(This introduction was written sometime around 1997 and tacked onto the body of the book that was written about ten years earlier. So if dates and events are mentioned, factor in this dual timeline. This entire book was completed years before 9/11, but 9/11 has validated and amplified everything contained in the book. As each day passes, the amplification continues until someday--I pray someday before I die--the contents of this book will be so loud that nobody on earth can ignore it any longer). Neal Horsley, 06/17/05


The Bad News First: Domestic Terrorism as a result of the Murder of the Constitution



FLASH! January 20, 1997: bomb explodes outside abortion clinic! October 27, 1995: Sniper unloads into soldiers at Ft. Bragg! January 3, 1996: worker goes berserk and unloads into crowded business. March 18, 1996, June 7, 1996, July 26, 1996...fill in the latest story of the day; on and on ad nauseum, ad absurdum, ad infinitum, ad horrendum.

Incidents like the Oklahoma City bombing, the assassination of abortion clinic workers, the derailing of AmTrac Trains--incidents created by citizens of this nation, citizens from an indigenous population--these are what the words "domestic terrorism" refer to.

Terrorism erupts from one common impulse: rage; and rage can be traced to one common fountain: pain. Jacques Ellul explains these things in his book, AUTOPSY OF REVOLUTION, but tragically most people today refuse to understand terrorism. Tragic is the appropriate word for this situation because the public's refusal to dig down to the roots of terrorism will inevitably lead to more domestic terrorism.

What are followers of Jesus Christ (Blessed are the peacemakers) doing to stop it?

John Whitehead, President of the Rutherford Institute, defined the Christian "conventional wisdom" in Jerry Falwell's "National Liberty Journal" for April 1997. Talking about the actions of the abortion clinic bombers and shooters, he said they were motivated by "bad theology." "Bad theology", Whitehead wrote, "teaches that God wants to protect the lives of innocent babies, no matter whose blood is shed in the process."

To really grasp Whitehead's point, it is necessary to examine his underlying premise. His inference is clear: Bombers and shooters attack in ways that can endanger the innocent as well as the guilty. According to Whitehead, that is "bad theology." Good theology then, according to Whitehead, would "plainly demonstrate that God does not want the innocent many to suffer for the crimes of the guilty few."

There are few people who would argue with Whitehead about his theological inferences. But his inferences are totally beside the point and have absolutely nothing to do with the actual situation surrounding legalized abortion in the USA today. Unfortunately for us all, the only innocent parties in the United States of America are the babies you and I and John Whitehead are slaughtering through our collaboration with legalized abortion.

Here's how I learned this. It was about twelve years ago. This was back before anyone had ever heard of Operation Rescue or blocking abortion clinic doors or any of the aggressive "non-violent" abortion resistance techniques. A meeting of pro-life leaders had been called at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church down in South Florida and John Whitehead was conducting a seminar about legalized abortion and the law. In that seminar I first learned that when it comes to the subject of abortion, John Whitehead and all the Christian leaders like him are suffering from a deadly mental block.

Here's what happened: After his lecture, John Whitehead opened the floor for questions. He finally recognized me and I asked, "Mr. Whitehead, throughout your lecture, you have referred to legalized abortion as 'murder.' Yet throughout the seminar you have counseled us to keep our resistance activities within the ordinary legally prescibed avenues--the ordinary political responses. If abortion is, as you say, 'murder,' how was it ever an appropriate response to write letters to our congressman, or depend on elected officials to solve the problem?"

John Whitehead paused, then said, "I don't understand your question."

I said, "Well, if I'm going down the street and I see somebody take out a knife and start to cut a baby's head off, am I supposed to pick up a pen and write a letter to my congressman, or run off looking for a policeman, or am I supposed to step in and physically do everything I can do to stop that baby from getting killed?"

As I was standing there watching John Whitehead begin to sweat, I felt a tap on my elbow. I looked around and a man leaned over and said, "We understand what you're saying and we're preparing to do something about it. Most of these people here don't actually understand abortion. Don't make a scene now, and I promise you you'll see new developments before you leave here."

