University of Tennessee Speaking Engagement Sabotaged Again!



Neal Horsley



This is the Bogus Flyer Saboteurs Plastered Across the UT Campus


(Christian Gallery News Service, March 17, 2003)  The flyer above was plastered on every bulletin board on the University of Tennessee campus on Wednesday morning, March 12, 2003.  The flyer was sabotage: Neal Horsley had not authorized the cancellation of the auditorium booking nor had he authorized the flyer.


The flyer contained one falsehood: whoever put the flyer up had “foreseen” the cancellation.  In fact they, or someone working with them, had called the campus booking office on Tuesday March 11, 2003, and pretending to be a representative of Neal Horsley, canceled the booking for the auditorium.


By the time the sabotage became clear, it was too late to undo the damage.  The opportunity to see what the Lord Jesus Christ would do with Neal Horsley at the University of Tennessee campus looked like it was totally destroyed.


On the day of the scheduled event, Chuck Spingola and Adrian Horien, along with a group of other preachers, managed to get in an afternoon of preaching on campus. Then, praise God!, the University of Tennessee allowed the evening speaking event to be rescheduled in the same auditorium for April 17, 2003.


So that is the good news!  The battle for Tennessee is not over.  Neal Horsley is scheduled to speak in the main auditorium at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville on April 17, 2003 from 6 to 7:30 pm. 


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