of hopelessness that the disciples were delivered from when you examine the absolute amazement and joy they experienced when they realized He had risen from the grave.

But when John was standing at the foot of the cross, that joy was totally unavailable to John. He was plumbing the depths of other emotions.

Those who have experienced hopelessness know that there is a kind of rage that shoots suddenly out of the soil of hopelessness. The rage grows because no man can easily accommodate himself to the helplessness that is contained within the bowels of hopelessness, to the feeling of utter impotence in the face of death.

Scripture does not tell us specifically that John felt rage at the foot of the cross, but it does not take a biblical scholar to see that there is a connection between the events at the foot of the cross and the words John was given when he finally became the Revelator to the world, the author of the book of Revelations. There John the Beloved told the Roman Empire what God was going to do to those who refused the grace that had been poured out by the Lamb of God on the cross of Golgotha. In those words in John's Revelation, we see the release of rage against the whore who stood on seven hills, the whore who had seduced the entire world. The rage we see in the book Revelation is rage that had been kindled as John stood at the foot of the cross watching the Lamb of God being horribly slaughtered.

Imagine what John experienced. At the root of John's rage was the knowledge that John Himself, by the simple act of continuing to live after Jesus had died, was in a very real sense collaborating with those crucifying Jesus. You've got to have the mind of a warrior to understand it, but as John stood there, watching the Lord die, he knew for a fact that there was one thing he could have done to try to stop it: he could have thrown his body into the fight for the life of Jesus; he could have fought and been killed in His defense just as Peter had tried to do.

But Jesus had told him not to do that. As John watched his beloved die before his eyes, the knowledge that he was obeying the Lord's command to put down the sword could have been little consolation. One fact would have erased all other considerations. That fact was horrible to behold. Naked Jesus was dying on the cross. The One John called Lord was apparently being proven to be nothing more than a naked and totally humiliated man whose teachings about the kingdom of God were dead and humiliated fantasies. Now to watch the Lord dying, believing that everything was ending, and that all the work of Jesus of Nazareth was to be proven to be nothing more than a vain delusion, a delusion that all of the disciples except Judus had shared, what could have been worse than that? In such a moment, to John, even death itself would have been a relief.

So John felt guilt, shameful guilt, that he had not at least given his life to prevent the man he had loved above everything on earth from being slaughtered and devoured by the dogs. In short, John felt like one of those dogs himself.

But of course John was not one of the dogs killing his friend. He had done everything he was allowed to do to stop the slaughter and, having done all, had even put his own life at risk by putting himself in a place where everyone could see that he was a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But John never had recourse to the option of physically defending the body of Christ from crucifixion. His Lord had made it crystal clear that He forbid anyone from interferring with His crucifixion. It was supposed to happen. Even though John, along with the rest of the disciples, did not understand why Jesus must be crucified, he knew that it was part of God's plan and was not to be resisted.


No. Today, instead of being commanded by the Lord Jesus Christ to let the powers that be have their way with His Body, Christians are called upon to defend the Body of Christ and the faith that sustains it and allows it to grow.

Finding those instructions in the New Testament is difficult because the New Testament was written at a time when it was treason to defend the Body of Christ, treason that was punishable by death. It is also difficult to find because the New Testament was written at a time when Christians were so few in number and resources that they were totally defenseless in the face of the Roman Empire, the de facto federal government of the territory in view in the New Testament.

Because of the total despotism and the lack of resources available to Christians, the entire political strategy of the New Testament Church was summed up in one sentence the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy: "The woman shall be saved through child birth."

At a time when Christians were persecuted by being tracked down and destroyed, the Holy Spirit told those in Christ that leading others to know the risen Lord Jesus Christ would result in enough "children" so that the woman, the bride of Christ, would be saved from the persecution threatening to utterly destroy her.

But the subsequent history of the Body of Christ shows conclusively that the strategy of the ancient Church was not the only means the Lord gave His people to defend themselves in times of tyranny when the Body of Christ was being butchered anew. When the resources of Christians had grown to where they could actually stand up and defend the members of the Body of Christ from persecution and unjust death, the fighting men in the Body of Christ did not hesitate to use the force of arms in defense of the least of God's children.

Of course there was always much opposition to Christian fighting men taking up arms in this way.

Understandably the most vocal opposition came from the tyrants and instruments of injustice against whom the Christian fighting men raised up arms. And that opposition usually had one or another institution that called itself "Christian" doing everything in its power to prevent the Christian fighting men from taking up arms.

