Rev. Paul Hill Memorial Tour
Executed  Sept 3, 2003 for Effectively Protecting Unborn Babies

Suggestions that Army of God members are coming to Pensacola to recreate Rev. Paul Hill's Defensive Action where he killed two abortionists have no foundation in fact.

Members of the upcoming Paul Hill Memorial Tour have carefully distanced  themselves from rumors that they are coming to Florida next Wednesday to capitalize on recent acts of war.  While our entourage will include convicted firebombers, baby defenders and Army of God members; our focus is the anniversary of the martyrdom of our hero and God’s man, Reverend Paul Hill. 
Rev. Hill is here pictured with Drew Heiss, the organizer of the Paul Hill Memorial Tour.








Reverend Paul Hill’s September 3rd execution came on the wings of a thunderstorm and lightning show above the execution chamber, a display of power which all gathered understood to be a sign from God. 

Likewise the July 2, 2004  fire at the “Women’s Care” Baby Butcher shop in Florida, and the May 2003 action in Tamarac.  It cannot be too strongly reiterated:  these Army of God actions very eloquently speak for themselves.  They do not require further amplification.   

Reverend Paul Hill had faith that God would use his witness to inspire others to give unborn children the same defense as born children.  We rejoice in Paul Hill’s faith and gather in Florida to publicly proclaim the Reverend Paul Hill a holy martyr before God.  Paul Hill’s blood, mingled with the blood of innocent babies, cries out to God against the State of Florida and the presently united States of America. 

 CONTACT:  Jonathan O’Toole 740-344-9357 <>. 
After Sunday, 414-322-4643.

(below is the official press release about the tour)

Paul Hill Memorial Tour
September 1-3, 2004

 CONTACT:     Drew Heiss, 414-322-4643,

Christians to honor baby defender Paul Hill on the one year anniversary of his execution

 A band of Christians from across the country will gather in Florida to honor Paul Hill on the one year anniversary of his unjust execution.  Last year, Hill was killed by the State of Florida after being convicted of “murder” without a trial and sentenced to death for killing an abortionist and his armed personal guard.

 “Paul Hill defended children in the womb with the same amount of force we would defend children outside the womb,” said Drew Heiss, organizer of the Paul Hill Memorial Tour.  The Tour will travel to Tallahassee, Florida on September 1st and 2nd; and will conclude in Pensacola, Florida on September 3rd, the date Hill was executed.

 The Tour will include public declarations that the deeds of Paul Hill were good and right, and prayers will be offered to bring the national sin of abortion to an end. 

 Tour stops include the State Capitol, Florida State University campus, and the Pensacola abortion clinic where Hill defended boys and girls from death.

 Sixteen year old Michael Spingola of Newark, Ohio said he was looking forward to the tour.  “I count it a privilege to honor Paul Hill in this way,” said Spingola.  “Paul Hill valiantly killed a mass murderer, preventing the death of countless babies.  He had the courage to do what was right.”


Wednesday, September 1, 2004
11:00 am - Press conference at the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida.
4:00 pm - Open-air preaching defending the actions of Paul Hill;
downtown Tallahassee.

Thursday, September 2, 2004
11:00 am - Open-air preaching defending the actions of Paul Hill;
Florida State University/ Tallahassee.

Friday, September 3, 2004
9:00 am - Press conference and church service at:
2:00 pm - Open-air preaching defending the actions of Paul Hill;
Pensacola courthouse.

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