Exploding The Myth of The Army of God

Neal Horsley

(Christian Gallery News Service, November 14, 2003)  Janet Waldron is a Special Agent for the FBI assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the federal government of the USA.  On November 12, 2003, Agent Waldron filed a criminal complaint in Florida that accused Stephen Jordi (or JORDI, as his name is used in the Complaint) of solicitation to commit arson against various abortion butchertoriums in Florida and Georgia. 

Stephen John Jordi, right, suspected of planning to bomb abortion clinics, is taken into custody Tuesday evening in Miami Beach, Fla.  Jordi, 35 was targeting unspecified clinics throughout the United States, said Beverly Esselbach, a spokeswoman for the FBI's Miami field office. (AP Photo/NBC6 TV)

Wed Nov 12,11:51 AM ET

Stephen John Jordi, above, suspected of planning to bomb abortion clinics, is taken into custody Tuesday evening in Miami Beach, Fla. Jordi, 35 was targeting unspecified clinics throughout the United States, said Beverly Esselbach, a spokeswoman for the FBI (news - web sites)'s Miami field office. (AP Photo/NBC6 TV)

A close reading of the FBI complaint reveals something that the FBI probably did not intend to reveal.  Evidence within the Complaint proves that the FBI intends to launch a campaign against the Army of God in the USA, a campaign that will rely on the same false information and distorted analysis that has long been used by the abortion industry and the mass media in the USA when it wrote about the Army of God.  To prevent this grave miscarriage of justice, this article will provide evidence proving that the Army of God is a myth, a fiction that both abortionists and those committing crimes against the abortion industry have found reason to perpetuate.  This evidence must be brought to light now because unless the Army of God is exposed as fiction, what the FBI is doing with the Stephen Jordi case proves we all might find the fictitious Army of God used as the vehicle for the incarceration of untold numbers of abortion abolitionists.  Let me say the same thing another way to be certain everybody gets the point: As long as the campaign of false information and distorted analysis about the Army of God was confined to the mass media, the danger created by the false information was minimal.  But when the FBI begins to use false information, false information obtained directly from the National Abortion Federation, to turn the Army of God into a domestic terrorism organization like Al Fatah or Hezbullah or Al Qaeda, then it literally becomes a matter of life and death to every abortion abolitionist in the United States of America to expose the fiction.


