Quislings for Christ


Neal Horsley

Whoa!  Wait a minute!  Isn’t faggot a totally unacceptable word with no place in the mouth or mind of a Christian?  Wouldn’t a person who uses that word in public prove they have no claim to be a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ?

If you believe that, it proves without a doubt that the “Christians” you listen to are charter members of the Quislings For Christ.

As a matter of fact, the attempt to remove the word faggot from the English language proves the Quislings For Christ are literally well on their way to becoming faggots themselves.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s how you can see the truth of the matter for yourself.

Look the word faggot, or fagot as it is sometimes spelled, up in any dictionary that has been around for at least ten years.  You will find that “faggot” has long been one of the most descriptive and metaphorically rich words in the English language.  As you seek out thicker dictionaries, ones that actually define the etymology, the pedigree, of the word faggot, you will drill down into the dictionary meaning of a word that might be one of the more important words in the English language.

Why?  At its core, the word faggot has from at least the 14th century AD been the English word that described those people who were destined by God to burn in the fires of hell.

It got this meaning because the first meaning of the word faggot was, according to the heaviest compendium of English words around, the Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary, “a bundle of sticks, twigs or small branches used for fuel…”

Note the burning in the fire imagery associated with the word faggot.  Drawing the metaphor that grows logically from this core meaning, it should come as no surprise that the fifth meaning assigned by Webster’s New Universal Unabridged to the word faggot, a meaning attached to the word during the Protestant Reformation, is, “Faggot:…the punishment of burning at the stake, as for heresy…”  Which leads logically then to the sixth meaning which is, “a badge representing a fagot, worn on the sleeve in the Middle Ages by those who had recanted heresy, to show the punishment they had so narrowly escaped.”

The punishment they had so narrowly escaped.

For those of us in the 21st century it is easy to read the fifth and sixth definition noted by Webster and think that “the punishment” the people of the Middle Ages would have thought the fagot (that’s the one with the badge on his/her sleeve) had escaped was the aforementioned “burning at the stake.”  That common assumption just goes to show how far most of us have come from actually believing that for unrepentant sinners on the other side of this life awaits an eternity suffering the torments of a hell where the fire never ceases. 

If you think about it, and you actually believe in hell, then, if somebody must be executed, burning at the stake makes a lot more sense than lethal injection as a means of alerting the general public to the reality that awaits those who refuse to repent.

It is a shocking exposé of our time to realize how shocked most people are when they realize that there actually was a time in western civilization when a repentant faggot didn’t mind wearing the badge of the faggot because they could smell the stench of their own eternally burning flesh that they had so narrowly escaped.

Now the Quislings For Christ, along with all the various varieties of faggots in this nation today, want us all to scratch the word faggot out of the dictionary, as if that will somehow remove the very stench of hell-firing growing in the nostrils of the citizens of the United States of America, growing in the nostrils of we the people of the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Why does the Quisling For Christ want us to forget about the meaning of faggot?


At heart a Quisling For Christ is a coward.  A Quisling For Christ is one who claims to be a Christian but out of fear for their place in their society and in their family and in their workplace refuses to allow the Holy Spirit of God to show them what the Bible teaches about the hell awaiting unrepentant sinners.  Such a “Christian” makes it their first priority to show “luv” to their fellow man, even to those who make a living butchering God’s children and to those whose primary goal in life is to destroy young people’s ability to believe in the God revealed in Holy Scripture.  Such Quislings For Christ have a never ending list of Bible verses they spout endlessly to themselves and to every one who will listen, each verse driving themselves farther from the truth of God’s word and closer to the millstone that the Lord Jesus Christ assigned to those who lead young, unlearned people away from the strait and narrow path that leads to a right relationship with the God within whom all things live and move and have their being.


You can tell a Quisling For Christ most easily by looking at the things they have decided to tolerate as their “service” to the jesus they claim to follow.

What Quislings for Christ

Have Learned to Live With

In the Name of God

·         Government allows mothers to have their children killed prior to birth effectively overruling God’s commandment against murder.

·         Government contradicts Bible and says Homosexual behavior is legal, moves to make homosexual marriage equivalent to Holy Matrimony effectively confusing the great mystery, namely Christ and the church.

·         Government removes right to pray to God from public schools effectively contradicting the command of God to have no other gods before Him.

·         Government removes right for juries to refer to Bible in reaching their decisions

·         Government removes quotations from Holy Scripture from Grand Canyon and other property owned by we the people.

·         Government removes right of local citizens to display religious symbols on property owned by we the people.

·         Government requires that teachers omit teaching about how God created the universe

·         Government requires the military forces to accept homosexuals in the military

·         Government requires public schools to accept homosexuals as teachers

·         Government proscribes the right to keep and bear arms

·         Government requires all citizens to pay taxes that are used to kill unborn children

·         Government requires all citizens to pay taxes that are used to empower homosexuals and other sexual outlaws to take over the nation

·         Government conditions churches to believe they will lose their tax exempt status if they allow politicians to solicit support during ordinary church meetings




Now that we’ve had a chance to parse the word faggot and see that it refers to anyone destined for hell, is it possible for you to see that in fact the personification of the United States of America, Uncle Sam Himself, is actually a queer baby-butchering faggot?


Sure he is.


Uncle Sam has not only embraced the homosexual, he has decreed that the homosexual, instead of being the focus of law enforcement, will become law enforcement in this nation.  The homosexual will take over the law and the other instruments of government and will rule the citizens of the United States of America, the great part of whom are Quislings For Christ.


In one of the biggest role reversals in history, the homosexual will turn the tables on all those people who throughout the history of western civilization have arrested, incarcerated and, yes, even executed the homosexuals of the world.


And Queer Uncle Sam is all for that.


As for baby-butchering, Uncle Sam has invested decades in that activity.  Uncle Sam has created a thriving industry that generates hundreds of millions of dollars rending to bits and disposing of thousands of unborn thingys that look much like babies do when they are born.


Uncle Sam has become the preeminent baby-butcher in the world.  In fact, in history there is none that can claim to be his peer.


To show what kind of Christian you are, put a check mark at the point where you think Christians in this nation will rise up in effective resistance to Government's desecration of God's authority.

Christians will mount effective resistance when:

_____ In order to further religious tolerance, Government requires the phrase "UNDER GOD" to be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance 

______ In order to demonstrate real, unconditional luv, every Christian congregation must have at least one same-sex couple sitting somewhere in the first five rows of the sanctuary.

______ In order to demonstrate that they contain genuine tolerance and acceptance Government requires all males to allow homosexuals to insert their penises either in the oral or anal cavity of the males leaving it there for sixty seconds, and requires all females who have not already killed their babies to kill at least one even if they have to go to war against another country to do so.

_______ None of the above will suffice to move Christians to effective resistance. Christians will in fact take it anywhere and anyway the Government tells them to take it and they will learn to luv it in the name of god.

July 15, 2003


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