Kortney Killed In Georgia

(Neal Horsley, Christian Gallery News Service, 10/10/2011) To date, little national attention has been focused on the fact that one of the most aggressive, most effective, most faithful pro-life leaders in the nation was killed this week. The short news story pictured below on the Macon Telegraph web site is all the press I've seen this story receive to date.

I realized that the story of Kortney's death was intended by God to be a signal event when I saw that the news did not report the fact that along with Kortney her baby was also killed. The news story omitted that fact because her baby could not be officially reported to be alive because her baby was still in her womb, thus it could not be reported to now be dead like her mother.

The paradox of Kortney having spent most of her life trying to fight for the lives of unborn babies, then having her own baby killed without one word being reported by the news media in this country made me focus hard on what Kortney's death in Georgia is supposed to mean to me and the rest of the people of the United States of America.

What I saw gave me no rest until I wrote this article.

I met Kortney one time in California when Jonathan O'Toole brought me to California to meet with Kortney and the other Survivors and Kortney's boss, Jeff White, the Founder of the organization called Survivors. Kortney played an operational leadership role in guiding Survivors. Looking back on my meeting with Kortney, all I can remember about her is we went to see the Scorsese film "The Departed" together.

The fact that Kortney and I watched a movie together called "The Departed" resonates eerily in my mind now that Kortney has departed, especially when I remember the scene that is linked to my first meeting with Kortney. Kortney wasn't there but somehow her presence comes to mind when I remember Jeff White and I bellowing at the top of our lungs at each other, calling each other cowards on a Sunday afternoon in the normally quiet mountain top enclave high in the San Bernardino mountains above Los Angeles.

I had gone to get the support of the pro-life leaders in California and what I got was almost a fist fight with Jeff White and his oldest son, and near total rejection by the pro-life movement.

That rejection can explain why when Kortney came to Georgia in the years after I tried to obtain help from the pro-life leaders that she never stopped by to talk to me. Once I talked with her on the telephone when she came through Georgia and asked her to meet with me to talk about what God had called me to do running for Governor of Georgia. But Kortney never made time for me.

That's why when she was killed in Georgia this week, I didn't know she was in the State, nor did I know anything about the pro-life event she was attending in Georgia that created her fateful rendezvous with death.

The meaning of Kortney's "fateful rendezvous with death" might be one of the most important messages ever sent to the pro-life movement in America.

The first thing that struck me when I heard about Kortney's death is the irony (maybe that's not the best word, but it's what comes to mind) that Kortney was killed with her baby in her womb. In today's vocabulary Kortney was aborted and her baby was aborted. Yet Kortney had made her life focus on doing the best she knew how to do to protect the lives of the unborn babies exactly like her unborn baby who was killed with her.

And the real irony comes to the forefront when we ask the question who killed Kortney. By whom was Kortney killed?

The news story pictured above says she ran head on into another vehicle whose driver was also killed. But you and I who believe there is a God out there who knows the numbers of hairs on the heads of each person alive and who knows when even a sparrow falls out of the sky dead knows, or is supposed to believe, that God Himself made a decision to allow Kortney and her daughter to have a "fateful rendezvous, with death."

Those who believe in such a God, and who are still alive on earth, are now thrust into a place (the "fateful" part of the rendezvous) where we must decide what Kortney's death means.

My first response was to think Kortney's schedule, her itinerary in Georgia, would have been radically different if Kortney and I had been allowed by the pro-life leaders of America and Georgia to have fellowship together in the Lord. While Kortney was here, she would have touched base with me. We would have worshipped God together, we would have brainstormed what came next. Chances are, had Kortney been in fellowship with me she wouldn't have been driving down that road to her "fateful rendezvous with death."

But I have no way of knowing whether my first reaction to Kortney's death is the truth. All I know is I truly felt a huge mistake, maybe even a deadly mistake, had been made when people older than Kortney, people she looked up to as leaders in the pro-life movement led her to shun me like she had done.

I want to blame them for her death. But I know I can't do that because the facts about what might have happened had Kortney been led to have fellowship with me in the Lord Jesus Christ will never be known. That entire train of thought is rank speculation because Kortney is dead now.

Sharon Guengerich is the one who alerted me to Kortney's death. She is one of my few friends among pro-life leaders. Sharon is a lightning rod in the pro-life movement, has been for years as she stands regularly almost alone in front of a California abortion mill showing and telling people what it means to legally butcher unborn babies.

I hope the email message is large enough for you to read because Sharon ends her message with the words, "The Lord is teaching us to number our days."

My feelings explode when I think about what Sharon said. I know being an old fart makes death and my own "fateful rendezvous with death" much more meaningful than it ever did when I was younger. But I don't think my reaction to Kortney's death is just an old man's obsession with death. I think God Himself is not only using Kortney's death to "teach us to number our days" but to also teach us to remember that He does not count His Family to be more important than the people who are being unjustly killed in the USA and the world.