  “Feds link Coconut Creek man to violent abortion fighters,” headlines screamed on the day of Stephen Jordi’s arrest.
   Read the document below and you will see that the FBI did everything in its power to create the impression that Stephen Jordi was part of the Army of God.  In so doing the FBI became the abortion industry’s prime mover in expanding the Army of God myth.
This is Paragraph 8 from the FBI complaint Filed in Federal Court.  (You can read the entire complaint by clicking here).  Agent Janet Waldron wrote, “On September 3, 2003, the CW [Cooperating Witness, editor] and Jordi attended the demonstration against the execution of Paul Hill outside the Florida State Prison at Starke, Florida.  At that event JORDI was photographed by the New York Times walking alongside convicted abortion clinic bomber Joshua Graff.  JORDI is also seen in the same photograph walking behind Neal Horsley, a key player in the “Army of God,” an underground network of persons who believe that the use of violence is appropriate and acceptable as a means to end abortion.  Horsley hosts the Nuremberg Files Web site (www.christiangallery.com) where he posts the names and personal information of abortion providers as well as photos of persons entering abortion clinics.  The website has been called a “hit list” for abortion clinics and providers…Telephone records indicate that JORDI was in telephone contact with telephone number (770 214 0126) on September 21, 2003 twice and on October 2, 2003, six times.  A search on Lexis and Yahoo! by FBI revealed that this telephone number is associated with Neal Horsley.”
Examine the evidence that follows and you will see that portions of the FBI paragraph above were literally cut and pasted from a National Abortion Federation (NAF) document called “The Army of God and Justifiable Homicide: History of the Army of God.”   The NAF document is presently found on the Internet at the NAF website, http://www.prochoice.org/Violence/History/armyofgod.htm.
If you tried the previous link, you saw that the National Abortion Federation has removed the page that proves the bulk of the accusations made in this article. They can run but they can't hide. The "Wayback Machine" provides an archive of all the pages ever published on the Internet. This link takes you to the page the National Abortion Federation tried to hide. (You'll need to use your "back" button to return to this article.)
The first sentence of the National Abortion Federation document was quoted by the FBI.  It says, “The Army of God is an underground network of domestic terrorists who believe that the use of violence is appropriate and acceptable as a means to end abortion.”  The FBI quoted the NAF article almost exactly in its complaint against Stephen Jordi and in its attempt to link myself and Joshua Graff with Jordi and the “Army of God.”  FBI Agent Janet Waldren wrote, “Neal Horsley, a key player in the ‘Army of God,’ an underground network of persons who believe that the use of violence is appropriate and acceptable as a means to end abortion.”  The FBI agent substituted “persons” in the place of the National Abortion Federation’s “domestic terrorists” but otherwise the FBI simply restated the language used in the NAF document.
The FBI complaint also contained another direct quote from the NAF article.  Agent Waldron mentioned that I was the author of the Nuremberg Files website.  She wrote, “Horsley hosts the Nuremberg Files Web site (www.christiangallery.com) where he posts the names and personal information of abortion providers as well as photos of persons entering abortion clinics.  The website has been called a “hit list” for abortion clinics and providers…”
Now compare that to the NAF article,Horsley…hosts the Nuremberg Files website (www.christiangallery.com) where he posts the names and personal information of abortion providers as well as photos of people entering abortion clinics. The website has been called a ‘hit list.’
Such a parallel choice of wording defies coincidence.   It is an obvious cut and paste.  The FBI Officer in charge of the Jordi case, Janet Waldron, actually used the NAF document to compose portions of the complaint against Jordi.  In so doing, Janet Waldren and the FBI became an extension of the myth-making apparatus of the National Abortion Federation that has been used to perpetuate the myth of the Army of God. 
  The remainder of this article examines the significance of such a literally unholy alliance.  By examining what the FBI is doing with this NAF document in the Stephen Jordi case it becomes possible to see both how the abortion industry benefits from the Army of God myth and, at the same time, see that the FBI has now become an extension of the abortion industry’s myth making apparatus, apparently willing to use false information to stop all legal abortion abolition activities except for the impotent and self-serving “pro-life” activities repeatedly tried and failed over the last thirty years in the United States of America.


Until now there was no evidence that the FBI and other government agencies were actively participating in the expansion of the Army of God myth.  For the most part, the government agencies investigating abortion crimes simply did not comment on the existence of any organized network of people attacking the abortion industry.  Review the FBI’s handling of the entire search period around Eric Rudolph and you will see that they were scrupulously determined to avoid feeding any idea that Rudolph was connected to an “Army of God” even though the person or persons involved in the Birmingham and Atlanta bombings had sent out letters claiming to be from the “Army of God.”
The FBI’s refusal to connect Rudolph to any “network” forced the media and others who had a vested interest in using the Army of God myth to increase ad revenue to spin their tale of the Army of God without official government sanction or validation.  But with the prosecution of Stephen Jordi all that has changed.  The FBI has become a mouthpiece for the National Abortion Federation using NAF literature as their master narrative.
To see how bizarre things are likely to get, read further in the NAF document quoted by the FBI.  The NAF document concludes, “An excerpt from the Army of God Manual says that the Army of God ‘…is a real Army, and God is the General and Commander-in-Chief. The soldiers, however, do not usually communicate with one another. Very few have ever met each other. And when they do, each is usually unaware of the other's soldier status…’” 
Did you get that?  A close reading of the paragraph designed to show that the Army of God is a “real army” will demonstrate that they are actually saying there is no army at all. 
Look at it again.  The NAF article says that the Army of God is a “real Army” yet “they do not usually communicate with one another.  Very few have ever met each other.  And when they do, each is usually unaware of the other’s soldier status.”
What kind of Army is that?  The FBI apparently wants the American people to believe, like the NAF wants the American people to believe, that it is a “underground network.”  Remember what Agent Waldron said?  “Neal Horsley, a key player in the “Army of God,” an underground network of persons…”   Yet, according to the NAF document, it is a network where the people do not communicate with one another, have never met each other, and are unaware of each other’s soldier status.
For those who work with computer networks, a network like the one described above would technically be called a potential network, one that until the parts of the network started communicating with each other could not accurately be called a network at all.
But that is not what the FBI is saying in the Jordi complaint.  FBI Agent Waldron is stating as a matter of fact that the Court in South Florida can depend on that the “Army of God…[is]…an underground network of persons.”
Things begin to get deadly serious for abortion abolitionists when the FBI, working as the lap dog of the abortion industry, begins to create networks where none previously existed.
To get an idea of just how serious, listen to this recording of a phone message left by the man the FBI calls the CW in the complaint against Stephen Jordi.  Listen to the "friendly" caller and you will see how the Cooperating Witness, after Stephen Jordi was arrested, began to canvass all the people who had been exposed to him while he was putting together the government’s case against Stephen Jordi.  To see how dangerous this man is, think of this: All he has to do is find other people as frustrated and gullible as Jordi to talk to him and he begins to validate the existence of a network even though nobody he is now busy calling had ever heard of Stephen Jordi before he showed up at the Reverend Paul Hill’s sanitized civil lynching.
The best way this government network creation activity can be halted is for the myth of the Army of God to be exploded once and for all.


