Paul Hill Memorial Tour
September 1-3, 2004

Dan Holman

 (Christian Gallery News Service, September 7, 2004)  14 people from 9 states traveled to Florida to form the 1st Paul Hill Memorial Tour. The purpose of the tour was to defend the actions of Paul Hill, declare the humanity of the pre-born, and proclaim God’s judgment on Florida for mingling the blood of God’s prophet with the blood of innocent children.

Paul Hill was the first American to be martyred for defending innocent pre-born children from abortion. He was executed in Stark, Florida, by order of Governor Jeb Bush, September 3, 2003. 

The Tour began at the State Capital in Tallahassee. The group held signs and 6’ photos of aborted children at the busy tee intersection. We took turns preaching through megaphones. The people of Florida were recovering from Hurricane Charlie which hit the Florida coast 2 weeks previously. Hurricane Francis was nearing. God had softened up the beach head for our message. The group went to a local high school and spoke with students leaving school. The students were mostly receptive to our message.

On September 2, the group went to Florida State University. Many fine preachers were in the group. Chuck Spingola is great at drawing and holding a crowd.

Our message was unique. By declaring the justification of the use of force to protect pre-born children we open the door for the whole counsel of God. We address the death penalty, birth control, sodomy, fornication, the sovereignty of God, and of course, the righteous judgment of God.

Students for Kerry and Edwards had tables near by. They “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” by putting Kerry signs in the preachers face. Sodomites came out with pro-choice signs.

Their teachers had done a good job of indoctrinating them to the tenets of Humanism. The students reminded me of the Hitler Youth

 I am continually amazed at the rapid degeneration of morals among students as females expose themselves like whores and males act effeminate. They are devoid of natural affection. Faced with the gruesome pictures of aborted children, they speak favorably about the rights of women to kill their children. Many of the contentious women have had abortions. We witnessed no repentance at FSU. Hurricane Francis was looming near. The Christians on campus seemed beaten down. We did not get the usual “You're making us look bad.” complaint. Like Nicodemus at night, they secreted their appreciation to us for standing for Christ, and the Bible. We preached God’s judgment during the largest mass evacuation in Florida’s history; 2.8 million people were leaving south Florida, 86,000 were seeking public shelter. The major highways were a parking lot. The students were warned that God is the Weatherman. He brings judgment upon a wicked people. There is nothing so wicked as the murder of innocent children. Their blood is screaming from the ground for vengeance.

 On September 3, 2004, the 1st anniversary of Paul Hill’s death, the storm hit the Florida coast. The skies were mostly clear in Pensacola as we gathered at the Woman’s Health Clinic in Pensacola where Paul Hill gunned down the assassins. The killing center was closed for the day.

 There was a heavy police presence at the clinic. We were not hindered as we preached though a megaphone.

Death-scorts from the same Unitarian church security guard James Barrett and his wife attended, video taped our preaching. Barrett was killed along with abortionist Britton. Barrett’s wife was wounded, but unrepentant. Some of the local pro-lifers came out to stand with us. Many of them deserted Paul in his time of need. Our accolades of Paul Hill shamed many of them. Many fine words were spoken by those who knew him. Betsy McDonald had written a song which touched our hearts. She was one of two women who accompanied us on the tour. Rev. Don Spitz, Paul Hill’s close friend and spiritual advisor, spoke of Paul Hill’s courage and sacrifice. Spitz has Paul Hill’s book posted on his website:

 The clinic is a mile from the courthouse where Paul Hill was tried. Judge Frank Bell did not allow Paul Hill to use the only defense that he had. He would not allow him to argue that the pre-born are entitled to the same Rights, privileges and protection as post born children. Bell would not allow the Justification of the Use of Force argument. Paul Hill was his own attorney. He identified with the pre-born children in every way. Defenseless, he sat mute during his entire trial.

We preached sin, righteousness, and judgment as Hurricane Francis punished south Florida. Our preaching echoed off the downtown buildings. Police stood off as people complained about our presence. At 4:00 p.m. we left Florida to God’s judgment.

We are encouraged to speak out individually for the justification for the use of force to end abortion. Most pro-life professors are coward into silence or worse. Like St. Peter who denied Christ, they deny the humanity of the pre-born when they deny the justification of the use of force to protect them. We were encouraged by each other to boldly proclaim Paul Hill’s final words: “May God help you to protect the unborn as you would want to be protected.”

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