The Pro Life Strategy to Outlaw Abortion

(Christian Gallery News Service, 1/30/2012, Neal Horsley)

Troy Newman, the head of Operation Rescue, describes himself on their web site: "Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America...Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates. Click here to support Operation Rescue."

There was a time in the USA when "Direct Action" meant somebody like the Rev. Paul Hill taking a 12 gauge pump shotgun and pointing it directly at abortionists and executing them with extreme prejudice. "Direct Action" was a phrase used in thousands of news pieces during the time when direct action was being taken against the abortion industry.

I point that out to show the contrast in the way Americans use words today. Notice that Troy Newman used the phrase "direct action". But "Direct Action," to Troy Newman and all the other pro lifers like him, means enforcing the laws that govern the conditions and procedures with which abortions are carried out today.

In the space of one generation, Direct Action has gone from meaning executing abortionists to making sure the abortion industry carries out its work in accordance with the abortion laws. In short, Troy Newman and "Direct Action" and the Pro Life industry itself has gone to work with the abortion industry.

That's not just my opinion, folks; it's a fact anyone can see for themselves.

Any person who helps an industry comply with the law is actually working for that industry. Even Casino Operators have come to understand that the more they comply with the laws governing their casinos, the safer they are in their business and in their profit margin. Like abortionists, Casino Operators began as organized crime, but they both finally figured out that the people who inspect them are good for business. Planned Parenthood has the same attitude toward Operation Miscue as Casino Operators have for the Nevada Gaming Authority.

Casino Operators will tell you they love the people who police them. But Planned Parenthood won't admit they love Operation Rescue. That's because it would sabotage their compatriots in the Pro Life movement like Troy Newman and the vast majority of the Pro Lifers who support him.

And sabotage them it would. I don't think the vast majority of Pro Lifers understand what Troy Newman and the other Pro Life leaders like him are doing, but I know Newman does. Lord knows I've told him, and even though he does the best he can to ignore me, sometimes the Lord makes that difficult to do. So I'm sure I've got my message to Newman. But still he ignores me.

Here's why Troy Newman and the Pro Life leaders like him work hard to ignore me. They know I'm bearing witness against them, truthful witness. And since anyone who looks can see what I'm talking about, the only hope the Pro Life leaders like Newman have is to get people to ignore my witness.

But the reasons the abortion industry loves Operation Rescue are too obvious for anyone but the most dull witted to ignore. 1. Anyone can see that what Operation Rescue is doing with the abortion industry helps the abortion industry. Operation Rescue ensures that the public knows that abortionists are kept up to public health standards, which means pregnant women who want to murder their babies are not deterred by the fear that the facilities they hire to off their kids will be the dirty, stinking evil hell holes that the Holy Ghost tries to tell them about, but to whom the pregnant women won't listen, because Troy Newman and the Pro Life Christians like him have convinced everyone they're creating a lawfully acceptable environment in which God's unborn children can be decapitated, eviscerated, poisoned or otherwise murdered. 2. Since the Operation Rescue Pro Lifers are doing nothing that threatens the abortion industry, Operation Rescue diverts into useless activities millions of Christians who might otherwise be led into doing things that actually threaten the abortion industry and legalized abortion.


How do I know what Operation Rescue is doing is useless in outlawing abortion?

Look at the last 39 years. Acting as the policeman for the abortion industry has not deterred one woman from murdering her child. To some extent, every Pro Lifer in the nation who ever stood outside an abortion mill in those 39 years was watching like a hawk for that mill to make a mistake that would punish them. But it's only recently that we're being led to believe that policing the abortion industry is the key to outlawing abortion.

I've watched the Christian Pro Life movement, like the Children of Israel in the wilderness, walk around and around in circles for almost as long. In fact, I have no doubt that unless the Lord Jesus Christ returns in the flesh in the next two years, the Pro Life Movement will break Israel's record for Wilderness wandering.

The totally self-serving strategy that passes for the wisdom of God in the Pro Life Movement has got to be seen for what it is: totally self-serving, with any service to unborn children collateral service, certainly not direct action. The only people being served are the ones who make a living thinking up words that will motivate people to send them money for the latest "new" strategy that is actually just more of the same we've had for 39 years.

What "new"strategy? Listen to an Operation Rescue cheerleader explain it.

" A new web site unveiled by the pro-life group Operation rescue chronicles every abortion facility and abortion practitioner in the nation in order to keep tabs on them and their exploits with the hopes of shutting them down.

