Tiller the Killer Aborted!

Due To The Recent Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Decision We Have Reverted To A Version Of The Nuremberg Files Published Without The Strike Through Lines Defined By A Hysterical Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals As A "True Threat". (Most weirdly, the Ninth Circuit found that it was only the use of the strike through graphical device on the names of dead abortionists that somehow made the Nuremberg Files a "true threat." I temporarily removed that graphic device to conform to the cloud coocoo land decrees of the Ninth Circuit.)

Since we were forced to remove the names of the abortionists who were killed or wounded, we have found another list that contains precisely the same information that we had published with the exception that this list uses no graphic devices such as strike through lines, etc. The form and most of the content of the list that follows was obtained from a pro-abortion web site.

Aborted and Nearly Aborted Abortionists
Donald L. Catron
Claudia Gilmore

Shot 12/28/91 at
Central Health Center for Women in Springfield, Missouri
Victims: Wounded
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Dr. David Gunn
Shot 3/10/93 at clinic in Pensacola, Florida
Victim: Murdered
Terrorist: Michael Griffin, serving life sentence
Dr. George Tiller
Shot 8/19/93 at clinic in Wichita, Kansas
Victim: Wounded
Terrorist: Rachelle "Shelley" Shannon sentenced to 11 years in prison, planning next murder?
Dr. Wayne Patterson
Shot in Mobile, Alabama
Victim: Murdered
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Dr. John Britton James Barrett
June Barrett
Shot 7/29/94 outside clinic in Pensacola, Florida
Victims: Murdered (John and James) and wounded (June)
Terrorist: Former minister Paul Hill, facing death sentence
Dr. Garson Romalis
Shot 11/8/94 at home in Vancouver, British Columbia
Victim: Wounded
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Shannon Lowney Leanne Nichols
Shot 12/30/94 at clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts
Victims: Murdered
Terrorist: John Salvi, prison suicide following life sentence
Anjana Agrawal
Antonio Hernandez
Brian Murray
Jane Sauer
Richard J. Seron
Shot 12/94 at clinics in Brookline, Massachusetts
Victims: Wounded
Terrorist: John Salvi, prison suicide following life sentence
Dr. Hugh Short
Shot 11/10/95 at home in Ancaster, Ontario
Victim: Wounded
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Dr. Calvin Jackson
Stabbed 12/96 outside the Orleans Women's Clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana
Victim: Wounded
Unidentified Victims
4-7 victims of 2 bombs 1/16/97 outside the Northside Family Planning Services clinic near Atlanta, Georgia
Victims: Wounded
Terrorist: At large;
$1 million reward for Eric Rudolph; planning next murder?
Unidentified Doctor
Shot 10/28/97 at home in Perinton, New York
Victim: Wounded
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Dr. Jack Fainman
Shot 11/11/97 at home in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Victim: Wounded
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Officer Robert Sanderson
Bombed 1/29/98 outside New Woman, All Women Health Care Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama
Victim: Murdered
Terrorist: At large;
$1 million reward for Eric Rudolph; planning next murder?
Emily Lyons
Bombed 1/29/98 outside New Woman, All Women Health Care Clinic in Birmingham, Alabama
Victim: Wounded
Terrorist: At large;
$1 million reward for Eric Rudolph; planning next murder?
Dr. Barnett Slepian
Shot 10/23/98 at home in Amherst, New York
Victim: Murdered
Terrorist: At large, planning next murder?
Paul Wellstone
Senator from Minnesota.
Died in Plane Crash With Wife and Daughter on October 25, 2002
Terrorist:No Evidence of Terrorism At Present

George Tiller

If you want to see exactly how the majority of people were brainwashed into believing a lie, follow this link and see the documentary evidence showing how Planned Parenthood used the national news media to paint a false picture of Neal Horsley as a terrorist and the Christian Gallery News Service as a terroristic organization.

So as you judge this site and Neal Horsley, ask yourself these questions: How many people have you told about the babies being butchered in this nation? Who are you presently supporting that has reached more people than me?

