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(A Sampling of the hundreds of thousands of emails we have received since 1995.)

He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad. Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men. Jesus of Nazareth.

Normal Allies........Confused Allies

I was looking at some stuff on the Nuremberg trials when I found your web link. I never really got it, what I had really done. I was 14 when I got pregnant. I was stupid and selfish to opt for an abortion but I did. I have seen your web pages and have gotten your full message now. I'm not perfect but to know that I killed someone who was, eats me away inside. I just shut God out and did what I thought would be best for me. that's when the devil really grabbed hold. I wanted to keep it but I knew I would be a terrible mom. I'm not trying to make excuses, although I was at the time, I just need to know exactly what happened to the life I held in my womb, and then ordered to die. I fell I did more than Hitler himself in a way just because that was my child, my choice, I could've said no. I didn't. thank you for your sight. even though its people like me who force you to make such sites, I just feel evil and now I know I am.

My Response
I too was once where you are now—filled with the knowledge of my own sin--and nearly thirty years ago the Lord Jesus Christ came to me and took me and healed me and gave me a life that I praise Him for every day. Your insight into your own personal evil is an opening that God gives you to lead you to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is alive right now, and by seeking Him you can be forgiven of your sin and cleansed from the unrighteousness that you now see. I am praying that you will call on the name of Jesus Christ, asking Him to reveal Himself to you and guide you to know how to be forgiven by God. May you be filled with the knowledge of the fullness of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

I was 14 yrs old it was September 5,1997 and I just came out of a Planned Parent hood crying my eyes out. I didn't know what I was going to do i just found out i was pregnant, about 2 months, and I didn't know what his father was going to say. My fostermother was very supportive and told me what ever i wanted to do was my decision and she would support me threw it. So I decided to keep it. I was never an abortion fan. The way I looked at is was if I layed down and did the deed then it was my responsibility. But when it came to CPS it was a different story. They wanted me to have an abortion. They sat and screamed and argueed with me for 2 hours before my foster mother at the time told them they needed to let me be that I wasn't going to change my mind that it was my body and my life. They told me nothing until I was moved to another fosterhome. Then it started, iwas now 5 months, and they sat me down and gave me all kinds of reasons to not have my child. But i still held my ground. Four months later I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and he is wonderful. This is a story to all those who are being pressured to doing and don't want to. Follow your heart and dont miss something that will make you happy and that you know will be for the better. Make it like me and my son did.

My Response
May God grant this generation to hear the words above and learn what a true Mother is like.

i am only 17 and am going through a pregnancy of my own. i am at 30 weeks today and i look at these pictures wondering how could any women in her right mind kill a child that you can feel growing inside of your body? knowing that it is alive because of what you have made! i know that life is harder for me being a teen and raising my future son alone, but if i could go back and choose to either keep this child or kill it i still would be making the same choice as i am doing to this day! a women that goes to jail for killing her children is no more guilty thana women who goes and gets an abortion! they both deserve the same punishment! LIFE!!! thank you!


You are in my prayers that the Father of us all will pour out His blessings on you and equip you with all you need to carry out your sacred and holy duty as a mother. Thank you for writing me. I will post your letter (without the email address). Literally hundreds of thousands of people will hear your testimony. You are a mother in deed.


One of my brothers had a teacher who used to be a nurse, when she was younger, for an abortion clinic. She said that she worked in the clinic for a year or so and never regarded it as anything bad. She thought to herself that it was just a normal part of working in the medical field.

One day she had left the office and she came back after hours to pick up her coat she had left behind. When she entered into the office she saw a small baby that had just been aborted, perhaps just before closing. She said the baby was in the trash can and it was still alive and moving. This caused her to faint right away. When she came to her senses she cried her heart out. She said she felt as tho she had just killed someone because she watched as she could do nothing for the aborted baby and it just breatehed it's last breaths right in front of her. After that she left the office and never returned again.

Perhaps people should realize that whats being thrown in those trash cans is not always just a pile of flesh but most likely alive as well.

My brother is in medical school in northern california and just recently he told me that thru recent medical reasearch done on breast cancer patients, it has been discovered that over 70% of women with breast cancer had had an abortion at least once in their life time.

Let this be a lesson to those who think that they may have gotten away from justice in this world, but God is Ever Watchful and Stern in Punishment.

Thank You for your time and I hope these experiences I have sent in, will help in spreading the message.

Sincerely, Brother by Cause and Muslim by Religion

Dear Neal, I am a single mother of one son, a child of rape, made by my heavenly Father. He is deeply loved and I thank God for His gift to me daily.

At fourteen I murdered my first child, not a product of rape. My child was roughly the size of a barbie doll when I aborted him/her. God has forgiven me I am sure, but the images of aborted babies haunt me daily. I am ill and sick to my stomache when I think of what I and millions of Americans did and are doing with the blessings of our government. I am convinced the hoof beats are around the corner.

I am interested in what you are doing, though I am not sure I agree. I am not sure I disagree either. I just want more information. I am currently working for a CPC. I am tired and frustrated with sleepiness in the church. We are lazy and fat Christians, sometimes I wonder if many of us really are. We have decided that the "sinner's prayer" makes us saved. We've chosen God today, not He chose us. It's scary.

------------------------My Response--------------------------------

Your response to me is much more honest than most Christians can give me. Your words tell me that you understand, you know, much that many have not understood. I think God's people in this generation are just now beginning to be moved by the Holy Spirit to actually see what it means to live in a state of sin. I don't have the support that allows me to publish the things I write or I would send you whatever I had. I try to put it online so people can print it out from there.

If you have any questions about the things I write, I promise to answer them so you can see what the Holy Spirit is moving me to do. I pray you will be blessed to grow in the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Mr. Horsley, I just want to say that you shouldn't be running for governor, you should be running for president.

I am a 17 year old from New York state and I just have to let you know that you are the only politician who isn't completly crooked. I showed your web site to a Catholic priest and he agreed with your "Why I am a Murderer'' essay. I have sent links to many family members and they all agree, that yours is quite the role model position. I used to live a life of sin and fear, now, I feel empowered that there are individuals like yourself who aren't willing to let sin take over. It seems as though this country is in a cultural war and everyone wants to straddle the fence. You really draw a line in the sand for ''Christians" and non-Christians. I will continue to spread the word about your page and let me tell you, we are praying that the Creator's Rights Party is put into its long overdue position of power.

God bless from the (name withheld, ed.) family,

hi my name is Melissa, I am 18 years old--

I just want to tell you that I agree with you totally--abortion is murder --no one not even the mother has the right to take life away from an unborn child-- we are all ceatures of god fetus or not and should have the chance to live.

I'm writing a problem/solution paper on abortion and thanks to your help i think i will clearly get my point across-- I would do ANYTHING to stop abortion--I just don't know where to start-- if you have any ideas please e- mail me back.

thank you for having the same beliefs--at least i know that more people feel the same way I do.

I think I've read just about enough to know that what you are doing is right. Granted, I don't know what I can do to help you, but I do believe you are the closest to being on the right track to real restoration of America.

I found out about your page by way of a poster named "Connie." I am very thankful that she pointed me in your direction. I personally am a non-violent person. Likewise, I believe in non violent resistance, but I do believe in God, and I am a Christian, granted I do not fit the definition by most. And in that same token, I believe that you have just put the puzzle together. The abortion issue, though many see it as an easy way out, is in fact murder. Likewise, when a child is murdered, their rights have been violated. Those rights that were violated were the rights that the Creator granted to us all, when the Founders won our Independence from the Divine Right of Kings. You are right on the money. What can I do to help you?


