The Demise of Planned Parenthood


by Gregory A. Hession, J.D.


            (Christian Gallery News Service, June 6, 2002) Read this article and you will see why we may be about to witness the loud public collision of two of the left’s most sacred engines of destruction, which could result in the crippling or even the demise of Planned Parenthood as a credible institution in our culture.

            The first of these locomotives racing toward a grisly train wreck is the recently exposed policy of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest and proudest murderer of the unborn, to illegally hide reported cases of rape of minor children who seek abortions or other services at their facilities.  The other participant, an equally powerful force hurtling toward the same destiny, is the hyper- hysteria over the abuse of children, which has resulted in laws mandating stringent reporting requirements to state child protection authorities for even the most minor neglect of a child, never mind something so heinous as rape.

            These doctrines, both feminist in origin, are headed for a conflagration which will consume almost all of their credibility, with just a little help from alert defenders of life in each state.  This moment may hold the greatest potential in our lifetime to wreak destruction on these enemies of life and families.

            You may have read the stories on May 31, 2002, when media outlets all over America began to report that Planned Parenthood apparently has a secret policy to not report the rape of minor children who consult them for abortions, as required by federal law and the laws of every state.  Individuals from Texas-based Life Dynamics, Inc. called 800 clinics around the country, posing as a 13 year old girl who had been raped by her 22 year old boyfriend, and was pregnant.  In legally recorded conversations, the clinic personnel almost always told the “child” to hide the fact of the rape, and that they at the clinic would also hide it, and just not ask questions.

            The laws are clear.  Any helping professional such as a doctor, social worker, nurse, etc, who becomes aware of child abuse, must report that abuse to the child protection or social services agency in that state, within 24 hours.   There is no exception, and failure to report is usually a criminal offense.   A pregnant child is de facto evidence of such abuse, since all sex with a minor is statutory rape, a crime usually punishable with penalties of up to life in prison.

            These so-called  “mandated reporting” laws have themselves been abused and over-used. Many professionals, terrified by feminist propaganda, are frightened NOT to report even the most minor incident, lest it may be considered abuse or neglect.  It is not uncommon to see reports about a child who has skinned his knee or feels annoyed at her parents. 

            These laws came into being via federal coercion in the early 1970s, through the passage of the Child Abuse  Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA, or the Mondale Act), and have become a favorite tool of the feminist court monopoly to ruin families with false allegations of abuse.   Just in Massachusetts, between 60,000 and 100,000 reports of abuse are made every year, most of which prove to be false.  Of these, maybe five or ten percent are valid.   Maybe even fewer.

            Meanwhile, once the allegation is made, and the child protective services machine gets geared up, family destruction, rather than restoration, is usually the result.  The father often gets kicked out of the home, under threat of taking the children.  The Mother goes on public assistance, and the children are poked, prodded, sexualized, and learn to disrespect their parents.

            These laws have dozens of (perhaps intended) consequences, almost all detrimental to the best interest of children.  For example, they have structured these laws so that ill-trained, childless, 23 year old frisbee majors can come into homes without a warrant, decide to take the children, and keep them for a year or two, with no accountability, and minimal court scrutiny.  The discretion of these agents is virtually inviolable. 

            The only administrative review of this procedure is something laughably called a “fair hearing”, a surreal mockery of law, where an employee of the child protective services itself decides whether the decision was correct.  It often takes a year to finally get the written opinion, which, not surprisingly, usually upholds their decision to take your child.  If a family ever does get children back, they are often severely damaged from the traumatic removal (frequently at gunpoint), the long isolation from their parents, and the “therapy” provided to all such children, designed to re-habituate them to the notion that government is their only true family, and that if anything suspicious occurs in their family, to immediately report it to the 800 number they must keep with them.

            This is necessarily a highly abbreviated version of just of few of the horrors awaiting those so unlucky to be on the business end of these reporting laws.  Many children are raped or killed in the custody of the ‘child protectors’.  In fact, abuse and death rates are substantially higher in child ‘protective’ custody than in the population at large.

            It is not an exaggeration to state that these laws, ostensibly designed to stop child abuse, are themselves the major engine of family and child abuse today.  And for those of us who labor daily in this legal arena, it is very clear that such consequences are not an accident, but are the intent of the feminists who designed them.

            What does this have to do with the demise of Planned Parenthood?  A great deal.  The same feminist family haters who concocted the legal abomination of child abuse reporting laws are almost universally in favor of abortion.  Never mind the painfully obvious irony.  There is a clash of these two first feminist principles which can, with the right help, consume each other.   In the feminist world view, Planned Parenthood, with its high holy sacrament of abortion, must be preserved at all costs.   However, so must child abuse reporting laws, so pervasively helpful in removing the evil patriarchy from society.

            Therein is the clash, the coming cataclysm for Planned Parenthood, if those who understand this legal anomaly will take the proper steps.