And I did. While in South Florida, I met several people who had already been to jail for blocking clinics; I heard about the beginning of a national strategy of non-violent civil disobedience that had high hopes of ending legalized abortion in our lifetime. Over the next decade, that strategy was implemented in organizations like Operation Rescue. And, of course, John Whitehead and all the Christian "leaders" like him stood on the sidelines and watched as thousands of Christians were thrown in jail trying to arrest legalized abortion.

What's the point? John Whitehead did not understand the question I tried to ask that day so long ago. He does not understand that men of God are not called by God to stand impotently and watch God's children being slaughtered day after day, year after year after year. John Whitehead does not understand that God gives every man the right and duty to protect the "least of these" utilizing every means available, bar none, except those that are counter-productive. To this day John Whitehead and the great majority of Christian leaders act like they do not understand it is an exercise in cowardice to arrive at a place where a baby is in imminent danger of being slaughtered and then refuse to physically step in and rescue that child from death--Cowardice that can only be explained as evidence the person values their own life more than they value the life of the child.

As a spokesman for Christian leadership in the USA, John Whitehead's words prove that the Christian leadership in the United States of America is suffering from an acute case of Denial with a capital D, Denial of the truth about legalized abortion in the USA.

What is that "truth"? This: Our willingness to stand impotently on the sidelines as babies are being slaughtered makes us accessories before and after the fact of murder. Since we all have done that at one time or another, it means that God knows every citizen of this nation is guilty of murdering babies, the least of God's children.

If we had our wits about us, instead of worrying about UFO's hidden behind the Hale-Bopp Comet, we'd be worrying about God pointing that projectile at the United States of America and bringing justice swift and sure crashing down on the land of the free and home of the brave.

But of course we don't have our wits about us. Like the Big Chief in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, we're walking around in a fog. That's why Whitehead and virtually every Christian in the United States of America live their lives as if the legal decisions of the government of the United States of America have no power to turn Christians into collaborators with those decisions.

Hasn't anybody ever thought about what it means to inherit an authority system that derives its authority from we the people? Christians themselves are the quickest people on the planet to stand up and tell everyone that God wants all His people to pray for those in authority, to obey those in authority, yet Christians somehow manage to deny their culpability when mistakes are made by the government of the USA--a government that derives its authority from "the people." Like the Amish, Christians believe they are "separated" even as their dollars buy the bullets and build the bombs that explode in peoples' faces ripping their heads off their lifeless bodies.

Let's face it, Whitehead, et al, live their life as if Caesar was still on the throne. Yet everybody else on the planet except unknown hidden tribesmen in the rainforests and Christians in the USA knows for a fact that the government of the United States of America is an expression of the will of the people--Christians included. Everyone except Christians and those who think like them knows that government policy makes every person who cooperates with those policies accessories before and after the fact of any crimes created by those policies.

But what does Whitehead do? He talks about the "bad" theology of the bombers.

If the truth were known, which of course it is not, the bombers are acting out the corporate guilt, rage and attendant pain that should be experienced by every citizen of the United States of America as the least of God's children are slaughtered daily as a matter of government policy.

Stopping the Slaughter

Few people deny that domestic terrorism is likely to increase during the future. Yet what are we doing that can effectively defuse that dynamic?

Virtually nothing can be done as long as virtually every citizen in the nation is participating in the logic of denial perfectly personified by John Whitehead.

The logic of denial means we are left with only one way to combat domestic terrorism: increased police and military protective measures.

But those measures, instead of alleviating the impulse behind domestic terrorism, will only make the patient sicker.

Then why will we do it?

Simple: The police power "cure" is the only medicine presently supported by the majority, the consensus presently ruling our "popular" government. Even though most politicians know we are doing nothing to dig out terrorism at its root, they will rely on the increase-the-police "cure" on the premise that doing something will at least cover their collective ass from accusations of impotence and indifference. And in the process our "leaders" will do nothing to halt domestic terrorism. In fact, that response actually creates domestic terror because the response of leadership produces cynicism, one of the primary emotions leading to the pain and the rage that lie beneath all acts of domestic terrorism.

