Neal Horsley

Understanding The Army Of God
I originally wrote this article in the immediate aftermath of a Birmingham abortion clinic bombing in 1997 when someone--Eric Rudolph?--sent a note saying the Army of God had planted the bomb. Post 9/11/2001, the only thing I add to what I wrote before is to point out that Muslim terrorists call themselves the Army of God just as this abortion clinic bomber did. It is most remarkable that President George W. Bush has finally acknowledged and admitted and declared the war that had gone undeclared in this nation ever since 1973 when the government of the USA in Roe. v. Wade effectively declared war against the children of God. If you want to undestand the Army of God in the USA, read the article entitled "Exploding the Myth of the Army of God"

Fob James, governor of Alabama, in response to the recent Birmingham bombing, says he "cannot think of a more cowardly or reprehensible act" than planting a bomb in an abortion clinic. Fob James spoke too soon. The only actual grounds for calling that bombing a "cowardly" act is the absence of clear notification about where the bomb came from. Consider this message to be your notification. The bomb came from the Army of God. And it was not a cowardly act; it was an act of war.

As I point out in the article posted at, these presently united States of America are actually at war. Like the bombs planted by the IRA in Ireland, the bombs might be terrorist but they are not cowardly when war has been declared and responsibility for the military actions are accurately assigned. gives a complete explanation of the points I am about to make: The day the government of these presently united States of America declared war on God's children through legalizing abortion, on that day it became simply a matter of time before the Army of God would rise up to defend God's children. If all the previous evidence did not make it clear, the bomb in the Birmingham clinic should prove to all that the Army of God has entered this warfare.

War is a horrible thing. To prove it look not only at the pictures of the bombed abortion clinic in Birmingham, look also at the pictures of the slaughtered innocent babies on our website at The people in those pictures have been slaughtered because our government, in the name of we the people, has declared war against them.

Look closely at the pictures of the tortured dead babies. You will see there what motivates thousands of individuals in the USA today to think about blowing up abortion clinics and worse. Look closely and you will see why many people in this nation think waging war to stop the war against God's children is a reasonable action. FDR said you sometimes have to wage war to stop war. The Army of God is committed to stopping the horrible warfare presently being waged against God's children in these presently united States of America.

Do not expect this war to end until legalized abortion is repealed. The Army of God is an evanescent, amorphous, autonomous and spontaneous eruption of individuals who are responding to precisely the dynamic I describe in the introduction of my book posted on the Internet at

People enraged by the war being waged in this nation against God's children will continue to engage in terrorist actions. Because the government of the USA has become a godless and apostate body, the people who rise up in arms against such idolatry deserve the name "The Army of God." So call them that.

The Army of God not only will not be stopped until legalized abortion is repealed, but the Army of God will continue to grow in direct proportion to the energy this society exerts in trying to stop the growth of the Army of God.

It is a vicious cycle you are going to see develop: society (pagans, Christians, Jews, Muslims, et al) will scream and rant about the terrorists bombing abortion clinics, society will thrash about trying to increase the legal protection for those who butcher babies, and the harder society works, the more individuals you will see rise up to do the work of the Army of God.

May God give us the grace to arrest legalized abortion before this war destroys us all.

Neal Horsley, The Creator's Rights Party

***Enclosed you will find photos of Army of God bumper stickers that have been being passed from hand-to-hand around the nation for over a year.

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