As this case winds its way to decision at the US Supreme Court, I, Neal Horsley, continue to speak out in defense of the babies being legally butchered and eviscerated in the USA in spite of the attempts to stop me. I need financial support. You can donate by sending your non-tax deductible contribution to:
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We are updating this section DAILY. Our goal is to record the name of every person working in the baby slaughter business across the United States of America so, as in the Nuremberg Trials in Nazi Germany, we can punish these people for slaughtering God's children.   Email us with your evidence.

Legalized ABORTION:
the baby butchers and butchered

Legend:  Black font (working); Greyed-out Name (wounded); Strikethrough (fatality)
(We try to keep a complete list of all the people killed or otherwise maimed because of legalized abortion, but our list is incomplete. This Article explains why.

If you follow the hyperlinked names, Use Your "BACK" button to return to the list 

Gloria Aponte Norman M. Neches (DC)
Lawson Akpalonu (CA) Ben Graber (FL) James Newhall (OR)
K. B. Send Us Information! Richard S. Newman (DC)
Edward C Allred (CA) William Graham (LA) A. Kristin Neuhaus Caddell(KS)
Kevin W. Alexander (DC) Marshall Grandy (TX) Mark Nichols (OR)
Eduardo Aquino (TX) Richard P. Green (DC) Mario Ochoa (TX)
Gostal Arcelin (FL) Thomas H. Gresinger (VA) Soo-Young Oh (MD)
Eurice Agbagaa David A Grimes (CA) Tati I. Okereke (NY)
Carl L. Armstrong (OH) Jay M. Grodin (MD, VA) Edward P. O'Loughlin (CO)
Ali Azima (FL) Kathleen A. Olson
Luis Barquet (FL) R.V. Guggemheim (OR) G.W. Orr (NE)
Maria Ortega
Fritz Bailey (CA) Tom Gunter (CA) Nadar Ostovartz (CA)
Carlos Baldocedas (IL) MosheHachamovitch(TX) Olusoji Oyesanya (WI)
Faith E. Barash (MD) Phillip Hadley (GA) Ronald Julian Orleans (MD)
Martin Barke (CA) Martin Haskell * Olubenga Oredein (VA)
Jackie Bailey  Angela Hall Deborah Oyer (WA)
Robert A. Barmeyer (CA) Linda Padfield
Scott Barrett, Jr. (MO) Liam Haim (MD) Jose Antonio Pagan (FL)
Jan Barton (IL) Jae E. Han (IL) John C. Pan (MD)
Richard J. Beckerman (DC) George Hansen (TX) Ronald A. Paul (MD)
Samuel M. Belinsky (VA) Mildred Hansen (MN) James S. Pendergraft IV (FL)
DaNette Pergusson
David Benjamin (NY) Sharon Hamptlon Susan Pfleger (WI)
Ruth Barrett Wilma Harris Julius Samuel Piver (MD)
Gary Blake (CA) William F. Harrison Gertrude Pinsky
Sally Burgess (MO) Sheila Hebert David N. Powers (DC)
John Biskind (AZ) Donna Heim Suzanne T. Poppema
Lisa Bardsley Moris Herron Allen Palmer (MO)
Mansoor Ali Benham (MD) Denise Holmes Wayne Patterson (Al)?
Jessica L. Berger-Weiss (MD) HELP DETER ABORTIONS! Narash Patel (OK)
Brenda Benton Abu Hayat (NY) Maureen Paul
Todd Philip Berner (DC,VA) ASK ABOUT RU486. Ed Perry (TN)
Janet Blaum (SEND US MORE NAMES!) William F. Peterson
Francis T. Bergin, Jr. (MD) Achim J. Heintze (DC) Harold Pitts (GA)
Cassandra Bleavins Linda Prine (NY)
David Priver (CA)
Arnold Bickham (IL) Warren Hern (CO) Gary Prohaska (WI)
William H. Quillan (CA)
Diane Boyd E. Conrad Hicks, Jr. (DC) Phillip Rand (CA)
Mark Binder (NY) Florie Hirsch (DC) Richard Ragsdale (IL)
Melissa K. Rankin (CA)
Kathleen Bis (DC, MD) Jose Higuera (MI) Gerald Rehert (GA)
Jeanne T. Hubbuch (NH) Jacqueline Reynolds