If you meditate on the process described in the preceding paragraphs, you can clearly see the deadly cycle leading to domestic terrorism: counterproductive government action which leads to frustration, frustration which leads to cynicism, cynicism which leads to hopelessness, hopelessness which leads to pain, pain which leads to rage, and rage which leads to bombs--ever bigger bombs, bigger and bigger and bigger until the million man march or something like it is incinerated with a five megaton sleeper nuclear device irradiating inside the beltway--or the White House is vaporized the way the aliens did it in the movie "Independence Day."

At that point, domestic terrorism becomes the driving force in the world around us: we all become slaves to the rule of terror.

Since we understand that domestic terrorism is going to increase, and since we have some real insight into the dynamics behind domestic terrorism, isn't it possible that we can do what is necessary to defuse the march toward greater domestic terrorism?

Certainly it is possible; but to do so we would need a strategy that can interrupt the pain at the root of domestic terrorism.

Such a strategy begins by identifying the cause of the pain. If your finger hurts and you notice a splinter embedded in your skin, you know if you remove the splinter, the pain will likely be removed with it. Maybe not immediately, but the pain will go.

Is there a splinter in the body politic of the United States of America?

Actually, this nation suffers from a malady much more dangerous and grave than a splinter: this nation is suffering from a disease called amnesia.

Amnesia is a dangerous ailment for any nation, but for one like the United States of America, it can be fatal.

George Will says the USA is unique among all nations on earth because we are a nation created not in response to racial characteristics nor historic cultural alignments but in response to a mutual consent to propositions, mere words that define our self-image as a nation-- "Self-evident Truths" they were called. When we forgot the propositions that define us as a nation, we came down with terminal amnesia.

The Creator's Rights Party is a political mechanism that can allow a non-terroristic outlet for the pain and rage that feed the terroristic impulse. Those who decide to support the effort begun here can actually arrest the forces behind the movement toward domestic terrorism. Conversely, those deciding to ignore the message contained here will continue to be, like John Whitehead and all of his ilk, what they have been in the past--prime movers in the escalating domestic terrorism in this nation.

If you want to help, you've got to get to the root of our problem as a nation.


We can begin to understand the horrible chain of events developing in this nation today as we focus on the inevitible consequences that grow out of...



Simply put, the United States of America is in a potentially fatal situation today because the Federal Government doesn't know its place anymore.

And the Federal Government doesn't know its place because the Supreme Court murdered the First Amendment to the Constitution, murdered the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, and finally, and most lethally, murdered the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Since the Supreme Court butchered the Constitution just as surely as it has butchered millions of babies, it's no wonder the Federal Government thinks it can do anything it wants, even enslave the American people, and thinks there is nothing in the universe that can stop it.

Big Mistake. Biiiig Mistake

To see what I'm talking about, you've got to actually see what these Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America were supposed to accomplish. If you're a citizen of the United States of America and won't take the time to understand the clear and present meaning of the words in the Constitution "ordained and established" by we the people, you might as well face it, you're a bastard outlaw utterly committed to destroying the Constitution of the USA. Do I make myself clear? If you're not an enemy agent utterly committed to destroying the duly authorized government of the United States of America, you'll take time to understand what I'm trying to show you.


The First Amendment says,

"Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…"

Look closely at the words in the First Amendment. The great majority in this nation has been conditioned by the educational establishment to believe those words guarantee people the right to believe anything they want to believe about God. But is there any dictionary on the planet that will verify the First Amendment is saying that? No! Look the words up in a dictionary and it will be clear they refer to a check placed on the Congress (the Constitutionally prescribed law making agency of the federal government) that forbids (Congress shall make no law) the federal government from getting involved in religion. The clear and present meaning of the words in the First Amendment proves that, to the founders of the USA, there were few things more important than keeping the federal government out of religion. This goal was paramount to the people who ratified the Constitution.

We can prove the importance of the ideas in the First Amendment to the Founders by noticing where they put those ideas in relation to all the other ideas in the Bill of Rights. It was the First Amendment. Numero Uno, Top of the Top, Above All Others. It occupied this position because the Founders knew the United States of America would be nothing but a replay of a broken record of government without it. In other words, if the Founders were to actually learn the lessons of history and create a government that avoided the horrors of the past, the First Amendment had to be in the Constitution.

