James Kopp, Man of Peace


Rev. Michael Bray


This is a series of comments by Rev. Michael Bray concerning the actions of Jim Kopp:


·        November 13, 2002 (Nearly a week before Jim confessed)

·        November 21, 2002 (Day after Jim Confessed)



            (To the Editor, Christian Gallery News Service, November 13, 2002) Yes, of course Atomic Dog shot Abortionist Barnett Slepian. The termination of the murderer was a deed quite consistent with Mr. Kopp’s life of service for the innocent, brutalized womb children of America.  It was a good deed that brought peace for many innocents through the death of a wicked serial killer.

            Jim Kopp’s travels had brought him into contact with many of my friends as he traveled across the plentifully de-fruited plains, hills, mountains, and dales.  He stayed in homes of towns and cities that were sponsoring Operation Rescue-style blockades of abortuaries. He used all manner of ingenuity to obstruct access to the de-population facilities including the innovation of “lock and block” (affixing himself with various locking contraptions to delay the operation of the body-mutilating machinery), resulting in some 20 arrests.

            Strangely, many fellow anti-abortionists who traveled with Mr. Kopp or knew of his fervent pursuit of peace for womb-children could not imagine him bringing peace by means of destroying the aggressor.  James Lucier, writing for Insight Magazine in September, 2002, expressed legitimate concern about the F.B.I.’s zealous pursuit of the culprit. And he was not the only one who suspected that zeal had given way to recklessness.  Life Dynamics opined lengthily about misguided motives on its website at LifeDynamics.net. 

            The operating mind-set of many who doubted that credit for the deed belonged to Atomic Dog was the confused notion that shooting murderers to prevent murder is unbecoming a “prolifer.”  And this perplexity terribly undermines the polemics of those who propound the humanity of the womb children. It is a self-inflicted deathblow to cogency of their arguments.  How is it that one can really hate the slaughter of innocents without loving the one who cares enough for the victims to defend them?  And who can deny that Mr. Kopp loved the innocent as he protected them with the efficacious force of a bullet? Atomic Dog did the right thing.  He did what he thought he had to do. And he did it well.

            It is disheartening to read the words of the highest lawman in the federal realm, John Ashcroft, quoted by Mr. Lucier: “Kopp committed a heinous crime that deserves severe punishment. We need to send a strong message that no matter what our differences are, violence is not the solution.”

            This is lie.  This is rhetoric designed to placate Ashcroft’s abortophilic political opponents. Mr. Ashcroft does not believe this.  Killing a serial killer to stop the murdering of the innocent is not “heinous”; it is glorious.  It deserves no punishment; rather, it merits accolades, awards, honors, and promotion.  He knows this, but cannot, as an effective politician, say what he believes. 

But the shame is greater for those who would provide moral, rather than political leadership (the two rarely run in parallel).  The great moral failure is the condemnation heaped upon this deed by those who proffer themselves as moral guides: clergymen, academics, and anti-abortion activists. Incredulity reigns in the minds of those pious, peaceful, life-loving “prolifers” who are impotent to find congruity in opposing childslaughter by eliminating the killer! “How could a prolifer do such a thing?  Moreover, Jim Kopp is no Atomic Dog.  After all, he did nice things with his B.A. degree in biology; he worked on a Stanford University project related to nerve reconnection for injured veterans of the Viet Nam War before taking up prolife work.  Nice people don’t hurt anyone!”

            Indeed, as Lucier notes, “At one time he went abroad and spent considerable time in Calcutta, India, with Mother Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity.”  And so, since this fellow did so many wonderful and nice things, he cannot have exercised force – as if he REALLY REALLY believed those babies were being routinely butchered at those Planned Parenthood abortuaries or “Women’s Reproductive Health Centers.”  No, as Lucier suggests, “If Kopp is the dangerous killer portrayed by the Justice Department and the FBI, he has been living a most remarkable double life, according to those knew him.  Either he suddenly snapped and reversed his course, or all the available public information about his life is wrong.”

