The Rhode Island Night Club Fire

 Began With A Flaming Cross

Neal Horsley 

(Christian Gallery News Service, February 24, 2003)  Our attempt to warn this nation about the wrath of God continues.

 Here's a story the national news media didn't tell you about: The fire in the nightclub in Rhode Island where 96 concertgoers burned to death on Feb 21, 2003 began in the form of a flaming cross.

Tom Brokaw on NBC News Tonight played a portion of an interview where a patron name Nicole Coniff explained what she saw while she stood near the stage as the heavy metal rock and roll show began.  Talking about the fire, she said, “It  started going like a cross…”  (You can hear the interview by clicking here.) 

Gov. Donald Carcieri (R) said today that the soundproofing insulation that caught fire is “a major focus” of the investigation and that certain types of foam can act as a fire accelerant. “Experienced firefighters were just shocked at how fast that building went up,” Carcieri said. “It was engulfed in flames way too fast.”

The news announcer concluded the Tom Brokaw report by saying, “Slowly, with little visible panic, the crowd begins to realize this fire is not part of the show…” 

This is the link to the complete Tom Brokaw NBC story.

Throughout the United States of America, the vast majority of this generation of Christian pastors and teachers has decided not to make it a first priority to tell people about the wrath of God; they have decided that was “not part of the show.” 

Why?  Church growth theory proved long ago that such messages do not lend themselves to Church growth nearly as well as the messages about the Love of God.  If we tell people that they can come to Church and as long as they conform to the existing Christian consensus in their particular congregation they can believe they are all right with God, then the churches will grow beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. 

So we ignored the wrath of God and the Churches grew to bursting. 

That is all well and good as long as the existing Christian consensus conforms to the instructions God extended in Holy Scripture.  But when Christian congregations begin, as is the habit today, to teach people that God tolerates people who engage in adultery and fornication and homosexuality and that it is all right with God to collaborate with those who make a living butchering God’s children, then no Christian should be surprised that we would begin to be forced to see flaming crosses as predominant symbols in stories about our children being burned to death. 

Such symbols are perfectly designed to remind us of what we have forgotten about the God of Job, the God of Abraham, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And such symbols are not new to the United States of America, nor are they new to Christendom, nor to western civilization as a whole.  Historically they have appeared at times of grave human emergency, times like the fall of the Roman Empire, and times like the Black Plague, times like the Hundred Years War, times like the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War, times like the Second World War, times like today. 

If you want to understand how to have a chance to avoid the wrath of God, obtain a copy of the video entitled “The Buffalo Warning.” 

Therein you will see the signs of the times written large so all can see.  And therein you will see a way to allay the coming wrath of God. 

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