Dallas, TX Police Ignore Child Abuse If It's Connected to Planned Parenthood


(Special to Christian Gallery News Service, August 6, 2002)


 LIFETALK transcript from August edition of Life Dynamics LIFETALK Series.

 transcribed by David E. Dowd


Individuals speaking:

 Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics


 Ed Zielinski, Atty.  Gen Counsel of Life Dynamics

 Jennifer Taylor, Sidewalk Counselor


 Mark.......You have a real interesting aspect of the Child Predator case to tell us about.

 Jennifer... I sure do.

Mark........Jennifer, tell us what happened with you, you were at an abortion mill in Dallas sidewalk counseling, tell us what happened...

 Jennifer....Sure, I was outside in front of a mill.. and a woman came out to have a cigarette. I didn't actually see she and the girl enter the mill.  She said, "Good morning and I said, "Good morning" and we began to speak.  She began to tell me that a girl 14 years of age was inside the clinic but not only was she there to have an abortion but she had 3 STDs and the onset of cervical cancer.  the STDs were full blown STDs. She told me she had to have the abortion because she had these STDs and it wasn't safe.  I proceeded to try to help her save the life of her grandchild. And I began to ask her if she knew that her daughter is a minor and that she's in this clinic and that the clinic needs to talk to the daughter about the situation she is in..

 Mark.......And also to report it to the authorities.

 Jennifer...And most important, report it to the authorities.  Later I was able to obtain more information by a man who came out of the clinic, who later I associated to be, what I believe to be the father of the girl.  And from the mother and the father of the girl, I ascertained the information that the girl is 14, she was impregnated by an 18-year-old man and that she had these STDs. So I asked the family in the clinic, has the clinic let you know.. first I asked if they knew s a case of statutory rape, they said they did. I asked if the clinic notified you that it was a case of statutory rape.  They said, no they made no indication of that. I asked, have they indicated they are going to report this case.  They said no, they made no indication of that, as well. So, I knew of your project (Child Predators), and I also knew it is against the law in Texas for a clinic to not report this and I also knew that I have a legal responsibility as a civilian who comes across this to report this.  So I didn't know exactly how I should report this, I'm on the sidewalk with a cell phone.


 Jennifer....I called you and asked if it to call 911 and you instructed me that it was and advised me to obtain as much information as I could about the police officers.  So I made a 911 call. The operator on 911 was not that conducive to helping me, she indicated she didn't believe the police could do anything about it even though I reiterated that it was against the law. I had knowledge of two crimes - one crime that had already happened, the statutory rape.. and another possible crime in progress...i e the clinic not reporting it.  She said, could you please hold.  she talked with her supervisor and came back and said, "Again, I don't think this is a matter for the Dallas Police. I don't think we can help you but we can, since you called, send an officer down to speak with you.  About 15-20 minutes later, two police officers came down to the clinic, they approached me, there were two witnesses with me, two other sidewalk counselors. They stayed less then 5 minutes, they never asked me my name, they never took a report. I mean, I kept reiterating to them I wanted to file a report, not only that, I wanted them to go into the mill and check on a 14 year old girl and check to make sure the clinic was reporting it as by law they are required to do.  The police officer, there was a man and woman police officer. The man spoke, the woman barely said anything other then telling me her name and her badge number. The man did most of the speaking, I believe he was a sargeant.  He told me ... look this is not a matter for the Dallas police. Why are you bothering us. I can't do anything about this. I said, what do you mean you can't and I reiterated again.....

 Mark..........the law...

 Jennifer......right, the law.  Even to the point I asked him, are you familiar with the law...and of course, he didn't appreciate me asking that. And so, he left after less, again, about 3 minutes.  He raised his hands like this and said, "Look I am not going to argue with you. A crime is not happening here, today.  And I'm not going to get involved in this.

 Mark.........And so he just blew you off...

 Jennifer......Right, he didn't take my name. Didn't take a report or anything.

 Mark.........Then later that day, we had you come up and give us an affidavit about this situation.


 Mark.........And that's where we can bring Ed in on the deal.  (Ed Zielinski, Atty. Gen Counsel of Life Dynamics)

 Ed Zielinski..Well, what's really interesting about all this is that we suspected this kind of behavior has been going on for quite some time.  There is this unholy relationship between police departments and abortion clinics.  In fact, as a result of Jennifer's affidavit....

 Mark.........And the other two witnesses

 Ed.............Right, and the other two witnesses, we prepared in this particular case, as I am preparing this complaint and request for the internal affairs of the Dallas Police department to look into this, we have two more people come in from Dallas who have witnessed the same kind of behavior  at different times and locations and we have another case that has  come in from out of state... same kind of thing.   What this boils down to is - police officers are sworn to protect citizens. That is what their job is,  that is they are supposed to be doing.  What we have here, is some kind of an arrangement, we don't know what, but some sort of an arrangement that obviously indicates that they will not involve themselves with investigating a crime that is taking place in an abortion clinic.  If that little girl walks into that abortion clinic and says, I don't want you to touch me, then that is a sexual assault... and as you recall from last year we had a case where a woman was in an abortion clinic who said she didn't want to be touched by the abortionist.  When he did it they  investigated as a sexual assault... not until they had some tv coverage if you remember, of course.

 Mark ....... right

 Ed............ What we're looking at now, is not only state violations but also federal violations as well.  This girl is entitled to equal protection under the law.  That little 14 year old has every right to have a crime against her investigated as well as anyone else does. The police officers are saying they are not interested. In one instance, we have a sidewalk counselor who, at the present time, was in the presence of police officers     At the time that the counseling was going on, there were police officers present.  Those guys wouldn't even come up and look into this.