Robert Bliss (OH) Fred Hopkins (CA) Herbert Remer (IA)
Curtis Boyd Hsien-Lin Huang (CA) Raymond Robinson (OH)
Andrew Brian Block (MD) Daniel H. Huyett III Scott Ricke (AZ)
Nathan Mark Bobrow (DC) Calvin Jackson (La) Garson Romalis (Canada)
Daryl K. Boffard (NJ) Leroy A. Jackson, Jr. (DC) Pablo Rodreguez (RI)
Louchrisser Jackson Erica Richardson
Feliciano Rios (CA)
Constance J. Bohon (DC, MD) Ronald David Jacobs (MD) Myron Rose (MD)
Joseph Booker (MS) David Jacobson (GA) Bruce Rosenblatt (MD)
Catherine Bonk (GA) Gavin F. Jacobson (WI) Vladimir Rosenthal (FL)
Sylvester C. Booker, Jr. (MD) Aleksander Jacubowski Michael A. Ross (VA)
W. "Peter" Bours (OR) Allan Alvin Jathoo (DC) Rufus Rosser, Jr. (DC)
Nicholas Braemer (CA) Mary Jennings (CA) Abraham Risk (NJ)
Steven C. Brigham (NY) Marc A. Jerome (DC) Morton J. Roberts (MD)
Michael Burnhill (NY) Harold D. Johnson (DC, MD) Paula Rothman (GA)
John Britton (Fl) Alfreda Jones Alan Ruckett (GA)
Harvey Brookman (NJ) Herbert C. Jones, Jr. Rhonda Rollinson
Roy M. Brooks (MD) Jessie Joplin Magdalena Ortega Rodriguez
Payman Joseph (CA) William Ramos (NV)
Victor Brown (LA) Ronna Jurow (CA) Himagiri Ravi (FL)
Dorothy Brant Allegra Roseberry
John Buckmaster (OR) Stacy Ruckman
Donald G. Byrnes (CA) Steven Kaali (NY) Martin D. Ruddock (OH)
Belinda Byrd Sandra Kaiser Judith-Comeau Samuel
Rita S. Calabro (MD) George Kabacy (WA) Mervyn Samuel (OH)
Morris D. Campbell (TN)    Maxen Samuel (NY)
Alfred W. Cannon, Jr. (VA) Angela Sanchez
Mahlon D. Cannon (CA) Vikram Kaji (NJ) Nancy L. Sanders (DC)
Robert L. Castle (VA) Douglas G. Kalesh (DC) Herbert Sandmire (WI)
Teresa Causey Douglas Karpen (TX) Jesus R. Santoskoy (TX)
Leroy Carhart  (NE) Robert J. Santella (CA)
Patricia Chacon Richard B. Kearl (OR) Marvin Schwartz (CA)
Sandra Lynn Chmiel William Keene (FL) Ruth Schwartz
Dennis Christensen (WI) Leo Keneally (CA) Fred W. Schnepper (CA)
Ying Chen (CA) Patrick J. Kelly (FL) Bruce Schiffman (CA)
Myron Schonbrun
Amy R. Cousins (NY) Linda Ann Kiley (DC) Angela Scott
Liliana Cortez Patricia King Paul Seamars (WI)
Milan D. Chepco Chungkook Kim (VA) Josepha Seletz (CA)
Homer G. Chin (CA) Karl L. Seligman (CA)
Kwang Chiu (CA) Young Tae Kim (CA) Neville Sender (WI)
Maureen Yu Chua (DC) Musyimi Kioko Roop Shivpuri (IL)
Hekwan Chung (MD) Heather Kirchiro (MD) Hugh Short (Canada)
Amanda Clark (OR) Bradford A. Kleinman (MD) Lawrence H. Shuman (VA)
Stephen Carter Coleman (FL) Allen Kline (PA) Raymond Showery
Jerome Collidge (MD) George Klopfer (IN) Yogendra Shah (IL)
Katharine Sheehan (CA)
C.A. Comerford (MD) H.G. Klopfer (IN) Barnett Slepian (NY)
Gloria Small
Anna M. Consoli (VA) William M Howard Neil Smith (DC)
William Cooley (NY) Michael K. Kowalski (MD) Diane Snyder (MD)
William H. Cooper, Jr. (DC) Marek S. Klem (Ca) Forest Smith (CA)
Twila Coulter Peter Kropf (TX) Jacqueline Smith
Winston Crabb(NB) George Y. Kung (CA) Mary E. (Wilcox) Smith (TX)
Samuel Craft (WI) Young Ho Kwon (NY) Bernard Smith (WI)
Dennis Christensen (WI) Robert Lanza Margaret Smith
Alan R. Spector (CA)
Gene Crawford (MD) Christopher Lafferty (CA) Arthur Spector (MA)
Harry Crider (GA) Suzanne Landau (CA) Carl Edward Stave (MD)
Robert Crist (NE,KS) Theodore Lehrer (FL) Albert J. Steren (MD)
Joe Daniel (GA) Cora Lewis   Bruce Steir (CA)
