Why Personhood Failed

(Neal Horsley, Christian Gallery News Service, 11/9/11) The federal Courts of the USA reject every move made by a State government to abolish legalized abortion, yet such rejection by the federal courts is ignored by the pro-life movement. And even when pro-lifers in States try to protect the unborn, the majority of citizens tends to reject those attempts at protection. States like Mississippi can't even get a Constitutional Amendment passed that protect the personhood of the unborn.

Where statute laws that protect the lives of unborn babies are concerned, no matter what is tried, the pro-life movement proves it is only capable of acting like the children of Israel in the wilderness--walk around in circles while each day thousands of people created in the image of God are legally butchered in the USA.

I have been saying for years in as much detail as I could supply, with as powerful words as I could find in the English language, that the MAJORITY is the problem because there was not a political bailiwick in the USA where a majority existed that was willing to treat unborn babies like human beings, treated like you and me are treated.

But the Pro-Life Minority Is Just As Bad As the Pagan Majority

The Personhood movement proves the majority is not the only problem, proves the minority is just as bad as the majority.   Mississippi's rejection of the personhood amendment is not merely an indictment of the confused and selfish majority in Mississippi but also a chance to prove how the minority that claims to know unborn babies are human beings created in the image of God, who deserve His protection of government, is also not reasoning in good faith.
What I mean is the minority that claims to love unborn  babies are totally unwilling to treat them like people in exactly the same way the majority in Mississippi is unwilling.
Face it, voting for an Amendment that is inevitably going to be overturned by a Supreme Court  (which is what would have happened to the Mississippi Amendment even if it had passed) is not a way to prove to anybody that unborn babies are people.  Such a legal maneuver that will inevitably be overturned by a higher Court is merely a way to give the people who support it means to salve their conscience as they watch unborn babies being slaughtered around them.
Finding ways to salve our conscience is not an appropriate response to human beings unjustly killed.

Stopping those unjust killings is the ONLY appropriate response.  And sometimes that requires going to war.

Myriad examples can be found in history where going to war was the only decent and orderly method of stopping a great evil.

Examine Today's True Settlers On The True Frontier of the USA

One example should suffice, but like any example drawn from American history, this one will offend those who identify today with the persons of history who created this example. That said, it is still true that when American settlers went west in the 19th century, many came under brutal and barbarous attack by the native Americans they encountered. Regardless of what you think about the provocation of their slaughter, the fact was that American citizens were being slaughtered without due process of law.

Can you see that the unwanted unborn baby today is a settler analogous to the settlers under attack by the Indians on the frontier? The child in the womb is a settler, coming from God to meet the child's manifest destiny in the same way of the first American settlers. The womb of the woman is analogous to the frontier where major questions about the direction western civilization will take is being fought over. But instead of native Americans attacking people in North Dakota, as was done with the original settlers, the mothers of this nation have been authorized by the government of the United States of America to slaughter their own children if they don't want them, slaughter them in ways that are even more horrible than the worst attacks against the earlier American settlers. Yet vast numbers of people in this nation claim to believe in the Creator who Created the settler in the womb.

womb pioneer

The image above made by Jonathan O'Toole shows where the analogy between the two groups of settlers--the baby in the womb and the people in 19th century North Dakota--comes clear. If we were living on the east coast during the 19th century and heard about the slaughter of those settlers, the inhabitants of the east coast who shrugged and pretended that such slaughter could continue without themselves becoming culpable in the slaughter would be seen by most people to be a deluded, narcissistic, dead soul, who pretended to be an American citizen even as their fellow citizens were being slaughtered on the frontier.

With the example of the self-centered dead soul clearly in view, it should be obvious that the only decent, not to mention Godly, response would be to demand that troops be sent to protect the settlers even if it meant waging war against the native Americans hellbent on slaughtering the settlers. 

But the pro-life movement (or the Personhood movement, they're both the same) has never discussed going to war in defense of the American settlers today who are being savagely torn limb from limb or poisoned like euthanized dogs.  The pro-life movement has never even THOUGHT about going to war in defense of those settlers!

And why? Because only a few people in this nation will face the cold, hard truth of legalized abortion: The federal government has turned a huge percentage of the women in this nation into barbarous savages whose attacks against the true womb settlers of this generation make the massacres on the old frontier appear tame and unsophisticated and "reasonable" in comparison.

