(Hundreds of thousands of people have written us since 1995.)

"It is better to be divided by truth than to be united in error. It is better to speak the truth that hurts and then heals, than falsehood that comforts and then kills. It is not love and it is not friendship if we fail to declare the whole counsel of God. It is better to be hated for telling the truth than to be loved for telling a lie. It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated. It's better to stand alone with the truth than to be wrong with a multitude. It is better to ultimately succeed with the truth than to temporarily succeed with a lie." (Current Thoughts & Trends, February 1997)

Polite Enemies.............Obscene Enemies

I would have to say that I have never in my entire life felt as intelligent as I do right now. I got this address from your very "interesting" special on HBO and I must say that I have never been so incredibly angry. I am an intelligent beautiful twenty year old girl and I must say that I feel as though you people need to be placed on the list of terrorists associated with Bin Laden. How dare you people call yourself Christian soldiers!!! When you speak to the devil he'll get a REAL kick out of the idea that you truly felt as though you were a good person. How in the world can you justify killing for killing? Maybe you feel as though abortion should be outlawed but you are NOT god and he is the only one who has the right to take or give life -if you're so dead set against abortion you should know that. I'm sure you will all get what is coming to you and it most likely was not necessary for me to write but it's just so awful for you to be such hypocrites and to insult all the true Christians in this world. You are the kind of people that give religion a bad name. There is so much more I have to say but I must get to my homework.

Before I do go... I think you little death lists are absolutely saintly, just keep right on twisting the knife in Jesus' heart. You all disgust me...Why not be smart about things and try peaceful protesting.(SEE Ghandi and/or Dr. Martin Luther King) Thank you for your time
May you all some day see the error of your ways... and if not may you get to have some QUALITY conversations with Hitler & Napoleon in hell

My Response

If you get your view of reality from HBO, you will always think evil is good and good is evil. Turn off your TV and try reading the Bible for yourself. The gospel of John is an excellent place to start.

I see you haven't updated mail from your enemies in awhile, hopefully you people have given up. If not..... You realize that we have freedom of religion in this country, don't you? And a little something called seperation of church and state? You will never succeed, because the constitution, and the bill of rights are set up to stop people like you from inforcing your will.

My Response

Actually we don't update the enemies list very often because all we get from our enemies is clone talk from clones like you who say the same things over and over. Because it is redundant and a waste of Internet bandwidth to place reduntant messages, we simply don't clone the messages. I might decide to cut and paste some new messages periodically just to show people like you that the volume of communication is growing each day that passes. And besides, haven't you heard? The debate is over: the action phase is next.

Dear Mr. Horsley:

If you narrowminded, hateful, and bigoted people are any example of god's truth, then your god is a god I would never want to be on good terms with. For the god you promote is one of blatant stupidity, hate, and anger.

I notice some of the very same charachteristics in -you- , Mr. Horsley. Why don't we put god out of the picture and elect you to the position? For while your god sits and does nothing whatsoever as far as I am able to ascertain, why, you are the one who is doing all the field work, manipulating and twisting people's brains. Your god hasn't tried to reach out to me with this hateful garbage you profess to be his word. Yet you have attempted with this obscene web page, which for some reason you feel will provoke me into heading into your faith. You seem to make a better god than the one you profess to serve.

My Response

In the same way that your bogus teeny-tiny perverted god reveals itself in you and your actions, my God reveals Himself, among other ways, through the things I say and the actions I take. So you have not only been confronted by me but by my God as well. The fact that you continue to ignore my God makes it inevitable my God will increase His actions in commanding your attention. If you continue to resist, you will find yourself cowering before my God one day and you will tremble to the depths of your soul. For my God is a consuming fire, and unless you repent, you will find you waited too long to be reconciled to my God.

You are liars. YOU are the faggots; straight out of the KKK. You defile Christianity, twisting it into what your self-serving minds want it to be; a pitiful rendition of Charles Manson's "Helter Skelter" theory. Get some therapy and stop blaming one group of people for your problems, even if you don't agree with what thier practices. You have NO RIGHT to initiate force against someone who is engaging in what your morals deem crime (non-violent, that is). Eleven million people died in the Holocaust because of people like you, but of course, you probably deny all of that. I'd rather not have America regress further into the clutches of a collectivist police state, thank you.