Mary M. Delaney (DC) Joanne LeWallen (TN) John H. Strauss (CA)
Betty Damato Steve Lichtenberg (NY) Damon Stutes (NV)
Mary Ann Dancy Timothy F Liveright (NJ, PA) Jennifer Suddeth
Angel Dardie  Jium Lin (NJ) Narong Suvannasankha (MD)
Barbaralee Davis Charles Livingood (NC) Tommy Swate (TX)
Margaret Davis Sara Lint Stephen Tamarin (NY)
Kenneth E. Delin (CA) Kiat B. Lim (CA) Bruce J. Tarzy (CA)
Marina DeChapell Robert Michael Livingston(FL) Hunter Scott Tashman (VA)
Synthia Dennard Barbara Lofrumento Michelle Thames
Laniece Dorsey Deborah Lozinski Cheryl Tubbs
David Dixon (WA)
Steven Dixon (DC) Barbara Lofton (MD) Delhi E. Thweatt, Jr (MD)
Oscar I. Dodek, Jr. (MD, VA) Kenneth Lakehoff (PA) William Tarnasky (ID)
S. Ender Dolen William E. Locke (TX) Milton Tarver (WI)
Iris Elizabeth Dominy (MD) Marco A. Lopez Justin Charles Terra
Anthony A. Dundwu (VA) Ping Lu (NY) Pravin Thakkar (IN)
Gary A. Dresden (FL) Bruce Lucero (AL) Larry W. Thompson (NV)
Neville Duncan (WI) Gregory Luck (ME) Harold J. Ticktin (FL)
Michael H. Easter (CA)
Jerry Edwards (AR) William Lynn (SC) George Tiller (KS)
Ismail Elguindi (SC)
Salomon N Epstein
Richard Vernon Erkenbeck (DC) Sharone D. Malone (DC) Lewis R. Townsend (MD)
William Phillip Egherman (FL) Richard Manning (SC, TN) Norman Tompkins (TX)
Jonathan S. Ehrlich (GA)
Sherry Emry John M. MacKenzie (TX) Henry Train (PA)
Georgianna English Michelle Madden
Bolivar Escobito (MO) Margaret Magone (CA)
Daniel Feinn (MA) Tyrone Malloy (GA) Tommy Tucker (MS)
Jack Fainman (Canada) Malverse Martin (CA) David Turow (CA)
Robert A. Fechner (CA) Joel Match (VA) Linwood R. Turner (DC)
Bruce Ferguson Avron H. Maser (MD) Ian Taras (CA)
Karen Ferguson (CO) Phyllis Mason (CA) Kenneth Twiddy (GA)
*Brian Finkel (AZ) Avron H. Maser (MD) Marc Vatin (MD)
Norman M. Fisk (CA) Sophie McCoy Harmen Vanderwoude (VA)
Erna Fisher Rita McDowell Benjamin Victoria (WI)
Sharon Floyd Dawn Mendoza Saul Vitner (GA)
Linda Fondren Natalie Meyers Gail Vroman
Janet Forster Roneal Martin (TX) Lynette Wallace
Robert D. Footer (DC, MD) Daniel McBrayer (GA) Nancy Ward
Henry Foster Freddie D. McClendon (CA) Robin Wells
Carl Fromhagen, Jr. (FL) Nathaniel McLeod (MD) Harvey Wachmans (NY)
James Gallant (OR) Jocelyn A. McGinnis (VA) George Woodward (WI)
James Gay (GA) George Miks (ND) Horace Ward (VA)
Enrique Gerbi (MI) Philip Milgram (CA) Carl Watson (CA)
Nabil Ghali (OH) Henry Morgentaler (Canada) Paul H. Weisshaar (VA)
Gus Giddens (TN) Mistue Mohar Morris Wortman (NY)
Kathleen Gilbert Sylvia Moore Jerald D. White (CA)
Thomas Moran (CA) Neysa Whiteman (CA)
Michael Girtlschmid Katherine Morse William West (TX)
Richardson Glidden (LA) Benjamin Munson (SD) Robert A. Westbrook
Melinda Miller (FL) Ellen Williams
Harry Goldenberg (GA) Kathy Murphy Susan Wicklund (ND)
Arthur Goode (IL) Elrick Murray (NJ) Buck Williams (SD)
Glenda Mussenden (VA) Carole Wingo
Bonnie Gordon (WI) Dorothy Muzorewa Marciana W. Wilkerson (DC)
Charles W. Nager (CA) Perri L. Wittgrove (CA)
Gordon Goei (CA) G. Michael Nauert (FL) Lewis Sydney Wolf (FL)
Maria Gomez Chudi Nwawka (GA) Michael Wolfson (GA)
Michael C. Wong (CA)
Send Us All Their Info! Richard Neale (CAN) Howard D. Wood (DC)
Debra Gray Andre Nehorayoff (MA) Paul Wright (CA)
Guadalupe Negron Haig H. Yeni-Komshian (MD)
Sara Neibel Jaimie Zaita (VA)


