Why Parents Hate Dead Fetus Pictures

(Neal Horsley, Christian Gallery News Service, January 23, 2008) Parents hate the pictures because they force parents to lie to their children. It's one thing for a parent to tell a helpful lie like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy so that your child can be delighted and comforted in the world, but it's quite another thing to lie to your child when your child knows full well you are lying, not to serve them, but to protect yourself.

I focused on this subject because I recently received a message from an irate father. He said:

I went to a local restaurant last night and before I was seated, my 2 sons and I went to the bathroom to wash our hands.  My boys are 9 and 6.  My oldest turned to me and said dad, what is abortion????  He had found a pamphlet of yours...My question to you is this, is there any other way to get a point across that will not completely mess up the mindset of a 6 and 9 year old????  I honestly feel like you need to redirect your tactics.  I was so MAD last night that I would have been ready to fight the person that put that pamphlet in the bathroom.  Please think about what reality is.  Yes abortion is wrong but kids do not need the violent pictures in your ads.  My kids do not comprehend life or death.  Please read this and think about what you are doing to the innocence of the children who see this!!!!!!!!!!!

Gomia, Eric M CTR USAF 88 CG/SCB


Here's how I replied to the man:

You know as well as I do that if your son is old enough to ask you about abortion, he is beginning to do what you say he is not capable of doing, namely, "comprehend life or death."

What you are really angry about is you are having to explain to your six year old child why he lives in a nation where his daddy lets people get away with murder.  What you call anger is really shame that you feel for yourself because you are having to try to find words that will allow your son to avoid having to figure out that his daddy is a man who allows little babies even younger than your son to be legally murdered every day around you.  The anger you feel toward me is the spirit of murder you are collaborating with every day of the week because you do nothing with the power to arrest the legalized murder you consent to.   The real tragedy is when you figure out how to explain things to your son you will end up teaching him that it's all right for him to be the kind of man who collaborates with people who make a living killing defenseless little babies.

Unless you want your son to have to grow up to be the kind of man you are now, you need to change and join us in arresting legalized abortion.



God has given all little children created in His image the ability to instinctively grasp some truth. That is what the Lord Jesus Christ was trying to communicate when He said, "...Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven." As soon as little children see a picture of the mangled body of an aborted fetus, little children identify instinctively that the fetus looks like them. And they know something terribly wrong has happened. Little children instantly feel great fear because they know that if one little child like themselves could be torn apart, the same thing might happen to them. That is why parents hate it when little children see pictures of dead babies. They have to find words to calm their children's fears.

But in a nation that has legalized abortion, the only words that have the power to calm the childrens' fears are lies. Parents have to say things like, "Those pictures are not really people: they are what we call a fetus. Now a fetus might look like a person but the fetus is not a person like we are. A person is not really a person like you and I until after they are born. There are crazy people like Neal Horsley out there who think fetuses are people like you and I, but they are not. Right now the government allows crazy people like Neal Horsley to do crazy things like show those pictures in public. But I promise you son, we are going to stop people like that from frightening little children like you. They are evil and we are going to stop them. As a matter of fact son, if Neal Horsley was here right now, I'd beat him up for scaring you."


It is when hearing words like that from their parent that the little child comes to a fateful crossroad in life.

The bond of communication between a parent and child is the literal lifeline for the child. Every little child understands instinctively that they need help in staying alive: they know their weakness, both physically and mentally. Just as they have enormous difficulty accomplishing physical tasks, they have much trouble understanding the meaning of things around them. The need to find some stronger and wiser helper is an ever present drive within young people. To find a parent that the child can trust is the most comforting experience a child can find.

As children grow in their language ability, the parent's words become perceived by the child to be a lifeline, a strong guideline that can quickly avert or repair danger. As long as the child can trust the words of the parent to be connected to reality, the child is comforted by the presence of one who is not weak, one who is not confused, one who does not feel baffled and threatened and defenseless in the world. "Thank you daddy for loving me like you do," such a grateful child would tell his daddy.

But what happens if the ability that God has given a child to identify the truth comes into conflict with the words told to the child by a trusted parent?

That is the truly fateful crossroad a parent who lies to their child arrives at, child in hand.

The example of the child in hand in the picture at the start of this article is a perfect example of a crossroad legalized abortion causes every child in this nation to arrive at very early in their growth as language bearing creatures. In a nation that has legalized abortion, it is inevitable that one way or another a child will see a picture--whether pictorial or verbal changes nothing, there is no difference in the image drawn in the mind of a child--that they instinctively understand seems to show a creature like themselves who has been terribly mangled and obviously killed, yet that creature is being held up in public for all to see. WHAT IS THAT?! is an absolutely guaranteed response when a child first encounters such a picture.

What the parent tells the child determines, perhaps for all time, which road the child will walk down. Will the child be able to trust the sense of truth they felt when they saw the picture of the mangled body, or will they trust the parents words? Make no mistake about it. The child knows they are in a strange situation. They would not have asked about the picture unless they had grasped there there was something in that picture that needed to be explained, and explained quickly. What the parent tells the child about that picture becomes a foundational view of reality for that child.

Does the child learn that even if somebody looks exactly like themselves--except for a distinction or two--that the "somebody" is not to be seen to be a person like themselves unless their parent gives the okay?

If you will think about this subject, you will see that the racist view of the world begins with an encounter very similar to the one pictured at the start of this article. A child sees someone who "feels" like they are a person like themselves but, for whatever reason, their parent teaches them to ignore their "feeling" and instead realize that there is no common personhood to be seen there.

Just as in the Old South most every caucasian was trained from early age to believe there was no true common personhood between the Negro and the Caucasian, so too today are we training our children to refuse personhood to the thing in the belly of a mother that when born we all call a person.

If you think about that preceding sentence, you will see why little children instinctively know that a fetus is a person. The Holy Spirit provides each child with the ability to identify the fetus as a person like themselves because the fetus is exactly like themselves, except unborn. It takes the lies of parents to quench the Presence of the Holy Spirit in the little children Jesus loved. And just as those lies quench the Presence of the Holy Spirit, so, too, do they destroy the lives of little children, born and unborn.

God deliver us from such lying parents!

Neal Horsley

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