My Response

Unfortunately for you, there is One here who actually does create right and wrong. He has designed things so homosexuals who do not repent will become faggots on His fire. Love requires they be brought forcefully to face this fact in the same way other outlaws whose actions, unless repented, make them candidates for hellfire must be arrested and punished for their own good, as well as for the edification of others who might be tempted to follow in their hellbound footsteps.

In your arrogance you now blithely dismiss all thoughts of eternal damnation, but when the pain of death approaches, you will begin to feel the flames of hell lapping at your soul. If not now, may you at least then find the grace to repent of the abomination that endangers your soul for eternity.

(1 Tim 1:9-11 KJV) Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, {10} For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine; {11} According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust.

Where did you ever get the idea that god loves to hate? You say that God says murderers must die,,,please tell me where you THINK the bible says that and THEN ask yourself,,,,Does GOD,,,,the entity that symbolises love and peace and holiness,,,does this entity endorse murder,,,,you need to pray and pray hard on that one my friend,,,,,,someone has obviously lead you astray and I pray for your tranished soul that you find the truth soon or your path ahead my be unnecessarily difficult....

My Response to the Letter Above

Here is where God says murderers must die:
(1 Tim 1:9 KJV) Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

(Rev 21:8 KJV) But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

You suggested that I said God endorses murder. You twist what I said. When God executes someone who tries to destroy Him or murder His children, it is not murder. When a murderer is executed, it is called Justice, not murder. Your words make it clear that you are talking about big subjects that you have not bothered to understand. You really should take the time to know what you are talking about before you start talking.

God showed His attitude toward all sin when He chose to allow Himself in Christ Jesus to be executed on the cross. In that execution, He demonstrated that sinners must die. But He, in His love for all people, paid the death penalty that all sinners owe. He did this so that the death penalty might be paid and at the same time a way made for the evil sinner to be able to be saved. That's the gospel truth.

...And if God were to prove as intolerant and inhumane as your WWW site depicts him, I should go gladly to the eternal flame, confident that I had transcended my own creator and that his only motive in condemning me could be jealousy and blind rage. I would not treat a cockroach as you claim your God treats human souls. In all honesty, I rather doubt the universe is quite so badly run.

My Response

You talk big and boastful now but as the flames of hell surround you, your words will return to haunt your tormented soul. Under such circumstances, you will be well advised to repent now while you have the chance.

what exactly is wrong with you? homosexuals do not choose to be the way they are in the same way that some men like certain types of women or women like certain types of men. gay people like their same sex..they can not stop this you and your kind are the reason I hate christians...you are the same type of people that called yourselves christians while whipping blacks...

you are just as bad as a nazi our a member of the kkk except you use god as your excuse....

how about this you and all your little hard core christian buddies leave go somewhere else leave this country leave the internet you are only holding back progress in both places  

My Response to the Letter Above

It is the most evil blasphemy to say that God created homosexuals so they would engage in perverted sexual behavior. Such words describe God Himself as the creator of perverted sexual sin. Satan is the one who tempts people to make themselves perverted sexual outlaws. To ascribe such activities to God is to say words that brings one into great danger from God Himself. The fact that people in this generation are being led by those in authority throughout all the institutions of this nation--family, political, education, church--to say and believe such blasphemy is exactly the reason this nation is rapidly moving toward destruction.


Thought you might like to know that the word is getting around about your website, and the word is not good. About two weeks ago, I used the HotBot search engine to find links to your site. I found 44 of 'em. I sent the following message to just a few of the people whose websites link to yours: 

I am writing to warn you that the content of "Christian Gallery" (http://www.christiangallery.com), which is in your list of related links, is probably something you do not want to be associated with. The site displays pictures purported to be aborted fetuses, along with some extremely raunchy XXX pictures, which include explicit images of bestiality and corprophilia. This site cannot be blocked by filtering programs like CyberSitter or NetNanny, unless the user explicits lists it, and is thus easily available to young children. In my opinion, the site's owner is an extremely irresponsible individual. I hope you'll give serious consideration to removing this link from your web site.

 As I said, I sent this message to only a few people. However, when I did an identical search today, ALL the links were gone! It looks as though your ruse of labelling your site a "Christian Gallery" has fallen through. 

