Honoring Father and Mother


Neal and Miriam Horsley: Wedding Day, 1941

I am not surprised at how indelibly imprinted in my family is the story of my daddy's deathbed scene at the hospital in Newnan, Ga, in 1944. I visited with my 86 year old Aunt Dorothy and my first cousin Donnie Horsley this week. We talked about my mother and daddy. Both Aunt Dorothy, who was there, and Donnie Horsley, who had not been there, made it clear that all the Horsleys who had not been there had heard the story of my daddy's death so many times that they felt like they had all been there.

So Daddy's deathbed story had become a part of their lives--but a part that raised more questions than it answered. Questions about why God would have taken my daddy's life at 23, when he had seemed to be an example of everything they all saw as good, and strong, and happy, and, well, alive. 

Certainly no event has constructed the script of my life like my daddy's deathbed scene. I am who I am because of the way my mother reacted to my father's death. The decisions my mother made in response to that deathbed scene dictated--okay maybe that's too strong a word--let's say directed the rest of her life by what happened there.

And what happened there is this: The doctors had opened my daddy's abdomen, closed him back up and, when he woke up, they told my daddy to get ready to die. In defiance of the pain of the recent operation, after singing Amazing Grace so loud my Aunt Dorothy heard him from the hospital waiting room and came to watch, my daddy spoke to me when I was in my mother's womb.

"Son, I've got to leave you now," he said. This was before sonogram. "You take care of your Mother while I'm gone." Then he put his hand on my mother's belly until she started screaming and had to leave the room.

I don't think daddy thought for a minute that he was giving his life to teach me to know for a fact that unborn babies are real people like me. But that's what he did. It happened between my daddy and me that the only time he ever spoke to me, he made it clear that he knew I was alive when I was in my mother's womb. And that's what he taught me about all unborn babies. That's the one thing my daddy taught me before he died.

I write this now because I just realized that if the same thing happened to a woman today that happened to my mother in 1944, my mother would be a prime candidate for abortion. After all, my mother was not yet six months pregnant, she had no visible means of support, her remaining family had scads of kids already and her family had no way to support her either during her remaining pregnancy or afterward when she would have a baby to care for. Today, the conventional wisdom would tell her to have an abortion, that she had her whole life in front of her and she could decide anything she wanted. To the wisdom of this generation, having an abortion would open the door for her to become whoever she wanted to be.

But my mother never let me think for a second that she regretted having me: she always made me feel like she loved having me around. Even those times she said she felt like wringing my neck, she somehow made me know she loved having me around.

I felt the weight of that kind of love. I knew my mother loved me the way she did because she believed I was to be an extension of my daddy's life, an extension that would help her make sense of the greatest tragedy she could ever imagine, the greatest horror she would ever endure--my daddy's death at the age of 23. My life was to help my mother understand why instead of being her Prince Valiant, her husband was dead.

She loved my daddy. She loved him so much that my mother was faithful to him even after he died. After all is said and done, it's a bona fide fact that who my mother wanted to be was who she had decided to be when she married my daddy. I know that because I saw her make every decision she made in order to carry out that role. She was a faithful wife to my daddy.

It's interesting that her faithfulness to that vision made her a non-wife for any other man on earth. I think my step daddy, who mother married when I was about four--Earl McClung--resented most greatly the fact that he had married a woman who not only loved another man but had defined her whole life in raising me to be....what?

I don't think mother ever knew what I was supposed to be, but she knew it had something to do with making my daddy's life...and death...make sense.

It's taken me 67 years to begin to make sense of what's going on here, to begin to make sense of my mother's life, my daddy's death...and my life.

When my children think about who I am, when they think about the battle I've been fighting all their lives, the battle I've been fighting as hard and as effectively as I know how, the battle my family has been in the middle of for decades, that battle began for us with that deathbed scene in 1944.

My mother decided to live her life to protect what other women are being tempted to abandon when they abort their child.

What is it that mother decided to do that women today are being tempted to abandon when they abort their child? It is the opportunity to fulfill the reason God gave them a child in the first place: it is the opportunity to fulfill their destiny as mothers of the child God wanted them to have rather than the child they want to have, the child God chooses for them to have rather than the child they chose to have.

