Tennessee Right To Life, Inc. Attempts To Sabotage Horsley

 Speaking Engagement At the University of Tennessee



(Christian Gallery News Service, March 6, 2003) The Tennessee Right To Life organization tried to block Neal Horsley’s speaking engagement booked for the 700 seat Auditorium on March 13, 2003 at the flagship University of Tennessee campus in Knoxville, TN.  According to The student representative for the Free Speech Society,, a University of Tennessee student and the on campus organizer of the Horsley speaking engagement, the Tennessee Right To Life organization went to University of Tennessee administrators and accused Horsley of “advocating domestic terrorism” and encouraging “people to kill abortion doctors and burn down and bomb abortion clinics.”  As soon as he heard about the attempted sabotage, Horsley contacted University of Tennessee officials and supplied them with evidence proving the accusations false.  After investigating the charges, University officials accepted Horsley’s refutation of the false accusations and his speaking engagement is now scheduled to go on as planned.


Many people will be shocked to learn that the Tennessee Right To Life, an organization that presents itself as opposed to legalized abortion, would use false witness to try to prevent Neal Horsley, a nationally known abortion abolitionist, from warning Tennessee college students about the coming Judgment of God against this nation because of legalized abortion and other forms of egregious desecration.


Few stories illustrate better than this story why legalized abortion continues after thirty years of legalized butchery.  It demonstrate that in many ways well-funded organizations long known as the leaders of the “pro-life movement,” organizations like Tennessee Right To Life, have begun to treat abortion abolitionists like Neal Horsley exactly the way Planned Parenthood and the National Organization For Women treat them.  Such treatment proves that many top-level leaders in the “pro-life movement” have become accessories and allies to legalized abortion and the baby-butchering industry rather than the effective opponents pro-life contributors expect them to be.  Is there any wonder Roe v. Wade continues in the face of such backstabbing complicity and collaboration?




Read what follows and you will see exactly how the “pro-life leaders” have adopted the tactics of Planned Parenthood, etc.  To document what happened, the student representative for the Free Speech Society sent the following report to Neal Horsley:


Myself and some fellow-students wanted you [Neal Horsley] to come speak at the University of Tennessee.  On approximately February 18, I contacted the Knoxville Right to Life president, Paul Dunn.  I told Mr. Dunn that the University of Tennessee Pro-Life Collegians referred me to his organization, due to the fact that the Knoxville Right To Life frequently provides financial sponsorship of their events.  Mr. Dunn asked me about you, and I told him about your work on the Nuremberg Files and Abortioncams.com.  He said that the organization would be willing to pick up the tab for your hotel bill, and that I could solicit more help from the Tennessee Right To Life.  He also said that the Knoxville Right To Life would help publicize the event in their newsletter, which goes out to approximately 2000 people in the Knoxville area.


He continued, “On February 19, I contacted the Tennessee Right To Life (parent organization for the Knoxville Right To Life) to ask for help.  I was put in touch with a lady named Michelle Tassart who said that they needed more information about you before they could make any decision.  Again, I related to them your work on the Nuremberg Files and Abortioncams.com, and mentioned the Supreme Court case, etc.  She said that they would research you, and get back to me.


The student organizer continued, “On Sunday, February 23, I again spoke to Paul Dunn.  He said that Knoxville Right To Life was withdrawing its sponsorship due to concerns raised by the Tennessee Right To Life, and by one of its own officers - Stacy Dunn.  Paul said that (these are his exact words) ‘if he was just going to show pictures of chopped-up babies, that would be OK, but saying that it's OK to kill people is wrong and we won't support that.’  He also indicated that he had spoken with Professor Kathy Proctor, of the University of Tennessee Pro-Life Collegians, and had advised her to keep the organization away from the event.


He continued, “I was not willing to let things end like that.  On Monday, February 24, I spoke with Brian Harris, president of Tennessee Right To Life.  Brian told me that they would not get involved in any way because you, quote,  ‘encourage people to kill abortion doctors and burn down and bomb abortion clinics.’  He said to me that ‘You really need to check your guests out more thoroughly’ and that ‘Neal's message is pretty much advocating domestic terrorism.’  He also said that he had contacted the Knoxville Right To Life to demand that they rescind their support, and that if they were involved in ANY way they would lose their affiliation with the Tennessee Right To Life.’  Harris also said that you advocated killing homosexuals.”


He then told how the University responded to the accusations against me, “On Tuesday, March 25, I was contacted by the faculty advisor for the Free Speech Society.  He told me that concerns had been raised by unnamed pro-life and pro-choice individuals about you and your message.  It was said that there "would be serious trouble" if you come to the University of Tennessee.  He said that that warning caused alarm due to the fact that any university-related activity must be able to reasonably guarantee the safety of participants.  I was told that the event was "on hold" for the moment, but would likely be changed if the UT police didn't confirm that they could have officers there to prevent any unfortunate incidents from occurring.  While the possibility of a public forum was in danger of being taken off the table, the Political Science department was still going to bring you here to address various classes in a more controlled atmosphere.


It was at this point in the story that Neal Horsley was told about the false accusations.  He responded by sending the following email to University of Tennessee officials:


“I have been informed by a student at University of Tennessee in Knoxville who was setting up a speaking engagement for me at your campus, that some individuals representing local “pro-life” or local “pro-choice” organizations have accused me of advocating assassination, or terrorism, or vigilantism, or some similar illegal activities and that on the basis of these accusations the venue originally scheduled and reserved for my March speaking engagement has been canceled by the University of Tennessee.


“Such accusations, if they did occur, are libelous because they are false accusations.  I have published three books and literally hundreds of magazine articles and not one of them contains anything remotely similar to an advocacy of the actions I am accused of.  Furthermore, I have appeared on nearly one hundred national television and radio programs, sometimes for an hour at a stretch where I was questioned exhaustively and never have I uttered words that advocate the things I am accused of.