You are helping by taking the initiative to respond. Keep responding, doing everything you understand to be will of God and we will overcome.

Dear Neal,
I'm sure you remember the e-mails I wrote you a few months ago about the righteousness of Job. I have since had occasion to read more of what you've written. In one sense I am amazed to finally encounter another human being who is burdened with the sufferings of Christ. Remember, "the poor in spirit He will not despise"! However we weep and cry for the unborn, we are only sharing in the bitter cup of He who died for them, suffering to the point of death.

I have some questions to ask you, which you may not be able to answer directly, but maybe you can point me in the right direction. Why is there no military organization committed to defending babies and the elderly (those referred to in Isaiah 6 as the "fatherless" and "widows" whom we are commanded to "judge righteously"?). I am a strong, capable, 6'2" 190 young man and I am willing to lay down my whole life for the fatherless child, to be a father to him and defend him as though he were my own son. I am going to do this thing with or without support from anyone. By the power of God almighty I will love unborn babies enough to kill for them. God's anointing is on me and I cannot run from it any longer; I am his to do with as He will, bless his holy name.

I will likely have a large sum of money in the near future and I want to help you financially if I am at all able. I'm at school in South Carolina now (I was in GA over Thanksgiving with my friend, who is, by the way, very interested in your gubernatorial candidacy). Perhaps I might meet with you sometime next year. I trust you will get back with me. Until then, may He bless and keep you.

Your fellow labourer,

My Response

It's good to hear from you again. Believe me when I say I understand your message to me. In fact, one of my friends, Paul Hill, is presently awaiting execution in Florida because you are not alone in your understanding of the meaning of these horrible things we see happening around us today.

Here is the role I believe God has called me to play: I am to take the lead in organizing a force capable of actually overturning the "legalization" of child slaughter. In essence, that's what The Creator's Rights Party is about.

Before Paul Hill executed the men in Pensacola I went to him and tried to get him to channel his energies into the creation of The Creator's Rights Party. After understanding what I was called by God to do, Paul Hill said, "I won't join with you because I don't think anyone will support you in your effort."

It was over three years ago that Paul Hill said those words to me. At that time, there was literally no support for The Creator's Rights Party outside of myself. My own wife wouldn't even support me. On the day Paul Hill said those words to me, I could say nothing to deny his judgement. He was right: I had no support.

I said to Paul Hill on that day these words: "Paul," I said, "if you go ahead and do what I think you're going to do, people will begin to understand that the plan I offer is a much better plan that the one you offer which consists of assassination and bombings and individuals acting outside the bounds of duly constituted legal authority. If you go ahead and do what you say has to be done, then my turn will come next."

Paul said, "So be it."

Paul did what he did and so my turn has come. By organizing ourselves into a political party with the power to command access to the news media we can actually force people to wake up and realize God is going to do what is necessary to overturn the unjust laws causing His children to be legally slaughtered in this nation, or He will in fact destroy the united States of America.

Today, I have received the verbal, spiritual and moral support of many hundreds of people around the USA who want to see The Creator's Rights Party come to life. But those people do not represent the financial resources required to move to the staging area. Without financial resources, which we presently do not have, the Internet provides us with about our only effective communication mechanism. When God brings the angels who can provide us with the financial resources to mount a serious political campaign, I assure you that those who understand the things you understand will be given the opportunity for all the action any of us could ask for. But it will be done within a perfectly legal framework that will allow us to do more than get off a few shots before, like Paul Hill, we are effectively removed from the war.

Make no mistake about it, we intend to stop this war that has been declared against God's children. Like FDR said, "Sometimes the only way to stop a war is to declare war on it." To do that, we must organize ourselves into an effective resistance force. I hope you will see your way clear to help us in this effort. For while I could not argue with Paul Hill those years ago when he told me no one would support me; today I can say with great relief that God is raising up an army to support The Creator's Rights Party. It's a small army today, but an army nonetheless. With your support, we can grow much stronger.

I would love to meet with you the next time you're in Georgia. That goes for your friend as well. Let me know if you have any questions.

I have always been against abortion but I just recently had my first child and the pictures on your page of the babies in the garbage look just like my little girl. I don't know how a doctor can live with himself, throwing them one on top of the other like that and they look just like a newborn, like my newborn! How can ANYONE stand to do that to a baby? The thought of my little girl in a garbage can dead with dozens of others dead, all by the WILLING hand of a human being just outrages me! Please let us stop this, for the sake of my new little girl.

Hi, I used to be pro-choice, but now that i've seen your site, i'm beginnning to rethink myself (those poor god!!!) Please e-mail me back.

hello mr.horsley.
you do have a great webpage,and i would like to help! BUT i want to know if you work with jews! because i do not trust anti-christian jews! please let me know something!

AKIA shane

My Response

Shane, if you read my book Who We Are, you will see that The Creator's Rights Party is for people who are committed to defending the plan for government defined in the Declaration of Independence. That plan has one main requirement: people must agree that all rights are endowed by the Creator; without the Creator, there can be no unalienable rights. Many Jews, like Muslims, Deists, etc. believe in the existence of the Creator. The coalition between such people who look to the Creator as the source of authority is the same coaliton that founded the United States of America. I work now and continue to look forward to working within that coalition. The Creator's Rights Party has supporters who are Jewish, Christian, Deist, Theist, and any other group of people who begin their reasoning process by believing in the existence of The Creator.

That said, it must be clear that Jews who are against Christians or Christians who are against Jews or any people who believe in the Creator yet refuse to work with other like minded people...well, such people are not going to be able to put together much of a political coalition. They are going to be isolated groups utterly without the power to actually change reality. Such people will be the problem rather than the solution

The Creator's Rights Party is already demonstrating that the ideas in the Declaration of Independence actually have the power to restore rightful authority to the government of the USA just as those same ideas had the power to provide authority to the founders of this government when this nation began.

I sincerely hope you will commit yourself to working with all people who are willing, like the founders of this nation, to commit their "lives, fortunes, and sacred honor" to the defense of God's plan for government defined in the Declaration of Independence.

Mr. Horsley,
Visiting your website again today, I took a couple of minutes to read some of the hate mail that you get.

Of course I didn't read it all--couldn't read it all. And neither should you. What I saw there only confirmed what I know to be true. We have a wicked and spiritually diseased society that is, I'm certain, beyond salvation.

I don't hold this opinion because I don't believe in the power of God, but historically, such societies have been destroyed because of their wickedness. When Moses came down from the mountain and saw his people worshipping the Golden Calf they had made, we know what he sent Aaron to do.

The utter sickness revealed in the messages that so many people have sent you, stands as evidence that such destruction must come again.

I hope you don't become discouraged and give up. You have more people who support you than you probably know.

Pleas From Young People

Subject: My dad

Dear Mr. Horsley,

I am new to the internet, so please excuse me if I get things wrong. (It's my dad's computer.)

My dad is a homosexual. He left my mom when I was 8 and took me with him. AT first, he didn't tell me why he left, but I started to learn what he was up to when he would come homelate at night drunk and his clothes wet and torn. He hasn't come forth to tell me these things, but I went into his room and found homosexual pornography and sexual devices hidden in a box under bhis bed.

I have recently found Christ in my life. I was not allowed to go to church because my dad didn't wantme to go, but a friend from school invited me after band practice one day and I saw Jesus come into my life.

