National Christian Bare Buttocks Sunday
"Putting the Ass Back In Christmass"

(Christian Gallery News Service, Oct 13, 2011) Sir Elton John, the internationally known leader and spokesperson for the Gay PowerBase in the developed nations of the world, recently was reported to say a war was being waged against Gay and Lesbians all across the planet. With the American military machine firmly under the control of the homosexual PowerBase, it is not surprising that Christians would rush to show where their allegiance lies.

While not mentioning it by name, Elton John's reported attitude was clearly alluding to the national news story created when people were arrested for allegedly making a terroristic threat against Sir Elton by saying that "Elton John Must Die" as shown in the Youtube video below.

Pastors from Christian churches all across America have chosen Christmas Day 2011 as National Christian Bare Buttocks Sunday (NCBBS) to show that most American Christians want to live and love with homosexuals. They report the National Christian Bare Buttocks Sunday (NCBBS) is a perfect way to express solidarity with the Gay and Lesbian (Homosexual) Power Base of America.

Many Christian men of the churches also have promised to follow their pastor's lead in baring their buttocks, where they plan, not to moon the world, but to demonstrate the submission signal males of many species from baboons to dogs to Lapsi Christian Pastors have manifested from time immemorial.

In this way these Christians and their Pastors hope to clarify any doubt about which side--or other part of the body--Christians will fight on if there is a war--as reported by Sir Elton John--against gay people.

Pastor Eddie Long Leads Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial Reaction To Gay War

To demonstrate the multi-cultural, multi-racial impact of the gay community on Christian churches NCBBS is led by Atlanta, Ga Pastor Eddie Long who settled out of court an accusation of molesting male teens. The complete list of Pastors who are participating is still growing with Christian congregations across the nation clamoring to be included in the NCBBS, which has adopted the slogan, "Let's put the ass back in Christmass."

All the Christian denominations that have opened their pulpits to homosexual Pastors are expected to support the National Christian Bare Buttocks Sunday with the ever-growing resources of their churches. Promising to show, as one prominant Pastor stated, "the love all true Christians have for Gay and Lesbian members of the Body of Christ" the leaders of the National Christian Bare Buttocks Sunday movement have been quick to come to the defense of the Gay and Lesbian Christians, who, after all, make up a significant, and growing, percentage of the donor base of most Christian congregations in the United Mates of America.

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Neal Horsley for Christian Gallery News Service

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