"The web site is a part of the new Pro-Life Nation outreach Operation Rescue has put together with the purpose of implementing a comprehensive, unified, and goal-oriented strategy to end abortion in the United States. The plan involves informing and activating the pro-life grassroots while exposing the dirty truth about America’s abortion industry and demanding enforcement of abortion laws they frequently disobey — enforcement of which has shut down abortion clinics in many states.

“We believe that with the current climate in America, abortion could be eliminated very soon, if a goal-oriented strategy is employed that includes cooperation among various pro-life organizations and individuals,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman."

The Pro Life leaders are talking about their New Strategy because they know that most adults have been turned off, burnt out by the abortion holocaust, so the idea of a new strategy gains no attention among older adults. But the Pro Life leaders know Christian Young People are ready to serve the Lord. Plus--and this is the reason Pro Life leaders target young Christians: because they have not been here for the four decades this battle has been being waged, young people don't remember that the things Newman calls New are actually things that have been tried so often and so hard that the vast majority of older Pro Life Christians--even sincere Christians--have given up the battle.

What is the strategy? Read Newman's plan again: "The plan involves informing and activating the pro-life grassroots while exposing the dirty truth about America’s abortion industry and demanding enforcement of abortion laws they frequently disobey — enforcement of which has shut down abortion clinics in many states."

A two part strategy: 1. expose the truth about the abortion industry (as if the Pro Life Movement has not tried to do that in the last 39 years); 2. demand enforcement of abortion laws..."

It's the last part of Newman's New Strategy that really plows new ground in the field of effrontery when he says we're going to outlaw abortion by "...demanding enforcement of abortion laws they [the abortionists] frequently disobey....

Did you get that? Now we're going to outlaw abortion by "enforcement" of those same abortion laws.

Say what? It would be like deciding to outlaw bank robbers by appointing inspectors to ensure bank robbers used weapons that would fire properly when they robbed banks, or not arresting but inspecting rapists to see they didn't have STD's before they went raping.

I mean, really, if someone can get me footage of Pro Life Leaders heads rapidly rotating in circles while they fire hose vomit an unending stream of purple bile, I will publish it on the Internet. Just keep your eyes open. As unlikely as it may sound, people who come up with ideas like the latest Pro Life strategy have got to get their demons out some how.

But still the young, gullible Christians flock to the "New" Strategy until, like their parents, then learn that hardly any Christians will even think about doing what is necessary to abolish legalized abortion in this nation, much less prepare to do it.


There are people still willing to plow new ground. Randall Terry is running for President. He admits that his strategy in itself cannot outlaw abortion, but he has a plan that relies on creating a crisis of conscience in the USA. To do that Terry is buying prime time TV ads that show pictures of aborted babies. I applaud him because he's breaking new ground, not plowing the same old fields that have been plowed so often that they're now effectively fallow.

This is why the Pro Life field is fallow: Any women in the nation who wants to murder her baby up to the moment some part of that baby is visible can do so, and there is no law anywhere in this nation to stop that murder.

Our conscience--yours and mine--has tolerated this evil child sacrifice to Moloch for 39 years. Amen and Amen when Terry says we need to create a crisis of conscience in this nation like the one Peter created at Pentecost when "their hearts were pricked." That kind.

I don't think for a second the majority in this evil nation is going to be persuaded by pictures of dead aborted babies to outlaw abortion. I've shown millions of people those pictures and watched their reaction very closely. That train has left the station and gotten nowhere; this generation has a conscience as defiled as any in history. But using the pictures to announce that the time has come to create a crisis in every sense of the word in the USA, now that's the start of a strategy.

So Randy Terry is part of something the Lord is doing. A crisis of conscience is the beginning.

When God's people finally understand what God is doing with us at the Army of God Virtual Encampment, then more than a crisis of conscience will be seen.

We are training people all across the nation to take a delayed Enlistment in the Army of God that will either abolish legalized abortion or make this nation martyr us fighting for God.


Know for a fact America while you've got the chance, that either abortion and sodomy are outlawed again in this nation, or this nation--as people know it today--will be destroyed by the True and Living God, and the federal government will be seen to be the Moloch idol it has become, the one with its hand on its erect penis and a dead baby in its gaping maw. The New Uncle Sam.

So if you think you've got a strategy, THIS is a strategy.

Nothing short of the fear of the imminent destruction of our own way of life will awaken this nation and move us to quit being accessories to murder. The God I serve specializes in the imminent creation and destruction business.

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