I am asinner, and I know my father is a sinner and I want to help him in any way that Ican,because even though my father is a fag, I love himanyway. I don't wantmy dad to burn in hell. I want himmtowalk with God and be with me in Heaven when we can both see the Glory of God.

What can I do to helphim? I am afraid, because henow brings home strange men who leer at me when they leave, and I fear that they willsomeday try to do things to me,and my father willnot stop them. I don't want to run away, because he might catch me and punish melike he punished another friend of his late one night.

Can you help me?


My Response

Jim, your dad is in bondage--enslaved. The "god" of this world has blinded his eyes to the glory of God in Christ Jesus and the only way he can be delivered from his slavery is for God to do a miracle in His life. But God's people do play a part in this miracle. At the Creator's Rights Party, we are doing everything we can think of to tell and show people that what your dad is doing is against the law. Your father's deliverance from slavery can only come when he realizes that he is a lawbreaker who will be sent to hell unless he repents and accepts Christ Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. We will keep you in prayer and please keep us in prayer too. In the mean time (and it is a "mean" time) try to talk to your dad and tell him everything that Jesus has done in your life since you surrendered to Him. Keep praying and asking Jesus to show you what to do. Jesus is King, Jim. If you trust in Him, He will guide you and protect you and use you to deliver your father and those like him from bondage. Also, find a Pastor and Church you can be real with and plead with them to help you with your father.





And From Older People too.


Im speechless.................................................................. .............................................. I have seen your websight and it has moved me greatly. I dont think your webpage is for all to see. But I do believe there are christians out there who have fallen into sin with pornography and need to see where the road leads to. I myself have looked at pornography on the net, until I was shocked by seeing a picture that put the fear of God in me. ("God forgive me") Your webpage has been a confirmation to what God has been speaking to me since the day I saw that picture. Your right America has gone down the toilet right before the churches eyes. God help us all as we enter into the last days. May God continue to use this webpage. By the way I found your sight when searching for news on the rebuilding of Sodom and Gamora, have you heard anything about that.
Thank you for being bold and posting this page.

Repented and moving to higher ground

Dear Brother Neil Horsley,
I don't know whether you have received any mail from any Muslim about your fight against "unnatural" acts being commited by humans. I would like you to know that your fight against homosexuality and abortion is not your fight alone. It is my fight and is a fight of every Muslim on this planet. I, as a Muslim, am required to ask the Christians to come to common terms with us on certain gorunds. (One of the terms is believing in one God). Our holy Scripture (Al Koran: The last testament) quotes:
"Say: oh people of the scripture (includes Jews and Christians) come to an agreement between us and you: that we shall worship none but Allah(God in Arabic), that we shall ascribe no partners onto him, and none of us shall take others for lords besides Allah (God), and if they turn away, then say: Bear witness that we are they who have surrendered (unto him)." ...(3:63) Al Koran

"Oh people of the scripture! why will ye argue about Abraham, when the Law (Torah) and the Gospel (Bible) were not revealed till after him. Have ye no understanding?".. (3:65) Al Koran

"Abraham was not a Jew nor yet a Christian but he was true in faith and bowed his will to Allah's and he joined not gods with Allah." (3:67) Al Koran

These crimes are unnatural and thus against Islam. God says that he turns his face away from homosexuals, there is a deep meaning to this sentences if one analysis it. I support your fight and will pray that God assists you in your endeavor against these hideous crimes.

If you have time I would request you to read the Koran about these crimes, it will give you further details on the punishment sent on tribes who had (earlier) committed these crimes. And how God looks at these people and the prescribed punishment for them. The Koran will give you a new outlook on the matter and will strengthen your Chirstian belief. It will be able to give you details on "hazy" similar subjects.

The reason I say this is because the Koran has been kept EXACTLY the same since it's revelation. That makes it more than 1400 years old! Thus there are details of matters that had happened then and the punsihment rendered onto those corrupt people by God, which have been excluded in some newer versions of the Bible.

Please understand I do not intend to condem any religion or holy scripture. My intention is solely to assist you in gaining more knowledge for your cause from the religious point of view so you can include Mulsims in your fight. The pressure Muslims can create is astounding and you will find them to be very dedicated to their cause to the point of being a fundamentalist. There are more Muslims in the world than Christians now.

We, as Muslims have to accept the Bible (engeel) as a holy Scripture and Jesus as the Son of Mary and his Miraculous birth. So in these matters we can join our fight against hideous crimes and can strengthen our force and pressure against the criminals. You are a good Christian not a "new" Christian who seem to change with time. I am glad you have stuck to your traditional values as we Muslims do. The Koran talks about Christians like you. It says:
" Those who believe (in the Koran) those who follow the Jewish (Scriptures) and the Sabians and the Christians any who believe in Allah (God) and the Last Day and work righteousness on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve." (5:68)..Al Koran

So Brother let us join hands in this fight and be stronger for this cause for there "shall be no fear" for the righteous whether Christian, Jew or Muslim.

Warm regards and prayers for you,
R. Haroon

My Response

From the beginning, when the Founders signed the Declaration of Independence, the USA was intended to be a nation where people who looked to the Creator of the Universe as the source of authority could gather together and worship Him with the light they have received. His Holiness has been desecrated in this nation and His Authority desecrated by infidels who mock His Holy Name and Holy Plan. Please know that I am looking for the Living God, the God of Abraham, to restore His authority in the USA. I look forward to working with you and all my Muslim allies to accomplish His Plan in the days and years ahead. May we serve with undying loyalty the God of Abraham. For that God is truly the only Living God. Praise be His Holy Name.

At 07:50 PM 5/2/97 -0400, you wrote:
i have been a victim of the perversions you described---i was exposed to porno at a young age and have spent many years in its hold..i admit i have been perveted..but i will not lie to myself about the truth.... keep up the fight..

My Response
May the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you with the fullness of the knowledge of His forgiveness through the blood sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. And may the joy of His salvation fill you for all eternity. Amen.

Organization: University of New Mexico
Subject: How can I join the Creators Rights Party?

I would like to join the creator's right party. Please send me any information I need to do so.

Thank You,

My Response

Rodney, "joining" the Creator's Rights Party consists of taking the ideas presented here and spreading them either formally as a representative of the Party, or informally, as a matter of truth. Have you read my book Who We Are? It offers a fully developed philosophy of law and authority that is simply not being exposed to the people of this nation. If you will actually absorb the ideas in that book, you will find yourself in possession of a powerful point of view possessing real authority. Perhaps not popularity, but authority. As one of the New Mexico leaders of the Creator's Rights Party, you would be authorized to find out who in New Mexico is interested in defending the Creator's Rights and helping all of them find their role as representatives of the Creator's Rights Party. That's all there is to it--but, then, that's quite a lot.

The point is, you would have to take the initiative as I have done. Armed only with the truth and faith that the Creator has been waiting for some of His children to stand up and begin defending His rights, we step forward into the fray. I can only advise you about the various ways an organizational structure can be put together. Since you're at the UNM, you would begin by registering the Creator's Rights Party as a campus political organization. You would be assigned the title of University of New Mexico Director (UNMCRP). From there, we'd have to feel our way forward. Myself or some other NACRP (National Creator's Rights Party, pronounced Nay-creep) volunteer, would walk with you every step of way via email, etc.

Hopefully, all of us can get together in regional meetings before the beginning of next year. But, as you can imagine, the initial stages of a new political movement are determined by forces that usually must be reacted to rather than controlled. The key to everything is understanding the ideas in Who We Are. With that common message emanating from various points across the nation, the news media will, at some point in time, be forced to bring the news of the existence of the Creator's Rights Party to this nation. At that point, we can expect an exponential growth in the numbers of people working with us.

