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Two newspaper articles referring to my publications were published the second week of July, 2001 (one Reuters, one LA Times). The articles should alert us all to what Gloria Feldt, the President of Planned Parenthood, is presently doing to continue her strategy of censoring and finally totally silencing the Abortion Abolitionist Press. (For those of you who haven't been paying attention, Gloria Feldt and the entire "old girl network" she is a part of--Hillary Clinton, Janet Reno, Jane Fonda, Kim Gandy, Bill Clinton, Vicki Saporto, Geraldo Rivera, Feinstein, et al--is determined to censor the authentic Abortion Abolitionist Press and thereby filter the information that actually makes it to the American people so that the public is exposed only to whiny quisling sentiments from a "pro-life movement" approved by Planned Parenthood for public consumption.) If you're interested in arresting legalized abortion, you need to know what Planned Parenthood is doing.

The Articles
Article (1)
"U.S. Abortion Clinics Feel Under Greater Threat

By Letitia Stein

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Abortion clinics feel that threats of violence against them and their staffs have intensified under the Bush administration, abortion rights supporters said on Thursday. The leaders of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the National Abortion Federation and the Feminist Majority Foundation said clinics have reported that abortion opponents have become more aggressive in making threats and trespassing on clinic properties.

We can't quantify it, but qualitatively we believe that there is an increase in the threats and the intensity of the threats,'' Eleanor Smeal, president of the Feminist Majority Foundation, told Reuters, citing examples from clinics in New York and Pennsylvania.

The groups, which criticized the nomination of abortion opponent John Ashcroft as attorney general, called a news conference on Thursday asking him to speak out against the threat of violence at abortion clinics...

The groups also cited as factors the Illinois prison escape of abortion opponent Clayton Lee Waagner in February and a recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that found threatening speech posted on the Internet was protected by the Constitution...The abortion rights advocates also were concerned about reports of more aggressive stalking of clinic staff and daily postings of their photographs and personal information on anti-abortion Web sites..."


The article above is part of an ongoing attempt to condition the American public to continue its collaboration with infanticide. As such, it deserves to be studied closely.

First, let's make sure we know which "Web sites" Gloria Feldt is talking about as she harangues Assembly of God member Ashcroft to provide protection to baby butchers. As every functionally literate English speaking citizen has been informed many times by Planned Parenthood and the mercenary American press over the last three years, there is one, and only one, "anti-abortion Web site" that posts "personal information" about "the staff" of "abortion clinics." That Web site is the Nuremberg Files. I am the publisher of that site. But a lot of people don't as immediately recognize what Web site Gloria Feldt is referring to when she talks about "...daily postings of their [clinic staff] photographs..." She is referring to the exact Web site you are now located on at It is the only site in the world that presently claims to be posting "daily" pictures taken from the front lines outside the abortion "clinics" of the Abortion War.

Next notice that Gloria Feldt links the escapades of Clay Waagner, an individual who allegedly escaped from prison in order to execute abortionists and their blood flunkies, with my work as a publisher and a leader of the Abortion Abolitionist Press. This linkage is enormously significant because it demonstrates the strategy that Gloria Feldt and every other leader of the legions of baby butchers in the USA have designed to effectively remove the reality of legalized abortion from the minds of the American people.

The strategy is simple: condition the American people so that, like one of Pavlov's dogs, they believe on command that publishing factually accurate information about legalized abortion is exactly the same as killing an abortionist or one of the abortion industry's blood flunkies. I, as well as all the defendants in the Planned Parenthood lawsuit that resulted in Planned Parenthood winning a $107 million dollar judgment, am intimately familiar with this strategy. In the Oregon lawsuit, Planned Parenthood created a legal message that was from start to finish designed to make the publishing of factually accurate information about abortion to be seen by the American people to be the root cause of abortionists getting their brains blown out. Anyone who reads the transcript of the Planned Parenthood v. ACLA lawsuit will see that is exactly what Planned Parenthood lawyers said over and over again to the jury in Oregon that motivated the jury to arrive at their decision.

Planned Parenthood has deluded themselves into believing that talking about the facts of legalized abortion is what causes abortionists to get killed and abortion clinics to get blown up. Planned Parenthood wants the American people to agree with their delusion. These articles I cite here are only two examples of voluminous press coverage that proves conclusively that the "mainstream" American mercenary press is a willing accessory in this present Planned Parenthood Pavlovian conditioning exercise. This next article provides a case study of exactly how Planned Parenthood intends to finally accomplish their Pavlovian conditioning strategy.

Article (2) This was the headline greeting the Los Angeles Times readers this past Sunday:
Abortion foes put woman's medical records on Internet
She sued a hospital and the activists who posted information about her procedure.

By Stephanie Simon, Los Angeles Times

July 7, 2001, 11:29 PM EDT

[Article talks about Steve Wetzel posted at an article about a botched abortion in Kansas. Wetzel posted a report he obtained from the hospital where the woman was treated (the report does not contain the woman's name or address or any identifying information other than her hometown and age), and he also published a totally indiscernible picture of the woman.]