The hard truth is Kortney was one of God's own children. There is no doubt that Kortney lived her life with the goal of teaching everyone who ever met her that Kortney was one of God's children. The only way anybody could deny that truth was to decide that there was no God who created children and that Kortney was deluded in her belief that such a God existed at all.

But Kortney's death makes any reasonable person wonder. Why would God allow one of His own children to be killed like Kortney was killed, and be killed while her own daughter was still in her womb? What is going on here?

My own daugher is now entering her third trimester and the idea that God would allow her to be killed terrorizes my soul. I'm sure that that terror is part of what motivates me to send this hard message to the Christians in this nation.

Pastors and preachers and teachers line up all across the world to answer questions like the one about why God would allow Kortney and her baby to be killed this week. The fact that I answer such questions differently than virtually every pro-life leader drawing a salary defending unborn babies explains exactly why Kortney was led to shun me instead of have fellowship with me.

I have been saying for decades that the God described in the Bible is honor bound to not only judge but punish the people of the United States of America for tolerating legalized abortion. I have been doing everything in my power to say that not only is there a Judgment Day coming after we die, but there is a punishment coming to the people of the United States of America unless we repent by starting to treat the unborn babies who are being legally butchered in this nation like they are as important to God as our own children are to us.

I'm not the only one preaching that God's wrath is going to fall on the USA, but I am the only one who advocates the strategy I embody...(Okay, that's not true: there are others who support the strategy. But trumpeting the numbers would alert the feds before we reach the critical mass required to take over a State for the Lord). The strategy is real and is fully authorized because it is what the Founding Fathers told us to do should the federal government ever become an agent of evil. I have been the leader in trying to alert people about this strategy that must be supported if we the people are to allay God's wrath in this nation.

Kortney is an example of how God is going to kill even those who are absolutely certain they are members of His Own Family because that apparently is what comes next in waking us up to the truth that God puts His Family on earth to teach. Now for old farts like me and Jim Poullion and Terry Hughes and all the others who've had bones broken and their bodies beaten and shot, dying for the Lord is what comes sooner rather than later. But for young folks like Kortney and all the rest of her generation, dying for the Lord is more of an abstraction than what comes next in reality.

To put what I'm trying to say into perspective, it would help to read a review I wrote of a movie called "Courageous" currently playing across the nation. In that review I pointed out that the movie, produced by a Christian church in (ironically?) Georgia, was teaching a different gospel than the one taught by the Lord Jesus Christ. I accused them of teaching a different gospel because their movie taught a gospel that made God look like He cared more for the members of His own family than He cared about those people in the world who do not know they are members of His Family.

Kortney's death spotlights the point I was trying to teach.

Kortney's death makes the point loud and clear that God will take the lives of His Own Family if that is what is necessary to wake the people of the United States of America up to the fact that God is no respecter of persons and this nation is under a Romans One Judgment because we, the people who call ourselves the family of God, have not only failed to teach people about God's love for the world but have utterly confused people about God's love by tolerating legalized abortion.

What am I saying? Each and every person in this nation is subject to death, rather than life, because we the people of the United States of America have chosen to tolerate rather than arrest the Spirit of murder let loose when abortion was legalized across this nation by the Supreme Court of the USA. This generation of American Christians does not bear the fruit of righteousness of Christ as every person in Christ Jesus would bear (which at a minimum, even while we're incapable of extricating ourselves from this national sin, would require us confessing our sin of collaboration with legalized murder in this nation) but most Christians instead teach people to tolerate the destruction of God's law in this nation, and call such toleration of evil the will of God. God will not tolerate such evil. Kortney's death is a sign to all the young people of America that shunning me and the strategy I embody sounds the death knell for the next generation of Americans and perhaps for the world. I know that might be presumptuous but I'm willing to take my chances that the Lord knows I'm telling the truth the best I know how and if I'm sinning, I am prepared to take the consequences.

Are you? You can pooh pooh me all you want. But it is a fact that I embody a strategy that if supported is guaranteed to outlaw abortion in at least one State in the USA. If people will support the strategy I embody we will either outlaw abortion or be killed by the people who support the federal government for having the audacity to make outlawing abortion be seen to be worth dying for.

I have prophesied that this nation will be destroyed unless God's people support the strategy I embody. When I say destroyed, think Kortney and you'll have a clue what I mean.

Even in a worst case scenario of destruction where instead of allowing a State to outlaw abortion the people of the USA have drones flown over to kill us all, our deaths will be a way to show the world that Christians are willing to die for the God we say we believe in, that we understand the God that we serve has the Right to put our lives at risk if that is what it takes to turn the Bible from a dead letter into the Word of God because our hope is not in this world but in the risen Saviour. In other words we will teach the gospel.

Watch how the pro-life leaders react to this message. If they do with you as they did with Kortney, persuade you that shunning me is the will of God for your life, that ignoring me is what you should do, that you should never treat me like a man of God, tell them to go on to hell alone and come fellowship in the Lord Jesus Christ with me.

I betcha Kortney would say amen from where she and her child are standing today. As a matter of fact, I stake my eternal life on it.

Horsley for Governor

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