(Sept 19, 2009) I'm not calling for Obama's assassination but look at the following picture and you'll see that's what an article on the Internet says. 
Study the false and malicious defamation contained in the web site above and you will see how my enemies use lies to incite people to do to me what the murderer did to Jim Pouillon.  And there is serious incitement in the lies printed above.  If people won't raise a hand in defense of whatever they call God, read the news any day and you'll see they'll kill in a second for the President of the United States of America.
If you are not facing such attacks from the enemy, I think you should know it's because the enemy doesn't think you're the enemy...or the enemy simply hasn't got around to you yet.
As I run for Governor of Georgia, tramping the streets of the Georgia towns all alone, I testify that I am sustained and blessed by the powerful Presence of the Holy Spirit who comforts me and guides me and blesses me with the hope of glory only those in Christ Jesus can know in the face of death itself.
But I'll be quick to tell everyone that it's most confusing to be surrounded by a nation of people who call themselves by the name of my Lord Jesus Christ and be out here with nobody else with me.  Am I deluded when I think my Lord Jesus Christ wants me to make it my life's work to arrest legalized abortion?  Am I deluded to think Jesus Christ cares about the babies the Bible says He created?  Does Jesus want them to be butchered like sows being prepared for the table?  Based on the support I get, I can't avoid questions like these; the questions seem eminently reasonable given the reaction of other people who call themselves Christians to me and my candidacy.  Am I deluded, or could these people who refuse to support me be lying to themselves and the world about their allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ?  Enquiring minds want to know.
But back to the false accusations: Law enforcement laughs in my face when I accuse liars like those above of libel.  If anybody cares, or has any contacts for legal representation, please let me know.  Or is everybody waiting for me to be the next Jim Pouillon?  It sures feels like it sometimes.  Still I perservere.  Why?  Holy Ghost power is all that makes sense to me.
Do you shrink back, rather than face death squarely if that is what the Lord Jesus Christ is bringing before you?  Then you will never know the fulness of the Presence of the Holy Spirit of God I know today.
For context, the article pictured above refers to my web site at http://www.imprecatoryprayer.com.  Read the introduction to the web site and you will see what I'm actually calling for.
Covenant News Service published an article from that site that is a study of the use of the prayer of imprecation in the Psalms.  The acticle is at http://www.imprecatoryprayer.com/Interpreting%20The%20Curses%20In%20The%20Psalms.htm


Talk about irony!

Not 10 minutes after I sent out an email saying that people were falsely accusing me of calling for the assassination of Obama, two Secret Service agents, accompanied by a Carrollton, Ga policemen, showed up at my front door.

For the next 30 minutes the Secret Service agents queried me about what I would do if the President came to Carrollton, or whether I would travel to other locations if the President was scheduled to be there? On an on they questioned me about every conceivable scenario in which I could conceivably have the opportunity to harm the President.

And over and over I told them I had no intention of harming the President.

But I did make it clear (I hope) that I was running for Governor of Georgia to nullify what I believed to be evil, utterly unGodly, federal laws that must be nullified or God was going to destroy the United States of American.

The Secret Service agents said I had the right to do that.

I told them I hoped so because if I didn't they might as well take me to the Gulag now, because I was not going to quit trying to do everything in my power to nullify the evil federal laws that were in the process of bringing the full wrath of the True and Living God down on the United States of America. They said they had read my web site at www.imprecatoryprayer.com and they understood how I felt.

Then I told them about the time, years ago, when I had first been visited by FBI agents. At the time I told the FBI agents I could see the day coming when doing nothing more than the Founding Fathers of the USA said must be done should the federal government become an agent of evil, that I would be arrested and carried away--for doing nothing more than what the Founding Fathers said I had a duty to do as a citizen of the nation they founded.

The Secret Service agents responded like the FBI agents had before: they said they didn't believe the day would ever come that I would be arrested for trying to ensure the Rights of the States would be protected.

I tried to get a photo to accompany this article but they refused saying they had families and they knew I would post it on the Internet if they let me take it. But if anybody doubts this report, call the Secret Service, I'm sure they'll be a report on file.

I hope the agents were right and people will not be arrested for merely doing their duty as citizens of the nation founded in 1776. But I grow ever more doubtful. As I told the agents, much of the power utilized in the antebellum South against abolitionists like myself had been done, not by duly appointed law enforcement officers, but by vigilantes, lynch men and lynch mobs, people like the man who murdered Jim Pouillon last week in Michigan. And I told them that Jim Pouillon had been murdered for doing nothing different than I had been doing for a long time in my campaign for Governor of Georgia.

The Carrollton, Ga, policeman nodded assent because he had witnessed the local citizens rage at my audacious campaign to prove that we all, each and every one of us, stand before Almighty God as the murderers of the least of His children.



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