Take a look at the history of the Army of God and you will see that it is a myth, a convenient fiction.
The first public mention of the Army of God (AOG) is believed to be when Don Benny Anderson used the AOG name in 1982 when he and Matthew and Wayne Moore kidnapped an Illinois abortionist and his wife. (The couple was later released unharmed and the trio were apprehended and convicted.) Benny Anderson and the Moore brothers were also responsible for burning down some butchertoriums.
In 1984 several abortion clinics as well as the offices of the National Abortion Federation and the American Civil Liberties Union were bombed. The name Army of God was found written at one of the crime scenes. Michael Bray, Thomas Spinks and Kenneth Shields spent time in prison for those bombings.  Also in 1984, two young couples were arrested for bombing three Pensacola abortion butchertoriums but there was no mention of the Army of God in their case.
Since 1984 all evidence of coordinated group bombings or arsons or assassinations against abortion butchertoriums ceased.  In other words, after 1984, there is no evidence that any kind of organization existed that was involved in crimes against the abortion industry--and that includes the seven assassinations along with the myriad other crimes.
But in spite of that fact, the myth of the Army of God has been promoted in countless newspaper articles, television documentaries and magazine articles.  Because of this constant exposure most everyone in the USA can remember hearing about the Army of God.
Which leads to a question: If the Army of God is a myth, why would people keep acting like the myth was real?


To understand where the Army of God myth came from, it is necessary to understand the thinking of two opposite categories of people: those committing crimes against the abortion industry and the abortion industry itself.  Both groups had a vested interest in seeing the Army of God myth grow.


First look at the benefits people attacking the Abortion Industry might find in an Army of God myth.  Those people perceived the idea of the Army of God to have a deterrent effect on the abortion industry.  Since all the people committing crimes against the abortion industry were attempting to deter people from participating in legalized abortion, the idea that there was an Army out there moving against the abortion industry was seen by the individuals committing the crimes to be a way to add to the deterrent effect by terrorizing the abortion industry.
If you don’t believe this point, listen to the people who committed the crimes.
Clay Waagner, the person on trial for sending over 500 fake anthrax letters to abortion clinics talked at length about his motivations and tactics in his book, Fighting The Great American Holocaust.  Waagner said, “I purchased a translation of Sun Tzu’s timeless classic,  The Art of War...One of the most powerful precepts I learned from The Art of War was the concept of deception as a military tactic…Ultimately, everything I did against the abortion industry involved the Sun Tzu’s doctrine of deception.  The threats were orchestrated to induce fear.  The anthrax attacks were a deception to cause clinic closure and induce more fear.  The interview with Neal Horsley and threats to the list of 42 clinic workers I had targeted for death were all a part of a very carefully laid plan to cause abortion clinic workers to quit their jobs and prevent abortions from happening.”           
With these words in mind, it becomes possible to understand why Waagner, even though he made it clear he was operating totally alone, wrote the following misleading words about the Army of God in the letter than accompanied the fake anthrax: “We are a small cell of the Army of God known as the Virginia Dare cell…”
Waagner chose to use the myth of the Army of God as a terror tactic.  But the only connection Waagner had to other people involved in crimes against the abortion industry was to follow their lead in using the myth of the Army of God to terrorize the abortion industry.  He was simply following in the footsteps of other individuals who had used the Army of God myth to enhance their attempts to terrorize the abortion industry.


