The American Economy: Mosquito On The World

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The American economy is like a huge mosquito sucking the body fluids out of the earth. Producing little, but voraciously sucking the vitality out of the host, it is no wonder that the rest of the world views America as a pest too big to kill, but hated all the more, precisely because of that perceived immortality.

The only way to bring America back to the way of life is to return this nation to the small yeoman farm economy that sustained this nation for the first two hundred years of its life and the world for all of recorded history before that.

But such a solution will be percieved by this pampered generation of psychopaths as the most preposterous idea ever uttered in these presently united States of America.

Take Bill Clinton for example. In 2011, in anticipation of his new book about the economy, Clinton defined his economic "solution" by saying, "The banks in America have well over $2 trillion in cash not committed to loans...," Clinton told a gathering of 750 leaders of business, government and nonprofit organizations."

Clinton went on to explain that if the banks unloaded their "nearly $2 trillion" as loans it would stimulate the economy because, as his idea obviously implied, that much money would finally trickle down so everybody could get in on the spending frenzy the $2 trillion loan would buy.

So that's it. Loan the American people 2,000 BILLION dollars and everything will be all right. In that macabre "solution" we have in microcosm the insanity that unless corrected is inevitably going to destroy the economy of the world. It is the same kind of totally unreasonable "reason" that is the first symptom of clinical insanity.

It is impossible for a people who does not produce more than they use to avoid bankruptcy. That is the most obvious fact in the world. But as a sign of the type of insanity presently afflicting the world, Bill Clinton, like the vast majority of people on the planet, is perfectly willing to pretend that we can borrow--which is another word for deduct--resources indefinitely without producing anything to replace them except more debt, and still end up with resources at the end of the day.

It's exactly the same kind of "logic" behind the notion that we can frack the earth indefinitely, sucking out the fluids of the planet exactly like a mosquito sucks out the fluids of the human body and still end up with a living planet, the same category of unreason that says we'll resolve the population problem by killing every unwanted person.

People who surrender to the feed-the-mosquito ministry model neither glorify God nor live very long.

But that is what the United States of America is doing today.

Is there any surprise that people are revolting against these revolting developments?

The only real solution requires that people produce that which sustains life. Produce not reduce.

Back in the old days--which includes the period that includes all of recorded history until this present generation--people understood that the ability to grow food from year to year was the method of production required to sustain life in the family, in the village, in the city, and on the planet.

Unless we the people return to this model, within two generations human civilization will disappear from this planet. Human beings will become cannibals again and the human race will start over.


Pro-Life Richardson A man who named himself Pro-Life Richardson embodies the only hope for a way of life that remains on this planet. Pro-Life bought five acres in Idaho and created a strawberry farm that produces what arguably might be the tastiest strawberries grown on this planet.

In the process Pro-Life raised five children in the midst of a world gone insane, kids who tolerated their eccentric mother and daddy who absolutely refused to walk in lock step with the world their children were bombarded with every time they listened to any sounds on this planet except the sounds produced by their mother and father who made their living growing strawberries.

Unless we the people of the USA determine to become the producers of the foodstuffs required to sustain life on this planet, making ourselves independent of the vagaries of an insane global economy, we the people of the USA will be what we have been for the last 40 years, the proud mosquitos of earth, sucking dry the planet, destroying the faith in the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and condemned to go to Judgment Day with that track record the living witness that will be brought against us.

If you think about it, we have been programmed to think of a return to our farming roots as if such a return was a response to the apocalypse that no one would choose except for the advent of the apocalypse. Such an image of our return to our farming roots is the rankest kind of brain washing. As Pro-Life Richardson demonstrated with his wife and family and farming way of life, a return to our farming roots could be the way we AVOID the apocalypse instead of a response to the apocalypse. But you haven't heard anything like this kind of solution because the powers that be--who Bill Clinton embodies as much as anybody on earth--is totally unwilling to abandon their delusion of some kind of one world government that lives off credit--funny money--with the delusion that such funny money will not only be the salvation of mankind but lead to the solution to the problem of death itself. If that doesn't make you believe at least in the existence of Satan, you don't have enough faculty of reason to qualify as homo sapien.

You don't have be be brainwashed. You can realize that a return to our farming roots is the most obvious way to make us all life sustaining producers instead of mosquito parasites sucking the life out of everything Holy and Sacred and Good on earth.

Since I am too old to be an example who shows the life-sustaining power of returning to our farming roots, with thanks to Buffy Sainte-Marie for the form and most, but not all, of the content I can at least provide a theme song for the movement with "Country Boy Again" at

Neal, 9/20/2011

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