Picture Starts Bleeding?!!!!!

(Christian Gallery News Service, Jul 15, 2011) Carrollton, Georgia residents were shocked this morning to see what looked like blood streaming from and grotesquely puddling in front of a campaign sign on a trailer parked in front of the Horsley for Governor campaign headquarters.

Motorists craned their neck trying to make sense of what they saw.

Speculation was rampant that this was just some kind of sick campaign stunt conjured by Candidate Horsley to focus attention on his campaign for Governor and his upcoming court trials in Carrollton and Atlanta, one of which ironically enough was for showing graphic images of aborted babies.

Candidate Horsley was noncommittal about how the picture began to bleed. He would say only, "I don't think it matters whether the picture was pouring real blood or not.  The people of Georgia and the other States in this nation have tolerated the bloody butchering of little babies so long that their consciences are so defiled and their hearts so hardened that somebody could hold a live infant in front of them and bleed it out like a hog and the people, especially those who call themselves Christians, would go ho-hum, what's newsworthy about that."

Candidate Horsley continued, "You see, American citizens no matter whether they call themselves Christians or not, have at some point shrugged and said about the babies being aborted, 'I've done all I can do about that; there's nothing more I can do. If they are going to kill their babies, they will kill them and there's nothing more I can do about it.'"

Candidate Horsley stated, "It's right there that American citizens make themselves accessories to the murder of the unborn babies. By saying there is nothing more they can do, they enter into the lie that not only defiles their consciences but utterly cuts them off from the Holy Spirit of God, leaving themselves worse than they were before they ever heard about Jesus Christ. After all, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and will not abide with anyone who lies to Him."

Candidate Horsley continued, "I know what all these American citizens have done because I embody a strategy that is the something "more" that we the people of the United States of America can do, and I know who's helping me and who's not. When American citizens refuse to do what we can do to protect little babies from being murdered, the blood of those babies is on our hands. The fact that these people won't help me implement the strategy of the New Army of God leaves them without The Comforter in this world, and the only comfort they are going to find will come from unconfessed murderers like themselves. They might as well depend on Zombies and Vampires to sustain and comfort them. In fact that's why Zombie and Vampire tales and movies are popular now, because the American people at some level realize that's the real place where they've got to find succor, with people who've cut themselves off from the Holy Spirit of God. It's a terribly tragic state of affairs and I'm doing everything I can think of to wake these Americans out of their nightmare, because I wouldn't love either them or the Lord if I remained silent," Candidate Horsley concluded.

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