What was the lesson taught by the broken record of government?

It was a lesson about the abuses of government power when power was exclusively located in a central government. It was a hard lesson, one that cost torrents of human blood before it was learned. And the lesson was clear to the founders of the USA: A people that allowed themselves to be put under a central government that had the right and power to dictate matters of religion inevitably found themselves being enslaved by that central government. The lessson was consistent throughout history. From the days of Pharaoh until the end of the Revolutionary War in the New World, there was an unbroken string of examples proving that a central government given the power and right to issue decrees concerning religion ultimately destroyed people's ability to worship any god except the central government. From Pharaoh, through Caesar, through a long litany of Kings and Popes, and Emperors and Dictators, and Parliaments, and Chambers, the lesson was the same. A Central government—ANY central government—given the power to legislate matters of religion ended up enslaving the people and thereby making war the only instrument capable of delivering Liberty to the people.


Power corrupts, that's why. To the founders, the lesson of history was clear: When a people gave the power to determine matters of religion to a central government, that goverment was inevitably corrupted absolutely. Because that lesson was clear to the founders, the words in the First Amendment were chosen and arranged in the order you see them in the Constitution.

There was a time in this nation when people understood the things you've just read. When the Constitution was originally ratified, most everyone knew what the First Amendment was designed to do. Back then, the federal government knew the First Amendment to the Constitution required the federal government to keep itself totally away from matters of religion and leave those matters to the various States to be worked out among the people. But it's not that way anymore, and you know it. Today, in direct violation of the intent of the Founders, the Supreme Court of the USA makes myriad laws respecting the establishment of religion, laws that tell teachers what they are allowed to say about God, and how they are to go about worshipping God in public schools, and what can be displayed around public buildings and in Court Rooms, and the list goes on and on describing matters of religion that the federal Government once knew was none of its business.

But that time is past. Today this generation of American citizens that prides itself on being the best educated generation of people in the history of the world has been so deceived that most people can't actually grasp the clear and present meaning of words written in the First Amendment. People who in ordinary matters whip through written messages with barely a glitch look at the First Amendment and see there a picture that is diametrically opposed to the one seen by the people who originally ratified that Amendment. This means that words in the Constitution that clearly forbid the federal government the power to legislate matters of religion are ignored every day that passes as the federal government through the agency of the supreme court makes laws defining the role religion is to play in this nation. Such ignorance proves the people of the United States of America don't understand much that's true about the government ordained and established by we the people. Not only that, such ignorance raises the possibility that government of, by, and for the people is itself a foolhardy notion because it depends for its validity on ordinary people's ability to grasp the obvious. Tragically, we the people are proving each day that passes that when it comes to the Constitution of the United States of America, we have lost the ability to see the obvious and have become Constitutionally functionally illiterate.

This book has been written because The Creator's Rights Party hopes to remedy this present ignorance by starting at the very first dot and connecting all the dots until you can see the picture you were supposed to see when you became a citizen of the United States of America. Unless you are willing to try to understand proper authority in this nation, you prove yourself to be a lawbreaker and, God knows, you will deserve to be treated accordingly.


The First dot that has to be seen is the Declaration of Independence. Because the ideas in the Declaration of Independence are foundational to any understanding of the government of the USA, the bulk of this book is devoted to that subject. But before you can hope to understand the relationship between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, you must first get the Constitution of the USA clearly in focus.

The Constitution declares itself to be the "Supreme Law of the Land." (Article VI, Section 2). If I can show to you that the Constitution is no longer the supreme law in this nation, honesty would force you to admit a revolution has occurred in the USA.

It is a fact to those with eyes that see that today actual supremacy has been usurped by the Supreme Court and the rule of the Constitution of the USA has been overthrown. The American people have become enslaved to the rule of a plutocracy embodied by the Supreme Court, a plutocracy utterly committed to destroying people's ability to believe in the God of the Bible.

If people would get their head out of the sand or whereever they've presently deposited it, they would see that the Supreme Court is the actual Supreme Law of the land in this generation; they would see that the destruction of the First Amendment is only one example proving that the Supreme Court has literally dismantled almost all of the structure of law designed and implemented by the founders in the Constitution of the USA. Only people enslaved in the grips of denial can continue to ignore the facts of this matter.