It's interesting: the overwhelming majority of XXX websites are showing sensitivity to concerns about children seeing raunchy stuff on the net, and have accordingly set up their sites to be blocked by filtering programs like CyberSitter or NetNanny. Yet you, who claim to be a True Christian, have not placed any barriers between the images you present and young children. Your warning that these images are XXX are nothing more than invitation to sneak a peek, in my opinion.

The overall effect of your website demeans the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a most egregious manner. You *should* be ashamed, but I'm sorry to say I don't think you're capable of feeling shame. God's peace, anyway. Chris Lyman | work: chris.lyman@stpaul.gov | home: chrisl@minn.net

My Response

In the off chance that you are actually in Christ Jesus, I will tell you what you are doing: You are actually aiding the homosexuals and other sexual outlaws portrayed on my site when you convince Christians to refuse to link with my site. I realize there is a distinct possibility you intend to do just that. (Your statement about "pictures purported to be aborted fetuses" proves you do not view the babies as actually what they are--aborted babies. This inability to see the truth is one of the defining characteristics of those outside Christ Jesus.) 

Anyway, I'll explain why I do what I do (as if I didn't explain it clearly and precisely on my site.) Donald Wildmon, head of the American Family Association has a book on his website. The title of the book is Homosexuality in America: Exposing the Myths, by Richard G. Howe. Mr. Howe makes this comment in the book, "There can be no doubt that most Americans would be repulsed if they could see the decadence within the homosexuality community. The slick and somewhat successful public relations campaign hides the true face of the homosexual lifestyle."  

Mr. Howe is exactly correct. Most people are totally repulsed when they actually see the evil actions behind the word "homosexual," especially when those actions are placed in the context of other evil behavior that people have not been conditioned to view as "acceptable." The fact that they are repulsed proves that what God says in Ephesians about exposing the evil to the light and the light overcoming it is true. 

The point is, I see evidence every day that proves conclusively that God is using my website to resist and overcome evil. The fact that you are trying to interfere with that activity puts you in direct conflict with God and His Will. I assure you I am in no way going to try to interfere with your actions against the website. I simply am getting out of the way and letting God Himself deal with you on this matter. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of a wrathful God who is a consuming fire. I should know: That's how God got me to surrender to Christ Jesus. Some of us know-it-alls have to learn about God's grace the hard way. How about you, Mr. Know-It-All?

Perhaps you'd like to try and explain the fact that the only violence that has been committed in abortion conflicts has been perpetrated by Pro-Lifers. Splashing blood all over people, setting off bombs, and shooting people are totally inappropriate.

So, in conclusion, GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE, because you are no better than the rest of us. In fact, you are a lower life form because you try to impose your morals of the rest of us. In the future, keep your stupid moral beliefs to yourself.

My Response

Usually we have a boilerplate response for people like you, but when you made the following comment you proved you warrant a personal reply. You said,

"Perhaps you'd like to try and explain the fact that the only violence that has been committed in abortion conflicts has been perpetrated by Pro-Lifers."

This statement demonstrates you have a truly awesome ability to ignore the obvious. Much violence is being done to unborn babies with every abortion, yet you apparently cannot see it. That kind of ignorance is truly life-threatening. Doesn't it ever occur to you that your inability to see the obvious means you could be driving down the highway and not even see the eighteen wheeler stopped in front of you?

Return-Path: insane@megalinx.net
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 03:17:27 -0600
From: -+TcX+- <insane@megalinx.net
Reply-To: insane@megalinx.net
Organization: -+TnC+-
To: nhorsley@wechooselife.net
Subject: Your ignorant yokel blather

Hey, thanks for a truely entertaining time. Your web site is a real hoot. Informative, too. I mean, I had actually forgotten WHY I was so actively involved in the atheist community, protesting lame xians like you in every way I can. One glance over your site reminded me of everything evil that your feeble religion stands for, and everything it really is. Your founder preached love, you preach hate. He preached free will, you preach facism and intolerance. You're really living proof that there is no god, because if there was, he'd strike you down where you stood in one of his vengeful fits...one of the few things he'd be doing RIGHT.

If you are literate enough, pick up a copy of george orwell's 1984 and a copy of his Animal Farm. (The nice librarian can help you with your library card application if you forget any of your vital statistics) Read them both all the way through. You'll get a whole new look at your idea of a great country.