Army of God letter/fileI have personal experience with the Army of God myth that shines light on the subject.
I personally became involved in the Army of God myth in 1998 when I publicly responded to a letter shown in the photograph to the right that claimed to be from the Army of God.  It was sent out in the aftermath of the abortion clinic bombing in Birmingham, Al in January 1998.
At the time I had been running the Christian Gallery website for about three years.  Much of what I do today I was doing then with one exception: hardly anybody had ever heard of me.  When I wrote an article about the Army of God in response to the Birmingham bombing and published it on my website, all that changed.
My article said, “Fob James, governor of Alabama, in response to the recent Birmingham bombing, says he ‘cannot think of a more cowardly or reprehensible act’ than planting a bomb in an abortion clinic. Fob James spoke too soon. The only actual grounds for calling that bombing a "cowardly" act is the absence of clear notification about where the bomb came from. Consider this message to be your notification. The bomb came from the Army of God. And it was not a cowardly act; it was an act of war. The day the government of these presently united States of America declared war on God's children through legalizing abortion, on that day it became simply a matter of time before the Army of God would rise up to defend God's children. If all the previous evidence did not make it clear, the bomb in the Birmingham clinic should prove to all that the Army of God has entered this warfare. War is a horrible thing. To prove it look not only at the pictures of the bombed abortion clinic in Birmingham, look also at the pictures of the slaughtered innocent babies on our website at http://www.christiangallery.com/smdead.html The people in those pictures have been slaughtered because our government, in the name of we the people, has declared war against them.  Look closely at the pictures of the tortured dead babies. You will see there what motivates thousands of individuals in the USA today to think about blowing up abortion clinics and worse. Look closely and you will see why many people in this nation think waging war to stop the war against God's children is a reasonable action. FDR said you sometimes have to wage war to stop war. The Army of God is committed to stopping the horrible warfare presently being waged against God's children in these presently united States of America.  Do not expect this war to end until legalized abortion is repealed. The Army of God is an evanescent, amorphous, autonomous and spontaneous eruption of individuals who are responding to precisely the dynamic I describe in the introduction of my book posted on the Internet at http://www.christiangallery.com/book.html  People enraged by the war being waged in this nation against God's children will continue to engage in terrorist actions. Because the government of the USA has become a godless and apostate body, the people who rise up in arms against such idolatry deserve the name "The Army of God." So call them that.  The Army of God not only will not be stopped until legalized abortion is repealed, but the Army of God will continue to grow in direct proportion to the energy this society exerts in trying to stop the growth of the Army of God.  It is a vicious cycle you are going to see develop: society (pagans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, et al) will scream and rant about the terrorists bombing abortion clinics, society will thrash about trying to increase the legal protection for those who butcher babies, and the harder society works, the more individuals you will see rise up to do the work of the Army of God.  May God give us the grace to arrest legalized abortion before this war destroys us all.
Neal Horsley, The Creator's Rights Party”

A few days later I had my first visit with the FBI.
After talking with them for a few minutes it became clear that they really had not paid attention to what I had said in the article.  They thought I was saying that the Army of God was, well, an army.  I had to take their copy of the article from them and literally point out the sentence where I defined the Army of God that I was talking about in the article.  I had said, “The Army of God is an evanescent, amorphous, autonomous and spontaneous eruption of individuals…”
I said it out loud for them: “spontaneous eruption of individuals…”  I spelled it out for them: “That means I am saying there is no organization behind the letters or the crimes the FBI is investigating.  Evanescent, amorphous, autonomous, spontaneous individuals are responding to the same indignation and rage created by the knowledge that little babies are being legally butchered in the USA.  That’s it: Individuals, no army.”
It took awhile for it to sink in but those particular FBI finally agents got it.  They realized I was saying that the Army of God—as an organization of people--was a myth.
Soon after my first interview with the FBI, I became a character in a documentary made for HBO entitled, Soldiers In The Army of God.  The documentary contains a sequence where I state specifically that the thing the HBO documentary was calling an “Army” was simply an eruption of individuals without any organizational connections whatsoever.
But by the time the documentary had run about half a dozen times on HBO, I knew nobody was really hearing me when I said there was no organization.  Too many people were becoming wedded to the myth of the Army of God.  And it was becoming apparent that the abortion industry itself was becoming the most active myth maker of all.