            Hogwash.  And more of the same from a contractor and former employer of Kopp interviewed by Lucier.  Richard Bruno says that “Kopp couldn’t have done the crime because, ‘He’s a great person – very reliable, very dependable, a holy man. He’s a very peaceable man and the last person in my mind to suspect.’”

            A partial amen.  He is absolutely the type of person to suspect.  Good deeds become good people.  And that is precisely why Atomic Dog came through.  The innocent and the helpless, especially, could rely and depend upon this holy man.   






Above are responses to James Kopp’s testimony on November 20, reported in Buffalo News on 21 November, 2002.


Comments by Michael Bray (21 November, 2002)

Perhaps Buffalo News editors suppose that the reader imagines he is viewing some sort of balance here:  two on the anti-abort side; two on the pro-abort side.  In fact we don’t have a balanced set of pictures.  We have four contemners: the two on the left are sympathetic contemners of Mr. Kopp;  on the right side are two hostile, pro-abort contemnors.  The contemners on the right are pure and unabashed pro-aborts who hate truth and despise the defenders of the innocent womb children.  The contemners on the left ought to provide support and comfort to their fallen fellow soldier, but instead bow to the pressure of the establishment abortion culture.  They are traitors to the truth and their friend. 

Would that the one fool, Bob Behn, would have taken stock of himself and simply shut his mouth.  Surely he had some local sodomites, baby butchers, or Democrats against whom he could have expended some jeremiads rather than against his own “errant” fellow anti-abortionist.  As it is, Mr. Behn  appears to be more  comfortable in the company of the two NOWists on the right than with those who honestly and sacrificially defend the babies.

Mr. Behn had been all wrapped up – prior to the termination of said abortionist - in the effort to save the soul of the late Butcher of Buffalo.  Mr. Kopp, on the other hand, was concerned for the bodies AND souls of the innocent womb children being butchered by Abortionist Slepian.   Now, what we got here is a failure to communicate.  Mr. Behn has a respectable role in trying to save the soul of the abortionist before he dies.  No compassionate person who believes in a Day of Judgment wants to see even so vile a person as a slaughterer of thousands of innocents suffer the torments of hell. 

On the other hand, Mr. Kopp has acted nobly as a man who showed true compassion for the immediate welfare of those threatened with gruesome death at the hands of a wicked child killer.  The children saved my Mr. Kopp’s act of compassion were granted not only life in the flesh but the coming opportunity to hear the good soul-saving news of the Gospel.  Now, we are not aware that Mr. Kopp, who arguably acted upon a higher goal, if not certainly a more courageous one, made any criticism of Mr. Behn’s ministry and calling.  Mr. Behn certainly condemns himself by his criticism of his brother, Jim.




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AUTHOR:  Michael Bray is the author of A Time to Kill, an ethical treatise on the use of force in defense of the child in the womb.  The book was cited in the $ 1.4 billion Planned Parenthood complaint filed against Mr. Bray and 13 other defendants in the U.S. District Court of Oregon in the fall of 1995.  He spent four years in federal prison (1985-1989) in connection with the destruction of several abortion facilities in the D.C. area.  Prevailing defendant in the Supreme Court decision known as Bray v. Alexandria.   Appearances on numerous radio and TV talk shows discussing the justification for protecting the “fetus” with deadly force, Pastor of Reformation Lutheran Church in Bowie, MD since 1984.  M.A. Denver Seminary.  Host with Reformation Lutheran Church of the annual White Rose Banquet since 1996.  Banquet, held in Washington D. C.,  honors convicts for their anti-abortion deeds.  Co-founder, Bowie Crisis Pregnancy Center, 1982.

Archive of Resistance Radio Program made on Nov 13, 2002, the day this article was published.  The program is significant because all this was occurring nearly a week before Jim Kopp actually confessed to killing Abortionist Slepian.



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