You will NEVER be elected to public office. You will NEVER influence more than the already worthless plastic-jesus-on-the-dashboard trailer trash of america. Because you stand for everything our founding fathers hated. Everything they escaped from. You want to make a better america? Run and get a gun, make sure its loaded, point it at your head and gently squeeze the trigger. Your ways are dying out, fool. The xian ways are dying out. The people of the earth are getting smarter, realize that god is just a saftey blankey and its time we grew up and let go.

Return-Path: Zorro@TheGayBlade.com
From: Zorro@TheGayBlade.com
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 15:22:41 -0500
To: nhorsley@wechooselife.net
Subject: You web site
You are truly a sick man. YOU should be arrested and put away in a mental hospital.

Return-Path: <mbrown@quartz.netsync.net
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 07:33:08 -0500
From: Michael and Lingaz Brown <mbrown@netsync.net
Reply-To: mbrown@netsync.net
Organization: The Arkwright Instutite
To: nhorsley@pobox.com
Subject: great page !!

At first I really thought your page was for real ...
but after reading everything I realize it's a joke page..
very well done ... we need more sacastic humor on the net ..
also, do you plan to create any other funny pages using other than christian mythology ??

I think all Christians need serous theropy. Consider why you are a Christian. It's cultural. You are scared and need outside influence to mold your beliefs, give your life meaning, and then afirm that meaning.

If you were born someplace else, istead of a radical Christian, you'd be a radical Muslim, Hindu, or whatever other religious environment you happened to grow up in. By the way, I liked the pictures, but you should have at least thrown in some child porn for variety. Are you sexualy repressed? I am. It's not a very health thing (psychologically speaking). Then again, it's obvious you have bigger problems than that. 

Just being honest.


It's always amazing how the Church and the Christians hide behind the "Will" of their God to justify their actions. People in this world hate for no reason, and Christians are the most obvious example of this. You say God loves all, yet you demonstrate consistently that according to your God, people need to behave and conform to specific behavioral parameters otherwise they will burn in eternal agaony (and don't say it's because God loves them enough to do this, 'cause if your God really did love all he would accept them no matter what. It will be a wonderful day when humans have evolved to a level where they no longer need to hide in the confines of their religion to give their lives meaning and deny what really happens when you die (shocking as it may be, you just cease to exist, no afterlife or anything). So go ahead and keep preaching your hatred for all those who are different, give your pathetic narrow-minded, feable minds something to do.


Hello. I have just read your web page advocating the arrest of homosexuals. In it, you justify your position by claiming that those who practice homosexual acts are committing a sin and are destined to burn in hell.

The Old Testament contains verses which indicate that homosexuality is a sin and an abhorrance, that men who lie with men are committing a breach of our Covenant with God. It also indicates in other verses thatwearing a piece of clothing woven of two threads (a shirt made

of cotton and polyester would fall into this catagory) is a sin and an abhorrance, a breach of the Covenant.

Our saviour, Jesus the Christ, is the embodiment of the New Covenant between God and Man. The Gospel indicates that the Old Covenant is nulland void, and that only His word is binding. In the New Testament, He laid down the new laws which guide us into God's favor.

He said nothing about homosexuality. Nada. Zilch. Zero. The law holding us against homosexual acts is as obsolete and invalid as the law holding us against wearing clothing woven of two threads.

Please spread the Word, not hatred.

Sincerely, Bill Moyer

-- ttk@rahul.net

Hello You Christian Fools,

First off you need to pray to God for your forgiveness, not mine I can take care of myself thank you very much. After all, I have to answer to God for my sins ( if you believe that shit) not you fools. You will burn in Hell long before I do, so I get great pleasure out of that fact. Please keep up your great work because people like you should burn in Hell. May God have mercy on all of you poor souls. 


 Guys, the horse and buggy days are over. There are 10% of you that are gay. Sorry. Now you self-righteous dudes have to think that Jesus is going to guide you and you don't have to do anything without being told.

The main numb-nut that is leading y0u is what you call a false prophet...there is lots of those but take care of what you do. I am a lawman in Canada and what you guys are talking about is silly.

I am a wandering person who happened into you site. I completely disagree with the doctrine that you are trying to push on to the american public. If you consider yourself an educated person, then I can't see you believing the highly prejudice views on you web site.