To understand why the abortion industry cultivates the Army of God myth, we must examine the foundational characteristic of the abortion industry.  It exists only by the fiat of the federal government of the USA and the tolerance of the American people.  This exposes a potentially fatal flaw in the abortion industry.  Only a very small percentage of American citizens uses the “services” of the abortion industry during any given year, but the industry requires that a vast majority tolerate the industry or the political will behind the government fiat will disappear.  That means the majority in the general public must be constantly massaged to at least tolerate the abortion industry. 
That’s where the myth of the Army of God comes to the assistance of the abortion industry.  The abortion industry has found that the myth of the Army of God is a great benefit in mobilizing the kind of grass roots financial and political support required to maintain the government fiat upon which its existence depends.  For nearly a decade the abortion industry has fed its minions in the mass media hundreds of stories that talked about the “shadowy” “underground” Army of God.   Every person in the USA over the age of six has been led to believe there is an “underground network” of people conspiring to kill abortionists and blow up abortion clinics.  And with every story the coffers of the abortion industry have been fed.  For that reason we can expect the abortion industry to continue to do everything in its power to expand the Army of God myth.  The more the abortion industry can convince the American public that an underground network of domestic terrorists lurks to assassinate abortionists and blow up abortion clinics, the more the gullible American majority can be expected to feather the abortion industry’s vile and blood-reeking nest.
As long as it was only the mass media that was cooperating with the abortion industry in expanding the Army of God myth, there was no imminent danger to abortion abolitionists.  But when the abortion industry was able to place their moles like Janet Waldron in the FBI and the FBI began to trumpet the abortion industry's myth about the Army of God, self-defense requires the Army of God myth must be exploded.
Read what follows and you will see in detail what the FBI can do with the Army of God myth that was never available to the mass media or the other tools available to the abortion industry.


In his first phone call to me, Stephen Jordi indicated to me that someone (Who else could it be other than the person the FBI complaint called the CW, Cooperating Witness?) was encouraging him to get in touch with me.  While the complaint does not state it, it is obvious that the FBI wanted to encourage Stephen Jordi to call me and to call Joshau Graff and others.
If you understand the necessity of proving that real communication exists between “conspirators” before a criminal network can be proven to exist, you will understand why the FBI tried to use Stephen Jordi to get abortion abolitionists like myself to talk to him about illegal activities.  Since the Army of God was nothing more than a myth—in other words, in the absence of any real network of people communicating about committing illegal actions against the abortion industry--the FBI invested enormous resources trying to create such a network.
All you have to do is read between the lines in the FBI complaint against Jordi and you can see that early on, the FBI realized that Jordi was more valuable as a tool to entrap people like myself and other abortion abolitionists than he was a threat to actually take dangerous action against the abortion industry.  That is why the FBI was willing to supply him with a handgun and other items that could be used to make bombs and incendiary devices: they wanted to persuade Jordi that he could trust them so Jordi would work for them to put together a network of “conspirators.”
The most revealing fact about Stephen Jordi is that he had taken no illegal actions against abortion clinics or the abortion industry prior to the time the FBI agent began to entrap him by approaching him at his local Baptist church in August of 2002.  While Jordi might have thought about illegal actions and talked about taking them prior to that time, it was only after the FBI planted one of its paid employees with him that Jordi began to move forward in attacking the abortion industry.  And from that time forward, the FBI did everything in its power to use Stephen Jordi to create a network of illegal conspirators where none existed before, even going so far as to pay for him to attend the execution of Reverend Paul Hill to expand the “network.”

Obviously the government was willing to go to almost any length to use Steve Jordi to create an "underground network." Here you can see Jordi in action. The Paid Informant used to entrap Jordi was reported to be named "Stewart." The picture above shows Steve Jordi at the execution of Reverend Paul Hilll talking to a very suspicious looking individual. (Notice how the man Jordi is talking to has groomed himself to look like Jordi so that when Jordi speaks to him it's like looking into a mirror). A man named Stewart Welch who lives on a houseboat in Miami like the one Stephen Jordi was arrested on, called my number and left a message. When I tried to call him back, this is what I got.
 At this point it should begin to be clear why the Army of God myth must be exploded.  The FBI has become actively committed to making the National Abortion Federation’s Army of God boogey man come to life and they have all the resources of cunning and money and deception available to the federal government of the USA at their disposal.  Anyone can see how dangerous the Army of God myth can be when it is used as an weapon by an FBI that has become the lapdog of the National Abortion Federation.
Unless we’re wise, the abortion industry will use the Army of God myth to destroy the ability of any true abortion abolitionists to even say hello to each other without being potentially liable to arrest for participating in this “underground network” called the Army of God.

