Clayton Waagner Visited Me Today



23 November 2001:11 pm


Unless somebody helps me get this story out to the abortion industry, at least 42 people who work at abortion clinics and are targeted to be killed by Clayton Waagner will never know Clayton Waagner tried to give them an escape clause from their contract with the abortion industry.

I'll tell you how I know this.

The back doorbell of my home in Georgia rang shortly before noon today.  As I went to the door, my dog freaked out as usual.  Through the large window in the door I saw a friendly looking man I did not recognize.  He said, "You're Neal Horsley.  I've seen your picture on the Internet.  I've read everything you've written and I really appreciate what you're doing for the babies."

I smiled, opened the door and stepped outside, leaving the dog inside complaining loudly.

The man thrust out his right hand and said, "I just wanted to shake your hand."  I shook his hand.

After spending the minimum amount of time and saying the minimum amount of pleasantries to show the man that I appreciated his support, the man left.

As I was going back inside, the phone rang.  As I answered the phone I looked out the front window. I had a glimpse of what I assumed was the rear of the man's car as it went out of sight underneath some trees near my front lawn.

An hour or so later, I was sitting in my office when I noticed my dog's ears perk up.  I turned to look at the door to my office just as the form of a man filled the doorway.  In one motion, he pulled back his coat to show me a large holstered firearm while simultaneously he commanded me to hold the dog.

I obeyed.

It was the man I had talked to earlier at the back door.

"You don't recognize me, do you." he stated, and then stopped.

"No, I don't."

"I'm Clay Waagner."

I stared at him for a few long seconds, then I agreed, "You're Clay Waagner."

I knew a lot about Clayton Waagner.  I knew he had been on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List for months; I knew he had been spotlighted on America's Most Wanted on numerous occasions; and I knew that at this time when America is taking terrorists Dead or Alive all over the world, Clay Waagner was touted as the most hunted man in America because he was a bona fide Terrorist.

I knew all that about Clay Waagner because I have been an abortion abolitionist for years and Clay Waagner's particular terrorist target happened to be abortionists and those who make their living working at abortion clinics.

At that moment, as I looked into Clay Waagner's eyes, I also knew one other thing: my life was about to change.

So that's what I said, "My life is fixing to change, isn't it?"

"That's right," was all he said.

We paused then with my hand lying heavy on my dog and Clayton Waagner standing in the doorway with his hand resting easy on his holstered gun.

Finally I said, "So what are you doing here?"

He asked me if I had heard that anyone suspected him of sending hundreds of letters filled with what was supposed to be anthrax powder to abortion clinics and Planned Parenthood offices around the country.

I told him I thought it was unlikely anyone would suspect him since he was on the run and obviously wouldn't have the means to do something like that.

He took a seat near my desk and said, "Well, it was me that did it."

I certainly did not want to call the man with a pistol in his lap a liar, but I could not hide my continuing skepticism.

Over the next hour of so, Clayton Waagner showed me evidence that proved that, not only had he actually sent hundreds of anthrax threats to hundreds of abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood, The National Abortion Federation, etc. offices, but he had also staked out 42 abortion workers so that it was only a matter of time until he would assassinate them all.

I even managed to get him to let me record his story.

When he left, he tied me up with duct tape so that it took many long minutes before I could untie myself.

I immediately called 911 and cooperated fully with the police.  But when the police left they took my recorded interview with Clayton Waagner.  I am trying to get that tape so I can post it on the Internet for you to hear.   It is very important that the information on that tape be made available because Clayton Waagner has an escape clause built into his plan to assassinate 42 abortion workers.  The details of that escape clause are on the taped interview I conducted.  But the police in Carrollton, Georgia have it now and I cannot presently get them to even give me a copy.


November 24, 2001:11:30 am


It is now nearly 24 hours since I first saw Clayton Waagner.  Have you heard a word about what happened at my house yesterday?

You haven't.  And that is a potentially deadly mistake for the federal government media to make.  Clayton Waagner is out there watching and waiting for his plan to broadcast to the United States of America.  Every minute that passes with no word of the story he created yesterday is a minute when Clayton Waagner is being tempted to kill one of the targeted 42 just so we will all know exactly how serious he is.

I write this article because all I can do to try to avoid that blood being on my hands is to tell you about Clayton Waagner's plan.  But this article is not what Waagner instructed me to write.  He gave me specific instructions that I was supposed to post on this Web site.  But I do not have access to those instructions because they were very specific and I can't remember the details.  And I can't review my interview with Waager because the Carrollton Police took my interview tape with them and would not let me even make a copy.

Mark my words, every minute that passes brings Clayton Waagner closer to his first dead abortion worker.


November 24, 2001:4:15 pm


             I was just told that my tape was in the possession of the FBI and that they were planning on making a duplicate and provide it to me.  The Carrollton Police Officer I spoke to was unsure when that would happen.


November 26, 2001:7 pm

             A copy of the taped interviw I made with Clayton Waagner was returned to me by a Carrollton Detective. Please read the additional articles for the details of Clayton Waagner's campaign of terror against the abortion industry. 


Neal Horsley


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