On thing that is common to all religions, what you do to others will inevitalbly come full circle back to you. the worst thing is that you claim to be God's messenger, but God (if he or she even exists) wouldn't be discriminatory to anyone, no matter what their sexual orientation, faith, race, beliefs whatever.

Your support of these facist, racist, right wing, Nazi beliefs is disgusting.

You are one who should join people like Hitler any every other self righteous, discriminating person on the earth in a giant pit where you can lobby the shit out fo each other and start your wars and moral crusades.

Please, stop trying to breed hate into a society which already needs so much help. Just think, if you tried to accept everyone, then you wouldn't have to worry about those who are different than yourself and you have a hell of a lot less to think about.



 somone who can't stand prejudice


 You people have some really screwed up ideas - probably the result of a lifetime of mindlessly worshipping one or more undefinable "spirits".

I wouldn't be surprised if the USA would be the only country in the world that has citizens naive enough to sympathize with the CRP's twisted viewpoints. At least my country has no party which displays political views similar to those of the CRP...

 -- Sander v.d. Berg

(not an American, and proud of it)


Pity -- I'd always thought getting into an intellectual duel with a character like you would be entertaining; it's a shame you came unarmed.

Your site reveals you to be a hateful and disgusting human being. And you're also a hypocrite in the bargain: you compare doctors to Nazi war criminals in your "Nuremberg Files," (a pipe dream, Horsley -- it'll never happen) yet you espouse Naziesque techniques in dealing with gay people. Really, "lock up the faggots," Horsley? The same God that inspired Michelangelo and Handel also inspires the witless and stupid polemic of some stupid dimestore clown like yourself.

Give it up, Cracker. You're a boring and pathetic little man who has failed to realize that his efforts won't accomplish anything. But good luck on the secsession battle, Horsley. Personally, I hope you succeed: No decent American would want you to be a part of this fine nation anyway.

Lotsa love...

I have just come from your web page, and I was surprised. Ever since I've come to know the Lord, I was convinced that Christians were caring and understanding. Thanks for proving me wrong! People don't have to agree about people's ideas. But, we as Christians should be supportive and remember that we, as Christians, are not okay and we're a sorry excuse for how glorious Jesus is compaired with us, and also show this openly. We also have to realize that others who are not Christians are exactly like us, with exception of that they are destined to Hell. We should also remember our purpose in life, to be caring and understanding that we have a loving God, and He FORGIVES your sins, if people would just give their lives to Him.

 I myself, am part of a minority that you're intent of wiping off of the face of the Earth. After sixteen long and tormented years of suffering and brainwashing myself to be "normal", I found that I couldn't. I also thought that if I became a Christian, God wouldn't love me, and I've come to know that is wrong. Jesus loves me just as much as anybody else, despite my faults, which we all have. If you think there's no such thing as a gay (aka faggot) Christian, then look again. I know that when I reach Heaven, God will get rid of all urges to sin, erasing homosexualiaty for you. Let Him do His job. Our purpose is solely to add other people to God's Kingdom. That's all we have to give, is the roadway that leads to a relationship to God.

It is people like you that has made me think for fourteen long years of living in the dark that God was a selective, jerk that only takes the popular people. Since then, I know this not to be true. You, have taken the love of God, and twisted io into something that might scare people away, which is the oposite of what we want to accheive. You are adding to a worsening corruption. Some things, only God can change. Let Him do what He thinks is right. We, as people, have no right to judge people for what or who they are. I ask that you invite the people you think need ministering, and give them one-on-one ministering, and not arrest them. That defeats the purpose. We have to care for people, or they might fall into worshiping something that isn't Christian, and then they could be lost forever from our reach. I think that your web page is a disgrace to us as a whole. I understand your views, but would like that you try to explain to the people who need your love that nobody is okay, that only Jesus Christ is okay, and that we should follow Him. Thank you for reading this and don't take this too hard. Your site has great potential, just, please consider what I said.

My Response

All you need to do is read the letters I get and you'll see we're not dealing with sinners who are interested in repenting. We are dealing with arrogant fools who actually think they can overrule the Creator of the Universe, the Living God in whom all things live and move and have their being. Such fools must be resisted, not with words appropriate for the repentant but with words appropriate for arrogant rebels who are destined for hell unless awakened from their foolishness. You are a perfect example of the totally deceived "fruit" grown by ignorant but well-meaning Christians who talk about God's love without letting people understand His absolute determination to send unrepentant sinners to hell for eternity.

