Bush/Cheney Come Out On White House Lawn

To Win Gay Support


Neal Horsley


Big Tent Erection On White House Lawn

Since becoming President, George W. Bush has made several well-publicized moves to erect a Republican "big tent" and gain the support of gay Americans.  After appointing gay ambassadors to foreign countries and appointing several gay persons to key Administration posts, even judgeships, many people wondered just how far the Bush administration would go to ensure the support of the gay community.  On November 1, 2001, at a photo opportunity on the White House lawn, President Bush showed just how far his administration was willing to go.


Republicans Serious About Gay Support

President George W. Bush explained the unusual event by saying,  "Some doubted this administration's commitment to diversity, especially where the gay lifestyle is concerned.  Well, Dick Cheney and I came out today to show exactly where this administration stands."  Flashing the boyish grin so many citizens have come to love, the President corrected himself, " I guess I should say 'this administration sits.'"

Gently flicking the Vice Presidential penis, the President cast a knowing glance toward the cameras and playfully continued, "This is a time when all the citizens of this nation need to pull together."

Gays and Christianity

When asked what this new thrust in his administration would mean to the many Christians who support his administration, President Bush replied, "Christians support this administration, and they will continue to support us.


Suddenly becoming serious, President Bush continued, "After all, this is wartime.  Gay people have been reminding us for a long time that Jesus said 'Judge not lest ye be judged yourselves.'  Well, I think I speak for the vast majority of Christians in this nation when I say that it's time we quit judging each other and show our solidarity for the oppressed gay minority that has been treated so hatefully throughout the last six thousand years.  God is love," the President concluded, "And what gay people do to each other in the privacy of their bedrooms and public restrooms and bathhouses must be love because so many people think it is."

Bush Administration Stops At Nothing

Looking directly into the cameras arrayed across the White House lawn, the President repeated, "This is wartime and this administration will stop at nothing to stop the evil, evildoing evildoers."


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