Neal Horsley Receives Anthrax Letter



Click Here to Search For the Office Address of the Baby Butchers Listed Above
If you find the American Medical Association Database has locked us out,
to search their database, type the following URL into your browser:
This allows you to search for the location of the baby butcher's slaughter shop.

their weapons providers and bearers

Rafat A. Abbasi (MD) Marilyn P. Ettinger (OH) Mary Nottingham (VA)
Jill Abbey (VA) June Fahrmann (IN) RoseMary Oliveira (WI)
Edward C. Allred (CA) Stephen Fisher (WI) Carye Ortman (OR)
Anjana Agrawal (Ma) Nicky Gamble (MA) Jane F. Osborne (AR)
Alex Aitken (NY) Claudia Gilmore (Mo) Donald K. Packwood (WI)
Kathyrn Allen (MI) Karen Gluckert (CA) Heather Paine (VA)
Edward Campbell Allred (CA) Michelle L. Goldman (WI) Sangeeta Pati (MD)
Dawn Marie Alexander (VA) Chris Grota (WI) Leo John Peterson (TX)
Ruth Arick (FL) Trina Haas (WI) Alan Pollack (FL)
Carolyn Atkins (AZ) Allie Harper (PA) Audrey Psaltis (VA)
Dawn Balistreri (WI) Patrick L. Humphrey Edie Brengel Radtke (WI)
Pat Baird-Windle (FL) Leslie Hinton (AK) Nancy S. Raley (VA)
Pax Beale (CA) SUSAN HILL (FL) Rita Redding (VA)
Marsh Bittiker (ID) Deborah Hobbins (WI) Carl L. Redderson (FL)
Lisa Boyce (WI) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Barbara Reeves (DC)
Jacquelynne Brinkley (PA) Tim Hosch (WI) Jaime Reyes (AL)
Jennnifer Boulanger (PA) Kenneth Hodger (GA) Nancy M. Ripp (MD)
Laura K. Brown (CA) Trudi Hunsinger (FL) Debbie Riggs (KS)
Marilyn E. Buckham (NY) Suzette Hughes (VA) John Robb (KS)
Mary Kay Bultman (WI) Corinne Rovetti(TN)
Dennis Burnick (WI) Peggy Jarman (FL) Ylva Rodriguez (VA)
W. Barney Carter (PA) Robin Rothrock (LA)
Maggie Cage (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Robin L. Rygiel (FL)
Donald Catron (Mo) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Peter Sacks (MA)
Robert L. Castle (VA) Sheila Jensen (WI) William "Chip" Sam (FL)
Rita S. Calabro (MD) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Vanessa J. Sampson (MD)
Thomas Canavan (FL) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Nancy L. Sanders (MD)
Michael Caddell (KS) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Cesare F. Santangelo (DC)
Renee Chilean (MI) Jayne Sauer (Ma) Carol S. Schuffler (VA)
Wayne C. Codding (VA, owner) Glenn Johnson (CA) Susan Shelborne (CT)
Joan P. (Pam) Clark (WI) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Elizabeth Sholes (NY)