 Mark......  (The officer said)  that's not what I'm here for.

 Ed.........   He comes over to them and says, officer,  do you see this girl?  You know, real time situation.. the officer is on the scene.  They tell him that there is a 14 year old or a younger girl going into the clinic and the police officer says, thats not what I'm here for...

 Mark........I guess if he had witnessed an armed robbery, he would have just let it go and said that's not what I'm here for...

 Ed...........If he was going into a 7-11 and looking to give a ticket for illegal parking, he wouldn't stop the armed robbery.

 Mark........ One of the things I find interesting about this situation, Ed. is if we report this to the Dallas Police or if Jennifer does,


 Mark.........They come out, they blow her off....now we have other people call in, they have the exact situation....

 Ed.............Its the same routine, every time.

 Mark.......... But interesting here, is that, I mean what's interesting here, is that a couple of days after this incident, two sidewalk counselors show up at that mill and three Dallas Police cars show up to watch those two sidewalk counselors.

 Ed............... that's right

 Jennifer.......I was there that day.

 Ed..........Jennifer was there.

 Ed..............I went out there to investigate this and get some more information and Jennifer needed to look at some documents and while I'm there, there are three patrol cars there, you know 5 or 6 police officers because we got two girls with rosarys  out in front of the clinic.

 Jennifer.......they stayed for four hours.. waiting for us, one of us to make a wrong step but when i called to ask for help... they wouldn't stay five minutes with me.

 Mark.......but the interesting thing is when you started taking pictures, they split..they scattered

 Ed..........I guess it must have been you know lunch time or something.

 Mark.......I think the point we want to make to the audience. We're going to pursue this hot and heavy.  This is going on all over the country. It is not just the Dallas Police.  We're hearing reports from other states, now, as well.   Because people are starting to report these. Sidewalk counselors are (reporting this).

 Ed...........If this happened one time, it is reprehensible. but if its happening as much as it is, then this is criminal.  This is an act of criminal concert.

 Mark........What about off duty cops who are acting as security at abortion mills?


 Ed............They have the same obligation, Mark.  they never stop being a cop.


 Mark.........And they are sitting there in the waiting room of these places or going in and out...and they are seeing these girls who are underage and they are just ignoring it.


 Ed............In fact, in Texas we have a statute, and other states  have similar statutes... that the failure to intervene when you know there is an aggravated sexual assault going on is a crime in itself.

 Mark........And you found a federal statute on that as well

 Ed...........The federal statute is a conspiracy against civil rights.  What you have is if these police officers and police departments acting at the direction of the city are saying don't get involved in these cases,then they are violating that girl's right to equal protection, so we have a federal case.

 Jennifer......Another important thing we shouldn't fail to mention, we also called Child Protection Services, essentially gave me the same story.

 Ed............And told her to call the police

 Jennifer.....And eventually told me to call the police... but at first they told me there was nothing  I could do... Until I pressed them and said, "Look, you are telling me I have knowledge of a crime, statutory rape, and there is nothing I can do about it?  And finally she admitted me I should call the police.  But we have an instance of their...so we have four sets of people, the parents, the police, the clinic and the Child Protective Services who are not going to help that child.  Who is going to help her?

 Mark..........We've got to go to the mat

 Ed...........the real crisis here is the girl is an ongoing criminal relationship with the guy We have broken down that we ought to ask to respond to this... The Police Department, the Internal Affairs Division, The City of Dallas,  the Office of the District Attorney for Dallas County, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Attorney General Office, Child Protective Services, Representatives in the City, State Representatives as well as US Congresspeople and US Senators.

 Mark........ this has to be a beach head...

 Ed...........they all need to know.

 Mark........If we don't do this, these clinics are just going to continue to do this.

 Ed...........And Mark, every counselor who is out there on the sidewalks has to act to this. They have to get active in reporting this to the police and reporting it when the police don't act.




 Mark.........Please make certain you have videotape rolling and audiotape rolling. The video and audio provide proof to the crime, but they also protect you.  Because they will try to lie their way out but with videotape, everybody plays honest injun....

 Ed............Look what has happen to videotape of police officers in the press.

 Jennifer.... make sure you get all the information you get the police officer's name, the badge number, the car number, the time of day, and just document as much information as you can. for example in my case, I was not able to get the name of the girl or the parents but I was able to get the license number of the vehicle they were driving. Because most times, they come out to check the parking of the vehicle they are driving because there is a limited  parking time...

 Ed...........When they conduct the investigation, they'll find about what the name of the girl and the parents are...you did exactly the right thing... You gave them everything they needed  to be able to walk in the doors of that clinic and ask those questions and find those answers and they refused to do it.   And that's what we're going to prove.

 Mark.......Jennifer, thank you very much for everything you did. Thank you for calling us.

 Jennifer.....I'm just glad I could help and certainly will pray for your efforts.

 Mark.........Well, if you are out there in front of the mill, you need to do the same thing Jennifer did.  If you see girls that look like they are under age of consent... call the police. Start a diary right then and there. record everything that happens.... stating, this is what happened at this minute. this is what happened at that minute, here is who I talked to...Be certain the video and audio tape are rolling. Get every piece of information you can... and call us because we want to start a data base stating this is happening... and it is happening nationally.  Also if you can help us out in the school districts get ahold of Father Pavone and follow up on the the project he introduced last month.




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