The FBI’s tactic of misinformation can be accurately labeled as “guilt by association with a double whammy.”
The “double whammy” part of the FBI’s tactic can be seen when the FBI goes out of its way to not only associate me with Stephen JORDI but also associate me with the Army of God.
While it is obvious how being associated with Stephen JORDI might lead to criminal liability since it appears he was taped telling every thought that ever crossed his mind to the FBI, it might not be so obvious how being associated with the Army of God can be even more dangerous than being associated with Stephen JORDI.
Focus on what the government is already doing to Islamic monotheists in the USA and you will see how any person accused of being associated with a “terrorist” organization can be in grave danger.
For example it was reported on February 23, 2003, that a group of Muslims was arrested in South Florida, the place where JORDI was arrested.  It is likely the group was arrested by the same Anti-Terrorism Task Force that arrested JORDI.  The news report stated, “Each defendant faces up to life in prison if convicted…    The indictment charges the men with operating a criminal racketeering enterprise and with conspiracy to kill and maim people abroad, conspiracy to provide material support to the group, extortion and other charges… According to the indictment, the men used the University of South Florida -- where they attended or worked -- as a cover to set up the North American base for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which was declared a "foreign terrorist organization" in 1997 by the State Department. They created several front corporations and religious groups to help promote the PIJ and to raise funds for the organization, the indictment said...He indicated the probe was aided by the new Patriot Act that allows increased communication between the FBI and intelligence agencies.”
Notice that the people arrested were not charged with having done anything but talk to other people (conspiracy) and to “promote” and “raise funds.”
In other words, they did nothing other than associate with a “terrorist organization.”  They were charged with crimes because they were accused of helping that “terrorist organization.”  Without their ties to the “terrorist organization” the men arrested could not have been charged with a crime.
Hopefully, you will see the correlation between what the government is already doing with Muslim monotheists in the USA and what the government appears to be trying to do with the Army of God.  Under the dear Christian President George W. Bush’s Patriot Act, it is literally one step from the Army of God being a subject in an FBI complaint to its being labeled a terrorist organization and everybody who can be associated with it being seen to be guilty of a whole range of “conspiracy” crimes.


Obviously the FBI taking that “one step” is a very personal subject to me because if you will read the paragraph I cited in the FBI complaint again, you will see that I am being singled out as a “key player” in the Army of God, “an underground network of persons who believe that the use of violence is appropriate and acceptable as a means to end abortion.” 
There is one main problem with what the FBI is doing:  I have done everything in my power to say at every opportunity I have been given that I do not belong to an organization called the Army of God.  In fact I am on record in television programs and documentary films and magazine articles and newspaper articles stating as clearly as I know how that there is not now nor has there ever been any organization in the United States of America that could accurately be called the Army of God.  Let me repeat: I have told anyone who would listen that the Army of God is now, and as far as I know has always been, nothing more than an idea with no organizational reality whatsoever.
But the FBI is now on record as defining the Army of God as an “an underground network of persons…”
Once the government commits itself publicly to a false view of reality, where does it stop?
If I can be railroaded into being seen to be a member of the fictitious Army of God when I have never failed to try to squash that lie, what about all those people out there who lack the communication resources I have been given?
The future is clear: If things progress as they seem to be going, you might well have the opportunity to see how the federal government can manufacture an organization where one does not exist and then arrest and incarcerate for the rest of their lives people who do everything in their power to prove they never belonged to such a fictitious organization.


