Malachi At Work
Actual Picture Broadcast by CBS Evening News

Among abortion abolitionists in the USA, Malachi is one of the best known images. The aborted baby showed himself capable of stopping expectant mothers in their tracks. He also proved himself to be a life saver when, over and over again, in hundreds of places across the USA, Malachi moved mothers contemplating abortion to change their mind.

When Dan Rather's CBS Evening News broadcast Malachi's picture to, according to Nielsen ratings, over 8,000,000 people on Thursday evening, August 22, 2002, the most watched prime time family national news program in the USA set a precedent that will make it virtually impossible to ever again prosecute anyone for showing graphic pictures of aborted fetuses anywhere and anytime in the United States of America. The picture was broadcast as a part of a news story about, one of the publications of the Christian Gallery News Service, the Internet Web site where you are presently located.

In the past, more than a few people have been harassed, beaten, and even arrested for showing Malachi to the American people. People and the police will no longer be able to get away with that.


Not a peep was heard in protest about CBS broadcasting Malachi's picture at the time millions of Americans were sitting down to have their evening meal. There was no public outcry about the horrible harm done to our nations children who were forced to see the torn and mutilated body of Malachi. No shrill voices piped up on call in radio programs talking about the hateful actions of people who would pretend those pictures showed actual aborted fetuses.

From now and forever more, should anyone be hailed into court for showing Malachi's picture (or any like him) in public, there will be the CBS News Program and there will be the deafening silence of the American response to prove that the images of dead and mutilated fetuses are not such a threat to the public peace and public decorum after all!

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