Sylvia Clark (CO) Allene Klass (OR) Marsha Savage (VA)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) K.B. Kohls (AL) Mark S. Seigel (MD)
William J. Cochrane (MD) Elizabeth Kruse (WA) Sandy Sheldon (FL)
Janet Canterburn (FL) Suzanne Landau (CA) Tim Shuck (OR)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) Joanne LeWallen (TN) Lawrence H. Shuman (VA)
Lois Smith (WI)
Doug Cheever (WI) Scott Spear (WI)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) Sharon Sutton (FL)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) Barbara Lofton (MD) Larry Standridge (AL)
Kimberly Collins (AR) Daniel Loh Moises N. Steren (MD)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) Shannon Lowney (Ma) Diane Strauss (NY)
Geri Craig (OR) Emily Lyons (AL) Deborah Struthers (FL)
James M. Stewart (WI) Pres. of Planned Parenthood
Susie Crawley (TN) Roneal Martin (TX) Celeste Sulc (VA)
Paige Shipman (WI)
Anne Crayfield (NJ) Aibeth Mareno (VA) Linda Taggart (FL)
Betty Jean R. Czarapata (MD) Phyllis Mason (CA) Cindy Tareau (WI)
Virginia L. McClung (VA) Joyce Tarnow (FL)
Eileen deParrie (CO) Reina Mejia (VA) Maureen Taylor (WI)
Malcolm M. Desouze (DC) Kathleen Moffit (VA) Patricia L. Tipton (VA)
Missy Dixon (VA) Michael Monji (CA) Ellenie Tsige (DC)
Brianne Dorsey (FL) Virginia Moore (TN) Thomas A. Vincent (MD)
Catherine Doyle (WI) Wallena Morton (VA) Thomas Webber (MI)
Shelly Miller (MI) Gerald Wayne Webster (IL)
Carolyn S. Dutcher (DC) Stephanie Muller (DC) Sandra L. Welner (MD)
Gary A. Dresden (FL) Leonard Nelson (IL) Myron W. Wheat, Jr. (FL)
(SEND US MORE NAMES!) Melissa Nemke (WI) Ted Wiselberg (NY)
Melinda DuBois (NY) Leann Nicols (Ma) Nancy L. Whitney (MD)
Howard D. Wood (DC)
Special Wisconsin Blood Flunky Section:
Rafael Acevedo (WI) Kay Hamann (WI) Becky Ploederl (WI)
David Ailey (WI) Dottie Hawley (WI) Kathy Rasmussen (WI)
Jennifer Andersen (WI) Takeya Hays (WI) Lauren Rauk (WI)
Maria Barker (WI) Kathy Heinrichs (WI) Liz Ripple (WI)
Patty Blommer (WI) Charleen Holder (WI) Joanne Rombca (WI)
Latashal Boyd (WI) Tod Huber (WI) Vicki Scanlon (WI)
Fritz Broekhuizen M.D. (WI) Wanda Hurr (WI) Amy Schmidt (WI)
Anne Brosowsky (WI) Jim Jensen (WI) Kim Smith (WI)
Lynette Brucks (WI) Patricia Liddell (WI) Marcia Smith (WI)
 Mary Donovan (WI) Tanya Maldonado (WI) Emily Wellerritter (WI)
Aaron Edwards (WI)  Trudy Moser (WI) Jennifer Williams (WI)
 John Einberger (WI) Rhonda Nordstrom (WI) Donna Wilson (WI)
Yulonda Elam (WI)  Chris Nowak (WI)  
 Dilla Hadir (WI) Maria Opiela (WI)  

