The Hard, Dirty, Stinking, Terrifying Truth About Legalized Abortion

The context for mass murder in America.
  • One Day, not so long ago, one of our allies managed to infiltrate a Laboratory in Southern California that receives the babies killed by a particular chain of abortion "clinics". The pictures she took provide you an overview of what legalized abortion looks like up close and dirty.
  • Each of those plastic jars contains one little dead person.  The mother's name and the date of the abortion are written on the labels.
The names are written in God's database.
  • Look closely and you can make out the names of the mothers as well as some of the actual body parts of the children they sacrificed on the altar of the demon of self-indulgence.
Documenting Horror.
  • This one stack of receipts documents the babies slaughtered at Family Planning Association, 8888 Fletcher Parkway, La Mesa, California, in one day.
  • The laboratory we infiltrated receives babies' bodies from many such "clinics".
From smallest to largest, the carnage is the same.
  • The containers come in all sizes.  These are the largest, containing babies between 20 to 36 weeks old.
  • Notice the stains of evil covering the containers.
  • It gets no easier to look at the actual caskets of hundreds of little people conceived by God and slaughtered in direct rebellion against God's will..
Gore and more Gore courtesy of Al Gore, etc.
  • Like Legalized Abortion itself, the stains of evil are horrible to behold.
Satan's table fare.
  • The least among the babies are bagged like groceries destined for satan's table.
This might have been you.
  • This gives you a glimpse at the contents of the smallest containers. This person was eights weeks from conception when butchered.
Mother's Milk polluted.
  • Look closely at the words printed on the box and you will see the horrible paradox created when babies are killed and babies are birthed in the same facilities.

Is it any wonder people are driven to violence in the face of such injustice, such evil, such abomination?

This Page Gives You a Better Look At What's in the containers.

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