I would just like to point out a small but important factual error in your definition of the word "faggot". According to Webster's New World Dictionary Third College edition of American English (published 1991 by webster's New World), the word faggot is defined as: [slang] a male homosexual: term of contempt. The definition which you use on your web site is that of the word fagot. Fagot is defined as: 1. a bundle of sticks, twigs, or branches, especially for use as fuel. 2. a bundle or heap of iron or steel pieces to be worked into bars by hammering or rolling at welding temperature. Perhaps you ought to adjust your opinions or analyzations based on the correct spelling of fagot. 


My Response

As I said in my article, a faggot is one who is destined to end up as fuel for the fires in hell. Here is a short description of those who will end up as fuel for the fires of hell: Rev 21: 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death."

 In short, all those who reject the salvation offered by Jesus Christ will end up as faggots on God's fire, if the message about God in Holy Scripture is correct. It appears you presently are a faggot. You can change that status by realizing that refusal to worship the Living God is nothing more than surrender to slavery to Satan. Seek forgiveness and you will find the real Jesus Christ and the salvation He brings to those who trust Him.


Subject: YOU WILL DIE 


My Response

Golly, Jason, I think you just committed a felony. That means the police can come and arrest you and take you down and book you and put you in jail and then you go to trial and maybe go to prison unless somebody like your dad or mom pays a lot of money for lawyers and things. Isn't life full of interesting twists and turns?

On 12/1/97, we received the following email message from Jason.

The following letter may do no good, but whatever. A While back, I Wrote a rather immature (yes, i'll admit that it was very immature) letter basically stating that I was gay and homosexuals were going to come kill you or something to that effect . Well, it was obvious satire, As I'm not even gay, but I've grown quite sick of getting rather annoying and crudely constructed letters from your supporters telling me how I'm evil and all manner of things. While I may be in total disaggreement with your beliefs, I Do Acknowledge that (as of now) the internet is a free space and you have every right to share your views. Now, I'm asking you to please remove that letter from the enemies section, cause as I said, I'm sick of the annoying mail. I suppose you don't have to, nor do you owe me any favors, but you don't see me getting all of those in aggreement with me to write you hate mail, do you? I Easily could do so, yet I don't chose to stoop to that. So, I'd strongly appreciate if you do the same and remove the letter.

My response to Jason.

I will remove your email address from the letter posted on the Internet. And I will share your latest message to me with key friends who will pray that you might be led to understand the grace of God revealed in Christ Jesus.
You want Faggots arrested but want your own freedoms? How typical of a hypacrite. All for you and none for no one else huh? Well kiss my Faggot ass if that's the way it is. As an M16 toting, credit card carrying Vet, let me say this. Come to arrest me because I'm a Faggot and I'll blast you back to the spawn of hell that dreamed you up. Then, just for good measure, I think I'll slit your throat and stuff your unworthy manhood down the hole that was your neck and shit on your face.

Now that we've got that cleared up from the air...just tell me where you are asshole lover...I'll make sure that the above stated dream comes true for you...no expenses spared....You're getting offed for cheap...aren't you glad?

You clueless fuck. It is a shame that people like you have access to oxygen...

Subject: You and all you stand for

You think you're a fucking christian? You think spreading hate all over america is gonna make the world better? If there IS a god (which there isn't) then you ain't on his side. You are LuCiFer incarnate, dude. You are a slave of the black side. You use god as a cover to spawn your aggression in other. You're a motherfucking Hitler, Ayatolla Komeini (whatever), and Charles Manson rolled into one.

By the way, the way you're pissing on faggots makes me think that you're trying to keep the attention from yourself. You're probably a secret closet-faggot yourself, aren't you? Don't you dream about little naked black boys, scutteling about your waterbed? Don't you see a well-known organ when you look at a banana, cucumber, etc.? You, my enemy, are a fucking demon.... hold on, not possible, for a demon you need a god, and he's been dead for centuries. Either that, or he's drunk stupid, stoned out of his gourd, or getting laid with Brad Pitt. What do you think? Well, keep sucking that cock! I hope to hear from you soon!!!!



I guess this means getting your vote this election is out.