Special Texas Blood Flunky Section

C. Ahlers
1724 Riata
Waco, TX 76712

Linda Branz
2801 Live Oak
Waco, TX 76708

William Crowden
Rt. 2 Box 3780
Whitney, TX 76692

Carla Shields
124 Hidden Oaks
Waco, TX 76705

Belinda Armitage
13850 Harbor Dr.
Waco, TX 76712

Thomas Britton
P.O. Box 545
Whitney, TX 76692-0545

Gloria Early
577 Lakeland Park Circle
Mart, TX 76664

Sandy Gonzales
1712 Holly Vista
Waco, TX 76711

Karen Hawthorne
1616 Liveoak
Waco, TX 76708

Samuel Odajima
225 Londonderry
Waco, TX 76712

Jacquelin L. Thompson
4319 Green Oak
Waco, TX 76710

Janis M. Willis
7117 Canterbury Dr.
Waco. TX 76712

Concha T. Galvan
921 Brown Ave.
Waco, TX 76703

Kris Guerrero
400 Johnson Apt. 201
McGregor, TX 76657

Melissa K. Lynn
1716 Mountainview
Waco, TX 76710

Mary T. Gonzales
321 Texas Ave.
Hewitt, TX 76443

Sue Havens-Drake
136 Crockett Ln.
Hewitt, TX 76643

Emma L. McGowan
1301 Oak
Waco, TX 76704

Veronica M. Phifer
808 Rambler Apt. 9
Waco, TX 76710

Alice Ramos
3736 Morrow
Waco, TX 76710

Wanda Poston
1134 LaClede
Waco, TX 76705

Ella Robinson
4513 Sanger
Waco, TX 76710

Jessie R. Thompson
P.O. Box 5253
Waco, TX 76708

Margaret Woodson
827 White Oak
Waco, TX 76712

Reva L. Outland
611 Harter
Marlin, TX 76661

Antoinette Quinton
201 Carswell
Waco, TX 76705

Christine Rodriguez
2415 Burnett
Waco, TX 76706

Sally Rodriguez
5100 Hawthorne #107
Waco, TX 76710

Pamela H. Smallwood
2318 Oak Cliff
Waco, TX 76710

  Jerri Barker-Love
  3308 Lyle
  Waco, TX 76708

Dawn T. Churchman
P.O. Box 5
Ross, TX 76684

David Elliott
333 Catalina
Waco, TX 76712

Lisa D. Samaniego
1617 Breezy
Waco, TX 76712

Kandye L. Sparkman
1912 Howard
Waco, TX 76711

Faires H. Sutherland
127 Sherry Ln.
China Spring, TX 76633

Gloria Trevino
2026 Dutton
Waco, TX 76706

JUDGES: their shysters

Frank Bell (FL) Anthony Kennedy (U.S. Supreme Court) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Lonnie M. Brinkema (U.S. District/VA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) James Redden (U.S. District/OR)
Gregory Caskey (CA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Lowell Reed (U.S. District/PA)
Robert Clifford (NJ) (SEND US MORE NAMES!) Barbara Rothstein (U.S. District/WA)
Joseph Dambach (NJ) Peter Lariat (MA) Charles B. Schudson (WI)
James Ellis (OR) Eugene Marano (ID) David H. Souter (U.S. Supreme Court)
Dana Fabe (AK) Michael McElligott (OR) John Paul Stephens (U.S. Supreme Court)
James T. Ford (CA) Arthur C. McFarland (SC) A. Wallace Tashima (U.S. District/CA)
Helen Frye (U.S. District/OR) Robert McGregor (FL) Nicholas Walinski (OH)
Stephen Gallagher (OR) Patty Jo McKay (CA) Gregory Waller (KS)
Ruth Bader Ginsberg (U.S. Supreme Court) M. Joseph Melody (PA) Robert Ward (U.S. District/NY)
Bonnie Gordon (WI) Joseph Mendelsohn (SC)  
Marshall Grandy (TX) Michael Noonan (NJ) John Winston (VA)
Michael Daly Hawkins (9th Cir. Appeals)    
Daniel H. Huyett III (U.S. District/PA) Charles Oberdorfer (U.S. District/NY) Thomas S. Zilly (U.S. District/WA)
Susan Ellen Isacoff (CA) Sandra Day O'Connor (U.S. Supreme Court) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Nely Johnson (OR) Eileen O'Neill (TX) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Robert (Nuremberg Files) Jones (OR)    
Matthew Katz (VT) Frank Racek (ND) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Patrick Kelly (U.S.District/KS) Brian Rains (TX) Arthur C. McFarland
