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For anyone who actually wants to understand the Jesus that the Apostle Paul knew (and knows today), the book offers a step by step biblical analysis of how the Apostle Paul developed his model of God.


The author, Neal Horsley, is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary, the first Southeastern Regional Director of Prison Fellowship, Inc, a nationally known leader in the abortion abolition movement, and a full-time missionary in the USA.


Table of Contents (Click Sample Chapter)

Part One:(1) Why the world is going to hell; (2) Making Jesus come alive; (3) My brush with hell; (4) The anomaly of the Cross; (5) Eloi, Eloi, Lamasabachthani

Part Two: (6) Arriving at a model of God; (7) Understanding Paul's model of God; (8) GOD against god; (9) Paul's self-image; (10) Replacing the Pharisee's model of God; (11) Righteousness through Union with Christ; (12)Either physical union or spiritual union, not mystic union;(13)How the error occurred; (14)Why the error must be corrected; (15)Material fact and faith fact; (16)Spirit as material fact; (17)The battle at hand; (18)Love: the stop sign on road to hell; (19)Hell and death; (20)Deciding whom God intends to save; (21)Judgment Day

Appendix: How I was driven to write this book


There has been a revolution that destroyed Godís plan for government in the United States of America.This book offers a step by step account of that revolution and provides the strategy for the counter-revolution that will restore rightful authority in this nation.



Introduction: The Politics of Terrorism

Chapter One. Who Are We?

Chapter Two. Our National Self-Image

Chapter Three. Battling Amnesia

Chapter Four. A Storm Is Coming

Chapter Five. The Law In The United States Of America

Chapter Six. Authority Of The Government Of The USA
Chapter Seven. Sanction From The Court Of Last Resort

Chapter Eight. A Brief Overview Of Government

Chapter Nine. Seeing The Law

Chapter Ten. Government And Peace Of Mind

Chapter Eleven. The Conspiracy To Destroy The Creator

Chapter Twelve. Getting Out Of This Mess

Chapter Thirteen. Government As The Beast

Chapter Fourteen. How Civil War Can Be Avoided





Mix the New Age world class confusion produced by Joseph Campbell with some equally world class confusion produced by an entire generation of Christian teachers determined to ignore what the Bible teaches about Godís plan for government and you have a recipe for exactly what you see happening around you today.


Neal Horsley puts the entire picture before you with complete documentation leading directly to self-evident truth.















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