Rodney, thank you for seeking. I hope you have found what you were looking for in the Creator's Rights Party and will dive in. This is what I call living!

Subject: I have an opinion.

I may be only 13 years old, but I certainly do have an opinion. I think what you're doing is a good idea. I don't think young pregnant women realize what an abortion is. These graphic pictures are a good way to inform them. It may be a harsh way to show the consequences of abortion, but its a good way. It't the most informative way. I'm strongly against abortion.

My Response

Bonnie, thank you for your comments. Not only should you have an opinion but you should be prepared to defend those opinions in a nation increasingly committed to overruling anyone who tries to defend the helpless victims of our mass arrogance. God bless you Bonnie.

I will share your web site with the "few" activist Christians I know in my area of Houston, Texas. The Truth will prevail and the people warned of the cost of counterfeit "peace". I fear God more then man. The soul has great value and its final destination should be of great concern to all!

Don't grow weary in doing good.

God Speed,

Dear Sir / Madam,

My girlfriend is pregnant and currently seeking an abortion. I live in London but nevertheless hope that you might be able to provide information of the sort to be found on your web page but pertaining to fetuses of only 8 or 9 weeks. The important thing is that she sees what sort of a thing she is contemplating because then I am sure her feelings of decency would win through.

If you are able to get me any literature to show her - pamphlets etc through the post I would be eternally grateful. Just let me know how much it cost you to send it and I will reimburse you by return.

Thanks for all that you're doing.

My Response

Ben, since time is pressing, the pictures on the website can be copied by right clicking your mouse and left clicking "Save Image." Show them to her and get her to read my article "I Am A Murderer." God bless you and we will keep you and her in our prayers. Let us know what happens.

I recently stumbled upon your WWW site today and must say I was more than impressed. I am very relieved to see people actually standing up to the faggots that are perverting our youth and ruining our society. I feel if everyone were as smart and alert to what really is happening in the world we could once again create a society as respectable as the one our ancestors created many years ago. Keep up the good work and NEVER let anyone stand in your way or push you down. Take care.

People All Over the World Hear Us Calling.

Hi guys,

I'm a 20yo from Melbourne, Australia. I found your website fascinating. I am aware that you are, as the website said, compiling files on these child-killers in the US. Meanwhile, is there anything that can be done from Australia?

Glad to help,

Dear brother,
Greetings in the name of Jesus! It looks like there will be an election (federal) up here, probably in June. What do you think of the idea of a Canadian Creator's Rights Party with me running in my constituency? My name is Peter Hendrick. Email me at

For HIS Kingdom, Peter

My Response

Peter, you've clearly understood my position. Those who defend the Rights of the Creator should be elevated to authority in every nation on the earth. The Creator's Rights Party would be wonderfully served to have a candidate in Canada. Have you read the book Who We Are posted at You will find there a fully developed philosophy of law and authority that can be implemented in the context of any nation on earth. Please keep me informed of your activities and utilize us in any way you can think of. I especially need to know where you stand on the ideas presented in the book Who We Are. If we are in harmony, I will be glad to add your bio and political information to the main Creator's Rights Party site as well as put together an separate website with it's own address. I look forward to hearing from you. May the Creator of the Universe bless you as you seek to defend His Rights.

Peter's Response

Dear Neal. Thanx for your prompt reply to my email.I am only up to ch.9 in the preview of your book,but from what i've seen on your website,and read in your book so far I agree with.

I am a pro-lifer and have spent about 18 months in jail for the cause. I cannot legally enter your country for this reason. I beleve in Biblical law,and in a constitutional republic based on God's law. Before I come across your party,I felt that the U.S. Taxpayers party was the best,but I don't think they go far enough. In many ways they are still very status quo. Ex.They wouldn't outlaw abortifacient birth control pills.I think condoms should be outlawed as they were before 1936 (If my sources are Correct) I think its pretty obvious that we need to get rid of the UN,go back to the gold standard,get rid of federal reserve,and the banksters that run it, as well as the imf,etc,etc.

In Canada things are even worse than in your country I would say that Canada is about 10 years ahead of the US in regards to the NWO,and I don't know of any "Patriots" up here. But the people hear a lot about Quebec seceding, so that isn't a foreign concept.

God Bless,Peter

My Response

Peter, you represent exactly the mindset of the person I envisioned taking the lead in the Creator's Rights Party. All the issues you discuss, when placed in the context of an underlying philosophy of law and authority--a philosophy like the one derived from the Declaration of Independence--create a powerful political platform that is different from anything presently being presented to the people of this planet. And you are right, Canada is ripe for someone who actually offers a coherent philosophy of law and authority that relies on God's Will for its justification, yet clearly is committed to protecting the rights God has endowed to all people.

You are right about the United States Taxpayers Party. They do not realize that a third party effort simply cannot allow itself to be sucked into the hunt for the majority. A third party by definition is a minority party, and if a minority party wants to be eventually successful it must be built upon very precisely defined issues. For example, look at the early Republican Party and its focus on slavery. By focusing on the desecration of God's authority, the Creator's Rights Party has a very precisely defined political issue, but one that, paradoxically, includes within it virtually every political issue that is causing this world to fall apart. As a candidate goes about the job of educating people about the desecration of God's plan for government, what begins as a minority point of view, with God's grace, can grow to be a majority position. But the beginning must be totally "single-minded" in defense of God's plan for government.

I spent about five years putting together Who We Are because I knew this generation lacked an understanding about God's plan for government. As you grasp the details outlined in the book, I believe you will find yourself becoming equipped to participate in a powerful way in the political dialogue in Canada.

As for the book, I can send you a hard copy, but do not have many on hand. That's why I published it on the Internet. Since we are breaking new ground politically, the one constant we face is the lack of money. But the Internet is truly a Godsend. A grassroots effort like the one you will be involved with in Canada is enormously enhanced as people see that there is a national, no, international network represented by the Creator's Rights Party.

Speaking of the network, I am now talking to a producer from the Jerry Springer show about taping a segment about the party. Point is, if we are doing the will of God, it is inevitable that we will see ourselves involved in very important matters, and we will see the Party grow. I thank God for your interest and trust we will be able to grow together so that we can see God's plan for government fullfilled on this planet in our lifetime.

Neal. We chatted once before, regarding your porno graphics. First message we battled, second message, I calmed down, and apologized for the first message.

Actually, It was your devotion towards protecting our children, that got me off my behind, to do something towards protecting our unborn children via the Internet. Couldn't go the whole nine yards though, as you have, since my grandchildren are likely to visit my home page.

I've been an active fidonet abortion protester for 6 plus years now. Now that I have access to the Internet, I guess I should continue doing what I feel God has led me to do. :)

My Response

Mary, I hope these words can convey the gratitude I felt when I read your letter. I receive much criticism from Christians whose first impression of what I am doing is negative to say the least. The fact that the Lord redeemed our relationship is a confirmation of His leading in this endeavor. Would you mind me posting your note on my website? I won't use your name.

Mary's Response

From: Mary Ann Brown []

Sent: Friday, April 11, 1997 5:35 PM

To: Neal Horsley

Subject: Hello again

...You don't have to omit my name. :) I want also to have a comments page, and would like to use your replies also, and use your name if that's okay.

See ya!