“A series of national television interviews posted here: http://www.christiangallery.com/mainstory.htm give insight into what I do advocate and how I conduct myself in public.  For years I have been involved in matters of serious public concern and a lawsuit involving my work on the Internet is now before the Supreme Court of the USA in what is generally understood to be a pivotal and decisive case regarding the meaning of a “true threat” in American jurisprudence.  To now be treated as persona non grata on the basis of false accusations made against me is startling to say the least.


“As the founder of The Creator’s Rights Party, for nearly twenty years I have consistently done everything in my power to develop a political response to the desecration occurring in this nation that gives citizens a viable alternative to assassination and terrorism in forcing this nation to correct the grave errors that presently threaten the survival of millions of citizens in this nation.  http://www.christiangallery.com/strategy.html defines precisely what I advocate citizens do in the face of what I understand to be a revolution in American government and law.


“Please review the material cited here and let me know the position of the University of Tennessee regarding this matter.  I attended a similar forum at The Freedom Foundation at Vanderbilt University a couple of years ago without incident and to the mutual benefit of all who attended.  You can contact them to get further information about what I advocate.


“To now be informed that the University of Tennessee refuses to follow through on commitments previously made and upon which I have organized my schedule, such refusal based on untrue accusations where I was not even given the benefit of defending myself, is prior restraint censorship.  I certainly hope there has been some mistake and that I can proceed in fulfilling the commitment I made to the Freedom of Speech organization on your campus.  But if what I have heard is true, your censorship of me will be resisted to the best of my ability and the damages your decision has cost me will be recovered by all means available.


“I have informed my attorney about this matter and he will contact you shortly if in fact you persist on refusing my previously scheduled venue at your campus.


Neal Horsley


The Christian Gallery News Service


The Creator’s Rights Party



After the University received this email, they investigated the matter thoroughly.  Then they contacted the Free Speech Society representative.


He explained what happened next, “After receiving your email, and verifying that NO trouble had erupted on your trip to Vandy (The Freedom Forum at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN), my advisor told me that the event was ‘on as originally scheduled.’”


 So this is your invitation to come be with us at the University of Tennessee on March 13, 2003.  It promises to be an interesting evening indeed!


Invitation is especially extended to all street preacher friends.  The University of Tennessee has an open air speaking venue available in the middle of the campus for the afternoon preceding the evening Horsley event.  Much attention is being focused on this event on campus and it is expected that hundreds of students will respond to the open air preaching venue, as well as the evening event in the auditorium.




The student organizer summarized the present and ongoing difficulties created by the Tennessee Right To Life’s attempted sabotage:  “Unfortunately, we're still stuck without sponsorship.  I'm working on it though.  Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund can do so by making their check or money order payable to the Free Speech Society.  Contributions will go directly into the organization's account at UT, and its expenditures are subject to STRICT controls and oversight (not even the advisor gets a checkbook for the account - the university handles all the money and check-writing to ensure proper stewardship of the funds).


Donations can be mailed to:


Free Speech Society

1001  McClung Tower

University of Tennessee

Knoxville, TN 37996


Just Make Sure the Donation is Marked for the Neal Horsley Event.


What follows is the succinct summary offered by the Free Speech Society organizer, the man on the scene:  “Expect opposition.  I fully expect the “pro-lifers” to be in cahoots with the Planned Parenthood people.  They will come out in force to try and take the event over.  We need people to come out en masse to show their support.  Tell them to inform their churches and civic organizations and co-workers about the event. “


The local Knoxville media, as well as the media across Tennessee has indicated an interest in the story so it is likely the event will be the focus of much public attention by March 13, 2003.




Event Details


The event will be held on the campus of the University of Tennessee on Thursday, March 13, from 6:00 to 7:30 PM.  It will be held in the Auditorium of the University Center.  (Directions to the auditorium can be found at the end of this article).


Secondly, admission will be free and open to the general public.  You do NOT have to be a UT student or faculty member in order to attend.  Please try to get there at least a half hour early to make sure you get a seat.


The format will be the Horsley warning, followed by a Question and Answer session.  If people interrupt the lecture portion, they will be given ONE warning - and in the event of further violations, will then be escorted from the room.


People are discouraged from bringing signs into the auditorium.  If they want to bring them, it is fine to display them anywhere OUTSIDE the auditorium. 


After the lecture is finished, there will be microphones set up on both aisles in the Auditorium.  The rules will be one question at a time, followed by an answer.  No immediate follow-up questions are allowed - the person must go to the back of the line and wait his/her turn again if he/she has another question.


Anyone is welcome to attend.  People should be aware of the fact that UT police will be on hand, and govern themselves accordingly.  Anyone caught with weapons of any kind will be arrested - this isn't our policy, but UT's.




Here are directions to the University Center:


1) When entering downtown Knoxville on either I-40 (East or West), take the UT/Henley Street exit.

2) As you pass the new Knoxville Convention Center on the right, you will come upon Cumberland Avenue.  Turn right onto Cumberland Avenue.

3) Follow Cumberland for approximately 2 blocks, and then turn left onto Philip Fulmer Way at the red light.

4) The University Center will be immediately on your right.  As you pass the University Center, you will see a large parking structure adjacent to it.  This is a PAY lot, and costs approximately $1 for each half hour.  However, the garage is well-lit and usually monitored by UT police.  Park your car here (or take your chances elsewhere on campus) and take the stairs or elevator in the University Center to the Second Floor.  There are two hallways on the Second Floor.  The Auditorium is in the middle of the main hallway.  You can't

          miss it - just follow the noise!




Neal Horsley


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