  Johnnie Rawlinson (9th Cir. Appeals)  
  Pam Rymer (9th Cir. Appeals)  
  Mary Schroeder (9th Cir. Appeals)  
  Barry Silverman (9th Cir. Appeals)  
  Kim Wardlaw (9th Cir. Appeals)  

POLITICIANS: their mouthpieces

George W. Bush (POTUS) Al Gore (ex-U.S. vice-president) Charles Schumer (NY.)
Barbara Boxer (CA) Nancy Johnson (CT) Gail Shibley (OR)
James Jeffords (VT)
Julia Carson (IN) Vera Katz (OR) Ron Wyden (OR)
Jane Cease (OR) Ted Kennedy (MA) Paul Wellstone (MN)
Ron Cease (OR) Lucy Killea (CA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY) Patrick Leahy (VT) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
William J. Clinton (ex-POTUS) Paul Logli (IL) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Susan Collins (ME)
Maureen Cronin (OH) Barbara Mikulski (MD) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Mario Cuomo (NY) Connie Morella (MD) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
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Diane Feinstein (CA)
Elizabeth Furse (OR) Edward Roybal (CA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Neil Goldschmidt (OR) Patricia Schroeder (CO) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)

LAW ENFORCEMENT: their bloodhounds

Michael Alston (VA) Charles Trucks (AL) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Denis Amico (KS) Robert Vernon (CA) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Charles Kozakiexicz (PA) Richard J. Seron (Ma) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)


Catherine Albisa, J.D. Constance Hammond (OR) Amanda Stukenberg (TX)
Gloria Allred (CA) Pat Ireland  
Rachel Atkins, P.A. Carole Joffe, Ph.D. Stephen S. Walters (OR)
Betsy Aubrey, R.N. Jack Kevorkian (MI) Faye Wattleton
Bill Baird (NY) C. Everett Koop Molly S. Yard
Tobie Beckerman (wife) Neal Manne (TX) Ronald J. Fitzsimmons
Janet Benshoof, Esq. Katherine McDowell (OR) June Barrett (Fl)
Terry Beresford Pamela Maraldo Antonio Hernandez (Ma)
Kathleen Bis (DC) Kaye McIntosh, R.N. Brian Murray (Ma)
Dallas Blanchard (FL)    
Balfour Brickner Mary Tyler Moore (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Marilynn Buckham Marsha S. Nauert (FL) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Dorothy M. Carr (OR) Ashley E. Phillips (not at GA Southern) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
C. Donald Cole (IL) Byron Pierce (AK)
Joan S. Coombs Jeri Rasmussen (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Maria Corsillo Deborah Roth (OR) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Morris Dees Lynne Randall (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Colleen Fettig (OR) Ann witch
Jane (Born Again) Fonda Vicki Saporta (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Stephen Galos (NY) Elizabeth Schroeder (CA)
Rachel Benson Gold Cybil Shepherd John Walsh
of America's Most Wanted
Whoopi Goldberg Eleanor Smeal Marcy Wilder, J.D.
Al Gore (ex-U.S. vice-president) Shauna Spencer Anita Wilson, M.S.
David Gunn, Jr. (FL) Katherine Spillar (FL) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)
Barbara Hadford  
Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, Ph.D Allie Stickney (OR) (SEND US MORE NAMES!)

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