Neal Horsley

That's right: I am a murderer.

Why am I a murderer?

Not a day passes without me being an accomplice before and after the fact of murder. To be an accomplice to murder is to be a murderer.

I am an accomplice to murder because this day I will collaborate with the government of the USA as it sanctions women to take their unborn babies to butchers who call themselves doctors and there have the life of their babies ripped away like a scab is ripped from a wound.

I am an accomplice because instead of declaring war on this ungodly thing called the government of the United States of America, I will send it my tax money to do its dirty work with.

That's why I am a murderer.



God says murderers must die.

That's what He says in the Holy Bible. But most Christians don't hear that anymore. The world doesn't want us to hear that God will kill murderers, so we don't hear it. The world doesn't like to hear about the God that kills people who sin. So we don't listen to God say that. We hear other things the Bible says. Sweet things. Things God says to His children. We don't hear things He says to murderers. Usually.

Except for today.

Today you heard that God will kill murderers like me.

And you. Murderers like you.

If you are not in prison for stopping abortions, you are an accomplice to murder too. That makes you a murderer like me. We have this much in common if nothing else.

You want to know how I deal with the fact that I am a murderer? I deal with it by thanking God, by praising God, by worshipping God. I thank God that when Christ Jesus died on the cross I died with Him, in Him, through Him, by Him. I praise God because my death penalty has been carried out. I worship God because I can look at my sin of murder square in the eye today, yet know I am still all right with God.

Because I am in Christ Jesus. Because my sin is hidden in Christ Jesus. In His Body. United with Christ Jesus there on the Cross, there in the Grave, there in the Heavenlies where He is seated at the right hand of God. With me in Him, seated at the right hand of God.

Have you learned to praise God from your position as a murderer? You must, or you will betray God in this generation as surely as Judas Iscariot betrayed God in his generation, betray God as you have betrayed Him today if you deny that you are out of prison, yet not a murderer of the least of these His children.


The huge majority of Christians in this generation are now under condemnation of the Law of God because they have refused to confess they are guilty of the sin of murder. But these Christians cannot see this because they are in a perpetual state of Denial.

The dynamics of Denial dictate that these Christians must ignore the sin they are participating in. This Denial is absolutely necessary because if these Christians actually saw the sin they are presently participating in, they would be thrust into a potentially fatal identity crisis that could jeopardize the immature faith that presently sustains their Christian self-image. Not only that, they would find themselves at odds, like me, with most everybody in their Church, in their job, in the community, in their government, and, sad to say, in their family.

Denial is Satan's way of showing Christians how to live with governments--like the government of the USA--that have become servants of Satan. That's right, this government supposedly ruled by the majority is actually controlled by Satan because Satan has a head lock on the great majority in the USA. If you don't believe it, go back and take a look at that baby's head your eyes passed over when you began to read these words.

Satan speaks to Christians and tells them to simply ignore the government's rejection of God's authority--of God's plan for government--and pretend that the Christians are not culpable in the Satanic activities of this government of, by, and for the people. Since Christians have not been taught to deal with sin on the magnitude we are presently discussing, Christians latch onto Satan's suggestions and enter a condition of denial.

Given everything I am encountering, it will take a bona fide miracle of God to overcome this denial.

Why must Christians continue to deny that we are accomplices to murder? Why must we refuse to see that we each play a part in each baby aborted in the USA?

Like I said earlier, we don't have a clue how to be accomplices to murder and still be all right with God, that's why. Most of us have no idea how to be enslaved to sin and at the same time be all right with God.

How can a person be a slave to sin, a murderer, and still be all right with God?

There is only one way: The murderer must be executed, be put to death for sin, by God.

Christians in this generation have not been taught to see that they were executed by God when Christ Jesus died on the cross. Therefore, the only way they can deal with grievous personal sin that cannot be easily altered is do as the world does: deny it access to their consciousness, or call their sin no sin at all.

Sound familiar? This generation of Christians has been like the Pharisees Jesus accused of straining gnats and swallowing camels. We have stood around castigating the world for its sin while we collaborated with the slaughter of the least of God's children day in and day out for decades. In fact, this generation of Christians has been collaborating with sin in a state of denial for so long that an entire generation has forgotten what it means to really be a Christian.

How do I know that without a miracle this situation is likely to continue?

Hundreds of Christians have the opportunity to read this article each day, (we did a cursory examination of the statistics and found that this particular article has been opened in web browsers over two hundred thousand times during the last three years) yet as soon as they see what this site is about, they jerk their eyes away as if viewing a blasphemous artifact. The Christian "pro-lifers" who actually read this article tend to go ballistic and rebuke me calling me every kind of name their limited vocabulary of epithets will allow.

Has the time for miracles arrived? Can the Church be led to see its sin? Your decision now will go a long way toward answering that question. Below you will see a letter to a Christian Friend in which I give a Complete explanation of why I think all citizens in the USA who are not presently incarcerated for resisting legalized abortion can be seen to be guilty of aiding and abetting the murder of the least of God's children.


Sister, I thank God for giving you enough courage to actually pursue this most distressing train of thought. I know the part of my web site where I call myself a murderer is the most difficult to understand, and I was waiting for a reason to clarify my position. Your note gives me that reason.

The only way you can understand why I call myself a murderer is to see that I interpret every aspect of reality based on the "context" approach. Just as we all have been taught to understand that our interpretation of God's Word must be done in context (textual as well as historical) so too do I believe every aspect of reality requires that same methodology.