Date: Sat, 3 May 97 03:17:42 UT
From: "john sanders"
To: nhorsley@pobox.com
Subject: you rotten, filthy son of a bitch mother fucker

my only hope is that you get gangbanged up the ass by 20 men with 10 inch cocks.

The cartoon above was recently submitted by an enemy. It must be said that some of our enemies demonstrate real artistic creativity in their attempts to interfere with God's work. Pity they could not utilize those gifts in the service of the Gift Giver. No wonder God is incensed by their mockery.

You are the most ignorant inbred fucks I have ever met. I hope not to meet any of you on the side of the road, for I will know who you are and probably do some nasty physical damage to you. I think that people like you are the reason that inbreeding should be outlawed. I wish your parents had been homosexuals, because then they would have been physically unable to have you. I really do hate you. Please feel free to write me at ... That is unless you know I'm right. Then sit at home and hide behind all the bullshit you are polluting the web with.

You are really one sick son of a whore. Tell me, how many times did YOU get off composing that webpage? I'm far from being a prude; and I'm sure you would call ME a vile faggot, and you Holy-rollers have the gall to bitch about a little human nudity on the Internet? You have far exceeded any semblance of humanity and intelligence, not to mention taste. All I have learned from this is that most people who call themselves christians are to be considered my avowed enemy. Consider yourselves warned.

FUCK YOU!!!! SICK AMBIGUOUS PERVERT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your children as well as anybody's can see these pages.They're worse than some freaking black man's fucking cumshot pics.YOU'RE SICK BASTARD!!!!!!!!You've got nothing to do with christianity, rightwinded asshole!!!

I pray your server blows up right now!!

your a sick demented fuck. you fuckin christan moonies. 


Return-Path: 6jjb2@qlink.queensu.ca

X-Sender: 6jjb2@qlink.queensu.ca

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 00:09:32 -0500

To: nhorsley@wechooselife.net

From: Jay Barre <6jjb2@qlink.queensu.ca

Subject: FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!BEYATCH!!!!

i have never seen such ideological bullshit. You are a bunch of nazi asses who hide behind the bible. "oh the bible told me so..." well i'll tell you something it's people without any REAL justifications for their actions that is fucking up this world. "I've got an idea, let's try to interpret a book that was written thousands of years ago and has been translated and rewritten just as many times, and use it to condemn other people, even though it was written by humyns(who obviously according to you are subject to error). I have a question for you. What can you possibly see wrong with homosexuality other than "the bible tells me so". Where's your logic assface?? I am not homosexual, but to tell you the truth i see no difference, we are all the same. Maybe if you took your head out of your ass and thought for yourself instead of letting your God" (or dog, whichever you prefer) think for you. Get a brain and an ounce of reality...bitch.

Dear The Creators' Rights Party,

America must be proud of you. Finally, a Christian who is willing to be FIRM on the subject of evil, to GROW HARD on the heels of evil, to STAND UP STRAIGHT when God has called on him, and to THRUST his MIGHTY SWORD into the GAPING ORIFICE of the Great Satan. Your PLUNGES and battles with this monstrosity, ripping IN AND OUT the SWORD of the spirit which is the word of God until you COME victorious wrenching its heart, SPURTING blood all over, BEATING HARD in your hand until slowly it SLUMPS DOWN, motionless!

I really appreciate it when you GET HARD AGAIN on abortionists, RISING UP to the challenges! You make your enemies TURN AROUND and run -- the very ones who are killing and EATING innocent babies! When your MIGHTY TONGUE speaks, it is no mere WAGGING, BRUSHING, and TEASING but a long PIERCING into the very FUNDAMENT of the enemy. As the enemy QUIVERS knowing what must befall him, your knowledge of the ONE TRUE SWORD PIERCES into his very SOUL, through the VERY BOWELS of his soul. As God's MIGHTY STAFF smites him, he shall catch ON FIRE and RISE UP against his old habits. TOGETHER, YOU SHALL COME to know the Lord, GLISTENING and DRIPPING with the new birth in Jesus Christ that COMES HARD from the knowledge of the truth.

I want YOU. After reading your site I got so HOT and BOTHERED that I need a REAL MAN like YOU to TAKE ME HARD.

Oops. Pretend I didn't write that.

-- Stanford Wallace

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