Denver Sodomite Parade--2002




Ken and Jo Scott




(Christian Gallery News Service, July 8, 2002)  A parade of depraved perverts hit the streets in Denver last Sunday.  It’s taken Ken and I a solid week to write this story because of the effect this tragedy has on us each year.  It’s very difficult to watch our culture celebrate sin in such a spectacularly flamboyant way.


It saddens us to see so many people hell bent on destroying themselves and their culture.

We feel that the responsibility for this abomination lies at the feet of the church.  The press reported that 120,000 people were on the street to “celebrate diversity” and we know that there were 9 Christians to speak up for the Lord.  9 men and women of God to love those people enough to tell them the truth.  Sadder than the “Pride Fest” is the lack of love, knowledge of the Scriptures and backbone that strangles the modern church.  It seems that the mantra of the new millennium church is “Thou shalt offend no sinner.  Thou shalt tolerate all things unrighteous.  Thou shalt judge only the Christian speaking the truth in love.”


Homosexuality was once rightly disdained as one of the worst depravities to which man could lower himself.  Now, in 2002, it’s a reason for celebration.  It flies in the face of everything holy and righteous. 


Christians actually had the audacity to accuse us of hate because we carried signs calling the homosexuals to repentance.  Some signs were Scripture based and some were truth based, but all were an effort to reach those still reachable.  I wonder how Marvin Milktoast Christian would greet Christ if he had met him in the temple turning over tables, or call the Pharisees stiff necked vipers?  It’s my guess, that in their ignorance, they would have tried to run Him out of town while they comforted every pervert and criminal on the way.


We chose to locate our picket outside the Catholic church, Immaculate Conception, in order to spotlight the perversion in the church and to specifically spotlight Father Sutherland for his promotion of homosexuality in his prison ministry.  It has been our experience that the Loretta Heights Nuns located in Denver also promote homosexuality and abortion.


The picket took place during the 8, 9, 10 and 11:00 am services at the church.  We had hoped to reach the parishioners with the message that homosexual priests (priests who refuse to call homosexual behavior a sin), celibate or not cannot be tolerated.  Unfortunately, the parishioners adhere to the new millennium mantra, unable to recognize the truth and more than able to embrace sin.


In the following photo gallery you will see a sampling of what happened on the street and what perverted so-called churches actually marched in the perdition parade.




The following section will depict some of the depravity on Denver’s streets last Sunday.


Are you sick yet?  Well here come the dikes on bikes.

Politicians join in the fun, looking for the homo vote.



This is just a sampling of the day’s perversity.   Our prayer is that in the future Christians will develop the intestinal fortitude to stand against sin every day, so that days like these are abolished. 



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