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Joshua Graff

(Christian Gallery News Service, May 8, 2005)  For the third consecutive year, protesters have converged on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) conference, this year being held in San Francisco, California for the 53rd time.

The conference is the annual meeting of the doctors in the USA who are most directly responsible for nurturing human beings from the moment of conception through birth and early childhood.


The first day of the conference protests began slowly.  As in years past, attendees and protesters appeared from all over the country. 

Free-lance protesters from as far as Ohio joined with a handful of Missionaries to the PreBorn  out of Milwaukee and a California group called Survivors of the American Holocaust

On this first day of protests, there were about 30 anti-abortionists to confront the doctors of ACOG.  These activists came at the invitation of Patrick Johnston, D.O., a doctor from Ohio, who began organizing these events three years ago.  

Since this is the third year protestors have arrived at the event, some of the initial shock has evaporated among the ACOG members, but they still show great apprehension at seeing the protesters outside the convention center. 

Perhaps memories are still fresh in the abortionists' minds of last year's nationally publicized "invasion" of the conference in Philadelphia by a small number of protesters. 

At the time, a local Philadelphia newspaper described the "invasion" this way: "A small contingent of anti-abortion protestors invaded a meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Tuesday, an action the organization's leader called an act of domestic terrorism.  The protestors had been camped outside Philadelphia's convention center since the college opened its meeting Sunday. About a half-dozen protestors walked into a meeting session, titled "Innovations in Contraception and Abortion." They somehow penetrated the meeting's private security personnel and forced their way into the gathering.  Witnesses said the protestors pushed aside a doctor to enter the room and then began videotaping attendees, including each doctor's name badge, which identified where the doctor lives or practices," the report concluded.

Nothing like that has happened at this year's ACOG convention in San Francisco, but some of the doctors--more than likely abortion providers--are openly hostile.  One ACOG attendee pointed at a sign held by an abortion protestor that showed a picture of a mutilated baby and the abortionist then held up a small paper bag and claimed, "I have one of those in this bag." 

Bob Ferguson of California who works with Survivors (shown below holding a sign) said they were having a number of animated conversations throughout the day with different ACOG attendees.

Many doctors rushed through the protest lines to get from one building to another.  But other doctors stopped and conversed with the anti-abortionists.  Throughout the day, various protesters could be seen engaged in conversation with attendees of varying beliefs.  Several ACOG members even thanked protesters for coming to the event saying that their presence encouraged the pro-life factions inside the conference.

Joe Davis, shown above, a young man working with Missionaries to the Preborn, stated why he felt this was an important event, "By being out here, I hope we can help turn those who are killing babies and deter those who might think about it," he said.

This deterrence theme seemed to run strong among many of the protesters.  Bob Ferguson added to that sentiment by saying he felt it was important to show the abortionists the consequences of their actions and instill some fear in those who perform abortions.  Ferguson said the abortionists should remember that there could always be another Paul Hill or James Kopp who will do more than just talk.

To make that point clear, signs were displayed praising both Paul Hill and James Kopp, both convicted of killing abortion doctors, and other signs calling for the execution of abortionists.

More protesters arrived as the day wound down, and more are expected to be outside the convention center on the second day of the conference.  As everyone gets into the flow of the event, some expect it could become more animated.  Most assuredly, people on both sides of the event are waiting to see if the protesters will infiltrate the conference as they did in Philadelphia, preaching inside the walls of the ACOG convention to the people who most need to hear the message about the coming judgment of God on people who make a living butchering innocent human beings who are doing nothing but attempting to fulfill the will of God for their lives.

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