And there is a difference. God knows when a woman and a man presume to treat Him as if His will is of no consequence in the life of the family. God might give such people a child or children, but those children will not be able to fulfill the reason God gives children unless the parents repent and decide to give God the glory for giving them a child. If parents persist in treating God as if His Will is not the true determinative agent in the birth of a child, the true Will that provides for every second of life, for every blessing of life, those parents will not be blessed by their children, nor will their children be blessed. There is no more terrible message in the Bible than this one: "This is the portion of a wicked man with God, and the heritage of oppressors, which they shall receive of the Almighty. If his children be multiplied, it is for the sword: and his offspring shall not be satisfied with bread." Job 27: 13,14 

I hope you understand that my mother and my daddy were chosen by God to put me here to make this world understand the consequences of legalizing the murder of unborn children, and that my daddy gave his life in that battle, and my mother lived her life so I could grow up to be a leader in that battle. I hope you really get that.

I think my daddy's side of the family--the Horsleys--are beginning to get the whole story of Neal Horsley, Sr. and Miriam Horsley in perspective. I know I am. I finally can see that what began with my daddy's apparently totally inexplicable death at the age of 23 was actually God's way of equipping me to fight for the lives of the babies who are being treated as unwanted refuse in this generation, God's way of making certain that I know unborn babies are people exactly like me.

Think about it. What if God had foreseen the abortion battle that was coming? And what if God had seen a way to make certain there was at least one person who would not treat unborn babies like an abstraction like the vast majority of people in this nation, including Christian pro-lifers do, but like real people? And what if God chose to take my daddy's life to make sure that would happen even if it meant my mother would struggle for the rest of her life trying to understand how a loving God could do that?

Here's the point: If God was willing to do that with my daddy and my mother, there is no telling what He might do to make people stop murdering these babies, the babies He deserves the glory for creating. That's why we've got to do whatever is necessary to make people understand. We've got to make people understand before God shows us what He's not only got the right to do, but is perfectly willing to do if we continue to treat Him like He does not deserve the glory for every aspect of this thing we call life...on Mother's Day...and on Daddy's Day.

But Christians generally and especially not those in Carroll County Georgia where my daddy and mother lived--and I now live--are totally failing to see what God is trying to do with my daddy's death.

I know that for a fact because the people of Georgia are hauling me into court in December, 2011. Christians in Georgia, instead of helping me defend the lives of unborn babies like my daddy taught me, plan to put me in jail for trying to show them that babies are being legally sacrificed in Georgia.

I am being charged with violation of O.C.G.A. 16-12-103(a)(1) which states, “(a) It shall be unlawful for any person knowingly to sell or loan for monetary consideration or otherwise furnish or disseminate to a minor:

  1. Any picture, photograph, drawing, sculpture, motion picture film, or similar visual representation or image of a person or portion of the human body which depicts sexually explicit nudity, sexual conduct, or sadomasochistic abuse and which is harmful to minors...”

I have a campaign vehicle parked in front of my campaign headquarters here in Carrollton that is designed to show Christians what I am doing to try to get some help in stopping the people from putting me in jail.

This is the abortion side of the vehicle (the other side is about outlawing sodomy.)

Until two weeks ago not one Christian in Carroll County had said they wanted to help me stay out of jail. Then a Christian named Amanda called and said she believed abortion needed to be stopped and wanted to help me. Then her husband Michael called and said he wanted to help too. For years I have seen that Satan's strategy in dealing with my ministry is to get people--especially Christians--to ignore me. So I told Michael and Amanda that I hoped they would not be turned away when they were hit with a massive temptation to ignore me. I tried to remind them that the only One who could have had a reason to move them to contact me was the Holy Spirit.

But to no avail. Michael and Amanda never contacted me again.

Might the Holy Spirit move you to help me?

So far Christians in Georgia have quenched the Holy Ghost and refuse to help me.

I'm not going to stop as long as I live. At the same time we go about defending the lives and purity of our own children, we are literally participating in the massacre, the sacrifice, of other people who are as loved by the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ as our own children. Every day that passes with us allowing this legalized child sacrifice to continue makes the God we say we worship appear to the world to be a respecter of persons who loves our own children more than the children we allow to be murdered around us.

For Christians to present such a god is not only idolatry but idolatry that threatens the lives of our own children we chose to protect. My daddy died so I would know that fighting such idolatry is why the True and Living God created yours truly.

Can you understand what I am trying to say? Can you see why I must show children the evil that we the people have legalized in this nation?

