Abortion Abolition Air Force Loses One Plane,
Pilot Loses Fingers

Jonathan O'Toole

Abortion Abolitionist Crashes Motorized Glider into La Serna High School in Whittier

Abolitionist Dumps Hundreds of “Fight the Matrix” Pamphlets over La Serna High

An Abortion Abolitionist/ChristianGallery.com News Exclusive Report

Whittier, CA; Thursday, May 29, 2003, 8:30 p.m. –

Veteran abortion abolitionist and father of ten Michael Grumbine accidentally crashed his fan-powered para-glider into La Serna High School at approximately 3:03 p.m. today as he attempted to distribute hundreds of abolitionist flyers on public high school grounds.

“What’s going on?” exclaimed one female student as she looked along with others up into the sky at the triangular objects drifting down from the para-glider. Dozens of La Serna students rushed to retrieve the pamphlets, which contained the following message:

This is the complete text of the flyer.

“Fight the Matrix!” “You are in the Matrix. You will believe what school and teachers have told you. You will do what you are told. Truth is evil. Lies are good. Abortion is good. Believe what you are told. There are people out in front of school on the street with signs and pictures right now that you must not look at. They will show you things you must not see. You must not talk to them. You are in the Matrix. You will do as you are told. You will believe what you are told. Do not look at them. You are in the Matrix.”

As Mr. Grumbine made at least three passes over the campus in his para-glider, flyers continued to flutter down as police cars with sirens blaring began pulling into the campus and circling around. Dozens of students looked up into the sky, while others fought over the flyers, which were grabbed up as fast as they fell.

Apparently, the “people” he referred to in the flyer were members of a Lake Arrowhead based abolitionist group called “Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.” Approximately seven activists from Survivors were standing around the high school campus on the sidewalk facing three different entrances and exits with signs depicting aborted babies.

Shouts of, “Hey, can I have a flyer?” came from the student body as they were released for the day. “What is this about?” another female student asked abolitionist Nathan Bordeaux in reference to the picture he held of an actual first trimester aborted baby, “That’s disgusting.”

“We don’t want you to talk to them,” said an unidentified member of the school administration to students gathered on the sidewalk after school and interacting with the Survivors. “Hey, uh, do you guys have something to do with that fan guy?” asked one male student “Well I mean, I don’t know,” responded Bordeaux, “I guess he’s for us, I guess. But, there’s a guy up there!”

“That’s fucking awesome,” the student exclaimed in response.

“Oh my gosh, that’s freaky!” was the reaction of another Survivor, Joy [last name withheld], as she read the contents of one flyer.

The gas-powered para-glider disappeared out of sight behind the treeline at approximately 3:00 p.m. A student running down the sidewalk exclaimed, “that blade…did that fuck him up?” in apparent reference to Grumbine, who was still out of sight at the time. Squad cars and paramedics rushed onto the campus with sirens blazing. Over the next three minutes reports were circulated among students and activists that the glider had crashed. Grumbine’s wife later confirmed that his fore and middle fingers were mangled during the crash, resulting in the partial amputation of both by surgeons this evening.

Mr. Grumbine, who is in his late forties, was not available for an interview today.

As the Survivors left the high school, Bordeaux and another Survivor, Victoria Soria, were stopped by a policeman for questioning. “Is what they’re doing illegal?” asked a passing student. “No…they have freedom of speech,” responded the officer in apparent reference to their sidewalk activism.

The officer queried Miss Soria, “Have you ever seen [the para-glider] before?”.

“I don’t know,” she responded, “ he was up in the air, I couldn’t see him.”

Bordeaux, who has visited dozens of high schools with Survivors in the past three months subsequently affirmed that the students were extraordinarily excited and inquisitive about Grumbine’s trek over their campus. “They were really drawn to the signs after they saw the pamphlets [dropped by the para-glider]” said Bordeaux.

Reports have yet to confirm or deny any affiliation between Grumbine and Survivors.

Reporters: Jonathan O’Toole and E. Thomas Aquinas Milton Photographer: E. Thomas Aquinas Milton

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