Dan Holman Attacked At Abortion Clinic


For Sixth Time In A Year


Neal Horsley

(Christian Gallery News Service, December 5, 2002)  Dan Holman has been attacked six times at abortion clinics in the last year, but if you read the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper coverage about the latest attack on December 3, 2002, you could easily think Dan Holman was the attacker rather than the one with a nose broken in two places.  That's because, after perfunctorily  mentioning Dan Holman in the article, the bulk of the article consisted of an interview with Karen Kubby, executive director for the Emma Goldman Abortion Clinic. 

Needless to say, Ms. Kubby was not sympathetic to Mr. Holman's broken nose.  In fact, her words clearly imply that he was the aggressor even though all he had done was declare in public what the Holy Bible says about people involved in the activities going on in Ms. Kubby's "clinic."

If you want to know what actually happened, listen to Dan Holman's interview for Resistance Radio.  It is very revealing.

What happened to Dan Holman is an example of a growing pattern around abortion clinics across the USA.  All across the country street preachers are being attacked for doing exactly what the Lord Jesus Christ commands His people to do.  Resistance Radio.net is doing a series of interviews with Street Preachers all across the country documenting that pattern of attacks. And all across the country, instead of the police and citizens rushing to their defense, the American people--Christians among them--are shrugging and acting as if street preachers like Dan Holman are getting what they deserve.

Isn't it time that God's people started finding ways to stand with people like Dan Holman? He'll be back in Iowa City next week at the butchertorium. He drives 100 miles one way to get there. If you're in driving distance, won't you ask God whether He would have you join Dan and Donna Holman as they stand and bear witness to the Lord Jesus Christ at the place where people go to butcher God's children? 

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