(ARTICLE VI, SECTION 2) Orwellian NewSpeak Destroys it!

To understand how the Constitution has been overthrown, look at Article VI: "This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof…shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding." Now listen to what the World Book Encyclopedia (the Encyclopedia designed to speak to the lowest common denominator among the citizens of this nation) has to say about the meaning of Article VI, 2: "This section (is) the part that keeps the entire structure (of the Constitution) from falling apart. It means simply that when state laws conflict with national laws, the national laws are superior."

Oh really! Look closely at the explanation. The Encyclopedia declares that Article VI was about potential conflicts between state laws and national laws, when in reality the clear wording of Article VI refers to a potential conflict between state law and the LAWS IN THE CONSTITUTION. Can you see that there is a huge difference between laws passed by the federal government and laws defined in the Constitution? Unless you can see this difference, you simply cannot protect the Constitution of the USA. (To keep this discussion in perspective, you must constantly remember that the Federal government did not exist until the Constitution of the USA was ratified. It is the Constitution that created the federal government, not vice versa. But today vice versa rules. All it took to overthrow the Constitution was for the educational establishment, like the people at World Book, to teach people to read a meaning into the words of the Constitution that is simply not found in the words themselves. By distorting the meaning of the words in the Constitution, the educators of this nation adopted Orwellian NewSpeak and utterly misled the American people.) In the slight distortion of meaning whereby World Book made it look like Article VI referred to laws made by the federal government rather than laws defined in the Constitution itself, the Constitution of the USA became replaced by the federal government, specifically by the Supreme Court, as the supreme law of the land.

Orwellian Newspeak now rules in this land. Today the huge majority of citizens assumes that the federal government's interpretation of the Constitution is the supreme law of the land even when that interpretation is directly contrary to the clear and present dictionary meaning of the words in the Constitution. Such an Orwellian NewThink is the absolute destruction of Constitutional government and the recipe for inevitable tyranny. Yet it appears that the great majority in this generation have accepted this revolutionary overthrow of the Constitution of the United States of America like fawning and obsequious lemmings rushing helter skelter toward the yawning precipice.

Most people. Some haven't. Some of those who haven't have begun to go boom; domestic terrorism heralds the shape of things to come. If you don’t want to continue to hear booms growing around this nation, you best pay close attention to the Constitution of the USA. There is only a tiny percentage of people who actually understand the words in the Constitution. But a tiny percentage in a nation of 250 million is still millions of people. And these are not just ordinary people: There are literally hundreds of thousands of grown upstanding men in this nation who have raised their right hand and sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States of America by fighting to the death if that is what is required for its defense. If you've followed the news lately, you will know that some of those people have already begun to fight. The Creator's Rights Party is trying to defuse that bomb. You can help us do that and put a halt to the battle by bringing this nation back to proper authority. But before you can do that, you must clearly understand how the Constitution was murdered.


Look at how the Supreme Court murdered the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution and you'll see how the Constitution got set up for its fall. The Tenth Amendment says, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

Think about it and you'll see this is a most powerful check on a federal government. The Tenth Amendment clearly says that only the powers expressly "delegated to the United States by the Constitution" can lawfully be exercised by the federal government. Unless the power is forbidden to the States by the Constitution, every power not specifically delegated by the Constitution to the federal goverment is reserved for the states or for the people. (Notice the word "delegated." The ordinary dictionary meaning of "delegate" proves that it is the Constitution itself that anoints (delegates) the federal government with power and meaning, not vice versa).

Now look at what the Supreme Court has done to the Tenth Amendment. The last twenty five years shows a litany of cases where the Supreme Court has usurped powers and rights that once belonged exclusively to the States and has brought those powers into the grasping talons of a federal government unchecked by any Constitutional Higher Authority. One example out of hundreds will prove my point: Twenty-five years ago every State in the union had laws outlawing abortion. In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court usurped the power of the States to outlaw abortion and in doing so directly contradicted the clear directions of the Tenth Amendment. Literally dozens of equally clear, if less murderous and warlike, usurpations have occurred with absolutely astonishing regularity. What makes this most astonishing is the fact that the huge majority of American citizens apparently don't have a clue this revolutionary destruction of Constitutional government is taking place. I cannot restrain myself. I must say, DUH!


