The Jesus That Paul Knew

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Part One

(1) Why the world is going to hell

(2) Making Jesus come alive

(3) My brush with hell

(4) The anomaly of the Cross

(5) Eloi, Eloi, Lamasabachthani

Part Two

(6) Arriving at a model of God

(7) Understanding Paul's model of God

(8) GOD against god

(9) Paul's self-image

(10) Replacing the Pharisee's model/God

(11) Righteousness through Union w/Christ

(12)Either physical union or spiritual union, not mystic

(13)How the error occurred

(14)Why the error must be corrected

(15)Material fact and faith fact

(16)Spirit as material fact

(17)The battle at hand

(18)Love: the stop sign on road to hell

(19)Hell and death

(20)Deciding whom God intends to save

(21)Judgement Day


How I was driven to write this book

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