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Denver Abortionist Exposed

Jo Scott

On the evening of  March 4, 2002 I received a call from an ex-employee of  abortionist Terry A. Downing.  I'll call her Karen, as she would like to remain anonymous.  Karen was extremely upset because she thought that  Terry Downing was an OB-GYN, not an abortionist.  Karen worked for Downing exactly three days. The first day she was instructed that she was not to talk about anything that went on in the office and she agreed.  By the third day she realized that RU486 was being distributed and she saw Downing putting an aborted 16 week old child down the garbage disposal in his lab.  This led to some heated words between  Karen and the abortionist, and later that day she was fired.  

Understandably, Karen was shaken to the core of her being.  When I spoke with her, she said that she'd never forget the sight of that tiny, precious child going down the disposal.  She called me because she wanted everyone to know  that abortionist Downing is a monster and she also requested that we picket him.  And so we did, but before we did, I was able  to get her on an internet talk show with Bob Enyart. Using an assumed name, Karen was able to tell her story and Bob announced a picket at Downing's office the following Tuesday, March 12, 2002.  Bob also called the Colo. Public Works Department, the Colo. Department of Water and Sewage and the Health Department  to find out if it is illegal to put human tissue down the garbage disposal.   He found out  that there is no law against it.  As repugnant as it is,  our sewer systems our able to carry God's children to hidden disposal or even AIDS infected tissue, for that matter.  

I found out by talking to one of our picketers at the Planned Parenthood at 20th and Vine that in the past (before abortion) when an unborn child was found in the sewer system, everything was shut down and an investigation began immediately.  Not so since the holocaust.  Now, babies are seen in the system regularly and nothing is done.  

On Tuesday March 12, 2002  about 2 dozen of us picketed Downing's Office.  Upon arrival we were greeted by two angry apartment dwellers adjacent to Downing's office. complainer


The other tenants in the office complex with Downing were surprised to find out what was going on in their building, but they were not motivated to do anything about it.  The police arrived after a call from the apartment dwellers and announced that we were within our rights to picket in front of the office complex.  first picket

The abortionist was warned of our picket and avoided parking in his parking spot.  He managed to sneak in before we could get a picture of him.parking spot

We picketed for about three and a half hours and we were able to thoroughly expose this man for the murderer that he is.  point


We are planning to picket this man soon and we will get a picture to update you with.  Karen is not the only x-employee of an abortionist in this country.  The horror of abortion will not stay hidden forever.

In the Service of the King,
God Bless!!!
Ken and Jo Scott.

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