In Bruges Illuminates Abortion


Neal Horsley

(July 2, 2011) Probably nobody but me would notice the obvious correlation between the movie "In Bruges" and legalized abortion. And that's obviously because legalized abortion is my idee fixe, my obsession, my reason for hanging on so I can make life as miserable as I can get away with for those who tolerate legalized abortion.

Certainly the people involved with making the movie--writers, actors, directors, et al--never thought for a second their movie might shine a blindingly bright spotlight on legalized abortion. Which just goes to prove that people often don't have a clue what consequences will be set in motion by the things they do.

And, ironically, that's the moral of the motion picture "In Bruges".

A thumbnail sketch of the movie goes like this: After killing an innocent boy in London, hit man Ray (Colin Farrell, in a Golden Globe-winning role) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) are ordered to lay low at a bed and breakfast in Bruges, Belgium, until their boss (Ralph Fiennes) phones with further instructions.

Okay, here's where I'm going to give the rest of the story away so I can show how it shines a spotlight on legalized abortion.

Colin Ferrell's character can't live with the fact that he inadvertently killed a young child when he fulfilled his first contract as a paid assassin. So he's conflicted enough to seriously consider suicide.

The irony is the boss of the assassins agrees that Colin Farrell killing the young child should cost him his life, and orders Colin's partner---Brendan Gleeson--to kill Colin as punishment for mistakenly killing the young child.

The plot thickens when Colin's partner disagrees with the boss and decides not to kill Colin but instead give him a chance to escape. In fact he interrupts Colin at the precise moment Colin puts a gun to his head to end his grief over mistakenly killing the child.

But things get even more complicated when the assassin boss decides to come to Bruges to kill them both: Colin for mistakenly killing the child, and Colin's partner for refusing to obey the boss's order.

In the final scene when the boss comes to Bruges and kills Colin's partner and goes to kill Colin, the boss mistakenly kills a child.

In a truly memorable screen moment, the boss says a man needs to be true to his principles, puts a gun to his own head and blows his brains out, leaving Colin Farrell so wounded that we don't know whether he lives or dies as closing credits begin to roll.

Now. What's that got to do with legalized abortion?

Legalized abortion is about killing a child. At the core of the problem created in this world today by legalized abortion is this: Many people, both men and women, simply would not know how to keep on living if they actually came to believe that they had been participating in the slaughter of millions of little children for decades. Their Jesus or their Mohammed or their pagan idol simply would not be able to show them how to keep on living with the knowledge of their participation in that horrible crime.

This sense of the total impossibility of living would be created-- as the boss of the assassin's dilemma was created--by the knowledge that one of the highest principles of their life--the protection of the children--had been violated not once but millions of times.

As a result of this existential dilemma, adults by the millions--adults of all varieties--have chosen to ignore the fact that they are involved in the slaughter of little children every time a legalized abortion occurs. If effect, these people have chosen to lose touch with reality rather than be in touch with a reality that would logically lead them to put a gun in their mouth and blow their brains out exactly as the boss of the assassins did in Bruges when he realized he had violated his own principle of protecting the children.

If there is anybody out there who is struggling with the knowledge that we are in fact guilty of murdering millions of little babies, I wrote the book The Jesus That Paul Knew to show such people how God made a way for me to live with this horrible reality.

The really terrible part of this reality I live in is there are millions of women and the men who impregnated them who have been deluded by the government of the United States of America into thinking they can murder their own child and there is no authority, no power, no person in the universe that can bring the sword of justice to punish them.

How to bring those people back to reality God only knows. But, this much I know, each day that passes without them being brought to justice is a day closer to when those who treat their own pleasure as a higher priority than God's Truth will be punished by God.

In the reality today where the "wise and powerful" say there is no One Truth but only myriad individuals "truths", that is the One Truth that is certain to be revealed for those who refuse to repent and throw themselves into the The Jesus That Paul Knew.

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