Horrible Pictures Smuggled From Baby-Butcher Lab!

Watch People Going in and out of Baby Butcher Shops in Your City or Town.

The Live Web Cam Project will make things get very interesting very fast:
People will locate themselves outside baby butcher businesses across the nation and film the people coming and going. We presently have a group of sidewalk counselors who are committed to launching the project. We want to connect with every baby butcher business in the nation so we can catalog the people who go out to kill God's little babies. If you might be willing to participate in this project in your city or town, click here and let us know.

Caution! Count the cost. Satan hates the live web cam project because it actually has the power to interfere with the delivery of his daily diet of slaughtered babies. Satan gets very angry when his favorite food (sacrificed human babies) fails to be delivered. Come to think about it, delete the "Caution" idea. Interrupting Satan's food source is a great reason to help us with this project! Click Here To See An Image of The Actual Battle in the Heavenlies. How's this for a bumper sticker?

Starve Satan: Stop Abortion.

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This Is A WinMedia Film Called "The Hard Truth" Because It Is.

Nuremberg Files Web Site Overview

A coalition of concerned citizens throughout the USA is cooperating in collecting dossiers on abortionists in anticipation that one day we may be able to hold them on trial for crimes against humanity.

Why This Must Be Done
One of the great tragedies of the Nuremberg trials of Nazis after WWII was that complete information and documented evidence had not been collected so many war criminals went free or were only found guilty of minor crimes.

We do not want the same thing to happen when the day comes to charge abortionists with their crimes. We anticipate the day when these people will be charged in PERFECTLY LEGAL COURTS once the tide of this nation's opinion turns against the wanton slaughter of God's children (as it surely will) .  If you are not perfectly clear on what we are talking about, click the hyperlink in the preceding sentence.

How You Can Help
In order to facilitate this effort, you can help collect evidence against:

1) Persons who perform abortion (doctors, nurses, etc.);

2) Persons who own or direct abortion clinics;

3) Persons who provide protection to abortion clinics (security guards, escorts, law enforcement officers, etc.); and

4) Judges and politicians who pass or uphold laws authorizing child-killing or oppressing pro-life activists.

These classes of individuals are all committing various crimes to which they should answer. We regard them all as "abortionists."

The evidence we collect will be forwarded to several secure locations so that pro-abortion forces will not be able to destroy the evidence and prevent its future use. In addition, we will share copies of the pertinent information with local or national pro-life organizations which may need it in their work. Some of the information, for instance, may be very useful in a present day trial if the abortionist is being sued or charged with another crime. Other information may be useful in revealing to neighbors and colleagues of the abortionist by way of exposing the horrible crimes the people are committing.

The kind of information we need is material that will be acceptable in a court of law for identifying the child-killer and for proving the specific kinds of participation that each individual had in aborting children. We need the following:

1) Photos or videotapes of the abortionist, their car, their house, friends, and anything else of interest (as many and as recent as possible);

2) Current and past personal data including date and place of birth, home and business addresses and phone numbers, Social Security numbers, automobile plate numbers, names and birthdates of spouse(s), children and friends;

3) Criminal records, including driving record, mug shots, and fingerprint card;

4) Civil suit record, including informative depositions and divorce file (if any);

5) Affidavits of former employees, former patients, former spouses;

6) Newspaper clippings, news videos;

7) Statements of factual interest from investigators or pro-lifers who have had regular dealings with the abortionist;

8) Contemporaneous notes, journals, or diaries by surveillance workers, sidewalk counselors, or picketers; and

9) Anything else you believe will help identify and convict the abortionist in a future court of law.

We have included a couple of sample files to give you an idea of what kinds of things we need. These samples DO NOT contain our entire dossier on these abortionists, only the central data sheet and some portions of other file material.

DO NOT assume that material you have is already in our hands or that it is not the kind of material we need. It is easier to deal with duplicates or to dispose of material which cannot be used than it is to try to prosecute these killers with anything short of all the material we can collect.

Below is an abreviated list of some of the files currently under construction. Some of these have "quit the business" but unless they have come out openly and strongly to actually oppose abortion (a la Nathanson or McMillan), we still need to collect data in prepararion for the trials. Whatever culpability is for the COURT, not us, to decide. If you have information about any of these, or if you have new abortionists' names and data for the Files, please mail them to the address listed.

Take Action Today!

  • Call Your Local Abortion Mill and Ask For Names, etc.
  • Visit The Baby Butcher Shop and Take Pictures. (See the Live Web Cam Project.)
  • Visit the Court House and ask for Legal Documents pertaining to Abortion providers and personnel.
  • Send Us the Things You Discover!

If you go to the main archive on the link below, you will see there are a few States in the nation where we still do not have comprehensive data.  In addition to continuing to keep your archives current, please contact people in those States where work needs to be done and encourage them to make their information current.



Click Here For A TEST of a State By State Listing

Please follow the format found below in collecting your evidence on the abortionists in your area.

Sampling of News Stories About This Web Site.
Flash! Lawyers Have Forced Us To Remove These Articles. The News Media Does Not Want People To Know About The Censorship They Have Created Against Us.

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Editorial: "Make Neal Horsley 'Outcast'" Send Us New Ones.
Justice Dept Investigates Nuremberg Files Neal Horsley Explains His Work

We are prepared to be polygraphed on this next assertion:
Several people visited this website and complained because their baby slaughtering activities were not documented here. To provide those people with a handy confession form and show our gratitude for saving us time that we can devote to less forthcoming murderers, we have added the following link.
Confess here.


Christian Gallery Owner Receives Anthrax Threat!

Read Our Mail
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Your material can be sent to: PO Box 1081, Carrollton, Ga, 30117 OR Click Here To Send Evidence or Feedback

We Need Your Help!

We can end the Abortion War if we ram the images of the babies being slaughtered into the minds of every citizen in this nation. Ram those images into their minds until the vast majority is ready to vomit out legalized abortion like Caesar vomited out the ancient church when he was moved to repentance by images of countless, unremitting, endless carcasses of God's children. God knows there is no shortage of dead babies to photograph in this nation today or tomorrow or the next day until the legalized abortion is arrested.

Won't you please help us stop the Abortion War by helping fund this resistance? By now, you've probably heard about the massive effort launched by the baby butchers and their evil lackeys to destroy the Christian Gallery web sites. While we have every intention of fighting this until the day God's children are no longer legally slaughtered in this nation, without financial resources, we simply cannot effectively resist the evil at hand.

Every month that passes our expenses grow in direct proportion to the number of people we impact with this web site. That means, without your financial support, our success in the battle will eventually bankrupt us. That's why we need your donations every month.

Every penny you donate will be accounted for using the accounting practices authorized by the standards utilized by the most responsible non-profit organizations and will be available for donor scrutiny. Because your donation will be used in such a project that actually has the power to arrest the slaughter of God's children, the government will not allow you to use it as a tax deduction. But because of the love God has for His slaughtered children, we have no doubt that the Living God will receive your donation as a sweet smelling savor arising to His nostrils and will bless you accordingly.

You can make out your donations to either Pathway Communications (the umbrella publishing company owned by Neal Horsley) or Neal Horsley, PO Box 1081, Carrollton, Ga 30117 or email us for specific instructions.

You can make out your donations to either Pathway Communications (the umbrella publishing company owned by Neal Horsley) or Neal Horsley, PO Box 1081, Carrollton, Ga 30117 or email us for specific instructions.


This is one Web site in the complex of Web sites created and managed by Pathway Communications, PO Box 1081, Carrollton Ga 30116.  The sites are all in a continuous building cycle.  Neal Horsley is content responsible. 

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