Over the centuries much has been written about how the Body of Christ evolved to become a fighting unit perfectly capable of using the force of arms in defense of the least of God's children unjustly threatened with death.

One of the most poignant and signal events that dramatise the very real and very serious nature of Christian armed resistance to tyranny can be found in an interview between Mary, Queen of Scotland, and John Knox, a Scottish Christian teacher and leader of the Christian Reformation in Scotland on August 26, 1561. A transcript of that interview survives today. The portion of the interview that concerns the necessity of Christian fighting men to take up arms follows:

Queen Mary (who was Catholic) said to John Knox (who was Protestant). 'But yet ye have taught the people to receive another religion than their Princes can allow. How can that doctrine be of God, seeing that God commandeth subjects to obey their Princes?'

John Knox . 'Madam, as right religion took neither original strength nor authority from worldly princes, but from the Eternal God alone, so are not subjects bound to frame their religion according to the appetites of their princes. Princes are oft the most ignorant of all others in God's true religion, as we may read in the Histories, as well before the death of Christ Jesus as after. If all the seed of Abraham should have been of the religion of Pharaoh, to whom they were long subjects, I pray you, Madam, what religion should there have been in the world? Or, if all men in the days of the Apostles should have been of the religion of the Roman Emperors, what religion should there have been upon the face of the earth? Daniel and his fellows were subjects to Nebuchadnezzar and unto Darius, and yet, Madam, they would not be of their religion; for the three children said: "We make it known unto thee, O King, that we will not worship thy Gods." Daniel did pray publicly unto his God against the expressed commandment of the King. And so, Madam, ye may perceive that subjects are not bound to the religion of their princes, although they are commanded to give them obedience.'

Queen Mary . 'Yea, but none of these men raised the sword against their princes.'

John Knox. 'Yet, Madam, ye can not deny that they resisted, for those who obey not the commandments that are given, in some sort resist.'

Queen Mary. 'But yet, they resisted not by the sword?'

John Knox . 'God, Madam, had not given them the power and the means.'

Queen Mary. 'Think ye that subjects, having the power, may resist their princes?'

John Knox. 'If their princes exceed their bounds, Madam, no doubt they may be resisted, even by power. For there is neither greater honor, nor greater obedience, to be given to kings or princes, than God hath commanded to be given unto father and mother. But the father may be stricken with a frenzy, in which he would slay his children. If the children arise, join themselves together, apprehend the father, take the sword from him, bind his hands, and keep him in prison till his frenzy be overpast think ye, Madam, that the children do any wrong? It is even so, Madam, with princes that would murder the children of God that are subjects unto them. Their blind zeal is nothing but a very mad frenzy, and therefore, to take the sword from them, to bind their hands, and to ease them into prison, till they be brought to a more sober mind, is no disobedience against princes, but just obedience, because it agreeth with the will of God."

This interview between the Christian teacher and the Christian ruler spotlights the force let loose by God in the world which was one of the, if not the, structuring principle that culminated in the American Revolution, a revolution that put an end to the power of the doctrine of the Divine Right of kings in the nation that became the United States of America.

But in this nation today, there are millions of Christians who shrink back at the idea of Christians saying to the American people and theIr Representatives in government the same thing John Knox said to Mary, Queen of Scots.

As it has done for over thirty years now, the pro life movement says it is going to stop it. But do you hear the sirens screaming?


So who among us is that dog, that member of the assembly of the wicked?


It is easy to see and understand the dogs who actively support and defend the legalized slaughter of unborn babies. While they clothe themselves with all the trappings of civilized society, some even pretending to be sad and distressed that they have to slaughter the unborn members of the Body of Christ, look closely and those with eyes that see, see this:

These people are nationally known members of the abortion industry; they make the money that they use to buy every good and service that sustains them off the death of millions of fetuses each year. The money they use becomes exactly equivalent to the very flesh of the fetuses killed by the abortion industry in the USA. If the fetuses are unborn babies, babies who are members of the Body of Christ, then it logically follows that these people are the dogs who are devouring Jesus today. This is not rhetorical hyperbole: the Lord Jesus Christ called these people dogs!  But are they alone?

In Part Two we will look closer at the dogs in our midst.

This article was written on November 13, 2005 by Neal Horsley with contributions from Jonathan O'Toole.

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