Why Children Must Be Shown Pictures of Aborted Babies

Parents teach their children that children are to be kind and loving to little babies. It is one of the first and most important lessons parents teach children. As children pass the stage of infants and are able to walk and talk themselves, they are occasionally given access to infants. Unless parents have taught their children to be loving and kind and gentle--above all gentle--with any little babies they encounter, tragic mistakes can easily occur between young rambunctious children and utterly defenseless infants.

To impress this teaching on their own children, parents use the most loving and beautiful terms the parents have in their vocabulary and the warmest, most loving emotions they can convey to impress their children with the love and gentleness that must be shown to infants.

And their children are most always in agreement, as if they were being taught the most obvious truth in the world. Children know, even if they cannot remember the time, that they were once infants themselves. When their parents talk in their loving beautiful words about how precious infants are and how nothing is more important than not hurting them and keeping them safe from harm, our children respond with the warmth of loving feeling, with the unfettered spontaneous love God gives to young children.

But in addition to teaching their children to be gentle with defenseless infants, parents have a duty to teach their children about the dangers as well as the beauty of the world they have been created for.

Any parent who tries to pretend they can block the knowledge of the dangers of this world from the minds of their children and thereby afford their children a peace of mind that exists because the knowledge of danger has never entered their mind is a threat to their own born children, perhaps one of the greatest threats their children will ever face.

What child could survive in a poisonous snake infested area who was never warned about snakes? Or what child can survive pedophiles who is not warned in some effective way to avoid them? That is why there are few parents who do not warn their children of the dangers in the world around them.

In fact it is because of these inevitable teaching sessions where parents--the mother mostly--teaches her children to love infants yet also teaches their children to avoid horrible evil that the unexpected appearance of the picture of a horribly mutilated infant where the child can see it becomes one of the most offensive images most parents can imagine.

The youtube video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7YRFQk9G7w shows me standing in the square of Carrollton, Ga showing children the pictures of aborted babies and this link at http://www.horsleyforgovernor.com/court812011.html shows how the people of Georgia, many who call themselves Christians, are preparing to punish me for showing their children what I know is evidence of legalized murder in the USA.

Instead of apologizing for breaking their law, I am trying to explain why the same children that we teach to be gentle, loving and kind whenever they encounter infants must be shown pictures of what an aborted infant looks like so they can be equipped to deal with the greatest danger they will encounter at this time in history: the danger of becoming double-minded hypocrites about the value of each and every human being like their parents have become.

Every child arrives at the meaning of an image by comparing it to what the child already knows. For a child taught to love infants to then see the image of a mutilated infant is to arrive at an obvious meaning: something terrible has happened: one who was supposed to be loved had this! happen to them.

Children today must grow up in a nation and a world that has legalized the willful slaughter of unborn babies because we the people of the United States of America have learned to tolerate it: the images of murder no longer shock us. Everybody who has not either been killed trying to stop it or incarcerated for trying to stop it, has learned to tolerate legalized abortion. I have learned to tolerate it, but because the people of Georgia are about to put me in prison for resisting legalized abortion, it looks like I won't be tolerating it much longer. Until I'm stopped I will try to show children and everybody else what we are doing to unborn babies.

Young people are some of the few people in this nation who have not been brainwashed to tolerate legalized abortion. I have decided to try to show those children the evidence created by legalized abortion so they will tell their parents what little children know to be true.

What does a little child tell us who has not been brainwashed into tolerating legalized abortion? They tell us the same truth we taught them about the value God has for every little baby except, when their truth is not filtered through the eyes of a person who has been brainwashed into tolerating legalized abortion, their words convict our hearts of the murder of little babies we have learned to tolerate every day of the lives we have lived as citizens of these presently united States of America.

And that's why I don't apologize for having shown children the pictures of aborted babies, but instead actively encourage others to do the same.

To fail to show the evidence of the horrible slaughter of the unborn in this generation will not only be the death of our children, but will certainly prove that the parents of those children are still dead in their trespasses and sins, no more saved than the most profligate heathen.

After all, the way you tell a person is not dead in their sins is they confess their sin so they can be cleansed of all unrighteousness. Without confession of sin, there is no repentance, no forgiveness, only dead people living in sin.

Join me in confessing this sin so we won't be like ancient Israel taken into captivity for child sacrifice as told in Psalms 106.

Learn what we must do to abolish these abominations in the USA at http://www.horsleyforgovernor.com

Neal Horsley, 8/23/2011, 770 838 5940