The decision concerning Roe v. Wade occupies the centerpiece of every examination of the overthrow of the government of the USA because Roe v. Wade, in addition to demonstrating the destruction of the Tenth Amendment, demonstrates the destruction of the Fourteenth Amendment as well.

Added in the aftermath of the Civil War, the fourteenth Amendment states, "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."

Once again Roe v. Wade gives a clear picture of how the Supreme Court has ignored the clear intent and meaning of the Constitution. Read the Fourteenth Amendment again and, God willing, you will see that the Supreme Court has deprived people of both "due process" and "equal protection of the laws" granted in the Fourteenth Amendment.

Let's face it: people are people whether the Supreme Court knows it or not. We have already had one Civil War because the Supreme Court decided to ignore that slaves were people deserving the protection of the law defined in the Declaration of Independence (more on that later). Did you ever imagine you would be alive when the people of the USA made the same mistake made by the citizens of this nation before the Civil War? Did you ever imagine you would stand around and watch the Supreme Court set we the people up for another War to settle the question of who was a person and who was not? Well, wake up, look around you, and you will see that is exactly what is happening today.

Here's why we're headed toward Civil War unless the great majority wakes up first. God knows, and you best believe it, that unborn persons are persons. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution makes it clear that no government in this nation can "deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." When the Fourteenth Amendment says no government can deny "any person" equal protection of the laws, that's what the Constitution requires from every citizen of this nation, whether your governors or your courts like it or not.

By refusing to grant the unborn person the rights allocated to "any person" in the Fourteenth Amendment, the Supreme Court and the federal government of the United States of America that serves the Supreme Court joined in the worldwide War being waged against the unwanted unborn people of the world. I repeat: Make no mistake about it and you won't be surprised when you see it happening, the present government of the United States of America has already declared War on the Constitution of the United States of America. Such revolutionary usurpation of authority and right has left the federal government of the United States of America at War, not only with the Constitution, and not only with the helpless and innocent unwanted children of the world, but with the Supreme Authority who actually created people, the Creator who, according to the Declaration of Independence, "endows all men with certain unalienable Rights."

Is there any wonder you hear us saying, God help and save the USA.



Okay, let's get down to business. To understand this government, we must get the big picture in view first. Doing this, the details that will be added later can be placed in context.

At the broadest level, a nation is a thing people create that defines what holds those people together. A nation begins as an idea in the minds of people. A nation becomes a concrete part of objective reality when people do what is necessary to make the nation a part of objective reality. People who forget this fundamental fact about nations are like people who suffer from amnesia: they simply cannot remember who they are.

National amnesia, the malady that presently threatens the USA, is overcome by understanding who we are. To do this, you, me, all citizens of this nation, must understand the United States of America itself.

Like all nations, the USA is a people's answer to the question "Who are we?"

Think about it. Understanding a nation is actually quite simple: Just as an individual defines themself when they answer the question "Who am I?", so too does a nation define itself when the people answer the question "Who are we?" The answer we give to that question determines our identity as a nation and, in turn, this answer provides the actual foundation upon which our life--as individuals, and as a nation--is built.

In order to see that the answer we give to the question Who are we? is the actual foundation of the United States of America, we must understand something about the needs of a nation. A nation, like an individual, has certain specific needs. In the absence of those needs, the nation, like the individual, perishes.

The needs of an individual are fairly easy to identify: food, clothing, oxygen, etc. These needs are easy to identify because every individual in the nation is subject to the same needs. When one of those basic needs goes unmet in one individual, all other individuals tend to feel threatened because all sense that what could happen to one could happen to all. This sense of threat moves people to make changes designed to prevent what happened to one from becoming the common destiny. In this way, individuals learn from the experience of others to alter reality for the purpose of meeting needs.

