"Country Strong"
Shows Country Bewitched

(Christian Gallery News Service, 8/24/11) I know it's late to be writing a review of the movie "Country Strong" since everybody in the south has already seen it except me. But I was slow to watch it because I had a feeling I wasn't going to like what I saw. I know it will be hard for my legion of enemies and handful of friends to believe this, but I really don't look forward to writing something that will offend most everybody in the South at best, and drive one more nail into my coffin at worst. But here goes.

If there has ever been a picture of what it looks like to literally come under the power of pagan witches who are intent on destroying any connection between people and the Spirit of the True and Living God, this one appears to be it...at first glance.

If they were still writing the Bible, this story would go into it as a really lurid, sexually explicit cautionary tale like Lot fornicating with his daughters. But as hard as it is to watch Lot fornicate his own daughters, his daughters at least had an excuse for stealing the illicit seed from the brain dead drunk who was their father: They wanted to bring life into the world; they were afraid of having their lifeline literally erased from earth.

Like I say, at first glance, it appears that "Country Strong" has no similar redeeming value.

For example, the star of "Country Strong" plays a woman who through culpable negligence kills her own child. The singer was on stage playing the largest venue in Dallas, Texas, before tens of thousands of people . She was six months or thereabout pregnant. She had a blood alcohol level of .19. That means almost 2 percent of her blood was alcohol. So she fell off the stage and killed her baby.

That's the plot that explains why she is going through massive emotional turmoil trying to get it together to make her big comeback that proves she's Country Strong.

Like I say, at first glance the movie seems to show the witch opposite of Lot's sinful daughters who couldn't find faith that God would provide the children they needed. The film does not say one word questioning the criminal culpability of a mother whose drug addled negligence cost the death of her own child; and this is the only movie review you will read that mentions the subject.

The subject of negligent homicide does not come to mind when watching this movie because there is simply no basis in logic to suggest that a mother could be guilty of negligent homicide when that same mother, if she so chose, could have killed the child by simply exercising her government given right as a citizen of the United States of America to abort her child at any time prior to some body part of the child emerging from the mother's vagina.

So even though the movie does nothing to help us understand it, that question of negligent homicide still remains the point of conflict the movie must resolve.

As the movie goes from scene to scene with the older star leading the next generation of country stars to learn the ropes of show business, it looks like the movie is going to become an example of how even women who are guilty of some degree of homicide still can be restored not only to righteousness but to the top of the charts while all around her the next generation learns how it is all done.

If that was the way the movie turned out, Casey Anthony could have been cast for the role played by the blond English bimbo who's gone under the knife almost as often as she's gone under the penis.

Aside from the death of her child while drunk that sets the stage for her "big comeback" there was another moment in the film that was pure witch stuff. It came during a song where the Country Strong star proclaims: "If you've got it, flaunt it. Make the Cowboys want it. You've got to shake that thing. Give that girl a brass pole where she like to do that."

And if the viewer had any doubt about what she was singing about, she patted it for emphasis.

The remainder of the movie is designed to show the restorative power of American Country forgiveness. For after all, her fans want her to return from the doldrums of child negligent homicide. What's past is past and the future is supposed to be bright and clear and that's what Country Strong is all about.

But the star is getting old. She's still got enough power to show the next generation how it's done, which is exactly what she says to the next generation as she leaves her last big audience begging for more.

"That's how it's done," the star testifies after her big comeback.

The story line of Country Strong becomes absolutely confusing at that point. The star who's just made her big comeback can't live with herself, so she doesn't. She OD's.

What kind of witch is that, I ask? What kind of witch would, like Judas, realize she had created the most horrible example for the next generation imaginable and show her repentance in a way that even country people would understand?

Well, I finally concluded, that's the way a Country Strong witch would do it who finally got a clue but who had absolutely no insight into the forgiveness Jesus Christ offers to all who present their bodies to Him as living sacrifices.

If you have a clue, you will understand why I cried my eyes out when I finally got this movie in focus.

But, hey, maybe I'm just an old country boy who cries a lot like people with the old timer's do.

Neal Horsley