Ken Scott Begins First of Three Jail Terms

Ken Scott made the CBS Evening News holding Malachi's picture in the face of app. 8 million people on August 22, 2002.  Two months later he is sentenced to a series of stints in the Arapoho County Jail in Colorado. 




Public Truth Telling Disturbs the Peace

(Christian Gallery News Service, Dec 9, 2002)

Ken Scott has been in Arapoho County Jail since November 15th for disturbing the peace in front of Abortionist O'laughlin's house. 

Interestingly the video footage that you will see if you click this link is the actual surveillance video made by the Sheriff's Department on the day Ken was arrested for disturbing the peace.  The clip you will see is a segment where Ken explains to the police videotaping him exactly what they have in store for them if they refuse to repent of aiding and abetting the slaughter of God's children.  Prior to the segment you see here, the police recorded Ken reading Psalm 94 and preaching to the abortionist's family, telling them about Jesus Christ's attitude toward their practice of making a living by butchering His children.

Ken is presently in jail for 3 months and when he gets out, he'll go back in at some point for another 3 months on another disturbance charge. 

Ken's jail address is:
Kenneth T. Scott
I.D. 215737
PO Box 4918
Centennial, Co.  80155

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