In order to explode the Army of God myth and to controvert the FBI’s apparent takeover by the abortion industry, a couple of undeniable facts about organizations must be clearly seen.
1.  A real organization must exist outside the imagination of some individual.  That is the main difference between an idea and a real organization.  An idea can exist in the mind of the person thinking about the idea and be found nowhere else in reality; but a real organization must always exist as more than an idea.
2.    A real organization must consist of more than one person.  When the US Army decided to take as its slogan, “An Army of One,” it did a huge disservice to the English language.  An army of one is, by definition, no army at all--except of course in the mind of the individual who thinks they are an army.  And I guess that is the point of the US Army slogan: build up the self-image of the individual into believing that even though they are alone, they are still an army.  The main problem with such verbal shenanigans is they lead to real confusion.  An army, like an organization, has historically been something that could not exist unless more than one person was working together.


As Stephen Jordi proves there are people out there who cannot tolerate the horror of legalized abortion.  We do them a disservice when we allow them to operate under the illusion that there is any kind of organization whatsoever supporting illegal actions taken against the abortion industry.  If such people cannot restrain the rage engendered by the horror they perceive, they must understand that they will walk alone (unless of course the FBI sends them companions).
I have been trying to explode the Army of God myth for many years.   This article is simply another example proving that I do not pass up an opportunity to tell anyone who will listen that as far as I can tell there is not now, and probably never has been, an organization that could be reasonably be called The Army of God in the USA.
I should know if there was such an organization.  I personally know most of the bombers and the arsonists and the assassins who have risen up to strike the abortion industry over the last two decades and there is not even a hint of organization in the entire surviving crew.  There is only an “evanescent, amorphous, autonomous and spontaneous” group of individuals, all of whom hate legalized abortion like they hate Satan himself.
Who am I talking about?  I’m talking about the Reverend Paul Hill, Jim Kopp, Mike Bray, Joshua Graff, John Brockoeft, Clay Waagner, Shelly Shannon, Brenda Phillips, the list goes on and on to include every person who has been arrested for an abortion related crime since 1984.  Look at that list and you will see a list of individuals, most of whom acted alone in response to their inability to stand in the face of legalized abortion without autonomously and spontaneously picking up something and trying to hurt it bad.
And there is not a scintilla of evidence to the contrary.  That is, until the FBI started using Stephen Jordi to create a network.


If you will look closely at Stephen Jordi, you will see that he is exactly like all those who have gone before him: a lone individual being driven toward using force against the abortion industry because he was haunted by the specter of tiny infants torn limb from limb like victims of some horrible explosion in a vast ward for premature babies.
Stephen Jordi is a text book case study in how an individual can become connected to the Army of God myth yet have no connection to other abortion “criminals.”  The FBI complaint offers evidence that proves that the only organization Stephen Jordi was connected to was the FBI itself.  And even with the FBI doing everything it could do to help Jordi find others to enter into the “army,” the only person Jordi ended up working with was the FBI agent taping everything that was happening like some kind of true crime documentary.
As I mentioned earlier in this article, I know some things first hand about Jordi because I was one of the people Jordi contacted while the FBI was coaxing him to find additional accessories in the crimes Jordi was being persuaded by the FBI to commit.
The FBI complaint says that Jordi called me eight times but the fact is I only remember ever speaking to him two times and the second time was about nothing other than whether I had sent him “The Abortion Abolitionist” magazine that I publish and which he had subscribed to.  In other words, there was nothing of consequence in that second telephone conversation.
It was the first call I received from Stephen Jordi that made me suspect we would eventually be reading about Jordi in the newspaper.  The first call started with him telling me he had met me in Florida at Reverend Paul Hill’s execution.  I told him I did not remember him.  But when he told me who else he had met there I realized he was probably telling the truth about being at the execution.  He went on to ask me where he could obtain a copy of Paul Hill’s book.  I told him I did not know where.  Then he asked me a question that put me on my guard: he asked me if I knew where he could get a copy of the Army of God Manual.  I told him I didn’t know.  Then he asked me if I knew anybody in South Florida who was a member of the Army of God that I could introduce him to.  By then, I realized that whether he was a cop or not, he needed to hear what I had been telling people for years.  So I told him that there is no Army of God and to even talk about such things in our present War on Terrorism would be an invitation to get arrested.  I told him that everybody should know that my telephone was tapped and besides I knew nothing about such things.   I attempted to conclude the conversation by saying, “If anybody approaches you who wants to talk about doing anything illegal, you need to be very careful because there is a really good chance you are talking to a cop.”
I remember Stephen Jordi pausing and then saying in a very sad and resigned voice, “Well, it might already be too late.”
And of course it was.  By the time Stephen Jordi called me the FBI was taping his every word and deed.
The complaint does not say it but I bet that Stephen Jordi called me at the request of his FBI handler, the “Cooperating Witness” mentioned in the FBI complaint.  I suspect this because evidence exists that this same “Cooperating Witness” is even today continuing to insinuate himself into the confidence of abortion abolitionists in the USA.
The point is clear: the FBI was doing everything in its power to create the appearance of a network, of an organization, by getting Stephen Jordi and I to enter into some kind, any kind, of activity together.  If I had taken the bait and done anything with Stephen Jordi other than agree to let him subscribe to The Abortion Abolitionist magazine that I publish, not only would Stephen Jordi be in jail now but I would be too.
The FBI wanted to find an organization because their ability to utilize all the new laws passed since the War on Terrorism began is greatly enhanced when an organization can be seen to be the target of law enforcement investigations.  It is the suspicion of an organization working together to accomplish illegal goals that triggers all the draconian powers of the new Patriot Act.  Merely the hint that a criminal organization exists puts powers in the hands of the federal government of the USA that would make the Gestapo or the KGB shout with joy.