Mary Diaz

My Response

Mary, that's a great idea. You can use my name and I think I'll post our entire series of notes.

On another note, I went to our local crisis pregnancy center's banquet last night and the lady who runs was the speaker. She had a video with a short clip made with the new camera that can enter the womb and film live shots of the baby. There was a short clip of a nine week old child in the womb. It was awesome. The camera entered the womb with a bright light that shined in the nine week old babies face. The baby reflexively put his/her hands in front of its eyes as if to say, "Get that light out of my face." I mean, it just blew me away. Nine weeks old. My God what have we done!?

Mary's Response

The series of notes? The awful one I wrote in the beginning? Oh dear, I knew that letter would come back to haunt me.

I would have loved to have seen that video. If you ever get a copy, let me know, I would like to order one for myself.

P.S. You asked, What have we done, Neal? We have done our best to fight abortion, and I'm sure that God does see this effort in a positive note, not a negative one. You see, while it appears that some do take a back seat in this fight against abortions, many don't. It's those who don't that I feel, are not murder's as some of you messages seem to suggest. Give yourself the credit you deserve, Neal. God does.

See ya,

Mary Diaz

My Response

Okay, let's talk about murder. I know the part of my website where I call myself a murderer is the most difficult to understand, and I was waiting for a reason to clarify my position. Your note gives me that reason.

The only way you can understand why I call myself a murderer is to see that I interpret every aspect of reality based on the "context" approach. Just as we all have been taught to understand that our interpretation of God's Word must be done in context (textual as well as historical) so too do I believe every aspect of reality requires that same methodology.

For instance take the context called the USA. I believe Christians have been woefully uninformed or misinformed concerning the actual context we occupy as citizens of the USA. From my point of view, the fundamental fact underlying all other facts concerning the thing called the USA is this: it is a creation of we the people. That fact defines the context of the USA, that fact colors every other aspect of reality for those of us who are citizens of the USA. Because of the unique responsibility each citizen of this nation has for the formation of the government (the preamble to the Constitution says, "we, the hereby ordain and establish this Constitution...") each citizen MUST accept responsibility for every action of the government ordained in the name of each citizen. To fail to do so is to demonstrate one simply does not understand the actual context of the USA, demonstrate in other words that one is not in touch with reality.

It constantly amazes me how little the citizens of this nation--especially Christians--seem to grasp this fundamental fact. Not a day passes without me being confronted by doofus (I am not talking about you. You are a reasonable, sincerely open-minded, mature sister in Christ who I honestly am blessed to know) American Christians who seem to think they're still living in the Roman Empire. As Seinfeld would say, Duh!

Now let's talk about legalized abortion in the USA. When the subject of legalized abortion is discussed and people begin to describe abortion as murder, it is only logical, given what I see about the context I've just discussed, to see each and every citizen of this nation as a murderer if abortion is, in fact, murder.

It's right here that things begin to get confusing because the ordinary meaning of the word "murder" is stretched (perhaps past the breaking point) when we apply the word murder to abortion in the USA. Murder normally refers to homicides that have been declared illegal by the government. Technically, murder cannot occur when a government gives its people permission to commit those particular homicides. The word we normally use to describe such government sanctioned homicides is either (1) war or (2) execution. But we can't really use those words when we talk about legalized abortion because both those words carry with them the same potential for inaccuracy as carried by the word "murder."

When I call myself a murderer, I base my word choice on a use of the word "murder" that presumes to view the event from God's point of view. I am fairly certain that God views abortion as murder because He knows the government has no right to sanction such an activity under the circumstances presently facing the USA. The unborn babies have not declared war on the USA, nor do they pose a clear and present danger to the security of the USA. For people who know there is a person being slaughtered in legalized abortion, there is no valid reason they should not be called a murderer. If the trials and precedents of Nuremberg have a point, surely that is it--even when a nation is at war, unjustified homicides must be called murder. Since I am a citizen of the USA and can claim no valid reason for my continuing collaboration with legalized abortion, I see no way to avoid calling myself a murderer.

Certainly I do not want to be a murderer, but still I continue to collaborate with that which I must call either murder or war.

Why do I collaborate? Because I value my life, my freedom, and the lives and welfare of my family more than I do the lives of those children being slaughtered today, that's why. My conscience finds solace in the Bible's admonition to "provide for my own" but deep in my heart I suspect I am using God's Word to justify my personal cowardice. Given the present political context in this nation, the only way I could actually guarantee to stop the slaughter, even momentarily, would require violent interdiction of some variety, interdiction that would land me either in prison or dead.

Looking clearly at the meaning of my actions, I realize I am demonstrating a definition of "love" that is totally different from the definition of "love" revealed by my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. He loves people so much that He would value their lives above His own--He would die for them; He would cleanse the Temple for them. I understand that unless I confess this difference between my "love" and Jesus' "love", my life becomes a living lie and I am afraid I would lose access to my reason for continuing to live. Without this ability to confess the utter failure of my "love" to fulfill the Will of God, I would be utterly devoid of truthful witness, utterly without a valid ministry in this sin enslaved condition I presently find myself because I am a citizen of the USA. But because I can confess my sin--my collaboration with murder--I can still claim all the promises that God has extended to those who are in Christ Jesus and who confess their sins. I know that God knows I am doing everything I can think of to be delivered from this bondage to sin. Paramount among the things I can do is speak the truth in love. And this is the truth, if we the people of the United States of America are not murderers, it at least must be said that we have declared war on the least of God's children in the USA. In either case, God help us stop it!

thanks for the picture, i will help your group at any cost to me. keep me in mind!

My Response to the Note above
Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. I assume from your address that you're a college student. Right? I know you're busy, but there are many ways you can help right where you're at. One of the primary tools we have to work with is the Internet itself. Newsgroups are constantly atwitter with people who are talking about the Creator's Rights Party. It seems that those who support legalized abortion, legalized homosexuality, and other examples of rank desecration are amazed when they find out that there are people like yourself who are willing to resist them with the ideas espoused by the Creator's Rights Party.

Oh, speaking of ideas--have you read the book Who We Are posted at You'll find a philosophy of law and authority outlined there that has not been taught to anyone in this generation but is, actually, the philosophy of law and authority this nation was founded to defend. I hope you'll become familiar with those ideas and take them to the airwaves and college classrooms. God knows we need your help. And remember, the Creator's Rights Party is the only political organization in the USA that has a strategy showing how legalized abortion can be arrested in this generation.

God bless you for you help. I hope to hear from you soon.

Neal Horsley,
National Creator's Rights Party

Mr. Horsley,

yes you are right i am a college student. I am more than willing to use my job or whatever it takes to help you guys out. I think what you guys are doing is a worthy cause and it should be spread throughout the world! Where are you guys located? I am in the buffalo area. About 5 minutes from the city. I am going to download that book you told me to read and i will get myself familiarized with it as soon as possible. I am in the mist of downloading it as we speak. Like i said i have 20 computers to download stuff, and i have lots of time to work with your group. So let me know what to do next!


My Response to Christopher's Letter

Christopher, your willingness to see the Creator's Rights Party brought to the world is truly a Godsend. You have decided to take the initiative in this movement at the most critical time in the history of any movement--the beginning. Without people such as yourself, people who, strictly on the basis of a personal determination to see the Creator's Rights Party come to life, step up and take the lead in making things happen, there would be no possibility of real change in this nation. But with the fateful decision to actually become a player, a leader, in this movement, you actually begin to write history for yourself.

