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(Christian Gallery News Service, November 14, 2002)  Quit thinking "This guy can't can't be serious."  The headline above is not a rhetorical question.  If you don't think abortionists might qualify as terrorists, look at this video I made.  Make sure your sound is turned on. 

Now that you've seen why abortionists are terrorists, you need to see why it is a distinct possibility that the federal government might be moved to target them in the new War on Terrorism.


Actions taken by the federal government prove that the administration of President George W. Bush is ready, willing and able, without benefit of judge, jury, or advance notice of any kind, to vaporize citizens of the United States of America if they are suspected of terrorist activities that threaten this nation.  See the evidence for yourself.


Reuters News reported on Nov 7, 2002, "One of the six al-Qaida suspects killed in a car blast in Yemen at the weekend carried U.S. nationality..."

Carried U.S. nationality is another way of saying the man was a per se, bona fide, 14TH Amendment defined, passport carrying citizen of these presently united States of America.


A Yemeni man inspects the remains of the vehicle hit by the CIA Predator drone.

The picture does not do give an accurate impression of the aftermath of a drone attack. This link does.


Before you get the idea I'm going to whine about the government attack on the US citizen, stop.  The man was a terrorist.  Well, okay, I don't know that, but, according to the news reports, somebody handling the joy stick on the lethal drone aircraft thought the man was at least hanging around with terrorists.  And, dadgum it, that's good enough for me.  Why?  Because I'm a four flag, raised-my-hand-and-swore-out-loud-to-defend-to-the-death-the-Constitution-of-the-United-States-of-America, American, that's why.  We've got terrorists: we've got the hardware; so I say, LET'S USE IT!


An article on 08 November 2002 in "Jayne's Defense Weekly", for decades the source for military hardware information, stated, "The US Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA's) airstrike against six suspected Al-Qaeda operatives in Yemen on 3 November has again demonstrated the Predator unmanned air vehicle's (UAV's) transition from a surveillance drone to a hunter-killer asset..."

See what I mean?  Jayne's Defense Weekly says we've got hunter-killer assets!

The article continued, "CIA personnel are believed to have conducted Hellfire strikes with Predator UAVs in Afghanistan, but the first use of this capability outside a war zone has raised issues of the 'legality' of the mission, since it appears to contravene international law. The US administration will argue, however, that the action is justified under its policy of launching pre-emptive strikes against suspected terrorists... [emphasis mine]

Dad gum right, they're justified.  Look at that picture.  Think that baby won't put out some serious JUSTIFICATION! Hellfire Strikes? That's what they call them? How appropriate! Let's put those Hellfire strikes where they need to go!


And it's run with a JOY STICK!  Is that cool or what?

The Jayne's article continued, "With an operational radius of around 500nm [nautical miles] and an endurance of more than 24h [hours], the armed Predator holds massive potential during the continuing 'war on terrorism', since it can be deployed in-country..." the article concluded.

Massive potential?  You bet your booty, massive potential.  Deployed in country?  How about locked and loaded and coming to a neighborhood near you!  In-country indeed!

And it's all as legal as mom's apple pie.


       MSNBC News explained in a November 6, 20002, article that President Bush is totally behind the killerdrone attacks.  The article stated, "The attack fulfilled President Bush’s vow after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States to hunt down al-Qaida throughout the world."
       “The president has made clear that we fight the war on terrorism wherever we need,” White House spokesman Ari Fleischer told reporters aboard Air Force One. “Terrorists don’t recognize any borders or nations...Nor does the United States in this new conflict. The administration has insisted it’s engaged in an unconventional war, unlike anything that happened in the 20th century, when the current rules of engagement were codified in the Geneva Conventions...This war targets not a single nation but a loose band of terrorist groups, holed up in sympathetic host nations and regions across the globe. On that basis, the administration is confident that attacks such as the strike in Yemen — and elsewhere if necessary — are justified," the article concluded.

