Dennis Green



(Christian Gallery News Service, January 14, 2003)  The latest news coming from Washington is that partial birth abortion "WILL BE OUTLAWED".  As one who has for the last 13 years stood on the front lines in the battle for children's lives, I say, "BIG DEAL".  We are a pathetic lot when we get excited over the banning of one form of execution as opposed to another.  The banning of partial birth abortion will not save a single life.  Not one!  Large donor based "pro-life" organizations raise enormous sums of money over this non-issue because it is an easy sell to their gullible Christian donors. 


Let me explain.  The Church has by and large prostituted itself to anyone in public office who speaks the worn out words, "I'm pro-life."  Whether or not the politician's life bears witness to this or not isn't the issue.  The magic words have been spoken and the Christian community has been taken under his spell.  When the magic words are spoken the brain becomes numb, thought processes become sluggish, and anger rises in the breast if anyone questions the magician's integrity.  But then again, why should we expect it to be otherwise, the magic words have been uttered.


Please hear me well.  A woman who is denied the joys of having her beautiful child's brains sucked out will not suddenly spin on her heels, and march out of an abortuary while saying,


"If I am denied a partial birth abortion, I guess I'll love my baby!" 




"I have three goals in life, to run a marathon, to climb Mt. Everest and to have a partial birth abortion.  My only wish is that I could have reached all of my goals."


The method of execution isn't the issue.  The death of the baby is.  When PBA is outlawed the same babies will still die by other standard procedures that have been and continue to be employed.  The same child will die a death no less painful at the same stage of development.  So what are we so excited about?  After hearing the latest news from Washington, many in the Christian community are acting like a child who has been given a lifetime supply of chocolate.  All giddy and excited, when the only true victory is held by those politicians who have once again pulled the wool over the eyes of their Christian supporters who are obviously "under the spell".


I picture a dog happily wagging her tail and licking the hand of her master who just drowned her puppies.  She doesn't seem to realize that her welfare and that of her offspring isn't on the top of the priority list of the master.  As a matter of fact, she will continue offering her devotion until the very moment she is dumped off miles from home.


Instead of licking the hand of those who only feel that some modes of death are "nicer and gentler" than others, we should  demand that they immediately oppose "all" forms of murder without exception.  When you demand a little, you get less and this is no victory for those scheduled to die, only for those who have secured another vote from the enchanted masses.


Dennis Green

Life and Liberty Ministries


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