The truly bizarre irony of the leaders of the Personhood Movement is this: For at least the time since the passage of the Federal Access to Clinics Act (FACE), the political tactics of the pro-life movement proves that, to them, unborn people are NOT people. 
What do I mean?  This: Were the leaders of the Personhood Movement's own personal children to become objects on the federal government death list, only the most craven cowards would refuse to band together to fight to the death to prevent the federal government from sending agents to murder their children.  There would be at least an attempt made to fight to the death in their defense and large numbers of dead men--Christian fathers among them or perhaps even in the majority--would prove some men at least knew their children were persons in the fullest meaning of the word.
But we are 38 years into this legalized slaughter of the least among us and the number of men of God willing to fight to the death in the defense of God's children can be summarized in one short bullet pointed list.
The reason the pro-life Christians' (the people who make up the Personhood Movement) response teaches the world that the unborn are not people is obvious to everyone except the leaders of the pro-life movement.  The pro-life movement's refusal to move toward war proves the unborn fetus is an abstraction to pro-life Christians, totally different from every other category of person Christians minister to and interact with on a day to day basis, certainly different than the children in their own families.  The proof that Christian pro-lifers treat the unborn as an abstraction is their refusal to even think about doing something if that action might cost more than the vast majority is willing to pay.  The Christian pro-life movement is like every other human political organization, willing to do only that which the majority agrees is "winnable."
Sheesh.  No wonder this generation of Christians confuses the world about Jesus Christ.  If Jesus Christ had judged His trip to Jerusalem in terms of this world's definition of win ability, He would never have gone.
Joe Scheidler, one of the icons of the pro-life movement, has always talked about the "radical, lunatic fringe" of the pro-life movement, meaning those people who had taken direct action against the abortion industry and had killed or been killed exactly like the unborn people were killed.  Joe Scheidler, who was held up by the pro-life movement as a leader, rejected as the "radical, lunatic fringe" those people who gave their lives and their freedom trying to act like they knew the unborn were people.  And Joe Scheidler has been feted by the pro-life movement for decades because he once blocked an abortion clinic door...until, that is, it became obvious that he might have to pay more than the pro-life movement was willing to pay.  Then Joe Scheidler became the leader of those pro-life leaders who castigated with the deepest scorn the "radical, lunatic fringe" who gave their all in defense of the unborn babies slated for unjust death.
Focus on the fact that if the Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles had not been willing to give their lives in defense of other people, had not been willing to take on the role of the "radical, lunatic fringe," Joe Scheidler and every other Christian who has ever lived would, as the Apostle Paul said, " be of all men most miserable."
But this generation of pro-life Christians has chosen leaders like Joe Scheidler who are totally unwilling to look at paying the price of death to end the death legalized in this nation.  Until that price is willing to be paid, legalized abortion will be America's gift to the world.
The language of Roe, the very language quoted by the leaders of the Personhood Movement, mocks the entire pro-life movement that has never been willing to respond to the imminent deaths of unborn babies as the death of human beings is normally responded to.  Look at what the Supreme Court said in Roe then tremble at the self-serving, impotent "love" we display to the world:
Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973)  Findlaw.com.

"The appellee and certain amici argue that the fetus is a "person" within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment. In support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well-known facts of fetal development.  If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's [ pro-abortion ] case, of course, collapses, [410 U.S. 113, 157]   for the fetus' right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment." The appellant conceded as much on reargument. ... " the Roe Court concluded.
To establish "this suggestion of personhood" we must be willing to fight a war to defend the rights of the unborn child to the death.  Every other tactic has been tried and failed.
We have reached the place where the refusal to organize to take this matter to war is the most powerful evidence that Christians themselves do not believe the unborn are people like themselves.
Do you have sense enough to see that the "personhood" of the fetus will never be established by people who talk, talk, talk about that person being butchered today.  No one on earth would believe a father unwilling to fight to the bloody death to defend his daughter in danger of imminent death actually believed that daughter was a person like himself.  Everyone knows that even a rat will fight to the death when threatened with imminent death...that is, unless God Himself intervenes and gives that rat a Holy Anointing to do the opposite of what nature commands from the rat.
Think about the rat analogy some more.  I am about to say the most horrible message that a Christian can say.  This: not only have we not been willing to do that which proves an unborn person is a person, we have done that which makes it appear God Himself is willing to countenance their legalized slaughter by anointing Christians to tolerate this slaughter.  I'll say the same thing another way. By refusing to band together to defend the unborn in danger of imminent death, and by claiming that our impotent tactics were implementing the will of God, we have blasphemed God by making Him appear to sanction our toleration of the slaughter of the least of His children. We have made God appear exactly like He has given a Holy Anointing to do the opposite of what people, like the rat, would do in defense of their children.  We have made God Himself appear to be willing to tolerate the slaughter of His children when that slaughter is sanctioned by the Supreme Court of the USA.

American Christians have become good Nazis. Exactly as Nazi Christians under Hitler, who claimed their government was fulfilling the will of God when Jews and others were murdered with the only due process of law they received being a nod from the Fuehrer, this generation of American Christian pro-lifers has stood by and done nothing but whine as millions of unborn babies were led to the slaughter on the basis of nothing more than a nod from the Supreme Court.


Can you see that response does nothing but prove we do not believe those unborn babies are people?  By our refusal to even talk about going to war in defense of the unborn, paradoxically, we, the pro-life Christians of the USA, validate the logic of Roe that the unborn are not people.
I advocate the Delayed Enlistment strategy because that strategy manifests and demonstrates what people do when they understand that other people as important to God as themselves are in imminent danger of unjust death and must be protected at all costs.
Now that the Personhood Amendment has been defeated in Mississippi--the State everyone knows should be a cradle for resistance--you watch the pro-life leaders scurry like the rats they are to find another tactic that will generate the cash flow to provide them to live in the manner to which they have become accustomed yet will do nothing except confirm to the world that Christians no more believe unborn babies are people like themselves than they believe Jesus Christ is alive from the grave and will someday sit on a Great White Throne to Judge their carnal asses.

God, Righteous Judge, have your vengeance on us all, for we are truly your adversaries.  (Luke 18:1-8)

It's time to take a Delayed Enlistment in the Army of God, USA


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