Nations respond to threats to survival exactly the way a healthy individual responds: with actions designed to remove the threat. Today, our nation is responding to the threat to the economy because we all sense that our ability to provide for our basic needs hinges on the strength of the economy. So too do we respond to arrest domestic terrorism. But it is imperative that we realize the economy is shaking because the foundation that lies under the economy is shaking. In the same way, domestic terrorism is occurring because a foundational defect has occurred in our self-image as a nation. Unless we can actually get that foundation in focus, there is no way to stop the economy from shaking, no way to arrest domestic terrorism. Like a good pair of binoculars, this book can help you get that foundation in view.


Let us hear from you now... Do Your Duty.

Chapter Two


In order to get the actual foundation of this nation in view, we must continue to explore the similarity between nations and individuals. Nations respond to reality following exactly the same pattern as that pursued by individuals: unmet needs provoke a response calculated to provide for the need. But because the needs of a nation are much more difficult to identify, nations tend to be much more sluggish than individuals in responding to threats to basic needs. Even though each individual in the nation shares those particular needs (the needs of the nation) equally, those needs only become apparent when they go unmet for so long that many, or most, of the people in the nation begin to perceive that the basic needs of the nation are going unfulfilled.

Today, most people in this country know that something is very wrong in the United States. To understand what is wrong, we must face some basic questions before we can stop the tremors that daily afflict us all. Has the time come to seriously analyze the needs of this nation?

I contend that the most basic need of a nation is exactly the same as the most basic need of an individual: a viable self-image. Now, at first glance, this idea may appear preposterous. Common sense would seem to say that food, clothing--all the creature comforts--are more important than an individual's self-image. In order to grasp the point I am trying to make, you need to notice that I qualified my definition in this way: "viable self-image."

A viable self-image is an understanding that includes a realistic picture of how to live, how to find a way of life. Individuals who do not possess a viable self-image simply cannot provide for themselves. Their needs for food, clothing, etc. must be provided for them by others who possess a viable self-image. Without a viable self-image, and without people who possess a viable self-image to provide for them, individuals without a viable self-image perish: they starve to death for want of knowing how to find food, clothing, shelter, etc. Thus a viable self-image provides those who possess it with the actual foundation upon which they live their life.

Nations, too, must possess a viable self-image or the nation will be unable to provide for itself in the same way an individual who lacks a viable self-image is incapable of providing for him/her self. This nation is entering a period of crisis because the viable self-image of the United States of America has been destroyed. The foundation upon which every citizen of this nation must depend to meet the most basic needs of life is no longer apparent to the citizens of this nation. The destruction of the viable self-image of the United States of America is a Revolutionary act that threatens the survival of the nation called the United States of America. The purpose of this book is to restore the viable self-image of this nation.

Chapter Three


In more ways than one, a nation is just like an individual. A nation has an identity, a single self-image just like an individual. And just as the individual self-image makes each individual unique, so too does national self-image make each nation unique.

The self-image of an individual is composed of those things the individual agrees are true about him/her self. The self-image of a nation is composed of those things the people who make up the nation agree are true about the nation. Without this national self-image, a nation suffers exactly the same symptoms of distress as suffered by a person who has lost their identity.

Amnesia, the doctors call it. A person who suffers from amnesia doesn't just shut down and fall over, they talk to themselves. What's going on here? Who am I? I can't remember who I am? Maybe I'm...no, I can't be...oh, I can't remember...Somebody help me. And they'll ask anybody for help, even the bag lady on the street. After all, there's no telling who might have seen them before and can help them remember who they are.

A nation that suffers loss of identity responds the same way: it talks to itself, and it asks for help. And the nation becomes willing to listen to people that might normally be ignored, like the bag lady on the street.

People who have lost a viable self-image would be wise to retrack the route they followed on the way to losing it. Following this method, the lost self-image could be found.

Let's look at where we've been. In the beginning, the government of the United States of America was granted authority because it had a plan, the best plan for government ever found on this planet. It was not just a plan, it was a great plan! The present government of the United States of America has destroyed that plan. History will call it Revolution. Why don't we?