For instance take the context called the USA. I believe Christians have been woefully uninformed or misinformed concerning the actual context we occupy as citizens of the USA. From my point of view, the fundamental fact underlying all other facts concerning the thing called the USA is this: it is a creation of we the people. That fact defines the context of the USA, that fact colors every other aspect of reality for those of us who are citizens of the USA. Because of the unique responsibility each citizen of this nation has for the formation of the government (the preamble to the Constitution says, "we, the people...do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution...") each citizen MUST accept responsibility for every action of the government ordained in the name of each citizen. To fail to do so is to demonstrate one simply does not understand the actual context of the USA, demonstrate in other words that one is not in touch with reality.

It constantly amazes me how little the citizens of this nation--especially Christians--seem to grasp this fundamental fact. Not a day passes without me being confronted by doofus (I am not talking about you. You are a reasonable, sincerely open-minded, mature sister in Christ who I honestly am blessed to know) American Christians who seem to think they're still living in the Roman Empire. As Seinfeld would say, Duh!

Now let's talk about legalized abortion in the USA. When the subject of legalized abortion is discussed and people begin to describe abortion as murder, it is only logical, given what I see about the context I've just discussed, to see each and every citizen of this nation as a murderer if abortion is, in fact, murder.

Why? Because every law or every statute or every decision of the Supreme Court is authorized by the authority invested in those institutions by we the people of the United States of America. Without our authority, there is no basis for authority in any of the institutions created by we the people of the United States of America. Just as a store owner is responsible for the actions of his/her employees, so too are we the people responsible for the actions of our representatives in government. If our representatives become murderers and we the people allow their actions to continue--do not fire our employees--not only are we responsible for the damages created by our employees but we enter into a collaboration with their ongoing actions and become accessories in their actions with at least equal guilt in any murders committed by them.

It's right here that things begin to get confusing because the ordinary meaning of the word "murder" is stretched (perhaps past the breaking point) when we apply the word murder to abortion in the USA. Murder normally refers to homicides that have been declared illegal by the government. Technically, murder cannot occur when a government gives its people permission to commit those particular homicides. The word we normally use to describe such government sanctioned homicides is either (1) war or (2) execution. But we can't really use those words when we talk about legalized abortion because both those words carry with them the same potential for inaccuracy as carried by the word "murder."

This is more than a problem in semantics. The fundamental difficulty in getting our particular context in focus lies in the split that exists between those who believe there is an invisible Being out there who is the source of all rightful authority and those who do not. The split between those two camps can be seen in the fact that literally every important word or concept is defined differently by the two groups of people. Their presuppositions about God create a diametrically opposed dictionary.

To put at least this particular split in focus, look at what I'm doing here: When I call myself a murderer, I base my word choice on a use of the word "murder" that presumes to view the event from God's point of view. In other words, I presume there is a Being out there whose point of view encompasses all of us and who stands as Rightful Judge over the actions of each and every person on earth. I presume that Judge judges our actions based on how we, each of us individually, have responded to His laws. Since I presume this Being is the source of the decision to conceive an individual human embryo, then I logically am obligated to believe that anything that contravenes the conception decision taken by that Being is a direct attack on His Will and that such an attack will be judged as a violation of the law that Being has defined.

Given those presuppositions, I am fairly certain that God views abortion as murder because He knows the government has no right to sanction such an activity under the circumstances presently facing the USA. The unborn babies have not declared war on the USA, nor do they pose a clear and present danger to the security of the USA. Since a person is being slaughtered in direct violation of the will of God in legalized abortion, there is no valid reason those who participate in that slaughter should not be called a murderer. If the trials and precedents of Nuremberg have a point, surely that is it--even when a nation is at war, unjustified homicides must be called murder. Since I am a citizen of the USA and can claim no valid reason for my continuing collaboration with legalized abortion, I see no way to avoid calling myself a murderer.

Certainly I do not want to be a murderer, but still I continue to collaborate with that which I must call either murder or war.

Why do I collaborate? Because I value my life, my freedom, and the lives and welfare of my family more than I do the lives of those children being slaughtered today, that's why. My conscience finds solace in the Bible's admonition to "provide for my own" but deep in my heart I suspect I am using God's Word to justify my personal cowardice. Given the present political context in this nation, the only way I could actually guarantee to stop the slaughter, even momentarily, would require violent interdiction of some variety, interdiction that would land me either in prison or dead.

Looking clearly at the meaning of my actions, I realize I am demonstrating a definition of "love" that is totally different from the definition of "love" revealed by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He loves people so much that He would value their lives above His own--He would die for them; He would cleanse the Temple for them. I understand that unless I confess this difference between my "love" and Jesus' "love", my life becomes a living lie and I am afraid I would lose access to my reason for continuing to live. Without this ability to confess the utter failure of my "love" to fulfill the Will of God, I would be utterly devoid of truthful witness, utterly without a valid ministry in this sin enslaved condition I presently find myself because I am a citizen of the USA. But because I can confess my sin--my collaboration with murder--I can still claim all the promises that God has extended to those who are in Christ Jesus and who confess their sins. I know that God knows I am doing everything I can think of to be delivered from this bondage to sin. Paramount among the things I can do is speak the truth in love. And this is the truth, if we the people of the United States of America are not murderers, it at least must be said that we have declared war on the least of God's children in the USA. In either case, God help us stop it!



Have you ever wondered how millions of Christians in thousands of congregations all across the USA were led to tolerate legalized abortion and accept homosexuality and homosexual leadership in the Church for nearly three decades?

The answer is simple: Christians have been misled by their teachers, misled about the law,and have been conditioned by their leaders to avoid learning the truth about the law. Unless God performs a miracle, Christians will continue to do whatever is necessary to ignore the sin that has brought this generation of Christians into a condition of slavery.

These words are not idle abstractions but are living symbols designed to let the world know that God's people have faced the war being waged around us and are preparing a counter-revolution with the power to either end the war against God in the USA, or destroy the United States of America, or die trying.

http://www.aogusa.org explains the strategy.

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