And you are not alone. Even as we speak, there are people all over the country who realize nothing being offered by any of the present political organizations actually connects this nation to the true source of authority we need to be able to survive in the tumultuous times ahead. As you read the book, Who We Are, you will see a political philosophy develop that will equip you to become, along with the others, a spokesman for the Creator's Rights Party. This, along with the computer tools at your fingertips, give us the means to literally change the United States of America.

We are attempting to do what no one else has done: utilizing the Internet and digital technology, launch a true political movement with virtually no financial resources. You and I know that the old phrase, "Money is the Mother's milk of politics" has defined the real people who have actually controlled the USA for the past fifty years--people with money. While great lipservice has been given to the idea that "the people" were the source of authority in this nation, fact is the people with money are the ones who controlled this nation. Those are the people who have made the decisions that brought this nation to its present sorry state of affairs.

But because of the Internet and digital technology, we actually have the opportunity to do an end run around the establishment controlled by and dictated by the demands of money and launch a political movement that serves a god other than Mammon.

Do you see the vision that sustains us? Do you sense the awesome impact created by ideas with power to actually move people to change? When you have absorbed the book Who We Are, I sincerely hope you will fully grasp the vision that moves all of us to perservere in this present conflict.

Our reason for being lies in the political distinctives that separate the Creator's Rights Party from the political herd. The book you have begun to read is actually a political history of the formation of the USA that defines the foundational distinctives created by the American Revolution. The foundational principles defined at the beginning of this nation, and our determination to defend those principles, actually provides us with real authority at this moment in history. As you take the initiative in helping people understand the Creator's Rights Party and what we represent, you will find people responding to your leadership, to your authority, because you will represent the truth, the "self-evident truths" fought for and won by the actual founders of the United States of America.

There is a real power in this world that has gone untapped for most of our lives. It is the power of the truth. By embracing the Creator's Rights Party and accepting its call to leadership, you have become, in your generation, an authentic representative of the truth in the United States of America. May the authority and influence flowing to you because of that decision be the stuff of legend to you and yours for generations to come. And finally may the Creator whose Will provides all men with their inalienable rights be glorified throughout time without end.

Let's talk as soon as you have finished studying Who We Are.

Enjoyed your site. I agree with you that evil, anti-sociality and immorality must be brought into the light inorder for society/ the common man to wake up and come to their collective senses. I am not a Christian, so I really don't have anything to say about your religious beliefs or Biblical interpretations. However, I do know that you do not have to be a firebrand-Christian to be offended by those whom bring disgrace, disgust, and misery into our world.

Keep up the fire.

I would like to order 1. A Creator's Rights Party bumpersticker, and 2."If at first you don't secede, try, try again" bumper sticker. Please include invoice or let me know how much $ to send in. I would like to have a "Jail Faggots" bumper sticker, but I work with too many faggots. They would say I am causing them "a hostile work environment." Forget the fact that their very presence causes me "a hostile work environment." So I at this time will forgo the "Arrest Faggots". Until such time that they are arrested or I am freed from my present chain.

Subject: Can you help???

Hi there! I found your email address on your website. I am hoping that you are an answer to prayer. I need to find a list of corporate sponsors who could help get a very important book published regarding how birth control pills are killing babies in the wombs with their abortifacient factors. It also covers how women are using many other types of birth control that are killing their own children, but of course their doctors are not telling them this. This book was written by a woman, the mother of 5. She and I, the mother of 4, are desperate to this book out before more babies have to die. We are involved in many areas of pro-life work, however, this book was completely inpsired by the Holy Spirit and we feel Jesus is telling us to get it out NOW! It is a Catholic book in nature, but the information contained needs to get out to every woman and man who are using artificial birth control no matter what their religious affiliation . How many people realize that the birth control pill is killing babies in the womb! All we hear about is the partial-birth abortion these days. Jesus has told us ( through prayer and revelation) that more babies are dying from the abortifactient factor found in the Pill, the Depo-Provera shot and the like, than all surgical abortions. That is a numbing thought. Please, if you have any lists of corporate sponsors who could help get this Non-profit, FREE book published, we would be most grateful and you would be blessed abundantly. Let's get this killing stopped!! If only I could get a hold of Mr. Tom Monihan (sp?) Owner of Dominos Pizza Inc, I know he would help..he was raised by nuns and has a deep love for the babies. I will await your reponse...Also, if you are interested, I could have my friend ( the author) forward you the part of the book I am referring to via email. Let me know. Thank you in advance!!
Yours in Christ, Kelly Hudson

Please put me on your mailing list. Thank you

I am John I stand with you see you soon

We are firmly anti-abortion, we are Christians, but some of the things you say seem to fly in the face of what we have been taught is God's will for people who live under a government.

We are positively opposed to violence in the anti-abortion movement. When you speak of militias and succession, it seems to only add to the general impression that people who are opposed to abortion, homosexuality and other rampant forms of sin in our world are kooks.

We are interested to know who you think any of this can be done in a non-violent way. I pray for this country daily because I don't think it can endure much longer on the path it has chosen to follow. However, some of your ideas are too radical for us.

But we do want you to know there are lots of people out here who are worried about these issues and are looking for the God-given answer. It certainly isn't coming from our politicians.

My Response To the Note Above

I can tell by your note to me that you are sincerely trying to be open to hearing a word from the Lord. Let me say that you are rare these days. Most people I encounter who call themselves Christians are absolutely committed to refusing to allow anything into their consciousness except that which they have already received. Their minds are closed to me and everything I say. That you have enough trust in the Jesus you serve to allow yourself to be brought into the presence of new ideas proves to me that the Jesus you serve is the same One I serve. He is able to keep those who are in Him. And He is able deliver them from bondage to sin.

When you mentioned to me that "some of the things you say seem to fly in the face of what we have been taught is God's will for people who live under a government" you spotlighted what I consider to be the actual reason God's authority has been ejected from the reasoning process leading to the formation of law in the USA. What us Christians in this generation (and everybody else for that matter) have been taught about God's plan for government was a false message that confused rather than enlightened us about God's actual plan for government.

Look at the way this generation of Christians has responded to a truly historic rejection of the idea of God in the USA. We have stood impotently on the sidelines unable to arrest the desecration as absolutely mind-boggling desecration has been accepted in the highest counsels of government. Why? Because God's Word has been understood to require us to tolerate these changes.

I have written volumes, literally volumes, defining an entire philosophy of law and government that grows directly out of what I have been taught as the Spirit of God has led me to understand Holy Scripture. The fact that I had to write all that I have written demonstrates the subject we are discussing is not one that can be explained in a short letter. It is a subject that requires much study. I presented on the Internet the things I have written because I am persuaded that God has called me to be a teacher about these things. I have heard His admonitions about being careful to answer such a call. I have been careful but still was required to answer. If you would understand me, it will be necessary to read "Who We Are" posted at and it's continuation which is posted in the articles concerning the necessity of creating a secession movement (, "Arresting Desecration," etc.)

As you read, you will see that my testimony as a Christian is built into everything that I say and do. But I do not do what I do the way I do it because I am a Christian. I do what I do the way I do it because I am a Christian who is a citizen of the United States of America. Unless and until God's people in this nation realize we have been given a unique governmental system, founded on unique principles that make the USA a unique opportunity for God to impress people with His plan for government, this generation of Christian citizens in the USA will continue to collaborate with the forces of evil rather than resisting them as God has called us to resist. Finally, Paul tells us in Romans 6 that those who are in Christ Jesus will not remain as slaves to sin. That deliverance from slavery to sin is not predicated on the will of man, but on the Will and honor of God Himself. While I will be quick to admit my honor is highly suspect, His Honor can be trusted. I hope you will actually read what I have written. I will be glad to discuss in minute detail every idea I present. I stand ready to be examined before the Lord in this my calling.