I know it's a frightening thing to raise the specter of Revolution in this nation. Prudence would dictate that such words only be uttered under the most extreme circumstances. The Founders of the United States of America were prudent people who found themselves occupying a time and place in history that required them to do things that no prudent person would normally do. They were forced to take extraordinary actions because they found themselves involved in a fundamental disagreement. The point is this: fundamental arguments sometimes force prudent people to momentarily appear less than prudent. That's what has happened to me: I have seen something coming on the horizon that requires me to say words no prudent person would normally utter. I was forced to take these extraordinary means because I am a real citizen of this nation.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I have a duty to protect and defend the United States of America. I inherited that duty the day I was born within the borders of the United States of America. I do not take this duty lightly. I want to do what I was born to do because I love the United States of America. Before I would do anything that would destroy the United States of America I would never put another word on a piece of paper.

But in order for the United States of America to exist again all prudent people in the United States must face a fact: the United States of America has already been destroyed. It is gone. It has vanished. Today the United States of America exists in name only. The present government that goes by the name "United States of America" has destroyed the nation created by the Founders of the United States of America. And all us prudent people let it happen.

The United States of America was destroyed the day we the people forgot where the authority for the government of the United States of America is located. On that day the viable self-image of the United States of America was destroyed.

You say you never forgot, therefore the authority of this government has not been destroyed?

Where is the authority of this government located then? In we the people? In the Constitution? In the Bill of Rights? All of the above? None of the above? Where then? Where is it located? Do you have an answer that you know all the citizens will agree on? If you do, I wish you'd tell everybody. The present government sure can't.

1996 is an election year. A huge proportion of the elected representatives of we the people are campaigning for election in a nation that is suffering an identity crisis. Have you heard one of them say anything that actually sounds like a plan with the power to lead this nation out of its distress? Have you heard one word uttered about a plan that can help the citizens of this nation overcome the national amnesia that afflicts us?

A plan is nothing more than a generalized grand strategy for government that guides each of the individual actions of that government. The present government of the United States is begging to be overthrown because not only does it not have a plan, it doesn't have a clue where to find such a plan.

The first responsibility of the political leadership of a nation is to ensure that the viable self-image of the nation is intact. The present leadership of the government of the United States of America has failed for two generations to fulfill that responsibility. Today, the people of the United States of America have no common Truth that binds them together.

All the people of this nation agree on is this: the government is supposed to be by, of, and for the people. But does anybody agree what those words mean? I suggest we are presently wandering around like an amnesia victim trying to find our answer to that question. Without an answer that we can agree on, all that binds us together is economic ties. And those are rapidly unraveling. Robert J. Samuelson, the weekly economics columnist for "Newsweek" has this to say about what presently binds the citizens of the United States together: "...prosperity is what binds us together; if we don't all believe in a better tomorrow, America will become a progressively less civil, less cohesive and more contentious society." In other words, he's saying that as long as we've all got plenty of money, this nation will be peaceful, but take that away and we're going to be at each other's throats. Why? Because there is nothing other than our prosperity that actually holds us together as a nation.

Anybody who has thought for more than a second about the threat to this economy created by the y2k problem (also called the millinium bug) understands this economy is subject to many forces, one of which will inevitably put a halt to our present crescendoing economic prosperity. Should the time ever come when the American people actually have to face a threat to our common survival, it will quickly become apparent that today we the people have virtually nothing in common across the ethnic and tribal boundaries that actually define our self-images.

What is the present government doing to prepare us to act as a nation?

A government with authority has a plan. It is that plan that holds the nation together during times of crisis. The communication of that plan is the first responsibility of political leadership called to serve the people of a nation.

The Creator's Rights Party not only has a clue where the plan for the government of the United States can be found, we have found the plan itself and are in fact implementing that plan. And the plan being implemented is exactly the plan approved for the government of the United States of America by the Founders of this government. It is this plan that provides the citizens of this nation with the only viable self-image available to this nation. It is this plan, and this plan alone, that allows us--all of us--to understand how authority is supposed to operate in this nation. Now, as in those years long ago, the Sons and Daughters of Liberty who make up The Creator's Rights Party are here to ensure you understand and cooperate with the duly sanctioned plan for the government of the United States of America.

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