This Is my ResistanceRadio.net Interview With Steve Jordi the day after this article was published.


I know that after reading all this, it is likely that people will think I am opposed to the Army of God.  That is simply not true.  I have no problem at all with the idea of the Army of God.  I think it’s a great idea, one that I subscribe to whole-heartedly.  In fact I have been doing everything in my power for about twenty years to lay the foundation upon which a real Army of God could operate in the United States of America.
Let me explain: There was a sense in which it was always out of order to put any energy into the formation of an Army of God before we made sure that the Government of God was in place in the USA.  From a Biblical point of view, the Army of God is only authorized as an instrument of power designed to defend and enforce the laws created by the Government of God.  To have an Army of God when there is no Government of God would be a contradiction in terms and would be a case of getting the cart before the horse.
Any one who looks around them today can see that there has been a revolution in the USA that destroyed the Government of God that was originally established by the founders of the USA.  Since the Government of God has obviously been destroyed in the USA, its restoration would be a first requirement before an Army of God could become a realistic possibility.
So how do we restore the Government of God?  It was this question that twenty years ago moved me to begin seriously thinking about The Creator’s Rights Party.  It was obvious to me that such a political party could actually reestablish the Government of God in the United States of America.  And once the Government of God was restored, there would be a basis for the restoration of the Army of God.  Until The Creator’s Rights Party or some other political instrument designed to accomplish exactly the same objectives was successful in establishing the government of God it would be premature as well as confusing to try to implement the Army of God.  That is why I never failed to try to debunk the Army of God myth every time I encountered it and…
That is also why The Creator’s Rights Party exists today.



A political party by definition is a vehicle designed to utilize the electoral process to seize control of the reins of power of a government.  Such an activity is presently legal in the United States of America.  Since the great majority of citizens in this nation have invested their entire lives in tolerating legalized abortion, it is more than likely that The Creator’s Rights Party will eventually be decreed to be illegal.  But until then we have access to the full range of political activities available to any political party.
We have a season in which abortion abolitionists can still avail themselves of the political vehicle created by the founders of this nation.  But we must begin to move immediately.  The recent actions of the FBI prove the American people are determined to destroy all real abortion abolition activities so that only the impotent and self-serving activities of the “pro-life movement” salve the conscience of government church Christians during the next thirty years as Satan’s ravenous appetite continues to be slacked by the bodies of the least of God’s children.
With a commitment to The Creator’s Rights Party the horse will be returned to its necessary place in front of the cart and we might just see God give the horse the grace to actually get that cart to moving so that The Creator’s Rights can once again be seen to be the foundation upon which all the authority and power of the government of the United States of America stands.

UPDATE as of 2010
Everything else has been tried and failed.  There is no other viable solution to the holocaust at hand. 
If you want to help God restore His Government in the USA, you need to read this article next: http://www.aogusa.org.  If you read it, you will not only see the strategy that can abolish legalized abortion in our lifetime, you will also understand why the existing government of the USA wants to see me locked away so nobody can hear how we are working to turn the New Army of God from a myth to a reality.

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