I am deply concened about all that is taking place as regards abortion in the US. I have read the message and I will do my best to reach the people and share my concern. Please, enlist me as one of your members. Joe.

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 20:30:08 -0500
From: GTEL Cluster <
Organization: Georgia Tech Library
Subject: YES

Keep up the good work. You are 100% right!

 I have read your book and web page. I am however, more agnostic then you and realistic about the influence of a Creator (God?) on this nation and this world. It appears to me that civilized man is the victim of lies perpetrated by bankers, politicians and religions who have joined together as traitors, to control man through laws and economics which have taken away the hope of the freedoms gained through our revolution, as well as those of other men.

It appears we are doomed to becoming even more economicly enslaved to a New World Order unless we can change the course of history. That is impossible without the enlightenment of ALL HUMANS, to the plans a few humans have for the rest of us. My concern is for our children and posterity to follow. 

Seccession will only create smaller political units that will suffer similar fates unless they are able to control their leaders effectively. This is seen with the breakup of previous empires, the Roman, British, Spain, France, and more recently Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. All of these have been survived by the bankers, politicans and religions who have maintained their influence and control, while the people suffered. The citizens of our nation are just beginning their suffering, yet are still foolish enough to listen to and elect immoral bastards like Clinton, and other liars too numerous to mention. It is these people who will fail in control of smaller units also. 

We need to return to the basics of our beginning, not start another civil war with the destruction that would bring. 


My Response 

Education is clearly the solution. Have you scanned my book "Who We Are" at The question is, how do we get people to focus on these issues so they might be educated. To teach the mule, one must first get his attention. That is what the Creator's Rights Party and all this talk about secession is all about. Our particular emphasis has the power to get everyone's attention and alert them to the fact that these issues will be resolved to our satisfaction or these presently united States of America will be destroyed. This emphasis separates what I'm doing from that which is being attempted by others who share the same overall political philosophy--Alan Keyes, for instance. 

Alan Keyes is following a train of thought that began to be sensed at least ten years ago. Back then, when I began to realize the points I make in my book, I began to try to persuade my boss, Chuck Colson, to agree with the points I made. He was a lawyer, set in his own thought process, and was resistant, but as we talked he told me about another guy who was saying the same things to him. The guy's name was Bob Cannada, a very prominent lawyer out of Jackson, Ms. He and I began to correspond and it turns out Bob was a member of the board of Directors of the Christian Bar Assn. and was in the process of bumping heads with the CBA about all these matters of law. So, about five years ago, Alan Keyes joined in what was by then a fairly substantial chorus of people saying essentially the same things about the nature of law and the nature of authority as it has been designed to operate in these presently united States of America. My problem with all of them was they appeared prepared to talk forever and do nothing. So, I began to look for something we could do. Hence, my "extreme" analysis.

I supported Alan Keyes in the last election, but when it came down to it, I realized that even if Alan was elected he would be hamstrung by the present political reality and incapable of creating any real change in the political status quo. At best, all he could do was instigate a Constitutional crisis making secession necessary. Otherwise, he would be forced to maintain the status quo controlled by those five bastard outlaws on the Supreme Court who actually rule the law in the presently united States of America.

At the core of our present difficulties is the fact that five people on the Supreme Court have been given the power (not the right) to define law for all of us. And the only way to overrule their decision is a Constitutional Amendment (which requires a huge majority of support throughout the nation) or secession. The moral of the story of the last twenty years is this: those five people rule regardless of who is President or regardless of who is in majority in the legislative brance of government. Finding a way to overrule the Supreme Court is the search we are truly involved in. Anybody who's actually in touch with the facts knows this. If you will actually take the time to absorb the strategy I propose, you will see that the Creator's Rights Party actually provides a vision that shows us how the desecration of God's authority can be arrested in this generation.

What connection, if any, do you have with the "Sons of Liberty" of Boise, Idaho and it's leader, Marvin Gardner? I have been in touch with David Haas of Newhall, CA, who is their California state leader. David tells me they have contact with groups all over the country, are primarily interested in restoring the DOI and Constitution, but also are attempting to form "Minute Men" (2M) militia units.

On the surface, it appears they have little formal connection with other Patriot or Militia groups across the nation, other then use of the same "Sons of Liberty" name, which David tells me goes back to when the name used by the followers of Samuel Adams in the 1760s prior to the start of the actual Revolution in 1776.

While I wish you luck in forming the CRP party and your run for govenor of Georgia, I fear for your success. We have too many citizens with their heads in the sand, for any 3rd party to succeed in the near future. Secession has already begun in earnest in Texas. Seceding as an individual citizen is not economically feasible.

What needs to be done is to educate the citizens, eliminate professional politicians, reduce their salaries, eliminate their pensions and perks, and reestablish their position as servants of the citizens, as the citizens chose. Accomplishing this will only be possible by joining together with a common goal, to restore our nation as the republic it was formed as, and to elect representatives who will support our common goal.

John Popp

My Response

John, thanks for your thoughtful response. I hope every militia member in the nation will be able to read Who We Are and help to reestablish God's plan for government in the USA. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.

I saw your website mentioned in some newsgroups. I am interested in what you are saying. You place a lot of emphasis on what you call "Desecration." Can you tell me exactly what you mean by that? 

Don Spitz, Pro-Life Virginia

My Response

Don, you asked what I mean by "desecration." Webster's dictionary defines desecrate this way: "to divest of sacredness; to profane; to treat as not sacred." The idea of desecration implies that there is something sacred that is being turned upside down and treated as if it were not sacred. 

In order to truly understand the concept of desecration, one must first clearly understand the concept of sacredness. To be sacred means something is put aside by God for a special purpose. Webster's dictionary defines sacred this way: "consecrated to or belonging to a god or diety; dedicated or appropriated to religious use; made holy; as a sacred place, or a sacred day." 

The point is there are some things that God intended to be sacred that this generation has desecrated. 

What things? 

Well, people for one. God intended for people to be created in His image. Yet some people here have decided they can take these sacred things called people, things created in the image of God Himself, and can kill them as long as they haven't emerged from their mother's womb. That's desecration.

Another example of desecration is government itself. Romans 13 says clearly that government itself was created by God to serve God's purposes. Government was intended by God to be a sacred thing. Yet this generation has taken government and turned it into the enemy of the God that created it. That is desecration. 

Or take homosexuality. God created the sexual union between a man and woman to be a way to help us understand a great mystery; namely, Christ and the Church. That is what God says in Ephesians 5: 32. To use sexual union in any other way means the sacred sexual union is being corrupted. That is desecration. 

Literally every example of the evil we see growing around us---homosexuality, abortion, etc.--are examples of rank desecration. People must be taught to understand the logic of desecration. 

The logic of desecration goes like this: If God created something to be used a certain way (to be sacred), when people use it a different way, God has a right to be angry because His Will and His Plan are being thwarted. If we teach people to understand desecration, we are teaching people to understand why these examples of desecration are evil in God's eyes. In fact, the reason many people do not understand why the things we cry out against are evil is because people have not been taught that these things are sacred. Desecration is a constant theme in my writings because if I can do nothing else, I can try to teach people to understand desecration. 