             Planned Parenthood is now vulnerable to allegations of enabling child rape and abuse.  Their staff have encouraged lawbreaking, and have themselves broken the child abuse reporting law - the very law that the feminists love.  This opens up numerous opportunities to discredit and expose their perfidy and perversity.

            First, pro-life lawyers in each state should get the information available from Life Dynamics to see which clinics in their area have deliberately covered up this alleged rape.  Perhaps they should run their own call test, being careful not to tape record in any state (like Massachusetts) which prohibits it.  Any such clinic, and the person(s) there who advised covering up the rape, should then be reported to the local district attorney for investigation and criminal prosecution.  You can be sure that this is not the only rape which they have covered up.  They should also be reported to the State Attorney General for investigation of a pattern of cover up of rapes over years.  

·        Just think about the embarrassment to Planned Parenthood of their records being subpoenaed, and the thousands of cases of criminal non-reporting they and their personnel could be liable for, injunctions being issued against them, and perhaps their being closed down as a criminal enterprise.   Both the organization, and the wrongdoers in it, should stand before the law and answer for each child they have helped to brutalize.

·        Second, this is news.  Big news: Planned Parenthood, the paragon of helping the helpless obtain their “reproductive rights”, is actually in the business of enabling the rape of children, and criminally covering up the rapes.  Liberal news outlets will be reluctant to turn on one of their favorite institutions, but this is where the clash of feminist principles can be effectively asserted.  Reporters are also usually very interested in child abuse issues, and possibly enough to overcome their reluctance to rat out their soulmates at Planned Parenthood.  Child abuse is ugly, and it sells.

·        Third, Planned Parenthood has forever lost its credibility, and this needs to be asserted at every opportunity.  Its oh-so-caring pitch about the health of the vulnerable children, etc, is all out the door.  They are scummy criminals, aiding in the cover up of rape of a very large number of children.  From now on, when they make complaints against pro-lifers about breaking the law, they can be neutralized: “Who are you to criticize our efforts to care for unborn children, when you break the child abuse reporting laws, and even enable and favor the rape and abuse of children.  You have unclean hands.  You have nothing to say to us.”

·        Fourth, this whole situation exposes the corruption of Planned Parenthood to the depth never seen by the public, who may have previously had a benign view of this organization.  Not only is Planned Parenthood failing to report abuse, but they are often allowing the rapist/boyfriend to come to their facility to accompany the murder of the child, with no problem.  And not only are they allowing the rapist to attend the murder without legal consequence, but they often TAKE THE RAPIST’S MONEY to pay for the murder of the child, since the minor girl can probably not afford the fee.

            Thus, Planned Parenthood has incentive to lie about rape and abuse, since they make money from these abortions, and often collect it from the older man.   We should never tire of pointing out that their failure to report these rapes is for the worst of motives - filthy lucre. Greed and preying upon children - what a great business!  For a dollar, they will lie and advocate rape and child abuse, never mind fornication, sodomy, and murder of children. 

             All these issues are important and threatening to Planned Parenthood, but the real cataclysm, the real train wreck alluded to at the beginning of the article, and the potential demise of Planned Parenthood, is this:   If, due to all the public and legal pressure, they start reporting all the raped minor children who come to them, their whole operation may come unglued, assuming a fairly large percentage of their victims are minors.


             First, when a child is reported to the child protection authorities, she is often immediately removed from her home and put in a foster home.  At minimum, a very intrusive investigation is done, which may force the removal of other family members, may require her to stay away from the boyfriend, or may bring her before the court as a delinquent child or the subject of a petition for custody by the state Department of Social Services.  It will soon become well known to young women everywhere that all these bad things happen to them and their families if they seek Planned Parenthood “assistance”.  Then, it is almost inevitable that children will stop doing so, thus drying up the blood money.  

            Second, if Planned Parenthood starts reporting suspected rapes, the boyfriends will start to be prosecuted.   In our state, the district attorneys have special sex abuse prosecution units, staffed by relentless amazons who give no quarter.  If Planned Parenthood starts complying with the law, it will insure that there will be a flurry of arrests of men for which they will be known to be responsible.   So who will go there?

            In sum, if every young woman under the legal age for statutory rape knows that she will be reported to the state child protective services and juvenile court, and the boyfriend will be criminally prosecuted, a major part of Planned Parenthood’s business will evaporate.

            Thus, the child abuse reporting ideology is on a collision course with Planned Parenthood’s profits and livelihood.  Whether on not such a collision occurs is dependant on pro-life attorneys in each state ensuring that the information is brought to local prosecutors, and that political heat is applied with the hottest blowtorch available, so that they can’t ignore the problem.  If this happens in twenty or even ten states, the financial and political effect on Planned Parenthood will be devastating.   In fact, they may never recover.  Glory be to God.


Life Dynamics has a wide range of information and procedures that will allow you to help stamp out the scourge of Planned Parenthood.  You can help! (Editor.)


Gregory A. Hession, J.D. (Greg’s Web site.)

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