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Neal Horsley



(Christian Gallery News Service, October 9, 2002)  In light of the string of assassinations occurring in the vicinity of Washington, D.C., a new and very popular computer action game offers eerie insight into the time we are living in.  The game is being sold for the PC, Xbox and Playstation 2 platforms and is called “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.” 


The hero of the game is a man named 47.  He is a “genetically engineered contract killer.”


A review on gamespot.com, the online voice of the Internet gamer, described the game this way: “There's no mistaking what Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is all about. One look at the bald, sharply dressed man on the cover, grim as death and armed with a hardballer pistol in each hand, and you can tell that this isn't exactly lighthearted stuff.”



The Game Described


If you want to understand why people should know about this game, examine the details of the game as the reviewer continues his description.


“The game comprises more than 20 missions in all, which you'll play through one after the other. Though the settings and the details of each mission are different, most all of them share some basic themes: getting in, eliminating a key target, and getting out. How you meet your objective is up to you, whether by guile and stealth or by brute force, and most missions are cleverly designed to have at least several viable, even intuitive solutions. If you're really good, you can make it through most missions leaving only a single corpse behind--the only one that matters--and you can make it through having never even drawn a firearm. If that's too subtle for you, you can opt to try to mow down anyone who stands between you and your victim. But you'll need to be careful, because your primary target might flee the scene amid whatever turmoil you cause,” the reviewer explained.


(As I read about this particular game, I remember the hysteria my Web site, the Nuremberg Files, generated three years ago across the USA, hysteria fed by Planned Parenthood and the national news media.  The total silence in the news media about this new assassin training tool speaks volumes about what stories the American people are led and fed to think about.  In light of my experiences, the present silence of the media seems bizarre at best.  Noticing I said “silence of the media” triggered a stream of consciousness reminding me of the multi-faceted meaning of the silence of the lambs.  And so it goes. )


The reviewer then described the difference between Hitman 2 and Hitman 1, “Actually, one of the big differences between Hitman 2 and its predecessor is that, for various reasons, a forceful approach is much more viable in the sequel. At the normal difficulty setting, it's in fact much easier, and much faster, to just blast your way through most missions, partly because your enemies just aren't that smart in a shootout, though they can overwhelm you in numbers. Nevertheless, the game still encourages you to be stealthy, and you'll have to be at the game's two higher difficulty settings. Regardless of how you play, the fact that you can just start shooting if you blow your cover will lead to many thrilling, unscripted gunfights against large groups of foes that look realistic and often act realistically too. A frontal assault can be effective if you catch your foes by surprise.


He continued, “…you have access to the sorts of moves and weaponry that you'd perhaps expect from a character of his nature. You'll get to see 47 ply his deadly trade from a default third-person perspective, though the developers added an optional first-person view as well. That's a nice touch, but still, it's hard to pass up the third-person option, since it gives you a clear look at all of 47's lifelike animations and gives you some good peripheral vision too. While 47 has no hand-to-hand combat moves, he can take out foes at close range by slashing their throats in one quick motion, strangling them with his trusty fiber wire, or knocking them out with chloroform--an uncharacteristically humane addition to 47's arsenal. Melee weapons ranging from a golf club to a katana are also available, as well as a massive variety of real-world firearms. All manner of pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles can be found and used, and as you scavenge new weapons from your missions, you'll find them lovingly displayed as new additions to your collection back at your inconspicuous base out of Sicily. While you can then select which weapons to bring with you on a new assignment, you can't just lug everything around. In particular, you can only carry a single rifle at a time, and these bulky weapons can't be concealed. “


The review goes on to describe in intimate detail the process through which the game player will be trained to become a “Hitman 2: Silent Assassin.”  It is no exaggeration to suggest that Hitman 2 probably should be read Hitman, too.  The game is literally a carbon copy of the computer generated tools being used to train the assassins and other sharp shooters in the armed forces of the USA.


The moral of this story?  Romans 1:18-32 describes what happens when people refuse to honor God but instead substitute false gods and worship them in His place.   If you want to understand the moral of this story, open your Bible to Romans 1 and read again what happens when God gives people over to face the consequences of their idolatry.


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