Don, beneath every specific example of sin we see around us--homosexuality, abortion, etc.-- is one particular sin. That sin is called idolatry. 

People refuse to worship or serve the Living God and insist on creating phony gods that they pretend to worship. Actually they are worshipping themselves when they do this. God knows this, you and I know this, but Satan has blinded most of his followers so they do not know they are idolators. Some do, but most don't. By focusing on desecration, the focus and spotlight is kept on God Himself, rather than on the "sins." In other words, all these sins are seen to be examples of one horrible, central sin--idolatry. In this way I hope to help people come to know our God better. For He is worthy to be praised and deserves our service because of His great love revealed in Christ Jesus. Blessed be His Holy name.


I get a steady stream of letters like the following two from young Christians all across the USA.

Your belief in Christ and his word are admirable but you seem to have forgotten one essential teaching: that is, it is GOD'S role to judge, not ours. All we are to do is worship God, love one another and try to spread the gospel to as many people as possible. Spreading a message of "arresting faggots" will serve only to further isolate this world from the word of Christ, and of God. Please do not let that happen. Think about it, pray about it. Try to see things from my perspective for a second and I will try to do the same.


The following message came from a person who has subsequently asked to be moved to the "Enemies" section of the website. Rather than disturb my response that follows her letter, I've left it here. Hopefully, it will suffice to say that her response proves that unlike our friend named "Daisy" above, this person is clearly the enemy in every sense of the word. Her brand of "love" ultimately leaves the Word of God without power in this world and makes the God of the Bible a collaborator with, rather than the judge of, sin.

Subject: I've just said a prayer for you...

After reading through your site and some of it's subpages, I felt the need to write to you and let you know that I have said a prayer on behalf of you and your site.

It breaks my heart to see our loving Heavenly Father portrayed as a vicious, hate-filled monster just waiting to cast us into the depths of hell. The salvation that has been offered to us through God's son Jesus Christ is a gift, a gift for anyone and everyone who is willing to recieve it. God views no man or woman with more love than any other. He IS love, it is His essence.

Our Heavenly Father also desires above all us to have a relationship with each of us, one in which we seek His will above all else, once in which we cast aside our sinful ways and seek to follow Him. However, that does not make us non-sinners. Only one man has ever walked the earth without sinning - Jesus Christ. That is the only reason He was a suitible sacrifice for us, because of His sinless nature. Even Christians sin, the only difference is that we are forgiven, because we have asked for and recieved it.

I noticed one of your bumper stickers for sale that says Unconditional Love is Impossible. Nothing is impossible with God, and the very concept of unconditional love is one of His most important teachings. Jesus taught "love the sinner, hate the sin." Homosexuals, Liars, Murderers, and Adulterers are all viewed in the same light, God sees no sin as being worse than another. Jesus said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone" and no one stepped forward. So it is today. God says we are to call the sin of a fellow Christian to their attention and help them work through it, but we are given no rights to judge or cast condemnation on others, that right belongs only to the Father.

I pray for each and every non-Christian who has been to your site. I pray that God will send a loving, Godly person into each of their lives to provide them with a strong portrayal of what Christian love really is. It saddens me to think that Christians and our Heavenly Father can be viewed in such as light as what your site leads people to see us.

If you do indeed post this letter to your site, I invite comments, questions or opinions from any wishing to share them with me. My email is

In Christian Love,
Jennifer Evans

"Have you ever seen God?"
"I've never seen the wind, but I've seen the effects of the wind..."

My Response

You have confused this world's definition of love with God's love. The two are not the same. God's love has never been "unconditonal." If you will read the Bible, you will see that in the beginning God placed one condition on Adam and Eve's ability to continue to enjoy God's grace and protection: they must not eat of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That condition was there in the beginning. God's love was conditional. Still is.

For instance, the only way you are able to experience God's love in its fullness is for God to give His only begotten Son to die for your sins. The condition prior to God's love being made available to you was the death of our Lord Jesus Christ on a Roman cross. Your faith in the efficacy of that sacrifice is a further condition God places on His love.

Your confusion about "unconditional love" is a symptom of the massive confusion infecting thousands of congregations of Christians across the USA.

I answer you now because I believe you are sincere in your desire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ. But you must understand that you are sincerely confusing the message in Holy Scripture about God's plan for judgment. When you suggest it is God's role to judge, not ours, you utterly distort the clear message of the New Testament and put God in a position to continue to be made an object of scorn, ridicule and mockery by this world.

God assigns to government the responsibility to not only judge the activites of human beings but to punish those activites as well. (Rom 13:1 NIV) "Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." (Rom 13:2 NIV) "Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves." (Rom 13:3 NIV) "For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you." (Rom 13:4 NIV) "For he is God's servant to do you good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword for nothing. He is God's servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer." (Rom 13:5 NIV) "Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also because of conscience." (Rom 13:6 NIV) "This is also why you pay taxes, for the authorities are God's servants, who give their full time to governing."

If you believe the Bible is the Word of God, the passage quoted should demonstate God's clear purpose of requiring human beings in government to judge lawbreakers. Most Christians don't understand why God has this plan for government but the Apostle Paul explains the answer if we will open our ears and hear. Paul says, (1 Tim 1:9 NIV) "We also know that law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious; for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers," (1 Tim 1:10 NIV) "for adulterers and perverts, for slave traders and liars and perjurers--and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine" (1 Tim 1:11 NIV) "that conforms to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me."

Now as you can see, God intends to use the law--government--to resist evildoers. Paul, in another place, tells us why God uses government for this reason, (Gal 3:22 NIV) "But the Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe." (Gal 3:23 NIV) "Before this faith came, we were held prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed." (Gal 3:24 NIV) "So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith."

And there you have it, the clear explanation breathed by words God Himself sent us, telling us why human beings in government must judge lawbreakers.

In the United States of America, every citizen is a part of the goverment. In this nation, the government is of, by and for the people. That's people like you and people like me. God has allowed this form of government to be created and it is the form you and I inherited the day we were born in the United States of America.

Now I know a lot of young Christians like yourself have been totally misled by Christian "teachers," and "pastors," the "scribes and teachers of the law," in this generation. But you must understand you alone are finally responsible before God to ensure that the things you believe about God are the truth. While you are young, God will accept your being confused by the false teachings of people you had every reason to think were telling you the truth. But one of the things we are supposed to learn as we grow up is this: God gives us the Bible so we can learn to hear from God directly. As the Apostle John tells us, false teachers are to be expected. But God gives His true people a relationship with the Holy Spirit and with Holy Scripture so that, if we pay attention, we do not need any "man" to teach us..."(1 John 2:27 NIV) "As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit--just as it has taught you, remain in him." (1 John 2:28 NIV) "And now, dear children, continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming."

My prayer is that you will take these things I have said and find mature Christians, take them this message from me and talk to them about the things I have said, searching the Scriptures together to see if the things I say are true. I will be glad to discuss these things with you further but you really need Christians close by who can help you grow in the knowledge of God's Word.

And thank you for praying for me.

Your brother in the Lord Jesus Christ,

To whom it may concern,
I am a concerned young Libertarion in college. Your web page has peeked my interests. I do beleive however that all mail sent via the computer is read. Your page seemed to have some points that I found radical, and others that seem right in line with my thinking. As a christain I feel the need to act, and your party may be for me. I will need other information on what I can do to help, what is expected of me, and exactly what is the party entire platform. I am not a reporter or activist. I come seeking knowledge of a movment that intrests me, and I ask that you respond.

Which We Did.

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