Confident?  You dad gum right we're confident.  We're confident because we're justified.  The President of the United States of America George W. Bush said so and that's good enough for me.  What I'm saying is let's bring those justified, terrorist killing, nintendo operated, drone planes home where we can put them to good use right now!


Since the government that derives its authority from we the people has already started using the Predator drones to kill terrorists who are US citizens bypassing the inconvenience created by arrest and incarceration and trial by jury and all that other costly and time-consuming legal stuff, there are ready made targets galore right here in the continental United States of America.

Shouldn't all patriotic Americans fall in behind our President George W. Bush and kill all the terrorists, wherever we may find them, regardless of race, creed, color or shoe size?

This could be the most cost-effective action yet in the War on Terrorism! 

Why?  Quick-thinking citizens have already located most of the terrorists that need to be dronekilled.  They're listed on an internationally famous (thanks to the publicity created by Planned Parenthood) web site called the Nuremberg Files On that site, much information about the terrorists is available right now.  And  much more is sure to come in daily when the American people realize how quickly we the people can strike this blow against one of the largest terrorist cells in the world.

Vicariously get that joy stick in in your hand!  We must mobilize immediately begging our government killerdrone operators to get moving before it's too late and they let this huge terrorist cell disappear like Ossama Bin Laden!

So let's get those cards, letters and platitudes rolling!  Waste not, want not!  A stitch in time saves nine.  Loose lips sink ships!  Remember the Alamo!  Let the Big Dawg Eat! If I missed one, fill in your own!!!Email me today to sign the petition calling on the federal government to immediately take advantage of this awesome opportunity to deterroristicate...or is that deterroristimate...the USA!

Dear reader, please pause now and take a deep breath.  If at this very moment you are being tempted to de facto excommunicate me because I am too much, before you do that, take a good look at the world we the good, God-fearing, Christian people of the USA are on the verge of creating, then you'll see the real referent for the concept too much.


Today, February 2, 2013, I posted to my facebook page and sent out a mass email reminding people of the article above because of something else that happened yesterday.

Here’s the background: Last year, a man was charged with terrorism because he shot up an office of conservative politicos in DC. A news article revealed that during his trial we finally had learned what had motivated the shooter. The article was headlined, “ D.C. shooter planned to smear Chick-fil-A on victims:
Man told judge he wanted to intimidate gay rights opponents"
Written by CNN reporters Carol Cratty and Michael Pearson it can be found here.

The gist of the article is the shooter got his information about the office location and the identities of the people he shot from the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization that has hounded me (this is only one of the articles the SPLC have written about me)—and a whole raft full of us activist abortion survivors--for over a decade accusing us of doing for aborters of abortionists exactly what the shooter admitted the Southern Poverty Law Center had done for him, namely, incited him and guided him to the targets of his attempted political assassinations.

So my reminding people of the drone article I wrote over ten years ago was my way of seeing whether the feds would do with me today what they tried to do with that article over a decade ago: use it as evidence I was trying to incite people to “HellFire” abortionists.

I figure that now, as the shooter’s trial proves, that the government is doing nothing whatsoever when they have irrefutable evidence from the DC shooter that the Southern Poverty Law Center DID in fact not only incite him but guide him to his attempted victims it would be a good time to see whether the federal government will continue to try to arrest me for the things I publish. Given their present failure to act against the Southern Poverty Law Center, if the feds do arrest me, it will remind people that the federal government is only interested in one thing: implementing an agenda that destroys the Law of God in the USA, and, further, that the feds will ignore anything the Southern Poverty Law Center does, but will prosecute lethally anything those defending the faith handed down by the apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ do. If they ignore me like they are ignoring the Southern Poverty Law Center, then I’m not sure exactly what I’ll learn from that. Probably it just means the feds don’t have a clue what to do with this growing insanity called the United States of America.

Like any other beast when it begins to feel trapped, the government will increasingly lash out against anything that move

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