The article continued,

"This [posting medical information] is a new tactic in the abortion wars. And it's one that frightens abortion-rights activists and privacy advocates alike.

"People are always asking me, 'What use is someone's medical information, as opposed to their financial information?' Well, here's a perfect example of how people can use someone's medical information to further their political agenda," said Joy Pritts, senior counsel for the Health Privacy Project at Georgetown University. "This is probably the wave of the future."

"One prominent anti-abortion Web site features photos of women walking into abortion clinics, under the heading "True images of the people who go where tiny babies are slaughtered." Visitors can click on a list of 17 states to monitor the comings and goings at their local clinics. The site promises streaming video soon.

"It's their latest technique," said Gloria Feldt, national president of Planned Parenthood. "Their goal is to win by intimidation."


Did you hear what Gloria Feldt said? Is there no end to these people's ability to lie with a straight face? You can almost hear the whiny tone in her voice: "Their goal is to win by by by intimidation..."

Note please that this is coming from a woman who has proven ruthless in her determination to use the entire power structure--the police, the FBI, FACE, the courts, the ATF, armed to the teeth and ready to rock and roll--of the government of the United States of America to persecute and prosecute with absolutely no regard to the Constitution of the USA any person who comes within eyesight of a place where they butcher little babies. And she is talking about US INTIMIDATING THEM!

Okay, I digress: I'm sorry. Anyway, the Web site Gloria Feldt mentioned is my site at (As an aside, notice if you will that PP has learned after years of providing free publicity for my Web sites to no longer allow the mercenary press to print the Web site address.)

But here's the point: Just as the linking of Clay Waagner and the posting of personal information on Web sites allowed us to see the underlying strategy revealed in Article 1 above, the actual significance of Article 2 can only be seen when one focuses on the relationship between information about every aspect of legalized abortion and the "medical records" that the article spotlights.

What is the relationship? Every iota of information connected to the matter of legalized abortion can rationally and--here's where the danger lies--legally be considered a "medical record." Why? Abortion has been defined not as a crime but as a "medical" procedure. Furthermore, the courts in Roe v. Wade stipulated that the "medical" procedure was one that was legal because the people presenting themselves for that "medical procedure" have a "right to privacy."

Here's where things begin to get ominous: All that is required to remove virtually all information about legalized abortion from the public's consciousness is to finish the job begun by Roe v. Wade and make it illegal for any news media or information media to publish "medical records." If publication of medical records is forbidden, then it is only one step from forbidding the publication of anything having to do with abortion, because records about abortion are just another form of "medical record."

Scoff if you want to, we've already gone a long way down that road. Whether you've noticed or not, Planned Parenthood, with the active or passive collaboration of virtually every citizen in this nation, has effectively removed most information about abortion from the public's consciousness. Look at the evidence for yourself.

When was the last time you saw what an aborted fetus looked like? If you saw it, it was on the Internet or in someone's private pamphlet, or on one of those signs the Truth Tours hold up when they pass through a town. One thing is for sure: you never actually learned much about the horrible facts of legalized abortion watching one of the mass media outlets like CNN or network news, or even the "public" television channels. And you sure didn't see any pictures in the newspapers.

Why is that? Well, it's as clear as day that much information about legalized abortion is already undergoing a kind of "non-official" censorship. Without legal intervention, much information about legalized abortion is filtered away from the American public by the media outlets themselves.

And if you ask people why that "unofficial" censorship has occurred, the answers we hear are absolutely indicative of what a people says when the entire nation starts lying to itself. "Well, we're protecting the children from those awful images: We just want to protect the children."

Riiight. What we're actually doing is protecting the born children from learning what we, the people, have decided to do with unborn children who inconvenience us.

As a leader of the Abortion Abolitionist Press I have made it my business for nearly two decades to take every opportunity I could find to expose the horrible truth about legalized abortion to the American people. By God's grace, I have been faithful to that calling. Article 2 cited above, after telling us that Ashcroft decided to provide the Abortionist Tiller with US Marshal protection like a high ranking government official, ends with this statement: "...But the abortion rights advocates said they wanted the attorney general to do more..."

As the two articles should prove, the road ahead looks very rough. Not a week passes without one of my key critical Web sites being shut down and me being required to hustle up another ISP that hasn't already been Pavloved by PP. With the financial resources Planned Parenthood has devoted to fighting me, they have the ability to continue to shut down every Web site I publish on a weekly basis. I am concerned that I do not have the resources to keep going in this direction indefinitely.

I am working sixteen hours a day, seven days a week most every week. I work 40 hours a week as a computer programmer because I receive such scanty contributions that I cannot support my family otherwise; and the remaining waking hours are spent working as an Abortion Abolitionist Press publisher. I am convinced this time investment is required because the work that has begun is important work that is being used by the God who is as a means of deterring some people from butchering their little babies. I cannot in good faith cut back, much less abandon the work, yet I do not see how I can continue it without significant financial help coming my way.

So take this as me coming out of the closet--my prayer closet--and, standing here in front of everybody I know who might have an interest or stake in helping me, saying..."HELP! The lions are circling. And is that vultures above I see?"

To get an overview of the battle to keep these Web sites online, read this article.

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